We have crowned the new ugliest wedding cake!!!!

September 9, 2008

Here it is. A confection of technicolor-vomit, complete with plastic flowers, neon butterflies and stuffed animal accents! Huzzah!!



  1. I think it’s kind of creative. I’ve definitely seen uglier! Maybe they’re artistic?

  2. I just checked out your website and I think YOUR cakes are definitely creative and artistic!! Cool!

    I’ve seen lots of bad ones, true, but this one is a visual overload. Perhaps if they had just stuck with the tie dye or the butterflies…..but that bear definitely needs to get out of there though!!

  3. Wow…this kind of hurts my eyes! Love your blog..would NOT love to be featured on it but I’ll just make sure to keep my big day’s pictures to myself-LOL! It’s in April and I have no plans for a super revealing dress or neon so I should be good!

  4. Yes, the neon singes the the eye a bit!! Thanks for reading Kara!

  5. It’s sooo hippy dippy…it’s so ugly it’s cute.

  6. Wow…. It would almost be tolerable without the teddy-bear-and-butterfly flourish on top. Almost. I’ll bet it tasted like technicolor vomit, too.

  7. It’s very nice what~
    So special.
    Maybe it symbolises a colorful marriage ahead.


  8. LOL
    It brings back “teenage” memories for me, though! Awww, the 70’s!
    Great site. I’ve enjoyed reading and viewing the pictures.
    It’s amazing how many “creative” people there is out there!
    Keep ’em coming!

  9. Delicious colours! ^^

  10. it is as kitsch as can be 🙂

  11. I agree. The cake is terrible. I’d hate to see what the bride and groom were wearing. Either Austin Powers or something.

  12. I have to disagree with all of you. In the right setting, that cake could be pretty cool. Anyone notice the brightly colored flowers on the archway??? Looks to me like they have a fun reception!

  13. I would bet that if the bride and groom attended Woodstock, there is probably LSD in that cake.

  14. hahhaha this cake is hilarious

  15. nothing tacky about this!!


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  19. ok….tacky, yes….but a very well done cake! The fondant is very smooth and the consistent affect of the colors is not an easy task to achieve! I think the tackiest part of the cake is the fountain and stuffed animal…other than that….to each their own!

  20. was that ya MOMMA?SHE BE JERKN’.

  21. Is this a gay pride cake? gross…burn it lol colored icing turns your poop colors

  22. Would have been great for a kids party!!

  23. I love this cake. I want it for my wedding!

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