Tacky wedding trend: Plastic surgery requirements for wedding party!

October 21, 2008

TW reader Julie recently came across this article, which talks about a new trend in Bridezilla craziness: asking people in your wedding party to cosmetically enhance their appearance:

These days brides are going all out to make their wedding the best it can be.

But, many brides aren’t stopping at up-dos and manicures. Experts say the new trend — bridal party makeovers.

Thirty-three year old Jeanne An is planning her wedding and it’s all about keeping things fun.

But when it comes to the wedding pictures, Jeanne wants to make sure she and her only bridesmaid, her 36-year-old sister Gui-hyun, look as perfect as possible.

So before the big day, she had one little request for her sister –Botox.

“It’s just another thing for us to do together, just like traveling or hanging out or going out for a bachelorette party,” Jeanne says.

Cosmetic dermatologist Howard Brooks says brides of all ages are parading into his practice.

“I had patients ask me, ‘Can I bring my bridal party in? I want them to have their lips done. I want their laugh lines filled in. I want Botox,'” he says.

Celebrity wedding planner Samantha Goldberg says it doesn’t stop at Botox. Some brides want their bridesmaids to have face peels, spray tans even nose jobs.

She says if everyone’s on the same page, it is fine. But she’s seen some dreams turn to disasters.

“There have been several examples in my career where people have been ‘blackballed’ or asked to step down from the throne by not participating in the Botox or breast enhancements,” Goldberg says.

Dr. Brooks says these are still medical procedures and need to be taken seriously.

“If that patient or that bridesmaid does not want that procedure done or they don’t need that procedure, I have to relate that to the patient and in turn tell the bride as well,” he says.

And guys, don’t get too comfy out there.

Doctors say another trend they’re seeing is brides who want their fiancés to head to the spa for a little Botox or chemical peel of their own.

After all, they are going to be in those photos too.



  1. That is really, really sad. And tacky. “I’m sorry, you’re too ugly to be in my wedding, even though we’ve been best friends since 1977”

  2. I know, right?? That’s a friendship deal breaker.

  3. А мне блог понравился

  4. omg i bet she was beautiful before plastic surgery you are who u are u shouldnt change that

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