The heaviest wedding dress in the world is also one of the tackiest!

October 16, 2008

This wedding dress is 425 pounds. The girl is 16. The dress is a nightmare.


The following article is from the UK’s Daily Mail:

At seven-and-a-half stone, Carly O’Brien is a mere slip of a girl.

But if her bridegroom had tried to carry her across the threshold, he would have done himself a permanent mischief.

Thanks to 30 layers of material and 30,000 Swarovski crystals, Carly’s wedding dress weighed an astonishing 25 stone and is believed to be the heaviest in the world.

Family and friends took more than eight hours to dress her in the voluminous gown, which was more than 8ft wide and would not fit through the church doors.

Its train was more than 60ft long and was so heavy that ten guests had to push 5ft 3in Carly up the aisle.

The dress, designed by a family friend, is believed to have cost the bride’s proud father Frank more than £15,000. It was accompanied by a white gold tiara, studded with hundreds more crystals.

Carly’s sister Linda, one of six bridesmaids, said it was designed to look like Jordan’s outfit when she married Peter Andre last year.

The bride arrived at St Peter’s Roman Catholic Church, in her home town of Gloucester, in the same horse-drawn carriage used for Jordan’s wedding. Three male friends were required just to lift her to the ground.

More than 500 guests were there to see her marry landscape gardener Michael Coffey. But they had to wait for the privilege. While the ceremony was due to start at 3pm on Wednesday, 16-year-old Carly took so long to get ready that it was 4.15 before she arrived.

Thelma Madine, owner of Liverpool-based Nico’s Dressmakers, said Carly’s dress was created with 120 metres of silk, 1,600 metres of tulle and thousands of metres of net.

Dozens of steel hoops were sewn into the skirt’s 30 layers to give support to the entire structure.

After stepping out of her carriage, Carly was forced to remove three under-layers – including one of the widest hoops – from her dress to fit through the church doors.

Despite its enormous weight, Carly insisted on wearing the dress throughout the wedding reception at Hatherley Manor hotel near Cheltenham.

She spent most of reception sitting down, but did manage to get to her feet for the first dance of the night with her father, to the Temptations classic My Girl.

The bride and her 17-year-old husband then gratefully jettisoned their wedding outfits before leaving for a honeymoon in the Canary Islands.

A spokesman for Guinness World Records said they did not have a current entry for heaviest wedding dress. But the record for the longest train is 2,545ft, set by a Dutch couple in 2002.

*TW reader/rockstar Julie submitted this post



  1. I’m still trying to figure out where the hell a 16 year old got a rack like that.

    • travellers rulexxxxxxxxxxxxx

      isnt she lovely xxxxxxxxxxxx

      listen all ye contry girls ye are gelouse cause ye cant aford a dresse like that and travellers can xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • you spell contry —-country and gelouse is —–jealous you dumb shite. and my wedding dress was over 40g so go ask ya husband to get some scrapmetal and see if he can match that scum

      • you look gorgus, don no ya but ur dress is beatiful and u look like princess… and don look tacky ur lovely lukin grl…

      • We ‘contry’ girls are not ‘gelouse’ and I think you’ll find most of us can ‘aford’ a ‘dresse’ like that but wouldn’t want one!

      • listen yeah iam not a traveller, but i really love ur stlye ohhh my god. people need to get alive and leave these people alone. TRAVELLERS i love ur dresses oh my god i really want one on my wedding day u rock, show them how its done , anywayz were tied of the boring british made dresses!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • here look right am not a trazela but their just the same as us and their dress r lush i whish i had one like that xx:)

    • oh my god the dresses are outstanding that you wear you all look fab love watching tha most fairytale weddings ever you really all do look like princes”sxxx

  2. If her Dad walked her down the aisle flashing a rack like that, I’m sure he would not be beyond paying for one. But hey, maybe they’re those inserts that look like chicken cutlets….

    • Maybe some women and girls are just naturally abundantly blessed up top. Not everyone needs implants or “chicken cutles” to fill out their shirts. I apologize if you are a bit insecure about your own chest size, but to go and accuse some 16yr old girl’s father paying for implants is just insane! I know from personal experience you can be extra blessed up top at the age of 16. I was a DD (American) at 13,DDD (American) at 16 and now at 26 i’m a GG (UK)/J (American), no I do not have implants!! You will never know the amount of ridicule a young girl goes through for having a large chest. You would think an adult woman would be mature enough not to make fun of a child. However, thanks to you, I now know that is not true.

  3. […] This wedding dress is 425 pounds.  The girl is 16. The dress is a nightmare. The following article is from the UK’s Daily Mail: At seven-and-a-half stone, Carly O’Brien is a mere slip of a girl. But if her bridegroom had tried to carry her across the threshold, he would have done himself a permanent mischief. Thanks to 30 layers of material and 30,000 Swarovski crystals, Carly’s wedding dress weighed an astonishing 25 stone and is believed to be the heaviest in the world. Family and fri Source: http://tackyweddings.com/2008/10/16/the-heaviest-wedding-dress-in-the-world-is-also-one-of-the-tacki… […]

    • you look like a printcess theis my dram one just like yours but pink

    • i is a gypsy me salf she is a pretty gal and her dress ent a nightmare just because you havent got it theres no need to be jelouse us gipsis r d best

      • listen girl let them have there opione u dnt need to argue with anyone ur dresses r amazing i love them, i really would like to meet u people were do u live……….

  4. i thought she looked beautiful never seen a nicer bride


  6. She looks like an ’80s death metal video about a magical fairy princess or something.

    Nice to know they spent so much money on such an ass-ugly dress.

    • i tink dat all the country gal’z r all jealous beacause deey cant afford dresses like we can ha ha ha ha ha ha ha buh i didnt tink it looked like jordans dress but its still gorgious eay !!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sarah xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • tacky dress or not, everyone has their own style and opinion, yet all these comments from travellers about girls being jealous because they cant (apparently!) afford dress’s like this are ridiculous. travellers are not the only ones with money for their dream wedding dress’s….some gorgers could be nasty back with their comments suggesting that travellers should pay tax and NI instead of being self employed and no doubt paying none, or maybe start pay council tax living in their trailers on sites etc hence being the reason you can buy lavish dress’s….but we dont, because we have more decorum !

      • I’m a country girl and I could afford a dress like that but I wouldn’t want one. It is beautiful but I wouldn’t imagine sitting down for my entire wedding night being very fun. Don’t stereotype it makes you look uneducated and foolish.

    • the dress is not ugly actaully

  7. well i think that dress was beautiful and shes my cuzin she is a nice girl carly its me annlee and angel hope to see you soon your my best cuzin carly bye

    • haha ur cousin is a minger

  8. carly your dress is beautiful everyone is jelous beacasue they cant aford a dress like that so bye now cuz how is the faily doing hope to see you soon
    from angel

  9. carly its me annlee you do no your my best cuzin remeber the good old days wen we usto go every were together i loved the dress and you look loviely in it to well got to go now bye

    • It doesn’t surprise me that someone as stupid as this girl “carly” would have as stupid a “cuzin” as you. Go back to your bare-knuckle fighting near your lastest stop-site and don’t forget to place tax payers money, aka social welfare payment, on the bets you make. Or, if you dare, go back to school. You spell like a five year, or poorly educated 12 year old.

      • well said worm, reading through some of these forums its very clear that some peoples education is as poor as their dress sense!

        people keep popping up saying “i tink its cuz dee counrty galz are jealouse an cant aford dress like dees”

        People can afford dresses like these (we probably paid for it with our taxes) but most of us buy houses and pay our bills with the money!

  10. OK, a little dress advice, never wear a dress that weighs mor than you do.

  11. If that dress cost father Frank £15,000 he was ripped off and good! It’s badly cut, a weird shape and looks cheap. Sadly.


    • But non-travellers just want to understand why you would not go to school simply so you could afford some of the ugliest dresses available. Surely being educated would be better.

      • not bein funny or nothin but im a non traveller and i love this dress, infact no i adore this and to just make a point i did not leave school at a young age but infact in the middle of becoming a succesful pilot !!

    • come on people! your arguein about who has better taste! im a non traveller n i love her dress. its gorgeous. but for me it is a bit 2 big. but i would love her dress for my wedding. n i could easely afford it. its not what u have its how u work towards it. i watch the channel 4 documentory EVERY week, n some dresses are a bit big 4 my likin but most are gorgeous! but its not about any1 else but the bride!! if she wants a big dress its up 2 her!! no1 else can comment cause its not what they like!! its what she likes!!! the dress is gorgeous babe xxxx

      • Wrong, Finny, everyone can comment whether they like the dress or not!

  13. ur dress is wonderful were did u get it made becouse i would like to get something similer like it made 4 my weddng in derry but i wouldgo any were to get a dress like that.
    thanks for reaing my wonderful comment

    will u sell it to mee i am interrested how much

    contack me back or email me on http://www.mary77@hotmail.com thank u for ur time

    • scurvy derry yokes wudnt ware natin like dat derry is were da scummy murderes live ye wud were 2nd hand dresses
      clappy derry ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww turn ya stomack even sayin da shity name
      carly ur unbelivable lukin doll n u came out butafil so ya did huni

      • in English please???????????

      • i think you need to learn to write in english before you start verbily abusing us so called country girls ! we’re not jelious its just we have actually got a sense of fashion unlike YOU us taxpayers payed for that dress not her dad your horrible people traverlers and qypsies are PIKEYS

  14. that dress is fu**ing horriable its one of the worst dresses i have ever seen, why in this world woud you want to look that tacky!! its chavy and distgusting!! sorry carly but thats my opinion!

    • rowan u do not no fashion these days r u a boy r u a girl i tink a boy and i bet u couldnt get anythin like it for ur big day u gay fuc**r

  15. One: How does she MOVE?

    Two: is there room for anyone else in that carriage?

    Not to rag on her or anything… it’s just that that dress seems so ridiculously impractical.

  16. i think her wedding dress was lovely


    • she got the dress made in Nico’s Dressmakers in Liverpool, Thelma makes amazing dresses, she can make any dress you have in your head become a reality!! 🙂

  18. me pal carly d weddin wos out of tis world jealos country peeps dnt no nutin lovesya me doll xxxxx

  19. i love this dress only prety girls like you and me 🙂 can wear dreses like this , shame for me i dnt have so much money to get same one:((((

  20. very nice but very puffy and big

  21. o my god ,that dress is beaufiful, never in my life seen anything like it, im getting married in june, and i love to know where you got it made?, you have the looks pet , and made a beautiful bride ! if i look half as good i be very happy

  22. all you country or setteld peapel a traverller girl likes that kined of dresse and feels comfortable.so please respecked there chiose of outfits.you like your stile and we like ours so leave us alone.please excuse me four my spelling i am a treverller after all?MANY THANKS FOUR READIND

    • They did a show on RTE to try and teach “regular” people about travellers and their customs, but all it did was highlight you to be the exact things we thought you were: People who have no elegance, no education, love to fight, love to look like prostitues, get pregnant young (probably because you don’t know how to ask for a condom in the pharmacy), knock all your teeth out with bare-knuckle boxing (even the women), and live off OUR money (tax payers).
      Go to school, get a job, and stop wasting your time on the net (which you are CLEARLY wasting if you are not even taking spelling lesson from reading all the junk available to you on the net)


      • To Meg, below –

        I definitely think it is unfair that people are trying to say that all travellers behave in a certain way or that they live off taxes, etc. However, I certainly do think it is equally unfair of you to say that settled folk all sleep around, drink like crazy, smoke cigarettes and do drugs, have crazy unprotected sex and spit out babies frequently. =( Unfortunately there are irresponsible people in ALL circles, cultures, and walks of life. Those people should not define who they came from.

  23. Hi there

    I make wedding dresses for the travellers and yes this is a kind of promotion. We have to understand the culture of the travellers and Carly’s dress was very big and heavy and the top was nice, but it was just very large and plain at the bottom, I make sure that the girls do not just get a big dress but they get a couture design that is never repeated. Carly’s was simply loads of fabric covered in stones that was complimented by a cut out design top, she did look beautiful and most of the travellers do look gorgeous irrespective of what settlers say, they are fairytale dresses that they dream off, with hoops and can can (netting) and loads of hand sewn swarovski crystals. You can contact me at majestybridal@googlemail.com

    Emily Louise

  24. Hi carly
    sorry, but how the hell does that stay in one piece? Love it, could u publish some more pics of it? Please?

    Love it


  26. Funny, this is the third Irish Traveller wedding that I’ve come across which uses Jordan’s (Katie Price’s) carriage. Seems really popular.
    And the FIFTH Irish Traveller wedding on this blog that was not labelled as such… WTF- you’d think an entire blog dedicated to tacky weddings, would recognize it.

  27. her dress is gorjuz im a traveller myself i should no me and my cuz admires it its soo big and nice and to make it even better shes a goodlooking girl love leanne and donna xxxxxxxxx

  28. Gorgeous, as soon as I saw it I knew it was by Nicos in Liverpool! Look like a fairytale princess x

  29. liston here ppl she looks lovely god bless her, and her dress is the nicest in the world and she is the best lookin girl around so back off ok

  30. oh my god. gorgeous dress i want one and the designer is amazing

  31. well tbf i love the dress. if that looks tacky then i fink u need to go specksavers. you all just sound stuck up and pathetic. why put bad comments on the dress? your not wearing it she is and if she likes it then its upto her.
    carly, the dress is gorgeous.
    youz lot that are saying its tacky. DO1!

  32. i love your dress its the best i’v seen yet you look lovey and so does eveything eles hope you had fun xoxo xoxo and so what to who ever dident like it. i loved it and all my frends its lovey xoxo xoxo

  33. it might be heavy but its beuuuuutiful !!!!!!!

  34. her family is defending her on here, saying “remember the good ol days”…. you were taking naps just a FEW YEARS AGO FOOL!! what good ol days. yes you were a stunning bride. but you just robbed yourself of expericing your young life… love be damned. he WILL cheat in a few semi-odd years i can bet money on it… dont let denial fog your young little brain!! now grab your coloring book and crayons , sit and think about it.

  35. Wow beautiful bride busanan design, very unique. I want to have it for my sister’s wedding, an elegant wedding dress design, I love it. Is there another wedding dress design I want to see

  36. hi how much is that dress i would like to get 1 made geting married in 6months

  37. OMG OMG this is the most beautiful dress ever 😀 im jealous. i want to get married just so i can have a dress like this haha 😀 gorjus dress and a stunning girl wearing it. good on ya girl. im not a traveller myself but theyve certanly got better taste than all u people criticising this young girl and her dress xx

  38. well personaly I think that the dress is outstanding and all the country girls dont know what there talking about she is gorguss and youl never be any thing like her and i wonder what kind your wedding dresses will be like o jesus L.O.L

  39. You look lovley

  40. rite your very nice inj the dress but one thing them eyes are like tomto so go asnd get your elsa so speel

  41. omg i think its nice but to long she should have went in to my big fat gypsy wedding ahaha

  42. What do the travellers do with this big dresses after the wedding? Rent a storage unit for it? Take it apart and use the pieces for the next gown? The girl looks stupid stuffed into that plastic bowl carriage, like a cheap prize in one of those machines where a claw grabs a plastic ball.

    • WHORE ………………your just gelous

  43. I think she look soooooooooooo good this was the dress of my dreams i was looking everywere to find a dress like that and i was just looking and came apon this dress its amazing …..ilove it


  45. The bodice portion of the dress, I actually find quite lovely.

    It’s the skirt portion that gives me nightmares… a wedding dress should really not hinder the bride’s entrance to the church, and it really should not be so heavy so as to prevent the bride from walking the aisle without aid, and to walk around to greet her guests and dancing during the reception.

    A large wedding dress is great, but setting some limits would have made it more convenient for the bride, family, and the guests.

    WW WW

  47. Forget the stupid dress. Why is a child getting married????? That is SO WRONG on SO MANY levels! And YES 16 is still a kid with a kid brain! She probably won’t even be interesting in her husband anymore in a year or two. What is WRONG with her parents???

    • My couson Carly is a clean n decent women she ent a kid n if u met us we r fall moor mature 4 r age tan d cuntry gels

      • Is there some particular reason why everyone in your family sounds like a semi-illiterate 2nd grader? Do they just not bother to “educate the women folk” in your backwards, neolithic like, white trash, throwback culture? Child, prostitot “brides” are bred like animals to be naive, slutty and simpering halfwits, “barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen”, little more than human sows with great big fat teats and wide birthing hips so that they can efficiently breed a whole new generation of genetically deficient, selfish little f*cked up brats to replace themselves with.

        Honestly, you don’t have a culture, you have a PIG FARM!

        SOOOOEEEEE! Time to slop the piggies! Get them porky little prostitots out of school (read: waste of money to educate animals) and over to the trough here so we can fatten them up proper for piglet breeding by their future owners (read: husbands)!

    • They just weighed her down with a surprise wedding dress for the ceremony to keep her from doing a runner!!!! Hahahaha…

  48. she is one of da nicest brides i ever see in me whole life !! she is just outstanding !!
    dis dress is me dream wedding dress mine will be da very idendical same !! xxxxxxxxx

  49. she is out of dis world she looked unhuman !! her dress was outstandin !! and travelers have diffrent belives we belive on gettin married at dat age so keep yer comments to yer selfs ! maybe yer just jealous cus ye cudnt afford a dress like carleys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • ther all makein out that ther hate it yet ther takein time out ov ther daft lifes 2 coment n slag travelers off y dont u all get a grip off ur self n go do ur own fuckin fing n stop moanin my family came out of this life style about 50 yrs ago but i love 4 me n my lil girl 2 get bk in 2 this life style

  50. ohh dey r hansum doll xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. i think dat the girls look outstanding i would were it my self im 13 and us girls dream of havin the big fairy tale dress so y make all dis nastyness taky wedding watever theses dresses cost more than some of your cars im irish so y say all this hunn .

  52. wat u callin tackie it ent not 1 bit i finks the dress is cushty an im gonna have 1 like it wen i get marrayed ay ders some jelouse fuckers out der ent der

  53. she’s a little doll may God above in heaven Bless her…..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  54. She Is Unhuman Gurls , Xxxxxxxxxxx

    • 10/10

  55. im sick of newspaper articles giving us travllers horrible comments and stereotypical names, you have no idea who your talking to, and this is one of the most beautiful dresses ive ever seen, so who ever said this is tacky, well your eye sight is tacky, cas it aint right.

    • it makes me laff 2 c how meny ppl have comented on this slagin gypsys off the way i c it is if u dont like it then dont take time out 2 coment on it my family came out off this life style about 50yr ago but its my dream 2 go bk livein life like a gypsy

      • the dress is a dream n my lil girl will b havein 1 just like it

  56. my couson is now divorced n remarred d fool treted her lyk a dog!.. god love her new huby n her 2nd wedding wos even better from the 1st!!

    loveyou cuz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  57. I think da gel looks hansum ya cudnt ask 4 a nica dress and every jelus little collier that sayin it horible needs ta get a life and sort themselvs out yea they mite b able ta aford a dress like this in 50 year wen ther worken 4 uva gorga slinks for 2 pound an howa cuz they dnt get lukd afta cuz most ov um r sat in ther council flats high on the ganga hahaha

  58. The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same, I think the traveller girls look amazing. Ok they aren’t conventional by country people standards but that’s what makes them so special & different. I would like to say that insulting each other just reinforces the stereotype of bigotry.

    • Look does it really matter that much lol, i think it was a bit ott but each to there own. Just because a person doesn`t like somebody elses taste doesn’t give them the right to bitch over who has money and who doesn’t. I dont mind gypsies but i think they make a rod for there own backs. Its there attitude towards other everyday people if they dont get what they want they put it dont to them being a traveller and some are rude and mouthy about it. Who really cares how much her dress was i dont care, nor do i care about how much they have if they dont like people to comment on there lifestyle then go somewhere that wont. There is no way i would let my daughter dress like some of them girls its wrong when they are a5 and stuff dressing like hookers lol but each to there own

      • Well said 🙂

  59. i wpould just like to say i think traveller girls are beautifull i am not one myself but i respect the way that they live and i think other people should…they are very tidy people who have respect for their friends and familys which many of us dont… they dont sleep around and they are happy so its not anyones place to call them. carly you looked lovely and as long as you are happy it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks xxxxx

  60. xxxxxxx

  61. hiya travellers i think tht ya dress is so amazin its absolutly beautiful, dont listen to wht other ppl say about it. its up to u wht kind ov dress u all wear at the end of the day u r all human just like use,

  62. EIGHT HOURS just to get it on?! I’m guessing that dress was probably even heavier than stated, since she was obviously heavily diapered the entire time and after a WHOLE DAY of wetting and potentially messing herself (unless she took a lot of anti-diarrhea pills or wore a butt plug).

    That probably added a good 5 pounds for the pee and another 5 to 10 pounds for the weight of the diapers, probably cloth with plastic panties, or thick disposables with cloth and plastic panties over them.

    This wedding was apparently brought to you by Pampers…Super Special Wedding Princess Edition(tm)!

    • 8 HOURS Geez that’s like giving birth.

  63. Like a princess, nothin wrong with the dress shees a bonny lass to, why not have what you want on your big day, after all if yall dont like it dont look noeones asking you to wear it. Matter of choice and pursonal opinion, noeone can ever say ur pursonal opinion is wrong cos dey aint you.

    • Lyndsey, you may have the “right” to an opinion, but you’ve *NO* right at all to be stupid. Try and keep that in mind the next time you suddenly get the urge to rape the English language again. I know you likely dropped out in the 3rd grade, but honestly, it’s *NEVER* too late to go back to school and have your dumbass get some spoon fed education so you can avoid sounding like a semi-illiterate 3rd grader every time you start fumbling yer lil grubbies all over the keyboard in spastic, mentally deficient frustration.

      • Next time you make comments about us ‘country’ folks not being able to afford a dress like that think about this: Maybe we can’t afford dresses like that because we spend our money getting a decent education so that we can become professionals, doctors for example. What would happen if we all chose to live your life? What if someone gets really sick? A vist to the doctors? There aren’t any but there are plenty of housewives and scrap metal merchants – fabulous!

      • I agree Scoob, if it wasn’t for us, our education and sacrifices over the years to build the civilised infrastructure in our society, I don’t think there would be many gypsy’s about. They get to do what they want and excuse it by calling it ‘culture’, and give us the benefit of their four-letter word littered vocabulary. When it suits them, however, they think nothing of taking advantage of everything we’ve managed to achieve through our own hard work. I’m bored to death with the hypocrites and parasites taking advantage like this and not putting anything in the pot because they have some sort of superiority complex/selfish attitude. I personally would be happy for anyone to use our facilities if they contributed, but if they don’t chip in then they can sort their own problems out like they’d have to anywhere else. As it is, we own them as they completely rely on us to fund their lifestyles – those of them that aren’t gainfully and legally employed (including paying their taxes).

        I can’t think of one aspect of their culture that brings anything to society’s table.

  64. dadda stole alot of copper for that dress LULZZZZZZZZZZZ

    • all our boys earn der money der all hard working men we pay our bill jus like any of ye country people jus cus we have a different lifestyle and we get married young doesnt make us any different does make you any better at least we can have the weddings we want we dont go out everyday sellin our selfs or feeking every boy we come across we are clean decent girls and no one can say any different go any try get to no us because were not bad people and i bet da only reason half you girls dont like us is cus of things your parents told you

      • traveller girl is right, traveller girls and women have much higher morals than the general population, they don’t have sex before they’re married, they don’t be running around with boys, they’re really decent girls and have been well brought up!

        I’m not a traveller but I live next door to a halting site and so I know a few. We’ve never had any problems with travellers, they’re good decent people and I really like them!! When I was a little girl I actually asked my mom could I go be a traveller girl, they’re like princesses and they’re always beautiful decent girls!

      • It’s nice to hear that someone has had a good experience of Gypsy’s. My best friend’s mum is a Gypsy and couldn’t wait to ‘leave’ that way of life behind. She married out of her culture and has never looked back. She has told us that they think nothing of stealing from each other, violence towards one another etc. That’s really not a glowing testimony, is it?

        Gypsy’s morals are irrelevant to us, same as ours should be none of their business. They are banging on how they think they’re better than us, well, likewise. I think their morals stink and I’d never lower myself to steal from anyone, let alone someone I know and love. Nor would I try to settle a dispute by knocking seven bells out of someone in a bare knuckle fist-fight. It’s archaic and proves that the culture hasn’t moved on in a very long time.

        As for Gypsy’s maintaining that these dresses and all the fakery they seem to think makes them even more perfect is part of their culture, that’s a complete load of rubbish. The hideousness has only come about relatively recently – that’s not culture, it’s fashion.

      • i really do like how your girls hold such high morals about not having sex before their married but if you read a bible every now and again you would notice that having sex before marriage is just as much of a sin as stealing or seducing (aka what those wonderfully beautiful 14-17 year old girls do so they can get married) or being prideful (aka repeatedly saying “your just jealous of out lifestyle” or “at least we can afford these lavish dresses) did you know theres even a sin against fighting each other! oh my or even one about not paying your taxes! what a shocker!!! please for the sake of us all please stop preaching about your “high morals” until you actually get some. also not every girl who’s not a traveller runs around having sex with every boy we come across, and perhaps our definitions of decent are different, but honestly decency is more than not having sex, its in the way you dress (aka not flashing your TA-TAs every where you go) and it is also in the way you talk and it is also in the way you respect yourself (take time to choose the man you’ll spend the rest of your life with)

  65. Here is the thing you cannot buy charisma and style and taste, what these girls is that they try to buy it. Sorry Gals cant be bort.

  66. I think all predujice is born from ignorance, and as such I agree that I am ignorant to the ways of the travelling community. I, as many others, believe that the majority of the travelling community don’t pay taxes. But seriously, how many self employed people in Britain pay the correct taxes? I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of our
    I do agree with the travellers’ opinion of ‘country girls’ in part, there are plently of girls in our society who sleep around, have kids by several fathers, and rely on the state to support them. Where I disagree is this; ok there are girls who do these things, but there are many many more who get an education, have careers and are generally free to be who they want to be. I believe that traveller women have no choices in life, they can’t go to college, work, or whatever, they just have to stay at home cleaning and having babies… this is what I find so abhorrent. If I could believe that these girs are genuinely happy, then maybe I could accept the way that they live. I find it hard to believe that any young girl would be happy stuck at home cleaning and producing children, asking permission just to got to the shop, while their husband goes out drinking, partying and generally continuing to live as a teenager. Please correct me if I’m wrong

    • I totally agree with you about ignorance resulting in prejudice, think of all the prejudice against different religions in this country!! Unlike you, whilst I’m not a traveller myself, I have an insight into the traveller’s lives, seeing as I have been brought up knowing them my entire life. BIg Fat Gypsy Wedding and the dresses etc. that are portrayed on the show reflect only one small side of the gypsy community, not all of them are brought up this way. No gypsy’s I know, or have ever met are like this. Fathers and brothers are protective of their daughters and families stick together. They would do anything for anyone they care about. One traveller lady I know took in a (non-traveller) friends son in and raised him, as he would have otherwise been put into care or had a terrible life otherwise. Girls do go to school and can have jobs if they want to. Ignorance is not always bliss.

  67. WOW thats big and wonder ful who did that for you cause i want one now you know u 2 lil for that big dress you stupid give yhat dress 2 big mamma you stupid and uglly and that dress

  68. your dress is amazing and you look stunning noway is tht dress tacky .
    “but u have no right to say tht country ppl cant afford dresses like tht cos we can but we spend our money on more important things .”

  69. Gypsies don’t have much of an education do they, going by the spelling on here. Suppose the dress is the highlight of their sad lives and it’s all downhill from there.

  70. If this makes her happy I say go for it 🙂
    No need to be trashing the poor girl like this, its her wedding, her special day and she’s entitled to spend it as she likes!
    If its not to your taste than get over it, nobody is forcing you to wear it!
    Big glitzy dresses are a travellers culture and I say good for them, we need a bit of colour and glam in this world!

  71. Ha ha ya illiterate fools!!!! All the money in the world can’t buy you a bit of taste…TACKY TACKY VOMIT!!!! Maybe Dadddddyyyyyy bought her the chest too 🙂

  72. come ere till i tell ye ya smelly country people all haveing affairs with your mommys boyfriends and when i mean boyfriend hes NOT your daddy becuz you dont no who your daddy is well daughter at least we no who we are and who owens and 1 other it would fit ye all better to wash your knickers or stop wereing your grannys knicker !!!!! UP THE TRAVELLER THE BEST PEOPLE AROUND WE WILL ALL BATE YE SMELLY BUFFERS SCUM THAT IS SMOKING JOLINTS AND RIDEIN BLACK MEN YA DURTY PROSSIES BUT THENM YE ALL LEARN FROM YERE MOMMYS RIDEN FORINERS ANAL SO FUK OF IT WOULD FIT TA BETTER TO CLEAN YOUR FANNYS OUT WIT BLEACH AND YER ALL TRAVELLER AND GYPSIE WANNA BEES DIRTY HOOKERS !!!!!

    • Wooooooooooo! Someone got out of bed the wrong side!

      You clearly know absolutely nothing about our culture and have made no effort whatsoever to learn or even to formulate an intelligent, constructive post.

      I’m sure you think you’re hilarious, judging by your overuse of the exclamation mark but really, you’re not funny at all. You come across as extremely bitter – and people who are so bitter are usually very jealous.


    • O’h look at that she can’t even spell swear properly 😀 😀

  73. I find it ironic that so many people come on here and accuse the traveller girls of being tacky, but then go on to make fun of someone because they have a lack of education.
    How tacky does that make you?
    Yes, most of these girls don’t get a full education and their spelling may not be strictly correct, but you can understand the points they are trying to make so what difference does it make?
    Trying to make out that you are better than someone else because your spelling, grammar and syntax is more correct – now THAT is tacky!

    • I quite agree, finally someone with class and a brain

  74. to be fair .. i want a wedding dress like these .. i think there really pretty .. however i wouldnt want it as heavy .. big dresses like these make u feel like a princess .. even if its for 1 day .. every girl deserves to look good and be a princess even if it is for 1 day .. whether its a traveler girl or a non-treveler girl!! .. x

    • Wearing Pampers makes you feel like a princess, huh? LOL, maybe you just have a diaper fetish. :3

  75. I think daddy overdid it. The poor girl looks like a princess attached to a portable material shop. Squeezed one dance in with bossy daddy and then sat out the rest of the reception. Wasn’t she meant to be spending the day with her new husband?! (Rhetorical question)

    • The huge bulky diapers she was wearing under the dress probably made it too uncomfortable to try and dance in.

  76. Hello all, I’m from the US. Please tell me what are: travellers, country girls, and pikey? Thanx! Love to all!

    • Hi Maree travellers/pikeys/gypsies/tinkers/knackers are the same as your rednecks. Country girls/buffers/gorjas/settleds are those who fund their extravagant lifestyles!

  77. i love her dress its not tackey im a gypsy as well and i love it it is one of the nicest iv ever seen she looks lovely xxxxxxxxx

  78. I respect the fact that they would want this dress even though I personally think it’s hideous (but then again, I’m not the one who bought it, so it doesn’t really matter what I think of it), but the thing that really makes me depressed in this article is the fact that the girl is only 16 years old. She’s just a kid. Whatever kind of horrible parents would marry their child off at such a young age? You might say it’s culture, but I say it’s sexism. Sexism to the extreme. She’s just dropping out of school so she can become some housewife who does nothing but cook and clean, get a bunch of babies and try to make her husband happy while being a quiet and obedient wife. Apparently education and women’s rights aren’t the main priorities of travellers, and I think it’s very sad.
    I also have to say that about the comments on this page, a lot of them are very prejudiced. Traveller girls, you can’t say that everyone who is not a traveller is a whore and a drug-addict and a criminal who wastes their life on drugs and alcohol and cigarettes, because it’s very racist and prejudiced, and it makes you sound very stupid and immature. Saying that the dress in this article is ugly does not make the rest of us jealous. We just have different opinions and taste, a lot of us don’t think that dress is pretty.

  79. well im a gyspy my self and i think dat we r all da sae as u cunts so fuck off we ant the tacy 1s we r the gd 1 ss

  80. 25 stone does not equal 425 pounds. More like 275 pounds.

  81. Can anyone explain to me why this traveller/gypsy community doesn’t put much emphasis on education? I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t no much about this culture. I’m inclined to think that having a good basic education allows an individual to present themselves well verbally, a skill that may help “non-gypsies” to accept this different lifestyle. But maybe they will call this a narrow minded opinion…

    • realised noone had answered you really so i wil, btw i am a traveller girl and shockingly i AM educated.
      we dont really bother with education because people go to school, to get qualifications, to get a job, to earn money right?

      we dont need to as lots of us gels wont be getting a job, we may as well use the time for something usefull to our future like cleaning, looking after siblings, helping our mammy, cooking and so on. we dont have to have a job because money isnt a womens thing to worry about, our daddy keeps us till were married then our husband takes over, we dont need a second income so we dont have to go work.
      boys tend to do more schooling than us gels cause they will be getting a job, but most of them will leave school to either learn a trade like tarmacing, landscaping or go out on scrapping with their da. the thing that annoys me is country people act asif were FORCED to be housewifes and leave school, were not. most of us get a choice, like me, im sixteen and have just got pretty good gcse results, i finished school just to prove to al de gorgas who said things about me that i wasnt thick, i dont want a job at the moment, i want to be a housewife like my mammy and her mammy before her. but if i wanted one i could have one. WE choose to leave school and be housewifes, the boys choose to leave and be scrap men/ layborers. and something that mkes me laugh, i stayed to do my exams to prove i wasnt thick to theese three girls who used to put me down about my culture and while i passed the exams one of them got pregnant and doesnt know the daddy, the other was excluded and the other passed about two exams and failed the rest hahahahahaha.
      anyways, we either dont want to work or are going for the kind of job that desnt need exams, therefore theres no point wasting time in school if we dont need it, you wouldnt go learn how t be a piolot if you wasnt ever gunna drive a plane, we dont go to school if were never gunna need it.

  82. haha very funny love the wedding dress is

  83. your dress was lovely and i like your corset

  84. Do you really have no life that you have to make up a forum to be a racially prejudice nutcase?!?!?!?!?! The ignorance of people on here that have no tolerance for different is what causes SO many problems in the world today. Who cares how much it costs or how old she is. This is THEIR traditions!!! Nobody is here criticizing ‘non-traveler’s’ traditions. Quite the contrary, the unfortunately, have to ‘put up’ with people not accepting their traditions or their way of living for centuries!!! Tolerance people……….. LEARN IT!!!! After all, people have to tolerate YOU!!!!!!

    • *, they *

      • I wish there was a ‘like it’ button

    • Uh, do you even ~know~ what race is? Cause uh…I don’t think you do. Living a LIFESTYLE of epic retardation doesn’t make you a “race”, it just makes you a clown for everyone to point and laugh at. Don’t like it? Don’t dress up and act like a clown. Pretty simple. Also, what kind of idiot with “no life” would spend all their free time running all over the freakin INTERNET whining on about what ~other~ people are doing for their entertainment? LOL, I mean, at least ~they’re~ having fun, you, yer just having a whiny little Pampers pissing tantrum.

  85. hi, i love your dress and you look like a princess in it x
    i am going to have a dress like that when i get married x
    i hope you had a realy good day x:)

    • So will you be wearing Pampers or Huggies under your wedding dress?

  86. tbh i dnt like travellers or gypsies they’re mouthy rude think there better than everyone else when they’re not even worth th crap on your shoes they fake thick and take taxpayers money they walk around with there fake designer goods boobjobs and arses on show and you call us whores talk alook in the mirror and then judge people

    • LUCY. im a traveller gel and so what if we dress revealing, that dont make us slags. we dont have boobjobs and we dont wear fake clothes, our daddys buy us de real thing cause they love us. we aint whores, we have to much respect for our familys to feck about, can ye imagine the shame on our familys and what god would tink?
      were good, clean, decent gels, no matter how we dress. whats worse DRESSING like a slut but not being one like we do OR dressing normal but ACTING like a slut?.

  87. wth

  88. dress is wonderful you looked lovely.for all the country girls that said that dress was tacky get yer eyes tested.yee dont tink or traveller boys are tacky us traveller girls have respect for ourselfs the reason yee dont spend big money on dresses is becauses yee no its not the first time yel get married yee change yer man like yee change yer underweer when we get married we no its forever so wel splash out and get what we want

    • yeah you do only get married once because no-one else would want you i feeel really sorry for the man that got married to this girl fancy having to look at that every day till you die eeww preety gross you can judge us so called country girls when you decide to get a proper education get a job and fuck the hell off you scummy bitch !

      • lucy ye’s a dirty gorga bitch, de girl is unhuman, she a doll. wats her luks gota do with nething? youse just jelose coz ye a dirti pox. we no our cultre is clean n we r good gels but ye gorga gels wil sleep wit ye man be4 marriage, dats un clean n not ryt in de eyes of God. we dnt need t get a job our man luks afta us, coz dey lve us, unlike ye gorga men hu have sex wi ye’s den nt talk t ye agen. n we wear fke stuff? no, our da’s or men buy us de real stuff coz dey luv us. bible ye dirti pox stop tlking bout gypsys like u kno us, ye dnt hav a clue. GORGA SKANK. carly ye a doll, ye look proper andsum.

  89. I have just found out I’m a gypsy and I don’t live no where my family just my husband and baby. I love the wedding dress carly it looked great. Why don’t you lot stop slaging us off and grow up. Just coz you hate us and don’t like what we do don’t start slagging us off you bunch of cxxxx

  90. I’m a gypsy and I love the dress carly. Just because you non travlers hate us and think we are all scum. Well we aint stop mugging us of and grow up. Some of us do get a education. I didn’t live with my family as I went to care so I was lucky and went to school. Leave us alone and get on with you stupid lifes

    • Uh…you went to school? Really? Can you tell me which one? I’d like to send them a letter along with your post asking them why their educational standards are so incredibly piss poor. Honestly, considering your absolute RAPE of the English language I can’t even begin to IMAGINE how it is you managed to flunk your way past 8th grade English class. Were you giving all your teachers blow jobs for Bs or something?

    • EXACTLEY !! your a traveller (->pikey<-) therefor thats your opinion about ur culture everyone is entitled to an opinion . i dont like travellers you are scum your fake talk like childrean and prance around looking like tramps ur not even from this country originally so how dare you call us country girls we are EENGLISH GIRLS ! you however are just pikeys so fuck the hell off my boyfriend got shot by one of you because he tried to help. you are murderers !

  91. im not a gypsy but i think she looked amazing! you people that slag them off look in the mirror what have they done wrong to you!just because someones different to you! i would love to be able to where something like that! she looks amazing period!

    • You love wearing Pampers, huh? Or are you a Huggies gal?

  92. Unique Dress!!! Fashion comes in many different ways, with many different cultures. That’s what makes us all Unique. Rich, poor, black, white, American, Gypsy, or *country* we all bleed red. It takes more energy to hate then to help your neighbor. We are all one in the same. God Bless Us All. I’m from the United States, so what exactly is *country*?

  93. carly, dont let um say anyting dolly ye looked ‘andsum, like a princes, god bless ye n i hope it works 4 ye.
    so fecking what if ye’s tink shes a kiddie shes grown up her hole life to get married so shes ready 4 it, who r ye’s to juge, its CARLYS dessision and are ye carly? no so shut the bleeding hell up.
    mary mother of jesus, y cant ye cuntry gals xept de fact tht we have big weddings and big dresses. even if ye’s dote like thm its our dessision.

  94. What horrid comments some of you have been leaving! Dear God people have some class! Just because they are travallers does not give you a right to call them ‘scum’ or anything else for that matter, quite hypocritical. Anyone with any sense of decency would never say such a thing to someone they don’t even know.
    Every woman looks beautiful on her wedding day and though this dress may not be to everyone’s taste, it is clearly to Carly’s and I think she looks stunning!
    People like you give the non-traveller community a terrible reputation, it upsets me to think that this is an attitude travallers are so often faced with, maybe if you treated them with some respect they would not be under the impression that we all “hate them” I would like to assure any travellers out there that many people have the greatest respect for you and your way of life.
    Maybe if we took a page out of their book, more citizens of this country would respect their parents and there would be less unwanted pregnacies and divorces. End of rant.

  95. I think the girls are pretty. But I don’t understand why anyone would want a dress that heavy and wide. Walking down the aisle is a very happy memory for me. My father died when I was in school so my brother wore his uniform. He is a US Marshall.

    I think the weight and width of these dresses take away from a beautiful and solemn part of the wedding service. All eyes on the bride, you want to hear murmurs and see people looking at you with happiness on their faces. Instead the girls lurch down the aisle looking like clowns, while people point and snicker.

    It’s unfortunate that after the wedding, the girl’s lives all revolve around cleaning, cooking, waiting on their husbands. What a let down, you are a princess bride, but the next day you are a slave with few rights, no money of your own and at the mercy of a man you barely know, your own husband. I would never want to spend my teen years until my death waiting on my family and stuck in a trailer all day.

  96. Beautiful bride, but how the heck does she go to the bathroom in that dress!

    • Two words…adult diapers…



      Or “wedding diapers” as they’re sometimes called. :3

  97. Oooo’h I always dreamed of wearing nappies on my wedding day bahahaha!

  98. i is a gypsy no1 can beat us god can’t wait till i get married

  99. OMG i cant believe that alot of u commentors are rudely accusing this poor girl of having breast implants !!!!
    I am a model myself and for having been in the teen modelling industry for a number of years i have seen alot of 15 or 16 year old models with large chests so dont ridicule poor carly for having matured alot quicker than alot of u flat chested scum who are cheeky enough to comment.
    I mean her dress isnt to my taste because i prefer more simple yet elegant dresses but if this is what the girl likes then that is what she wants. So all of you mean critical people who are shallow minded and dont realise that everyone is entitled to their own opinions have to open your eyes. Society is changing all of the time and everyone will have different views and taste but we have to appreciate and respect them. Alot of you can only bully this girl because your are too scared to say it to her face and so u r hiding behind a computer screen and taking out all of ur bottled up fury on an innocent girl who justs wants her wedding day to be remembered.

  100. There can’t be much storage in a caravan, so one wonders what they do with these huge wedding dresses after the big day. Please tell me if anyone knows the answer as it is something which has been puzzling me for a long time.

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