Ghetto Wedding

October 15, 2008

In case there was ever any doubt which one the bride was, spray painting “wifey” on your butt will take care of that right away! More:



  1. Hahaha very funny… Its kind of original!

  2. ballin’!!!

  3. Well, at least they look comfortable, as opposed to in some of those other weddings…

  4. Hmm, I don’t actually see any real issue with this one. It’s not traditional, but it’s hardly tacky.

  5. Maybe this is what they could afford.I am a wedding planner and this is not my cup of tea.BUUUUTTT,it is realllly creative.Give them so credit.Especially the T-shirts w/ messages about who each person is to the couple.She just look like she need a sandwich quick.

    • first of all my gown was expensive 2nd i couldve afforded a traditional wedding but we aint the traditional type. we be on our own shit & as far as me needin a sandwhich u obviously dont know what i look like n ur probably 1 of those fat bitches that eats everyones sandwich. tell ur mom 2 eat a sandwich bitch

      • You’ve just made me LOL. true sayings. women in the dress!.

      • HA HA tell ’em.

      • And you all said this bitch wasn’t ghetto…

  6. degenerates.

    • Why they gotta be all that? When we start judging people so harshly by their fashion sense, it hardly says good things about us…I mean, I could be called a degenerate because I plan to spend so much on a wedding instead of giving it to charity. Come on now.


    • please. you were in that wedding. dont lie. no need to ever be ashamed of anything in your life ever again after posting the reply you just posted. ignorant ass. learn some english.

  8. Awww, I think it’s kind of cute.

  9. “Wifey” on the butt of a perfectly good gown is kind of sad. I doubt one of her daughters would want to wear it someday, but with ghetto culture on both sides of the family, who knows?

  10. I didn’t see what was wrong with this at first, but…

    Spraypainting “wifey” on your butt is fine. In that last photo, spraypainting your gang affiliation on yourself is the epitome of tackyness.

    • I don’t think it’s a gang affiliation. It says “they met at my crib”

      That said, this is the most ghetto wedding I’ve ever seen and it makes me laugh my butt off. At least they had fun.

  11. I can’t believe there are people on here actually defending this wedding. Do you know how ghetto you have to be to have a wedding like this? These are the kind of people who max out their debit cards to pay for the food for their ghetto wedding.

  12. Holy hell that is the funniest shit I have ever seen. LOL @ the pending lawsuit from the University of North Carolina. There are some people that should not be allowed to go out in public and 85% of them just happen to be at that wedding. That is not “fashion sense” as someone stated in the above post. That is pure, unadulterated ignorance. Those motherfuckers are stupid. No way around it. I’m sorry, but am ashamed to be part of the same species.

    • Every one else here is too scared to be honest, for fear of being tagged, jumped, shot..but you my friend…you, I envy!

    • Well… i actually think this is one of the most creative weddings i seen.. and who says u have to have a boring white normal religios traditional wedding? this is the 21th centory… so just let people do as they wan’t.. they aint harming anyone…
      I actually think i would prefer such a wedding, its much more relaxed and casual…

      • Really? 21th?

      • The 21st century is the current century of the Christian Era or Common Era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar. It began on January 1, 2001 and will end on December 31, 2100.


        BTW.. The explaniation is that 1th century is 0-100, now try going from 100-2010 and see what you get… You will be very surpriced over the result..

    • Thank God someone said it!

  13. At least the colors go together well. Not like they picked clashing colors. If I was invited to that wedding, I might have faked an illness, but whatever the happy couple likes ^^;

  14. of course she has kids at her “marriage” she loves n*ggers that is what she gets and deserves, I bet happy times are the first of the month you know what I mean

    • I wondered when the overt racism would pop up. And hey, bonus classism and misogyny – you got the trifecta, buddy!

    • dont get mad cuz i love black men, i like yall white men too, yall the perverted motherfuckers that go 2 the strip club & call escorts & spend ur whole paycheck then go 2 the atm 2 get more cash while ur fat ugly ass wife is home fuckin or dreaming about a big black dick while ur kids is in the next room, & to top it off shes giving that black man ur money too!! whos laughing now

  15. Thug Love, Yo.

  16. BUTT UGLY.

    • ur moms butt ugly bitch!!! the girl min the dress

  17. This is defenetly tacky, it’s ghetto, if you don’t see it. Then well we know where you stand.Your ghetto too! ha =]

    • nah boo boo im far from tacky, or ghetto, its hood. if u dont know the difference ur prolly some broke ghetto hoodrat bitch. the girl in the dress

  18. I actually think this would have been cute for a rehearsal. I am not sure about a wedding tho.

  19. Ridiculous!

  20. A mess!!

  21. yall should be embarrassed!

  22. first of all im the one wearing that dress!!! who the fuck do u think u r posting my pics up like u know me. 2nd u got my underage children in them & u talk about ghetto ur stupid cuz thats against the law, but thanx because my lawyer loves what u did 2 put urself out there for me 2 sue ur ass. & its not ghetto its hood. im far from broke n ur mad that u aint get all this attention!!!

    • They wouldn’t have been posted here if they were not readily available posted elsewhere, PUBLICLY, online.

      Perhaps you should consider these things if you are concerned about the welfare of your children or the children depicted. Furthermore, simply re-posting a non-copyrighted image is not illegal, nor is making commentary that its contents (whether or not they include children!) are “ghetto,” or, “tacky.”

      Honey, please, before you start talking trash about bringing a lawyer in this shit, perhaps you should chat with him first.

  23. All I have to say is at least there married, a bit creative they also look very happy I wish them all the best! Not everyone has tons of money to spend on a lavish wedding alittle cheezy but I bet you they all had a blast!!!….Good Luck to you both….Ev

  24. wedding planners are essentialy needed in every wedding specially if you are a very busy person “

  25. i thought this was extremely original. haha im from san diego california and people would call this trend setting. also extremely humorous

  26. congratulations on the wedding 🙂

  27. now thats ghetto

  28. what a wedding

  29. What in the hell is this..

  30. Petey Pablo called…he wants his video wardrobe back.

    Does anyone know if this lovely couple is still married?

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