Disney Obsessed Couple Plans Over-the-Top Cinderella Extravaganza

October 15, 2008

Savvy TW reader Julie N recently came across a bride’s webpage that chronicled her upcoming plans for an all-Disney wedding. The photos provided are her inspiration pics. Julie wrote this introductory passage before providing the link:

“So I’m all for doing what you want on your special day. Want to be a little unconventional? Totally cool. But playing dress-up at Disneyland in some bizarre attempt to be the “princess” you never got to be as a child – I don’t know, maybe Daddy would never buy you that pony – is just sad. The Fairy Godmother from Cinderella walking you down the aisle? The groom dressed as Price Charming? The groomsmen dressed as the coachmen from Cinderella? (Friends DO NOT ask friends to wear gold lame knickers and white wigs.) I found this site by sheer happenstance and the minute I laid eyes on it, I knew you all would be able to appreciate the tackiness.

The Dress:

Groom will be dressed like Prince Charming. The bride says he will have to grow his hair out and dye it black.
The groomsmen will be dressed like Prince Charming’s Royal Advisors in these outfits:
The bridesmaids will be dressed like the mice from Cinderella. Just. Like. This.

She will also be having pages carry her dress, since “the wedding will be a royal and elegant affair.” These are how the pages are dressing (minus the fairy). They are going to be listed in the program as “fluffers.” I don’t think she realizes that the term “fluffer” has another meaning…….aaaaand that the people in these costumes are men.

The “fairy godmother” will be escorting the bride down the aisle, and performing the ceremony, which will take place in Cinderella’s castle. The bride has also requested a Cinderella look alike to sing.

The ring bearer will carry this glass slipper on a pillow, and then it will be placed on the bride’s foot by the groom at the end. What I want to know is, how is she going to walk down the aisle with one shoe?

Here is a partial guestlist the bride has provided:

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto, Tinkerbell, Belle, Beast, Arial, Prince Eric, Snow White, Cruella DeVille, Aladdin, Abu, Genie, Princess Jasmine, Alice…. you get the idea.

Now on to the Reception Decor. The bride wants balloons, balloons…. to add a touch of elegance. As far as music goes, anything that is not Disney will not be played.

Cake Choices:

Let’s not forget about favors:

Who cares if this is real or not, its still hilarious. If it’s just a humor website, then mission accomplished!



  1. And I’m sure the girl who put it together was TOTALLY serious.

    Julie strikes me as a real thinker.

  2. OMG, did you honestly think that was a serious wedding page? hahaha

  3. Okay, totally not a real wedding. Whoever Julie N is, she’s not “savvy” in any way.

  4. Okay, totally not a real wedding. Is that not obvious? Yeeah, I don’t think Julie N is “savvy” at all actually.

  5. yea, that page? a complete joke. A lot of girls think they are princesses on their wedding day and this is taking it to the extreme. it’s also making light of the rediculous demands people put on their bridesmaids and the groom. Read the guest list…no one real is on it.

  6. I think its great that Julie sent me the link, this is exactly what this site is for, so why make rude comments about the person? Come on. Once again, WHO CARES if its fake or real??? That’s not the point at all. This is a HUMOR website, not the New York Times. It’s supposed to be funny, and if it IS a total joke, than this is exactly what the person wants, people to laugh at it. I’m sure it is totally fake but, IT’S STILL FUNNY.

  7. This is my wedding! It isn’t fake! I will be marrying my love at Disneyland and it will be magical!

  8. I found this page on The Knot when I was reading some of the message boards. One person on the boards, [username omitted], was getting a tad snippy and dictating what she felt was appropriate behavior on the message boards. So I went to her planning site in the hope that I could find a little something to laugh at (you know, the she’s-not-a-nice-person-but-it’s-ok-because-she-thinks-____-is-fashionable things). What I stumbled across was an absolute treasure trove.

    The thought occurred to me not five minutes after I found the site that there was the possibility that this planning blog was a joke, that the person was just trolling or that it was a sarcastic “planning blog” posted as an ongoing joke for other “knotties”. But even if it’s a joke, it should still be shared with fans of tackyweddings.com. Why? Because anyone with that much extra time to dedicate to such an elaborate and silly joke, someone who has the gall to be so snippy to others, deserves to be held up for cyber ridicule. And if it’s for real, this girl would get an Oscar for tacky – if Oscar’s came in ill-fitting dresses, bad wigs, and too much makeup.

  9. Shouldn’t she be BLONDE though?

  10. I vomited

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