Tacky takes a new form with this horrendous “Chav” Wedding!

September 9, 2008

I would normally explain what the word “chav” means in Great Britain, but the pictures are definition enough. ( Ps. It means a super trashy person!!)

Many thanks to TW reader bblawson for submitting these photos!



  1. How were they allowed in a church dressed like that?!

    • Actually this was in a little town in Ireland called Clonmel …….

  2. I can’t believe this is real? Where was this? New Jersey?

  3. They’re all fat, blotchy tanned pigs

  4. Jersey girls have more class than that.

  5. Sorry guys…this was in Engalnd!

  6. Oh it had to be in England to be that chav-tastic.
    I’m sorry, but here in the UK there are so many of those chavs.

    • Do you mind, Don’t tar all the English with the same brush. Some of us do have class you know.

      • This was not in england. It’s part of being a traveller.

  7. Ah someone got married at AVN Awards, how romantic.

  8. what do you mean? is it a wedding and not a sluts convention?

  9. Whats wrong with killing two birds with one stone? By that I mean getting married AND advertising for the family business. By the way, how much do they charge?

  10. mmmhhh….. those sweethearts need to loose 20 pounds, get a book of what not to wear for dummies and search for a better tan job.

  11. If youre fit and slender and sexy, go ahead, flaunt it! But if youre fat, flabby, and not so fabulous, please, oh PLEASE have mercy, and cover it up!


  12. No guys, this was actually in Ireland – small town called Clonmel, Co Tipperary. you could say it was not your typical traditional Irish wedding.

  13. They’re not chavs they’re irish travellers or “knackers”.They’re renowned for tacky,horrible weddings even though none of them work.

    • Excuse me. most traveller weddings do work out. This particularm wedding is still going strong.

    • Don’t call them “knackers” it’s a rude and nasty term. And alot of them do work,in fact men of the travelling community love to work.
      Weddings may be tacky within the community,and personally I think they’re over the top,however,members of the travelling community have higher values and morals than you or I might have…

  14. this is st Mary’s church Clonmel, Co Tipp, Ireland and yes they are Irish Travellers – a group renowned for their class and decorum

  15. i am a traveller, and how dare others critises us!!!!
    we do wat we want cus its our culture, even doe i do not dress lik dat at a wedding either, but that is there choice, so dont paint us all with the one brush.

    • Are you an idiot, or just uneducated? If this is an example of your “culture”, you are giving white trash an even badder name. If this is what you people wear to church, do you go to a funeral naked? A 2$ whore wouldn’t be caught dead in the slutty crap you call “formalwear”.

      • well done that person, you are right,its not about being a traveller its the fact they should grow up and realise that this is suppose to be a wedding, Not a free for all.

      • Really? “Badder?” I wouldn’t go criticizing someone else’s education, if I were you.

      • LOL for someone who is insulting someone else for being uneducated, your grammar isn’t too hot itself. “Even badder name”? I think you mean, “Even worse name”

    • Shows you how degrading the church is, when they rape little boys and allow women to dress like whores and their little ones to do the same then one should see as Jesus said , You would know his Follower by the fruitage it produces. If this is a excample of what The Cathlic Chrch allows, then surely one can see it’s rotten to the core. They allow this only because these people pay the church, so much money to look the other way. Sodom in the house!

    • I agree,well said

  16. Mary, your spelling solidified all opinions on all travellers.

    • Not all people are like you james. You need to grow up.

  17. I just don’t understand putting the children in those godawful clothes. If the adults want to look like a bag of assholes tied in a knot, that’s their horrible, awful, choice, but to make a child look like a prostitute is just sick.

  18. james is it?? my spelling is actually text format if you want to know….
    we are not all as tick as you, if you dont like travellers so much get the fuck of this site then. so up yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • My, my, my…it sounds like someone’s got a rather bad bad case of vaginal silicosis (sand in the vagina). Best see your gynecologist about that straight away.

  19. all who post nasty comments on this site about travellers obviously havent met or spoke to travellers. not all are the same. ye have no idea, about us or our cultures so mind your own business.

    • Mary, I’m also a traveller. I know how it feels but people are just ignorant, don’t have any respect for other people or backgrounds. It’s up to us to ignore them.

  20. It was so nice that they all got the day off at the strip club to attend a friend’s wedding!

    • Travelers are all the same. Leopards do not change their spots dear. If you live amost the Travelers, then your a Bunch of Gypsys ,Tramps and Thiefs. Bad association spoils useful habbits.


  21. Im not a traveller BUT Im shocked at how spiteful and disgusting your coments are. Comparing a child at a wedding to a prostitute! You wouldnt say it to the travellers faces though!! Do you really have sooo much time to spare that you make up sites like this, how very sad. I think you all had very unhappy childhoods.

    • Tia, thank you. At least someone has something good to say

  22. im a traveller and PROUD of it lets face it yer only jelouce it wony ye buffers nowere ye are a pack of cowly bastards tat can only speak over da internet not face to face we have style ye dont we have da looks and agin ye dont ye would love to have wat we have

    • hold on why would i want to be jealous (correction of your ill educated spelling) of a traveller, who puts there children in slapper costumes and put them on here so they can be a targeted by perverts? are these people really that fucking thick? hold yes they are.

  23. I am not criticizing these ladies’ taste. After all, what is tacky to one person may be gorgeous to another. But why must they dress like prostitutes in a CHURCH? This seems so inapprpriate, so disrespectful of what the church represents! Ladies, wear these outfits to the club—but wear something more classy to church. If you don’t know what classy clothes look like, listen: If your dress is so short that when you bend forward, everyone can see your thong–trashy. If your belly is hanging out and your breasts look like they will burst out at any moment–again, trashy. If you want to show lots of leg, then cover your breasts. If you want the world to admire your cleavage, then go ahead and show SOME cleavage, but don’t display all of your womanly goods all at once. This equals trashy.

    • u clame 2 call deas gals prostituse cuz da dress like dat in cherch but hold up adam and eve was creatd thay never ad clothes on um so no mater whot u wher the lord juges u 4 how u treat peple and how u show respect 4 others witch u ent got im a travler my weding dress was 16 layers i ad a job 2 hold it up it was dat hevey .i ad a dress like it cuz i wantid tio feal like a princess on the best day ov me life ..and u areso quick 2 juge gypesy gals yet we should be jugein u ur a man pervin ov da way gals dress and have da chek 2 call young gals protuts yet u dont no them like we dont no u 4 all we no u cud be a peodfile and a sick perv so DONT BE SO QUICK 2 JUGE !!!!!!!!!

    • Sorry Cris

      But if the chuch allows these women to walk through the doors, then it shows they condon their attire. Rotton fruit is produced from rotten trees dear, This church is way past it’s neck in manure, and a cesspool filled with rot and decay. Jesus warned his followers to beware of such. If you are part of the church and do not remove yourself from it’s grasp, then you would be found to be one of it’s rotten fruitage. Rotten trees only produce Rotten fruit. Sure the church looks pretty on the outside, but as Jesus said so do white washed graves, but they are filled with rot and decay. Like a person who lives with other Travelers, if you do not want to be seen as a Theif, then you would not want to live with theifs. A good person will not remain good if their Asociation is a den of Perverts, liers and Theifs, if one can believe the judgments that the courts are holding now against the church, those name are ones that can also be attacted to this church. ., this church isn’t the obly ones that produce rotton fruit, their are many many non Catholic churches that have done the same a well, this is why Jesus gave us warnings , so that we can all keep a watchful eye on these types of rot within . We have all been forewarned…. Food for thought

  24. u dnt knw wat classy is………..the only pervert on this site is ye…………..

  25. I am completely disgusted of all the negative comments on this site, you all seem to think you know so much when in fact you all just sound like ileducated fool’s. God put us here and he will judge us all when we die, whether you believe or not. We all have free will so we can do what we want so please dont judge when it’s not your right, and as for ‘no education and white trash’ drag yourselves into the 21st century I am a TRAVELLER and very proud and well educated and believe it or not I work for a living which is probably more than any of you time wasters do , and the next time you see a traveller tell them what you think of them, wait sorry I forgot that you all can only act brave behind a screen hahahaha so theres my say I dont really care what you think of it use your comments dont faze me so BYE BYE now ha!

  26. I don’t know what a traveller is, but this wedding looks more like a convention of slutty Power Rangers to me. Seriously, outfits like that are fine at a strip club, but at a church?! I’m an atheist and I’m STILL offended by that! For God’s sake (no pun intended), if you’re not going to have class, at least have some decency.

  27. There are several comments from travellers in this thread which claim none of us would dare say any of this to a travellers face. Very true, thats because the majority of travellers would stab you in the neck for daring to criticise. Although I understand that perhaps not all travellers behave like this, I worked in a pub which was the hangout for several groups of travellers, and I’ve never met a more ill-mannered, casually (and extremely) violent, inconsiderate, messy group of people in my life. I would put this down to those particular groups, however, I have travelled and worked extensively in the uk, and my first impression was confirmed every time I met travellers (which occurred a great deal). If the travelling community would like to be treated with respect and consideration, they need to behave in a manner which deserves it. Having said that, they definitely have the fittest birds.

    • well if you wouldnt say it to our faces whyy are you on here complainin? how we dress dont effect you does it? and yh true we aint the nicest of people but thats because people are so quick to judge and we dont get a chance to make a good impression

  28. u say dy look tacky and like chaves but travlers are diffrant im a travler my wedding dress and 1 ayers and the boddy ov it was see throu wid floer dimotioes it wnt just about da dress and dabrismaids u say dem gals go over da top wid der weddingdressis but it ant .my dress i add made i felt like a prineccss on my big day and i add my prince 2 see me .i made my dad pround cuz m dad cryd and belive me my dad as never cryd in hes life and to see me mum and dad happy noin dat look like a princss was all dat countid u can say we are all over da top but its about a gal fealin like a prinecess on her big day and how she dresis nd how big thay want da dress is whot makes um feal like it then who are use to juge dat person .i like big wedding dressis .and wen my lil gl get marrid she can av whot ever dreess she wants andhow evermuch it cost she can av it

    • what the hell are you on about you imbecile??

  29. and to da gal dat said dressisn like a prostitue love u ent got a clue about da lord so u best shut upo .cuz addam and eve never wore a stich on um good made us wid out clothes so dressis how da want is ok dont mateerswether da walk in to a cherch wid a thong or a bra da lor mad us wid out clothers coothers er man made do get ya fackts rite readda bible u FOOL

    • and yet, completely butt naked, they still managed to look classier than this bunch!

  30. I wish people on this site would stop asking “Is this in New Jersey?” when they see a wedding they dislike. I’m a New Jerseyan, this is not like any Jersey wedding I ever saw. Brides there might have big poofy wedding dresses. Guests dressed like this? Absolutely not. You might see women with perhaps a bit too much cleavage showing, or a skirt that seems kind of brief. But stripper clothes? And small children dressed the same? No. Just no.

  31. I don’t know what’s worse. The spelling and grammar of the posters here, or the clothing that these people wear to a wedding. I live in the US, so don’t know the typical club clothing in the UK and Ireland, but my guess is that the rules are similar to here: if you look like you’re selling it cheap, you’ll find a buyer. If you look like you have more to you than a free 20 minutes in the alley, you might find more discerning men.

    I weep for those little girls, who are growing up with hootches for their role models.

  32. ur all a bunch of fucking handicaps travellers live how they live and its obvious that country people live to critisise travellers !!! get on with ur lives and stop being so sick what we wear isnt affecting ye so mind your own

  33. im a traveller and i dont see why people are so quick to judge. yes we might not be the most modest in how we dress but we still have very high morals ao yh if we want to go out wearing next to nothing thats us and people should just accept that and move on if we aint effecting you than why bother complain. you wouldnt say all this to our faces so thats why your on here complainin…

  34. Ryt d gels hu ya callen fat wood b my 1st cousons n we ent prostitutes got moor morals tan eny of u cuntry folk! Ya sit on Tis yoke alday noting beta ta do tan judge us wrk ya d no gd dossers.. Luken hot me cousins 🙂 proud ta call ya me cousons up d tinkers !!!!!!!

    • Maybe them burqas ain’t such a bad idea..

    • I agree that your morals are high. Dress how ever you want, it hurts no one. You’re not single moms at 14 messing around and getting and giving STDs. A lot of people could take that as an example.

      BUT just because you drop out of school to get married young with the idea of staying at home doesn’t mean you should stop educating yourselves! I’m sure you girls are intelligent, so why don’t you keep up the education, even on your own time?

      What you wrote above is BARELY legible. I seriously had to go over it many times.

  35. Those of you criticizing travellers for their apparel and the Catholic church for marrying are missing the point. The Catholic church welcomes and marries travellers because it knows that in this culture the choice of clothing does not reflect their personal morality. They do not have premarital sex, they have strong family values, and do not divorce and re-marry again and again, unlike many in protestant churches, or even many “mainstream” Catholics. The Church and God will judge on actions and the contents of your heart, not by your day-glo catsuit. I am not a traveller, but the more I speak to them and learn about them, the more I respect them. Their choice of clothing is just a cultural thing, just like a sari or a burka. No more strange.

  36. Whether they’re chavs or travelers, I don’t know. Don’t care. Either way the pics are entertaining.

    BTW “CHAV” = “Council Housed and Violent” It’s a legal appellation given to young misdemeanor offenders, now commonly taken to meant any Vicky Pollard-looking/acting person.

  37. Stop critisizing my culture! We have high morals and marry for life unlike all you gourgas, we can wear white on our big days cause were pure! How many gorga gels can say that?! We look like princesses for a day and our mammy and daddys pay for that cause they know that’s the only time its gunna happen. I’m getting married next year when am seventeen and my dress will be bigger and better!

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