Awesome wedding video of Bride WASTED at her Vegas ceremony

February 19, 2008

When I found this video, I was ASTOUNDED when I saw it had been up for several months and only had a few thousand hits because it is amazing. This is a true gem. I bet this video was posted by someone at Mandalay Bay (the hotel the ceremony takes place at) that just couldn’t help themselves, because I don’t know how else this would get out!

You’ll have to fast forward a couple of minutes past the cheesy intro to get to the good stuff, and when you do, its soo good. First off, WHAT is the bride wearing?! Clearly she was already three sheets to the wind when the time came to get dressed because that just didn’t work! I guess it doesn’t matter what she was wearing considering she spent the entire ceremony staggering, wobbling, and leaning on things. She also had a bad case of the drunk face. The vows are BY FAR the best part though. Wow. Wow. Wow.

Hey, it IS the Vegas though, I’m sure people have been married there in far worse condition! Except not on camera. Aaaaand probably not with their families and friends there. HAHA!!

Ps. Have fun being married that grey haired dude from American idol. Taylor  Hicks… nice!



  1. Bet she cringes everytime she watches this, if she ever draws a sober breath. Her wedding party and family in attendance looked like nice people, as did her groom, who appeared rightfully disgusted with her by the time the ceremony was over.

  2. The video has been removed 😦

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