A “Sex and the City” tacky wedding!

July 22, 2008

For a character that is supposed to be known for her fashion sense, where did THIS getup come from? The giant feather in the hair, the ill-fitting bustier and weird cups, the layering….all totally heinous. Thumbs down!!



  1. I am with you on this one .. What the hell was she thinking ..

    Love your BLOG…

  2. That’s not just a feather. Oh no, that’s a BIRD. ;_;

  3. I just HAD to comment on this. The dress was designed by Vivienne Westwood… Which basically mean it’s guaranteed to be a little ‘odd’. She basically created punk fashion(dressed the Sex Pistols in their early years). Owned a shop in London called ‘Sex'(later renamed ‘Seditionaries’). Definitely nothing normal about Westwoods designs.
    I personally found her an odd choice of designer for Carries wedding dress. A tad too alternative.

  4. No its not you complete foools!!! its an amazing dress and the look is supposed to be bold because its a bold look!! you clearly have no fashion sense at all, and its not a tacky wedding at all, you know i can’t stand poeple who criticise when your so clueless yourself, the picture right at the top of this page with the gypsy bride now that is tacky!!! NOT VIVENNE WESTWOOD!!

  5. I have to agree with Susan. There is nothing tacky about that beautiful Westwood piece.

    It’s daring, bold, quirky and a little off-beat. Perfect for Carrie’s wedding. I admire those who can pull off something different.

    Should she have had on a strapless Vera Wang like the rest of the droid brides?

  6. oh come on, the get up is hideous. And I hate Vera Wang, she is plain looking like her dresses but why can’t his dress fit Carrie’s boobs right? and what is with the feather on one side and the veil on the other? it’s like she couldn’t decide which one she’d go for and they decided it’s CARRIE she can dress like a crazy person and people will love it. And the bridesmaid dresses…. ew. I know the point is that the ladies can look unique and not look like clones, but those dresses are uber ugly. I would laugh at the woman if I saw it in real life. Otherwise, I just have to shake my head at the costume people. I guess it’s their job to shock us with their ideas about “fashion.” If fashion makes people cringe, they she gots it.

  7. I agree, the dress is ugly. I really could care less which expensive designer made it. It’s still ugly.

  8. I don’t think thwe dress is that bad..I think that it’s the feather that makes everything just look really bad. *WHY* would you want a birdd in your hair?

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