Super ugly wedding cakes! AHHHHHHH!

September 8, 2008

You gotta love the fruit vomit in this picture. I don’t know what is more unsettling,  the inappropriate usage of bananas or the guy in the plaid suit wearing the fez in the background!! Thanks to TW reader Alison for this one:

As if one wasn’t bad enough……

Ok, not a wedding cake ( I hope)…. but still scary.

Thanks to TW reader Danelle for this one…. while I appreciate the creativity, dead bodies made of icing does not a pretty cake make!!



  1. The cake with the money is made out of towels … it is a shower gift probably.

  2. the last cake was awsome xD

  3. The last cake was made of so much win it hurts.

    And even though the Corpse Bride one could use a little work, at least it looks like it would TASTE good.

    And isn’t that what matters?

  4. Two plastic ducks on top of a cake iced with salmon slabs? What could possibly be the theme here, “Our Love of Lakes?”

    • That is a cake made out of Sushi, lol.

  5. The last one is from http://wondermark.com/wedding/

  6. The person coming out of the cake is Alan Carr in 40 years time XD

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