Great clips from TV’s “Bridezillas”

February 21, 2008

I LOOOOOOOOVE this show, but man, who would want to marry these horrible women?  It makes for great TV though! Bridezillas have potty mouths! Bridesmaid weight control  Penis Problems Bride Makes Groom Cry Wedding Cake Drop… yesss! Bride forgets ring, sobs down the aisle  Tension with the In-Laws much?  Dress Stress Scary control freak bridezilla 



  1. holy crap! i cannot get over the weight one..what a COW! And ironically the bride is probablly fatter than the one she was trying to get into the dress in the first place…

  2. I HATE this show. Shows like these support the wrongful cocept may brides have that a wedding is about her and only her when in reality is a lifelong commitment which includes LOTS of people!
    Your attendants and guests are there because they LOVE you and brides should be thankful for their support instead of treating them like trash. Women like these end up divorced soon after because after the party is over and real life kicks in, they realize they are no longer the center of attention, people’s lives no longer revolve around them and cannot handle the reality of every day married life.

  3. I swear, if I were the MOH to the bitch who dropped the cake, I would pick it up off the ground and slam it in her face then walk off and never speak to her again.

    All of these women suck but, that one was yelling at someone over HER mistake!

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