My Big Redneck Wedding

October 16, 2008

Man, I have to see this show…



  1. That’s not a shotgun. I’m pretty sure it’s a .22, a far cry from a shotgun. The “journalist” wanted it to sound extra redneck, of course.

    • You also have to bear in mind the journalist tried to juxtapose the words shotgun & wedding together – what do you get – Shotgun Wedding!

      The media these days have run out of good ideas.

  2. THAT’s NOT A SHOT GUN IT’S a .22!

    And it only costs about 125$…

    I got my 8 year old on…they are made by Crickett Rifle Company, they are a single shot .22 and a great gun for a kid to learn on…they are also handy as hell when hiking as the have a tiny size and are light weight!

  3. Those guys look really happy together. 🙂

  4. Anybody else notice she’s wearing her ring wrong too? The band is supposed to be closer to your heart therefor you put it on first followed by the engagement ring.

  5. umm ya i know them and all they are is drugy they live in the same town as me

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