Bad Wedding Dresses

February 18, 2008













  1. When most of us where young, we dreamed of looking like a princess when we got married. These girls either wanted to look like stripers, or Barbie on acid. Word of addvice, on your wedding day you should only see a little bit of skin( a little leg, a little shoulder, a little cleavege). Not the whole enchilada, and defently noe of your stomace.

    • i know right……when we are 5 we dream of looking like a princess….but this girl i think instead of wanting to go cuz of their husband fo cause they want to look like strippers….and i agree….you shouldnt be showing your stomach and more if you are pregant

  2. Wow. That last one… she took a white bikini and glued fake flowers to it. It’s actually rather disgusting. You’re supposed to look innocent at your wedding… not slutty.

  3. wow the last one, i hope her father wasn’t watching

  4. Fran: I wouldn’t say innocent is the word. “respectable”, more like it. I’m far from innocent, and I don’t want to pretend I am (even for my wedding), but I don’t plan on showing any unwarranted skin.

    I actually think the second to last one is kind of hot.

  5. The last one should be ashamed of herself…
    That is just trasy…

    • The last one is also the first one if you look closely.

  6. Have you SEEN what is passing for proper wedding gowns these days? And they (well, a lot of them) are supposed to be worn in a CHURCH!?!?!?

  7. Wullf&Morgenthaler, the best I have seen in a long, long time!

  8. Horrible, indeed, but many of these dresses appear to be from runway fashion shows, rather than actual weddings.

  9. Thats are very creative wedding dress. Lol

  10. Check it out, the bottom photo is the front view of the top one. She’s wearing more than i thought

  11. Second Gary – how many of these are definately wedding dresses? A lot seem to be catwalk shows or everyday clothing. (In spite of what people googling for pictures seem to assume women really can, and do, wear white at other times!)

    The second to last one especially just looks like a normal, everyday outfit to me. A somewhat revealing one yes but there is nothing to suggest it’s definately for a wedding.

  12. Great,i like this,it is the best.thanks

  13. Fourth from the top looks like she’s the bride of a mental hospital orderly and made the gown herself out of medical supplies.

  14. #2 is actually a prom dress featured on Ghetto Prom.


  15. Bad Wedding Dresses ? All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings! adrian@gigemail.net

  16. yes your suppose to look innocent the day of your wedding but which one of you guys really are innocent what’s the point of pretending your something your not lol

  17. Next, explore all patronising avenues, both offline and online, in order to find the best deals. Keep in mind that the cost of a marriage clothes give notice be between a couple of one C dollars to grands of bucks! It gives to deliver metre to look close to since cheaper options, sol brawl your shopping azoic.

  18. Unless you are always glued to fashion magazines and stalking mode manakins, you may not feature any musical theme what would expect estimable on-duty you. Then whilst you are necessitated to be a bridesmaid, you can’t flirt with anything and desire that anything will make up alright. Incorrect. You mustiness pick out a bridesmaid clothes that expects good on you and you look good in it. That follows the hidden of manner manikins.

  19. Uhhhhhh…. Who would be crazy enough to where any of them dresses!?!? I mean I would only where those dresses NEVER , those people are crazy.

  20. They r very tacky.And stupid.But hey!!! thts them!

  21. 7th from the top is just a little weird. What do these designers think they are achieving, thats about as far from fashion as I can imagine. Or is it just me?

  22. the one with the belly, who knows that could be part of their culture is to show ur belly when ur getting married. the rest are just skanks. that is disgusting, and if i ever go to a wedding like that, i am punching the bride in the face

  23. i think the last one is quite unique, and i think if u feel comfortable of this clothing.. then go head..my respect for that..

  24. Heuresement deja marie

  25. Gross, but funny. I like the pregnant bride the best. That is just so weird!

  26. Great,i like this,it is the best.thanks

  27. I relish, lead to I discovered just what I used to be taking a look for. You’ve ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

  28. The last bride is very nice 😉

  29. Have you SEEN what is passing for proper wedding gowns these days? And they (well, a lot of them) are supposed to be worn in a CHURCH!?!?!?


  30. Thats are very creative wedding dress. Lol

  31. these are the worst pictures I have ever seen in my life of a wedding dress or day., We have let all morals and values disapear in our dressing, speaking , and dancing.

  32. Please tell me the last one is a joke and that isn’t here actually dress for her actual wedding but each to their own I suppose!

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