SUPER slutty wedding dress!!!! Whoooooa!

September 10, 2008

I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall when she purchased this little number. “But I want more nipple showing!! It’s MY day and I’ll flash who I want to!!!”   She probably talked about how much she hated her Dad too, because I can’t imagine who gave her away in this. Must have been a helluva reception though, maybe they went to Hooters!



  1. Wow. Classy much?

    Awesome blog, by the way! Looking forward to seeing more horrible pictures of horrible weddings. 😀

  2. Me gusta esta chamaca

  3. […] SUPER slutty wedding dress!!!! Whoooooa! […]

  4. Maybe they are swingers and she’s advertising the goods? Her husband doesn’t seem to mind.

    That is truly hideous. I would have hurt myself laughing had I been at the wedding!

    Thanks for sharing. I think.

    • WOH WAT A SLUT i need to hire her i mean if she wants a kid cause i own a buisnes to hire the world top 100 sluts for sex


      • That’s sexist and uncalled-for, Sarah. It’s an incredibly tacky dress, but it doesn’t make her a whore. And why are you assuming her dad walked her down the aisle. Not everyone does it that way.

      • Well… if she isn’t a whore Jenni… she is definitely wearing a whores uniform!

  5. When I look at that picture, I think of one word:


    • your dumb.
      shes not even fat.
      look at her arms.
      she just has big plastic tits!

      • The intent and purpose of a woman’s breasts are to provide milk for a baby, thus I believe that ‘Anonymous Coward’ was attempting to call the girl a cow because of her massive breasts.

  6. Hey, those thingys probably cost more than the engagement ring and the dress combined… you’ve got to show them off

  7. what…you mean that’s not shopped?

  8. Is this for real?

  9. Ummm…. seriously?? I think it’s clear that wedding did NOT take place in a church. Is it possible the top was just falling off as the photog snapped this? Maybe she’s an exotic dancer and is used to running around naked.

  10. wow, wow, wow!!! LMAO

  11. OMG Awesome dress!!! But why did she bother covering up her legs???

    • every one knows the rule about flashing boobs or legs never both!! 🙂 ha ha

    • I laughed so hard at your comment, thanks ;0)!

  12. I would BET this is in Russia. They kinda look russian in face, and Eastern Europeans with new money are known to be super super tacky!!!

    • Definitely Russian. The guy is Medvedev for sure.
      The Russian president.

  13. You know, the background of this picture DOES look like they are in Russia!! HA!

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  15. I was going to say, they don’t have Hooters in Volgograd, do they?

  16. omg I saw the SAME hideous dress on another site, and it prompted me to amuse myself by searching for MORE hideous dresses. I never would have imagined the same dress would have shown up! I can’t even say which woman looks worse in it! gawd! http://www.celebritysmackblog.com/2008/10/08/beth-ostroskys-wedding-dress-hot-or-not/wedding-gown-tacky-ties/

    • I’ve just checked out the link – I think the woman in the link looks far worst in this dress, due to the fact that her tits are also large but more likely real and so feeling the effects of gravity! Not a good look in a dress like that.

  17. let’s see…. I’m the bride, but how can I tell everybody that all is about me? mhhhh…. TWINS ATTACK!!!!!!!! oh and I’m wearing white!!!!!!!

  18. From the waist down it is a pretty dress. It looks like the dress was designed for someone with a smaller bust size . I wonder if the top of the dress sort of slipped off the melons. Either that or the bride wanted to show off her breasts. And this is a formal church wedding!

    • no kidding…tailors don’t cost THAT much

  19. i love your blog! it has me in tears and shock.

  20. umm… I think she has nice boobies

  21. Hehehe… I hope she DANCED at the reception!
    Can you just imagine the repercussions (or perhaps, the tips) if she bent down to pick up her little cousin or something?

    This one is just TOO funny!

  22. […] I guess I just have to be satisfied with what I am wearing and be grateful I am not wearing this. […]

  23. jejejejeje check the “innocent” face of the bride. Or maybe she was drunk already.

  24. nice tits

  25. allucinante

  26. well it almost *looks* like it would’ve been a normal-fitting dress had her boobs not overwhelmed it by their sheer weight.

  27. I like this blog alot.

    Looks like the top is entirely underneath her giant boobs. I can see them in the middle XD

  28. Major Ho!!!!!!!!!!!! Does not look nice in any shape or form!! Rank!!!

  29. Jump!!!! Jump!!!!

  30. My sister-in-law is a stylist. We thank you with all our hearts for the endless suggestion of what not-to-design!! (and for having seen no tv for days: for what it is broadcasted in Italy, your site has been a blessing!)

  31. I’m sorry…but this idea pleases me.

  32. wow!!! Seriously????

  33. she must have wanted the world to see what 10,000 worth of saline looks like. Those tips paid off.Shake it like a saltshaker!

  34. wow! im at a loss for words

  35. I have no idea why anyone has a negative comment here. It’s THEIR wedding(fake or not) they can do anything they want or paid for. So what if they’re fake or not, they are on a living person, the same as her shoes or dress. Jealousy must be all you think of directly or indirectly. We couldn’t afford crud for my first wedding, so we used our spring clothes at my first wedding. let them have their memories the way THEY wanted them.

    • Jim, that’s great that your wedding was so good, but your wife’s boobs probably weren’t hanging out everywhere. Wearing your spring formal clothes is fine. That dress up there is not okay, especially not at a church (and sadly, it did look like it was a church wedding).

      It’s not about jealousy, it’s about having some fun snark at tackiness (though some people do get out of line). Read the title of the freaking blog! I just arrived here and already almost can’t look in the comments because some people either don’t get the idea or have no idea how to be civil towards one another.

      At least the pictures and videos are pretty funny. I’m still glad I found this place!

    • Are you serious?

      • In fact, why are you even on here? I (and probably every one else on here) come on here to laugh at the tackiness…if your heart bleeds, don’t come on here!

    • Jim, are you for real? Would you allow your daughter to wear a dress like this just because you paid for it?

  36. […] So glad I wasn’t a guest…who wouldn’t laugh! Are you kidding me? […]

  37. Egads! Chris is far too classy to ever wear this dress. God help the gal who did and the guy who married her or “them” might be more accurate

  38. Where’s the little pipe that you have to blow into if they start deflating?

  39. What the freak does she have on ,or doesn’t she have on?Did she forget to look in the mirror?

  40. whst if her boobs fell out!! You’d be uber gutted!!! lmao

    • they ARE falling out!

  41. where did these photos come from? would love to know more about the bride!

  42. I can’t tell where one boob begins and the other ends.

  43. Holy shnap ! Hpw akwerd would it be to be in
    Line to hug her after the wedding ! Dang!

  44. The farmer should have milked her before the wedding.

  45. I wouldnt let my wife were something like that to my wedding my friends would be all over her feeling her close dancing err

  46. there a fine line between fine and trashy.

  47. just….holy moly

  48. Well if i paid more for my boobs than my dress, i’d want to show them off. What i want to know is how anyone let her out of the house like that.

  49. OK, my profile name says it all, and I just have to say I LOVE this site, it’s HILARIOUS!!!!
    I also have to thank my lucky stars and my clients that none of them have ever done anything to appear on this site!

  50. to the man who said he would never let his woman where this dress to their wedding because his friends would be all over her feeling her as the dance close..ummmmmmmmm time to get new friends!!!

  51. I don’t see a problem with this at all. your wife has some awesome tits and she should show them off with pride. I will do the same thing.

  52. I’ve seen these two on TV! They’re from England and were in a documentary on chav (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chav) weddings. 😀

  53. brilliant bride salut for you

  54. How can a man allow his bride to wear such dress on a great day like wedding, atleast I won’t be intrested in it..

  55. Talk about a wife who is a Slut……… from the Wedding Day. I am sure someone like that slept around with most or if not all the best men

  56. WTH!! Why wear tiny nipple covers when you can wear only the skirt?

    Not enough fabric? NOT!

    • oooohhh nipples lick lick Id like to rid all that fabric off ooooooh hope her hubby dont mind her havin some yyyymmmmm n mmmmmyyyyy with me oh YEAH! SEX SEX SEX SEX!!!!!!!

  57. Here comes the Boobs I mean Bride..

  58. ooohhh baby the honeys are lookn so delicous yum hope her husband dont mine if I like those bades down insex

  59. ooohhh baby the honeys are lookn so delicous yum hope her husband dont mine if I like those bades down in sex oooohhh sex sex sex

  60. those are some pretty awesome boobs! bet she paid em off right before the wedding and wanted to show em off one last time! Can’t say I blame her! and you know every man in that wedding, was thinking her husband was a lucky guy, well for one night at least.

  61. The biggest tit is standing next to her!

  62. I think if her boobs were perky she would have gone bare chested or with pasties. They are there for support.

  63. That is the first wedding dress I have seen that would work just as well at the bachelor party.

    As she walked down the aisle, did guests slip dollars into her cleavage?

    As I picture her walking down the aisle, my mind is playing 70s porn music in the background.


  65. who ever told her this looked good…? LIED TO HER!!

  66. waaaawww….

  67. is this for real? i seriously sat here for a good ten minutes going ‘holy hell what ON EARTH was she thinking?!?!?!’ at her wedding? seriously? seriously? wtf.

  68. Mother- this is your new daughter in law. Her name is Bambi, and she is SO excited to be part of our family. Mom…mom…why are you crying? Mom?

  69. This is certainly tacky, not to mention eyebrow-raising. But to all the people who commented with things such as “if that was my wife I wouldn’t let her…”, your attitude toward women is appalling. What century are you from? Husbands aren’t masters over their wives, dictating what they wear.

  70. […] the defying gravity dress or ust maybe go for the hot pink make my eyes bleed […]

  71. holy god!!!…. what the hell was she thinking??

  72. What was she thinking wearing this dress. She wanted to look like a slut and she accomplished it. This girl for some reason makes me really mad. I hope that her parents disowned her.

  73. i’m sure her grandparents are proud.

  74. wat a whore her boobs were out

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  76. cover your tits. nobody wants to see those jugs you skank

  77. shes not a traveller just in case any1 might think she is. travellers would never disrespect themselves like thatQQQ

  78. Please note the camera in the bride’s right hand. I guess she wanted to get a shot of the gaping mouths and rolling eyes.

  79. i think its funny that its white.

  80. Surely it’s photoshopped.

  81. wow, that dress not flexible for marriage but the design is very good, and you can save money on your wedding collection through online discount coupons.

  82. This is a first. I am at a loss for words.

  83. No man could resist appreciating a woman as ripe and ready as this beauty on her Wedding day.
    Forget the envy comments about it being a trashy dress and her being cheap- we should thank the dress designer/maker for creating something so fabulous that displays and allows us to fully appreciate these truly magnificent beauties. They are clearly in their prime and showing us true natural milky white female perfection. We should also thank her very lucky groom for providing us with the chance to see, but sadly not touch, these superb firm and luscious fruits presented in such a beautiful setting. He must be very excited to know that he will be handling and enjoying * woman who is clearly in peak condition and ready to give him the greatest night of his life. He has a stunning wife that he must be profoundly happy to be married to – I’m sure their marriage will last a very happy lifetime. So long as his heart can stand the strain. One wonders where the Vicar cast his gaze during the ceremony – his church was certainly blessed with a stunning example of Gods creation.

  84. yo yo yo cum the fuk down guys……shes super slut and shes in ENGLAND

  85. All u peeps getting upset that someone said her husband should not have let her wear that dress need to get over it….obviously SOMEONE ELSE needs to be dressing that heffer!! This is the epitome of white trash. She needs to have more respect for herself! What a disgrace!

  86. Awesome. I love how she looks a little shy and demure in the pic. As though her enormous breasts are not barely hanging in. No coughing.

  87. Totally a fake picture – a few minutes with photoshop turned a wedding dress into some breasts.

  88. My jaw dropped… DISGUSTING!!!

  89. So you have boobs like the rest of the women in the world…like we really need a free show. get over yourself lady

  90. something you see a the playboy mansion.
    really enjoyed the picture and all the comments.

  91. This is a first. I am at a loss for words.your wedding collection through online discount coupons.http://www.dealsmonkey.com/

  92. Im a traveller and i have to say this picture is disgusting if that was me i would drop dead with the sham just thinking about buying no sorry trying on this dress like to think what your family would think of you wearing that ,,, how could
    your husband really take you searious after that,, what ever happend to leaveing something to the imagination love!!!!!!

  93. There’s no point in calling it a dress. Might as well just be a skirt.

  94. this sites seems to be just a bitching site. I wish I had her boobs mine are c cup and hell if she’s happy then what harm has she done to anyone else. and she’s a beautiful girl. so good for her

  95. All I see are 103 jealous people.
    Women are jealous because their dates and husbands are just thinking about this brides breast!

    Men are pretending to be affronted so they don’t end up in the dog house lol!

    She looks natural not plastic anyway, the way the top is it’s holding her boobs up.

    Kudos, great dress! Something more modern on the top with the frilly old style on the bottom. No woman with smaller breast could hope to pull this off!

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