Bad Wedding Pics: Drunk brides, cheesy poses, and everything tacky in between!

April 3, 2008

These are SO hilariously bad!!!! I personally like the last one. I’m pretty sure we’re all of making that face after someone tries to take our booze. Thanks to Heather at Mark Eric Photography for the original link!














  1. LOL… Funny yet disturbing!

  2. lol

  3. hmmmmm *scratches chin* incredibly disturbing

  4. I’ve seen some crazy wedding phots in my day but seriously these top the list. Funny stuff.


  5. the russian heart in the one photo says “advice and love.” Someone clearly forgot to give the advice part!

  6. LMFAO I LOVE the one of the groom crying. Holy good lord what happened to him to make him so upset?????

  7. I’ve seen some crazy wedding phots in my day but seriously these top the list.

  8. I think the girl on girl one was a little ….. bizare . I think she should not have gotten married or even engaged. Unless, the groom enjoys the freakyness……hmmmmmmmmmm.

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  10. Ok kid, lets count all the wedding photos that will end in divorce. 1…2…3…

  11. Funny but the third one is weird!


  12. I can sympathize with these problems. We found this photographer, Carlos Gauna of CG Photography, and liked the photos on his website. Unfortunately, we were in a major rush and so we didn’t verify any references, though I found out later it wouldn’t have mattered. We assumed that because he wasn’t cheap that the photos would be of a high quality. I could have had a drunk uncle take better pictures than this incompetent bozo. Apparently all of the references he provides are from friends and family. Carlos passes himself off as a professional photographer, but he’s really an amateur and is actually an insurance salesman for state farm.

    The photos were horrible, about 90% of them were either out of focus, dark or streaky. Carlos has no idea what he’s doing. He refused to refund us back any of our money and instead claimed he could fix everything in photoshop. What a joke. The photos went from bad to worse. He’s such an idiot that he tried to photoshop a new background for the photos. It looked like we were standing in front of another picture. The light on our face was completely different than the light in the background he tried to photoshop in. Besides I want it to be an accurate representation of my wedding. This guy has no idea what to do for a wedding. Stay away from him. He was also trying to pick up different women during my wedding. The guy’s just a creep. Stay away from CG Photography at 26664 Seagull Way Apt B113, Malibu, CA 90265. We also learned later that Carlos Gauna. Due to his recent felony conviction Carlos may not be charging as much for his lack of photography skills.

      The above comment by Gloria is a fake and unwarranted attack on CG Photography written by former condo manager Carl Lewis Fish. Carlos is suing Mr. Fish for a different matter that has nothing to do with photography. The matter resulted in Mr. Fish’s dismissal of his management duties. As a result, Mr. Fish has made a concerted effort to post fake reviews on several websites and forums to defame and libel the owner of CG Photography. If you read the following comments posted on this website/link http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/avoid-this-photographer you will clearly see the efforts Mr. Fish has gone to to defame the owner.

  13. the last pic is CLASSIC!

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