Outer limits TACKY 150k wedding for UK 16 year old girl! Ugliest dress EVER!

October 30, 2008

I can’t believe we have another tacky chav-tastick child bride on our hands!  And get this, she lives in a trailer!! And she dropped out of school at nine.  Just when I think I’ve seen the tackiest thing in the whole world, BAM!! This wedding is UNREAL. Love the Brits!

This look can be yours, for a mere $30,000! Seriously.

Nice balloon arches.

Clown makeup!

Groom’s mother looks elated.

The proud parents of the bride.  Quite a demure mother of the bride outfit, wouldn’t you say? Can’t let the bride steal all the slutty!

LOVELY bridesmaid dresses!

Let’s not leave out the guests of this classy get together! Child prostitutes, like champagne, add a certain elegance to any event, wouldn’t you say?

Article from UK Daily Mail:

What Daddy’s little girl wants Daddy’s little girl gets.

So when Missy Quinn insisted on a big white wedding with her boyfriend, her father said Yes. It didn’t matter that she was only 16 and the groom 17.

Daddy also said Yes to a £16,000 wedding dress (which looked suspiciously like a crop top and skirt) and Yes to 150 guests at the reception. Then there were the cars, the hotels, the tiara and the £500 bouquet.

the end, making Missy’s wedding dreams come true cost her father – who lives in a caravan and surfaces driveways for a living – a whopping £100,000.

But as his princess, who hasn’t been in a classroom since she was nine and wants to be a glamour model, posed for photographs, her father Simon, 35, declared it was worth every penny. ‘I’m very proud of her today,’ he said.

Missy was just happy to be the undisputed centre of attention.

Her dress, studded with Swarovski crystals, and with a 10ft wide train, was so heavy that it took ten guests to help her struggle out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that brought her to the church.

‘It was huge. I wanted to outdo everyone else’s wedding dress,’ she said.

‘It was extremely heavy and just standing in the church was really difficult. But despite all that, I felt just like Cinderella.’

The bill was around five times the cost of the average British wedding.

Missy said: ‘It cost a fortune, but I’ve always wanted a big wedding and my dad has been saving for ages to pay for it.’ She met Thomas at Alton Towers theme park when she was 13.

They continued to date despite her traveller family leaving their caravan park in Stoke-on-Trent every summer to tour the UK while Thomas lived with his parents in Wolverhampton.

Missy said: ‘I just knew he was The One from the beginning. He’s perfect.’

Her mother Theresa, 33, who married Missy’s father at 16, said: ‘I was surprised they wanted to get married so young in this day and age. But we could see they were madly in love.’

The couple married six days after Missy turned 16 at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Congleton-Cheshire. After the ceremony-guests in feathers and crystals enjoyed champagne and an all-day buffet at the reception. Girls as young as nine showed off bikini tops, high heels and make-up.

Guest Victoria Docherty, 23, who wore a £700 hotpants and bra outfit, said: ‘This isn’t unusual – it’s just what we do at weddings. It’s all very extravagant. Everything is paid for by the bride’s daddy.’

Missy and Thomas honeymooned in Turkey before moving into their own £18,000 caravan – a wedding gift from her parents.



  1. and what, he couldn’t spend an extra couple thou on some lipo for the little princess? nice rolls there sweetie.

    money can’t buy taste

    • “She met Thomas at Alton Towers theme park when she was 13”

      That’s young to be running the dodgems, even for a pikey.

      • Whos da pikey u must tink ur somting special

      • your mother was shagged by a pikey

      • im not a traveler but calling them pikeys is out of order you wouldnt like it if they called you a pikey so why call them pikeys

      • Roxanne – would you like me to point you to a number of posts where you’ll see they’ve called us whores, slags, a few other derogatory names and threatened to kill us for daring to have an opinion? Maybe then you could stick up for your own?

      • y dont u kiss r pikey HOLES YA ENGLISH CUNT

      • y dont u kiss r pikey HOLES YA ENGLISH CUNTS


      • kiss r ghouls


      • IM SO WITH U




    • i bet you wish you had a body like hers pigs faceat least she aint lealous of what every body of and she not a prositutes like you that only goes around and 4 somes with ever man she sees like you and actully she is skinny so go and fuckof because all your good for is talking about people you dont even know bastard

  2. Nope, but apparently it bought her and mommy dearest new boobs!

    • Hi everybody, yes the bride was young and she wanted to be different but why all the disgraceful comments about travellers calling us pikeys, well thats the lowest form of lanuage to use i am a traveller and i am studying to be a solicitor i guess u could call me a pikey too but then again i could be so discriminative back and call all non-travellers “BUFFORS” im sure alot of you have come across this word before. Well that would be the lowest for settle people it basicly means ur a (good for nothing smelly dirty pack of bastards) with more unmarried mothers than anybody. See how we also have our words but do we see many travellers on here discriminating????? calling Buffors and and saying ah sure their only oul country people fools, NO. so what i would personally like to know is what is Your problem. Do you resent travellers because they have the money for these weddingsor is it just plain old fashioned Jelousy, i’ll tell ya what it is, every girl dreams of her wedding day and the people who have commented on this chances are they cannot afford their big day and are looking for somebody to take it out on and as per usual its the travelles that gets it BIG SURPRISE their like im shockt, yes im being sarcastic, travellers are spotless in their homes and take pride in their posessions and familys, So whats this all about??? Again i refear back to the settle community constantly slating traveller familys, WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?? Because im just dyeing to know would it be somewhat in conjunction with the “FACT” that television producers find the traveller girls weddings so extravagent that they search the lenght and breath of the country’s to find weddings to film and even more to the POINT you all who HATE travellers or in YOUR WORDS “Pikeys” , so much Sit AND WATCH THE PIKEYS WEDDINGS SO MUST I DEAR ASK!! “Is it the life of a traveller girl you girls who are so bitter Crve”??

      • Don’t you just love an amateur phychologist’s clueless deconstruction!

        You have got your assumptions completely wrong. It’s not bitterness, it’s knowing right from wrong. I crave a fair society where everyone pulls their weight both figuratively and financially speaking.

        Ok, so you don’t like the term pikey. You think it’s racist, evil yada yada yada, but you think it’s fine to call us buffers. You come from a very hypocritical culture, you dress like whores, even the babies, and get married dressed as whores, but you call us the whores. Everything you’ve all thrown at us as accusations, you’ve all been guilty of in spades.

        That would make you lot jealous of us. I can see why you would be, but if you tried really hard, you could have the freedom, education and chances that we have. You could even hold your heads up high by knowing you haven’t had to rob, intimidate and make complete arseholes of yourselves in the process.

      • People will always judge, its nature. I know that gipsy girls will stay pure untill they are married, no matter what they look like. It is a shame that you are looked at as being ‘old’ if you dont get married young, esp as there is so much of life to see. Live and let live I say, try and understand everyone has the right to live the way they see best.

      • It would be good if that went both ways, Youth Worker, unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case 🙂

      • What’s sad about this article (and, yes, as it’s from the Daily Mail, it might be half made-up) is that this girl hasn’t been to school since she was 9, and had no ambition higher than being somebody’s wife by 17 and being a glamour model. No parent has the right to deny their child a decent education.

      • I do not know what the Traveler thing is about, except what I saw on “Law and Order: Criminal Intent,” lol, but this kind of tackiness can be seen from all kinds of people.

        The groom’s mother looks like a real trooper.
        Maybe she got herself liquored up, poor thing.

      • Well i hope spelling, punctuation and grammar won’t be needed if you do pass your exams and become a solicitor. 🙂


      • well im a traveller aswel but doesnt mean im up my own hole so try please climb out and also if u wer a right traveller u wouldnt b so inasant 2 get a job as a solicator?????????????twat

      • big fukin long storys, jesus i didnt even read it but i actually want to shoot myself just by looking at it

      • Although I am apparently a “buffer” as I live in a normal council house and have never been to travellers caravan, I like to mention that there are enough 16 year old girls in britain who would probably get married like this eveb though they’re not so-called “pikeys”. On the Other hand there are probably enough traveller girls who have perfectly nice dresses. I dont see many differences besides the way we live, although Ive only had experienced buffer life. Although I must say that most of the travellers who have commented havnt been helping themselves by using horrible language spelling and grammar.

    • hey totally agree with you, its really sad, people have to be so ignorant, about their own fellow country men and women. i dont know what do u mean when u call some one pikey, its prop another form of being ignorant about what come out of people’s filthy mouth. Any ways i am all for our traveler community, i think there are awesome at least no one has the balls to mess around with them lol.

      • hamzar babar ur the second fukin person i had 2 tell to mind der FUKIN BUISNESS, AND ALSO CLIMB OUT. IT SOUNDS MORE LIKE DAT U HAVNT GOT THE BALLS 2 MESS WIT DEM

    • i cant understand why people are so nasty. Traveller girls are incredibly beautiful first of all and secondly beauty is in the eye of the beholder they love their dresses and decorations why cant people be happy for the bride and groom? Again i love traveller girls so say hi on face book ladies


  3. Bloody hell! I thought I had seen bad chavvy weddings before, but this certainly is the worst. Imagine the poor vicar’s face when they turned up.

    • There is no possiblw way she could have married dressed like that in a catholic church!

      • But she did get over it.Im a traveller and Im a different kind to her I wouldnt wear a belly top on my wedding .Dont paint us all wit the same brush

      • wel im a traveller she looked out standen i woundnt wear her dress ever 1 has there one stile even the bridesmade dresses lovely colour.country people(buffers)are jelous of travellers the cant afford dresses like them.wot daddy girl want daddy girl getsxxx (country people) ye good 4 notin basterds smelly houses skummy cups this go 4 the travellers up the TRAVELLERS xxxxxxxx

      • Hilarious! You have the front to call US smelly? I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room yesterday and there was a mother (who must have weighed around 25 stones) and daughter pikey-combo sat near me. They both had dirty, greasy hair that looked like it had never seen a brush, badly fitting filthy lurid clothes and the mother’s boobs were so huge and droopy that they almost sat on the chairs either side of her. When the doctor called them in, the receptionist came along and sprayed air freshener because they stunk the room out. They smelled of poo, unwashed clothes and greasy hair – amongst other things that I can’t begin to imagine or describe.

        If you think we smell, why did the receptionist only spray air freshener to mask the pikey’s smell but doesn’t need to do that with anyone else? Your idea of clean and my idea of clean are polar opposites.

      • laura wen u learn 2 spell ill come back and chat u, ya mong


    • JULES………………………………………………..FUK OOOOFFFFFFF U TWAT

    • jules i thought i already told u 2 shut dat BIG FAT GOB OF URS

    • imagine ur poor mothers face wen she seen u in the delivery room, GOD HELP HER

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  5. Another Gypsy bride with boobs bigger than my head. Did she take rBGH supplements, or what?



    • what then, are u jealous that u kant get a fine pair of diddies 2 hold on to!

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  7. I find the startling resemblance of the father of the bride and the groom almost creepy.

    • Yes, I had to look at some of the pictures several times to figure out who was the father and who was the groom.




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  9. I agree that the wedding is about the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen, but I don’t think the comment about the bride’s weight is called for. Her posture’s bad in a few of those photos – bending forward or sitting slouched – she’s not fat! Given that she sheems to be holding the bouquet over her midriff in a lot of those pictures, though, she’s either feeling a lot more selfconscious than she’s letting on or (more likely?) she wants to show off her flowers.

    Incidentally, I’m from England, and what the papers don’t mention is how chilly it gets this time of year…



  10. Ugggh, that is the tackiest thing I have ever seen (and trust me, I have seen some tacky things in my time!) I also don’t think they should be getting married so young…it’s a lifetime decision, they could maybe wait a few more years (or at least until their taste improves?)
    Yucky dress, disturbing child-prostitute kids and what is with all the fake tan? Gross.

    • Travellers don’t divorce, and they don’t sleep around before they get married. The girls are very strictly brought up and don’t have much freedom until they get married. So getting married young makes sense, and their community will see that they get the support they need. Don’t judge a book by its meringue-like cover.


      • kiss my hairy 14 year old ghoul buffer

    • Maybe in da muslim community ya arent aloud to show flesh dont blame it on others paky

    • you must see tacky every time you look in the mirror.sadass

  11. That poor CHILD in the gold monstrosity looks like one of those reborn dolls. A very angry and confused reborn doll. It seems only the youngest ones know they look like trash!

  12. trailer trash wedding from a dumpster; w/ foodstamps as gifts, dingdongs for the cake, used and washed condoms (as gifts) for the guys as participants in the wedding, all the free porn, momma’s used nighty for the honeymoon, used thongs as gifts to the bridesmaid’s, viagra and a stripper’s pole for the guests!THAT’S WHAT YOU CALL A “HO DOWN”!!

    • why does it matter that she lives in a trailer or that she is 16
      what they do with there money and how they want to spend it is up to them.
      you all sound like ur bitter and obviously jealous
      that you couldnt afford a 100k wedding.
      i love the bridesmaid dresses.

    • and how exactly do you know all of this ???. TRAILER TRASh !!! well that trailer trash had more money to pay for her weddin than you will ever have. and you are probably just writin all of this cos you are jealous and more than likely the ugliest thing god give breath to !!!!!!

      • u load of handi cap barstards what is it to do with u what we do with our money u think u r oo soo clean in your agent n counsil houses just because we live in trailers so fucking what u couldnt compare to use even if u tryed u gorger breed divs u all must b jealous of us because we r so much different then u we clean our trailers every day top to bottoms and we dont cut corners like uses do we dont go out n get riden by every think thats moves n come back with stds like your bucket hole slags of daughters if u really thinks this of us y dont u come n tell us to our faces instead of being snobby hard nosed clapet out rides u load of dosers

      • lmao! You’re a proper mouthy little gobshite aren’t you?!

        FYI, every pikey site I’ve seen is littered with rubbish and there’s a godawful stench in the air. Your poor kids are dragged up to be filthy, scummy and feral and most of the adults aren’t too far off the same. If you think you’re so damn perfect, why don’t you start contributing to the society that pays for you lot to live like offensive lawless freaks?

        I personally feel that taxpayers should withdraw all funds where pikeys are concerned, make employing pikeys to do private jobs become an imprisonable offence and fence the lot of you in so you can’t rob decent people anymore and then see how much money you’ll have to spend on your farcical pantomime comedy weddings.

        There’s no two ways about it, your ‘money’, however you come by it, is only yours because of us and our misplaced generosity. You’re a bunch of the worst hypocrites that civilised society has ever had the misfortune to payroll.

        If you lot paid your way legitimately then we’d even go so far as to applaud your shite taste in weddings. Think on: we just take the piss because you’re just about the biggest c*nts on this fine planet.

    • regina u are a buffers bastard that should stop slepping around and you might get a man that will marry you you a a peice of dirt on this earth

      country ppl are jelous of travellers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Yer da ones goin round da streets sayin 1p an hour

      • dear bridget.if thair is a god awful stench in the air and you can smell it. then you should wash yourself.travler kids are NOT filthy,scummy,or feral,thay are clean,spotless, well fed, and happy NOT be, dumbshit,asswipe,gobshite,hafelad,crying banshees bastards like your self.
        you should be ashamed of your self for refering to children like that,would you say that about muslim children,call them a pack of shoe bombers, or packistan childeren call them a pack of criket cheaters, or maybe chinese children,would you say thay wher only any good for playing the violin. ps i did mean for you to WASH self. BITCH…..

      • Oh Meg, I’ve just broken a rib laughing! I didn’t just mean pikey kids, I meant all pikeys in general. I think I’ll stick with my own opinion, thanks very much. I know what a rotting bin smells like, I’ve walked/driven past enough pikey squats.

        You lot teach your children to be violent towards adults and children alike, so long as they’re living outside the poor sod whose field you’ve helped yourself to. They see stealing as if they have more rights to someone else’s property than the owner does. Every pikey I’ve ever encountered has a sense of entitlement so huge that I’ve never seen anything like it in any other denomination.

        You obviously see yourselves as better than anyone else, so I have a couple of questions for you.

        Why do you teach your kids to be rude, violent, sneaky little thieves? Don’t you think it would be nicer for everyone if you taught them right from wrong? You’re supposed to be religious – do you think ‘God’ would be impressed with your children’s (well, all of you in fact) vile anti-social behaviour? Your kids aren’t born evil, you choose to make them that way. You make people despise you.

        The only reason I have a problem with any of you is your anti-social behaviour is the worst I’ve ever has the misfortune to be witness to.

        I don’t really give a fat one if come back and call me more names or drag other cultures into this to try to discredit me, I genuinely don’t have a problem with anyone unless they’re scroungers, violent and anti-social. All the pikey’s I’ve ever encountered are just that. Your behaviour is not our fault and we don’t have to live with it if we don’t want to. We aren’t violent towards you, we don’t steal from you, we don’t trespass on your land and behave like we’re entitled to do so. So what do we do that makes you think you’re so much better than us?

        Tell you what, why don’t you do something that makes the rest of society think you’re not as bad as your behaviour is? The power is in your hands to change people’s perceptions of you – that’s obviously what you want because you keep telling everyone how wrong we are are about you all. Surely you’re not so stupid that you can’t understand that?


    • yeh but lets face it, the reason daddy is able to afford this clown wedding is cos they prob dont pay council tax, road tax or insurance etc etc…ah the joys of being a member of the travelling community.
      think before you write love!!!!

      • if u were b sid a traveller u mite not make it tru da nite so b carfel………..

      • CHANTELLE – you seem to have some really insightful and beautifully constructed comments.
        What a pity I can’t understand retard-speak.





    • u sad freakin losar

  14. SOOOO JEALOUS. I wish daddy bought me a halloween costume for a wedding dress.




  15. I know I’m oozing jealousy right now. The event was a truly tasteful affair, spending 150k on looking that beautiful is certainly worth it, how silly of us to think otherwise. Marrying at 16 is a brave and smart as it gets!!! Ha!

    • zomg hmillic. TOTALLY! I wish I could randomly spend money in equally delightful ways! Sadly, I think my wedding won’t nearly be the … splash of –uh, bravery, was it?– that this one is.

  16. i do love a tinker wedding….

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  18. sad.

    -from the US

    • wat u saw ur face is well…………………….

      • It’s spelled psych, retard.

  19. I am flabbergasted. In the US we call this trailer trash


  20. At least they will never have to worry should it flood. With all that silicone, they’ll just float away.

    • HAHAHHAHA. the silicon comment made my day. 🙂

      • ok….that little joke you mad was just dry…you sad bastard you need to come up with new material….and you who thought it was funny…your a sad retard….x

  21. 16? Really? Is she a smoker or something?

    • Getting a tan in a salon or on the beach constantly can do that to your skin, one of my friends is 18 and her skin looks almost 40…she has been tanning since 10 years old. I’m 23 and people think I’m 16 or younger all the time, I wear sunscreen and have never gotten a tan, I hope to turn out like my mother 50plus and skin that looks like she’s 30!

      • A lot of travellers like sunbeds, I believe.

  22. Hi! It’s my first time visiting this site! This wedding makes me sick. The worst part is of course the little girls in the slutty dresses and whore make-up. In my opinion, brides and grooms should wear very natural and humble looking clothes: Because the day is not for them to shine, but to humble themselves to the divinity in their loved one.

    I’m not a religious freak, but I do think that loved ones are divine and a wedding should definitely be to honor your loved one, not show off your slutty body and wear disgustingly expensive clothes! The second “child prostitute” with the lace top showing her belly button… That one is the most disturbing sight.

    Poor little child, what is she, seven? What about a nice knee-long velvet dress and tights? That’s what seven-year olds wear to parties around here. Also, they usually look cute and innocent and not like their parents want to sell them for sex. Harsh words maybe, but it’s not right to let such a little girl dress like that!

  23. This is a prank, right? There’s no way this business is real.

    • sweet mercy this is exactly what I thought.
      I’m from Canada and if this was real here, social services would probably investigate and hopefully intervene or take those children.
      This must be a prank of some sort.

      • I wouldn’t trust every word you read in the Daily Mail, but the basic facts of the story sound plausible to most Brits who have encountered the travelling community. They really do live like this.

      • Looks like we gots ourselves a big ‘ol hootin’ cultural misunderstandin’.

        I think the young women/girls that are feeling so attacked by this sight and the pretty harsh comments laced with a sense of false “Behind a Computer Screen” bravery on top of the scathing knife-edge sarcasm (while exceedingly enjoyable for me to read) have a right to be upset.

        Think about it. This is a totally different culture than ours. They have their language, their customs, and traditions…that most of us “Buffers?” haven’t even heard of in the USA but they do reside here. Mostly in the Southern Region. Yes, Google IS amazing! We aren’t slammin’ the Orthodox Jewish young women who don’t even celebrate their reception with their husbands. Not my cuppa tea, but my typical train of thought about a cultural misunderstanding or ignorance on my part as to their customs is 1. “Who the hell am I to judge?” & 2. “How can we learn from each.” Call me a tree huggin’ hippie, and I have a special hand gesture, just for you!

        I do know one thing though. I’d be one angry, frustrated, and terribly hurt girl if I saw people slamming the only life I’ve ever known and all the people I love. Especially if the majority of her peers are nothing like these slow news day, artificially pumped up journalistically, fluff articles that do nothing but create more ignorance for us all.

        This is just a guess, but I think the girls/young ladies type in the same manner as they would speak. The dropped “H’s” are a weensie indicator, but I hold no degrees in Linguistics, I’m just a Voice Over Actress/Artist with a penchant for unusual accents and unusual regional dialects

        Just another niblet for the comment fodder. Yay! Knowledge really IS power!

  24. This is madness. Who thinks this is ok?


    • no dis is madess, u freak show of a face. jell wont get u nower. buffer

    • stop midering us about den

  25. Just two words: trailer trash.

    Okay, and a few more – shame and ruin on the FOOLS that call themselves ‘parents’ for even thinking about letting their prepubescent daughter out in public so dressed, not to mention attending a wedding!!!

    • they stopped being “parents” when they let her drop out of school at 9 yrs old…that’s ridiculous! And the fake boobs? Any parent who buys those for their daughter before she’s 18-19 should have their parental rights taken away! It’s just wrong!


      • Boobs that big on a teenager aren’t always fake. Soleil Moon Frye had hers surgically reduced as a teenager. I’ve had relatives who have suffered through high school because of large breasts, the kids really get mocked.

      • hey retard the fake chest was for the mother you dipshit cant you read,and you call us travlers retarded….and traveler parents are the best parents put on earth ok they dont allow us to have boyfriends,drink deffinly not drugs and they dont give us ”the talk” at 5 years of age like you sick bastards coz we dont need the talk because we know what self respect is and we have morals and standars and we marry before we do anything with anyone and the serton someone will be the only one for the rest of our lives and we have and rear our family with them, and we can drop out of school early coz were 100% cleverer than ye dislexic fool, now i stopped school wen i was 10 and im no way retared i knew how to read and write since i was 5 years of age and im still only a teenage girl ok, and another thing THE DIRTY SMELLY ROMANIE GYPSY ARE NOTHING LIKE OR NO WAY RELATED TO TRAVELLERS OR ENGLISH GYPSYS OK SO EVRYONE ELSE GET THAT RITE COZ WE KNOW HOW TO WASH OURSELFS UNLIKE THEM DIRTY NITTY SMELLS,OH YEAH ANOTHER THING WE DONT STAND ON THE CORNER OF SAINSBURY’S SELLING THE BIG ISSUE WITH THE NITS AND FLEAS HOPPING OFF US OK! XOXO XOXO

      • Josephine “coz were 100% cleverer than ye dislexic fool”

        No comment necessary.. .. .. ..

        As for standards, the majority of us have our standards too. They involve such things as paying our way, clearing up after ourselves, not trespassing, not stealing, not intimidating whoever stops us from having what we want when we want it etc.

        I was sat in A&E with a broken arm, elbow and shoulder a few years back, there were lots of other people sitting there waiting quietly for their turn to be seen. A couple of pikey women came in and were behaving like out of control 5 year old kids, shouting, screaming, intimidating staff and patients, trying to smash up a wheelchair (wtf?), taking the piss out of people etc. They got what they wanted, they jumped the whole queue and got treated because they were being so anti-social and staff just wanted to get rid of them. They should have just got them arrested and taken away, they didn’t deserve medical attention. It’s not like they pay for it. They were probably only after the free drugs, nobody who is ill enough to go to A&E behaves like they did. They’re a disgrace.

      • okay Gwen first of all we don’t drop out of school wen were nine second of all we don’t get boob jobs EVERY TING WE HAVE IS RREEEAALL so shut Ur filthy RED ROTTEN PIGS CONSUMSIONY HORES MOUTH!!!!!!!! HORSES BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • da trash u pick up

      • ahh in you clever……i hope to god the next traveller you see brakes the other arm for ya and leaves you sittin in a&e all nite again you spaz xxxxxxxxx

      • ahh lads in you clever…well i hope the next traveller you see brakes the other arm for ya and leaves you sitting in a&e all nite again you spaz xxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Haha! Still I suppose it is somewhat nicer than the usual death threats!

        Oh and Josephine, when the NHS starts charging for medical treatment you’ll either have to pay up or shut up! That’ll piss you off won’t it, it’s something else you won’t get for free!


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  27. CLASSIC!!!

  28. This is what you would expect to see in the deep south (US). 100k? Does the bride’s father also take the amphetamines he sold to pay for it? He should have told his chubby, lazy, stupid daughter to go back to school, get a job and pay for it herself. At her age, can she even work full time (as something other than a prostitute)?


    • I have lived in the deep South all my life. And yes, some of that life was lived in a trailer. But no, this is NOT something one sees down here. AT ALL. It’s more like the ones you see in Chicago or New Jersey (I speak from having attended one of each.)

      Southerners are not all fat, lazy, ill-educated, and stupid. I, myself, have been a technical writer and licensed civil engineer for 15 years, and am currently studying for a Ph.D. in engineering.

      So shove that up your bloody Yankee bunghole and don’t drive through my Southland the next time you want to go to Disney World.

      • Oh, and I neglected to mention the fact that I AM A WOMAN.

      • Bethanie, do the Northeast a favor….don’t attend one of our Yankee states again. thanks.

      • Well, you sure aren’t a lady!

      • Bethanie, on behalf of the entire Northeast US, please don’t come back to any of our Yankee states.


      • Yeah, um, as a Chicagoan, I have a hard time following your logic that there’s just as much — if not more — trailer trash here than in the South.
        Granted, we do have trailer parks filled with traditional white trash. But they end up on Springer, so they at least have a purpose.

        As far as this wedding… just…. ugh.
        I guess common sense was suffocated under all the tacky, gaudy crap this wedding is made of.


    • I was born and raised in the south and have lived all over the US (California, Hawaii, New York, DC, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia to name a few), I have to stand up for my fellow southerners. Contrary to popular belief we do not all chew tobacco an marry our sisters. I’ve seen more weddings like this in a year of living in New York and 6 months in Baltimore than I did in 20 years of living all over the south. So, get off your high horse yankee and clean up your house first before you start whining about mine!

    • da trash u pick up !

      • ummmm can i just say somthing?…..year all americans and ye most proberly never visited out side america yeah and your commenting about how were ”trailer trash” as you call it…..travellers are from england and ireland and not from america ok were born in england and ireland and grow up and get married in the same country,so yeah never even seen a traveller in your whole life so how the fuck can ye judge us and call us names? that go’s to show how retared ye are…oh yeah and because yer all haveing an argument about america on a british traveller wedding…..ye spaz’s! x

      • Tacky weddings are tacky no matter where you live. It’s true. You can’t polish a turd.


  29. They are “travellers”! Brits would all pick up on the low key mention of this in the British news report, but Americans won’t, so I’ll explain. All this OTT wedding stuff appears to have a cultural basis — they’re into BIG weddings. Likewise the living in a caravan. That’s normal.

    Travellers are essentially itinerants of Irish origin, similar to the gypsies or Romani people, although they are not genetically related to them. See wikipedia’s entry on “Irish Traveller” (note British spelling) for more on their quaint customs and behaviour.

    Since this is a blog about heinous weddings, you’ll love this account of another traveller wedding in Ireland: http://www.avalon5.com/weird-and-whacky/weird/would-you-raise-your-machetes-please-in-a-toast-to-the-bride-and-groom/

    • I’m American,and I picked up on the travellers mention – but I’m a nerd that way.

  30. Further to the last comment, that is what the guest who spent a huge amount on a hotpants and bra outfit meant when she said, “This isn’t unusual – it’s just what we do at weddings. It’s all very extravagant. Everything is paid for by the bride’s daddy.’

    By “we”, she is referring to the Travellers liking extravagant weddings. The father of the bride picks up the tab because (1) the traveller kids marry young (as here) and can’t afford big weddings, and (2) traveller culture is very patriarchal.

    Given the way other English people feel about travellers, that might also explain the look on the groom’s mother’s face. (Although the groom could come from a traveller family — he is moving into a caravan, which is much more unusual in Britain than the US.) Wouldn’t be surprised if groom’s dad refused to go. It also explains what the newspaper was being careful about emphasising the cultural aspect — it wouldn’t be politically correct to diss traveller culture too much.

    • thank you 4 for ur commens not all of us travellers ave big ott weddings.im a english traveller and getting married meself. my wedding is gonna be wot i want and like and . i think it is wrong to call the little girls prositutes.alot of girls mainly irish girls have big wedding dresses.its what they want so why should they get nasty comments coz of it.

      • will you honestly have children dressed like that at your wedding???
        I am in complete and utter shock!

  31. Look at the juggs on the mother. Wow. How this guy pulls this kind of scratch from paving driveways is beyond me. At least boy george got an invitation (see last picture).

  32. Christ, what a bunch of common freaks!!

    HIDEOUS isn’t enough to describe it!!

    • id say you’d wanta stop looking at yourself in the mirror then dipshit your starting to scare yourself xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • yeah it isnt enough to describe UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  33. By far one of the best blogs I’ve ever read! I just got married 2 months ago and I am doubled over laughing. WOW…tacky isn’t even in it. It’s unreal! Keep up the great work! Bring on the TACKY!

    • get lost!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!us travellers dnt like what ure saying about us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Someone should have told her that she looks like a drag queen…

    • well some one should have told you that youre not welcome here……

      • Where, exactly? Do you own the internet?

    • why dident you look in the mirror at yourself before you went out did ya not xxxx

  35. Sure, anyone can have a ‘theme wedding’ in Las Vegas, but the bride and groom are usually older. And this transpired in a Catholic Church? I have never seen anything like this where I live.

    If the father of the bride spent that much on the wedding, why is the mother of the bride just wearing a skirt and bra ?
    Groom’s mom is not smiling. Knows more than she’s telling ? Same for the last photo, young lady in the gold and the tranny(?) in white.

    Those two are awfully young to be getting married.

  36. Oh…My…Jesus Christ of Ladder-Day Saints!! What the HELL were they thinking?! Trailer trash dumbshits…Someone PLEASE remove them from the gene pool!!

    • well it looks as though no one can remove YOU from this site can they?!!!!!?

      • It’s an opinion. They can stay on the site saying they’re OPINION as long as they want. Honestly, I would never go to my wedding dressed like a stripper with balloons on my chest, but that’s just me. Also, I would never force my father to pay 150k US dollars so that everyone could see me looking like a stripper with balloon boobs.

        If I wanted anyone to see that, it’d be my husband in our bedroom, sans the balloon boobs.

        Just personal opinion. ;D

    • you should be removed from the gene pool hafelad.
      you are an utter prick/asswipe/gobshite/lickars/
      call your self a chatholic. well you should be ashamed of your self. what kind of catholic/christian/prodastant are you to wish a whole minortity group of people away to non existance.thats not an opinion thats just crying people away. you f,,,king banshee.


  37. Why have they let those little girls dress like “wanna-bee” weekend sluts? This is crazy. My daughter would not be dressed like that at those ages. Parents approve? WOW. 16? Man she must of got started early, geeeez.

  38. Ha ha ha… this is what we call “harry” in Norway. But hey, this girl is getting what she wants. Did she not want to become a glam mod??

    She got all of your peoples attention. This is just fab. She’s not stupid, neighter is her dad, she’ll pay him back when she gets her first check from the glam mod. company!!!

    When a artist do something that’s similar, it’s called art! What is this?

    The girl does NOT need a lipo! (I would know, I do personal training for a living)

    • thank you so much 4 under standing i know this girl a small bit and she is really nice.and you know how a travellers life works

  39. Oh my god—-culture is really different from Norway I dare say 😉

  40. While the photos are amazing and bring a wry smile to anyones face I think many of the comments here are tantamount to racicism and show total ignorance of the traveller community and values.
    Far from being a ‘slut’ the young woman is almost 100% likely to be a virgin and to have never been in the company of the young man alone- the look is ‘all for show’. Like many cultures where the condition of young women at marriage should be virginal, getting married at an early age is socially encouraged and well supported (note her parents early and sucessful marriage). Please also note they live in a caravan that travels and not a ‘trailer’ (non UKer should really look up the difference) they also earn a very good living through tarmac (I suspect that the father does some contract work)
    Oh- and interestingly I was bought some ‘inappropriately’ styled clothing for my 11 year old daughter by my Islamic relatives (cut out shoulders and low fronts). That was how I inteterpreted them but within their strict Muslim culture for a young girl the clothes were considered quite appropriate- figure that????

    • thank you 4 sticking up for us.and yes we are virgins when we get married.i live in a caravan all my life i wouldnt ave it eney other way.pepole dont understand how much crap we ave to take.

  41. I’m sorry, but in the US, if your house has wheels, its a TRAILER. The utter tackiness of this wedding makes her “traveler” culture totally irrelevant. I don’t care if this girl is a virgin, or if her daddy makes a good living, this wedding is totally devoid of class or taste. How is it racist to call a 100,000 dollar UGLY wedding UGLY?! This girl spent thirty THOUSAND dollars to look like a cheap vegas showgirl, her mother looks like she’s wearing a bra for a top, and her bridesmaids look like they should be in a sideshow. This is the epitome of a chav wedding. Look that up.
    I really don’t see how the outfit bought for your 11 year old is germane to your argument. Did they buy her a bikini top and a fur coat and put makeup on her? Hmmm, I’m thinking no on that one. Out of everything, I really can’t believe that you’re justifying the outfits of the children in this post. Talk all you want about “traveler culture” but dressing young girls like that is just sick and wrong. Period, no matter where you live or what culture you are from. I guess that makes me racist then!!! Hey everybody, don’t call these people trainwrecks because that will make you an intolerant racist! Oh no!

    Get a sense of humor, this is obviously hilarious.

    and PS, if you’re going to call people racist, please learn how to spell RACISM correctly.

    • mind ur own business ur pure jelous of us travellers coz we can afford to have big weddins at leaast we can get men and have ya nothin better to be doin dan tryna run us decent people down well wear wat we want do wat we want and wats more if u or anywan else on this page hu tink there great came infront of us wed kill ye all stone dead so stop actin brave over dis yoke and go wash yeeselves and UP THE SEXY TRAVELLERS

      • ‘Traveller Girl’ – Charming young lady you sound – ‘kill ye stone dead’ – when did you start making threats in medieval speak? Or are you auditioning for the next Lord of The Rings film? Anyone would think you never went to school or something! I think I’ve yet to find a ‘traveller’ comment on here with any correct spelling – hey ho to each they’re own – enjoy the winter….sorry ye winta!

      • thanks but i can spell perfectly right i am fully educated it just goes to show how little you know about us so fuck off i will talk how i want

      • Heard they have a new shampoo out for travellers – it’s called ‘Go & Wash’

  42. Did anyone else notice that the little girl in the white dress in the last picture on this post looks just like Boy George in his hey day?

  43. I think that the bride and all the girls would have looked beautiful with natural make up and other kind of dress. Women don’t need a skanky dress to look hot.

    • well y dnt u try being a traveller 4 a day.!!!what travellers want they get.
      simple as.x

      • Yeah, because they steal it, more often than not!

  44. That last photo is blatantly photoshoped.

    • That last shot was blatantly shot with a harsh white forward facing flash on a cloudy day. That last shot was blatantly put there to sensationalize giving most of the public ignorant of this culture exactly what it wants. Someone to hate and blame.

      Yes, the wedding is not most’s idea of a tasteful event, but when I was 15, (as young Missy was whilst planning the wedding) I was going to have a massive hooped skirt Southern Belle dress with a huge bustle and bows (I was 15, remember) & I was going to get married on the veranda of an antebellum mansion that my beloved and I had just received as a wedding gift. My train was going to be 10 feet long & gilded by an über veil edged with gems. Each bridesmaid, all 20 of them, were going to wear Southern Belle (Think Scarlett O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind” in case you’re unfamiliar) hooped dresses. Each one of them a different color as they lined the stairs.

      Real Life? 17 years ago at the age of 20, I married my “Beshert” (Divined Love in Hebrew) after walking down the stairs of a terribly tacky/kitchy “Chapel” to the alter. It was only the two of us. Everybody bet against us and sadly, we’ve outlasted every marriage that made all of the snide, sarcastic, even mean comments and bets.

      I’ve been to England several times, and I have to admit that it felt like coming home to me, totally throwing my love for the country I was born and raised in and served in the Army for, for a total loop. My family tree? Let’s just say my great-great-great-great-great grandpa was wearing one of the red coats during that whole Revolutionary War thing. I hope not all the young women assume that all “Americans” (stay with me here. There are 3 Americas. North, Central, South. I live in North America where there are 3 countries! Canada, United States of America, and Mexico. I was born in the country of the U.S.A. in North America, therefore, I’m a U.S. Citizen. If I say “I’m an American!”, I could be from Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Canada, etc.) are not worldly or stupid-which is not the same as ignorant, by the way.

      For the record, Yes, I still love him with everything that I am. No. I was not pregnant.

      So, anyway, NOT blatantly photo shopped. Perspective. When you were a 15 year old hormonal young woman, what was the wedding you dreamed of? Guys, when you were a 15 year old hormonal young man, did you get the red sports car and the hot ass blonde Madonna/Whore in your bed?

  45. Typical the big mouth yanks always got to have their say!!!

    • well what do ya mean?!x

  46. For start, they probably aren’t British seeing that most pikeys aka “travellers” are actually Irish. And I’ve no doubt that the money used to pay for the wedding, the honeymoon, the tit jobs and the caravan (trailer) was gained by ill-gotten means – surfacing driveways (as described in the article), doing a half-arsed job, taking the victims money and running, not paying ANY taxes to the Government while still scrounging money off the state, etc.

    I f**king hate pikeys.

    • well, if ya f**king hate pikeys why on earth you come on to this web site…..?!?!?.can ya answer that.and a couple more things along with that im a PIKEY and i wish the couple the best in the world.

      • “well, if ya f**king hate pikeys why on earth you come on to this web site…..?!?!?.can ya answer that.”

        I can answer that on behalf of an awful lot of people, CHANTELLE. This is a website dedicated to trashy weddings.

        We come here to take the p1ss, have a laugh at the hideous ‘costumes’ you lot seem to think are classy and generally marvel at how you all manage to out-tack each other in the wedding stakes.

        I’m still laughing at one of the pikey bride’s kids names – “Hannah Montanna McDonough”.

        Crikey, I’d pay good money to access the content on this fabulous website!

      • dont hate us cos our daddy’s can pay for out wedding and get’s us evrything we want and there not ashamed of us because were clean and desent when we get married unlike you who sell yourselfs for the money for crack and sent yer children into care and get done for child neglect and child abuse ye dirty twisted bastards….oh yeah another thing its ”mcdonagh”..not..”mcdonough” you spaz xxxxxx

      • If you hate us so much, why do you bother coming on this thread? I doubt I’ll get an answer.

        Talking about child abusers, I think it’s abuse to remove your daughter from school at 9 years old so she’ll be content to get married wand have a kid on the way at 16. Your parents tell you it’s tradition and you suck it up. You’re only content to take that route because don’t need to have a brain. I wouldn’t wish marriage and kids on any 16 year old, there’s so much more to life than being chained to your 16 year old cousin and opening your legs for him and getting saggy tits, tummies and arses by the time you’re 17. You’re too pig thick to see that though.

  47. These comments are so British! Nice try distancing yourselves from the harsh reality of The Tacky. When you can’t blame your foulness on the U.S., blame it on the Irish.

    • @ Marnie: No, they are ACTUALLY (really!) Irish Traveller weddings. Nothing to do with blaming it on someone else. Irish Travellers are an ethnic minority in the UK and in the US. In the US they live mostly in South Carolina. These types of weddings are part of their unique culture. Nothing to do with ‘shifting blame’ at all.

    • and I would like to point out, as it seems that no one here will, we are talking about IRISH TRAVELLERS, not Irish. There is a huge difference, and Irish Travellers are also a minority in Ireland as well, and will get the piss taken out of them every chance possible…

    • Blame it on the irish wat do ya mean blame it on the jelouse country people aka u fuckin cunts

      • Pipe down, knackers like you give good, honest, WORKING Irish people like me a very bad name…

        And for God’s sake, please learn how to spell, and furthermore read, my English-Retard dictionary is worn out!

  48. Hahahaha the Father of the bride still has the tag on the sleeve of his suit. That’s a dead give away of chavyness. “i’ve left it on so’s people can see it’s expensive”

  49. Instead of “Here comes the Bride,” they probably played some strip tease music when she walked down the aisle! How could a bride not feel cheap and slutty in such a dress? I wonder where she found it… maybe in some fettish boutique.


      • Classy reply. You’re not in any way reinforcing stereotypes of your community. Keep it up.


        awesome….i have no idea what this means (pardon my US ignorance), but i am SO making this my new catchphrase .

      • aia hate all the handicaps on this site

      • That’s rich coming from you!

    • no it was church hims you dumb shit and she got her dree made ass wipe.

  50. WOW I am speechless. Chavtastic indeed!

  51. Wow, is this for real or some kind of prank for tv or something?

  52. personally i think your all jelouse that a man ha saved up to pay for his own daughters wedding so she could have everything she wanted and they are things you cannot afford.you call us pickey scum but your just gorger poxes i think that she looked beautiful.and not all gypsys are irish.U is all racist scum predudice ass holes all g fuck ff back to your shit little lives.yu don judge a book by its cover and yo do not see everyone for just the way one person is all of u lot are low life chavs.and your toilet roll .aint good enough to wipe our asses on

    • Why didn’t the Father of the bride just buy her a proper home? Wasting all that money on one single day seems like an enormous waste of resources to me.

      Wouldn’t it make more sense to buy them a home where they can establish their family and raise their children? It would bring stability to their lives.

      • just to let you know. to us TRAVELLERS a trailer is a proper home. its wat we have lived in all of our lives and always will do !!!! noting you can do to change that.

      • It’s a perfectly good home, and a nice present. I have issues with any patriarchal culture, but that doesn’t mean all cultures have to be like modern English or American cultures in ways that work out the same in the end.

  53. Ha ha ha, oh dear.

    • your face i know its a sin xxxxxxxxxx

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  55. —to ”not a racist” **Please also note they live in a caravan that travels and not a ‘trailer’ (non UKer should really look up the difference)**

    so noted… that NON ukers dont need to look up the difference. they live in a trailer, a caravan is just what you all there call it (as my uk friend notes, a caravan is like a really shitty trailer, not as fancy as the americans tend to get) here we refer to 2 things as trailers… the more common being what you call a caravan, and the less being a stationary trailer, small house rather (of 1 or 2 bedrooms) prebuilt.

    although i agree with all of you on the tackiness i dont like to go towards insults as they are not really necessary. but in stating the obvious.. PLEASE let them be infertile… for the sake of humanity. and ”not a racist”…. if one culture finds an outfit not slutty it is acceptable IN that culture because there are no negative effects taken in behavior of or towards that individual… but if in a culture that finds something slutty, you put that clothing on a child, the effects in the behavior both of and to that individual IS negative and has the high chance of turning out a permiscuous and otherwise inappropriately behaving adult. you can not say because it is acceptable in one culture so different from ours, that we should accept it here… when the effects are so different because the culture itself is so different.

    as to the comments about the girl being fat… come on, dont insult just to insult, she’s actually of a healthy physique. and no marrying young is not always bad, i married at 18 and i have thus far passed 4 years of a happy marriage and have our first child on the way. however my highschool friend did the same and her marriage is a complete failure. the age is not so important as the maturity of the individual and that they actually know what they are doing. all in all, i say… they are NUTS for spending all their money. hey, its their money… but i could have gotten the same done for less than the price of a used pick up truck. **why do ppl have to spend money to be happy? my wedding was BEAUTIFUL.. a white gown wedding in a church and the reception in an extreeeeeemely hard to reserve location… gorgeous cake and celebration, favors and all.. and it was hardly a few thousand $ usd (my wedding dress i got for 200 $ usd that has a store value of at least $8,000) but if you dont want to show off money you can get nicer for less. ppl are too obsessed… they could get married in garbage bags but if it cost a fortune it’s ”wonderful” (eye rolling)

    • Well said! I only spent $200 on a nice dress and that money went to a breast cancer charity. The amount of money spent doesn’t make for a better wedding, or a long lasting relationship, its the commitment between the individuals.

  56. Trailers, trash, travellers, what-have-you…it doesn’t matter. They all look like they’re from Staten Island to me.

  57. Gyppos – says it all really! I wonder where they get the money from oh yes the reason they can afford to dress their children up as prostitutes is because they don’t pay any taxes, rates, national insurance…but that is another story.

    • hi wot do u mean gyppos im a travller i work and pay my taxes and n.i.not all of us is da same.there are alot of non travllers who i know are on da doll and as been on it 4 years they ave never had a job.

      • When you learn how to spell, we’ll consider your comments as intelligent.

  58. It being the UK and all shouldn’t we be happy they are marrying and not just shacking up like the rest of their countrymen? I get the impression from UK news sites that no one really marries anymore. Marrying at 16 really is good. Consider the single, pregnant 15 year old who lifes ambition is to have the baby and live on the dole for her whole life. If this couple stays together and he works to support her and they are not on the dole what’s the gripe? They’ll get to enjoy their kids, grandkids and greatgrandkids while the rest of us sit elderly and alone.

  59. what a wonderful visual assault. Nothing like a truly trashy wedding to brighten my day 😀 I haven’t been to a wedding lately, but i’d imagine with current fashion trends for the young, this is probably normal, lol.

    oh -child prostitutes – there’s a photo for the album – “and this was Mummy when she was 8, before she started streetwalking for real.”


  60. “TINA”, I don’t think anyone would be jealous of looking like 47 yr old stripper when they’re barely 16..well at least not anyone in their right mind would.
    BTW,getting married isn’t about guts, it’s about love and commitment….. use that brain,honey…it may be rather small and hard to find in that thick skull of yours, but it’s well worth a try 🙂

    P.S.- You look less like an idiot when you don’t write in caps…

  61. i am so proud of my nation…

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  63. *Jadie* – Learn how to spell if you want anyone to care about whatever twaddle you’ve decided to inflict on us.

    The most disturbing part of this affair – and there was so much to be disturbed about – was the fact that the bride hasn’t been in school since she was 9.

    What bright life she has in front of her.

    • Exactly…the rest doesn’t really matter, five years down the road when she’s no longer a glam model and out of the spotlight will she or her husband be making ANY money? Personally I was homeschooled so I’m all for alternate forms of school, but most of life’s situations REQUIRE some sort of “book” knowledge

  64. I really don’t understand why anyone from the UK would defend trash. I’m from the UK myself and I know- these people ARE the equivalent of American Trailer trash. They tan so much they look like bloody Oompa Loompas, even in the winter they wear their ridiculously revealing clothing and instead of educations and respectable homes they buy plastic surgery and trashy “Designer” crap.

    –Jadie- you’re a prime example of the trash.

    for the love of god- put some clothes on, stay in school and keep away from tanning salons!

    • just like to let you no we aren’t trailer trash !!!!. and not all of us are the same. im a traveller and i aint orange, i dont wear belly tops and hotpants and i am in my last year of secondary school at the minute. so suck on that one you racist bitch !!!!

      • Just saying…there are always exceptions. I’m not from the UK and I don’t know anything about travellers, but I am well acquainted with redneck American trailer trash. Both sides of my family, for generations, have been poor uneducated rednecks. A lot of them still are. That doesn’t change the fact that I’m currently in a good college (on scholarship), planning to get a decent job so I can afford to have a better life than the one I was born into.

      • I’m pretty sure you arn’t a race. Just a culture. There’s a differance.


  65. This can not seriously be real?

  66. Too crazy to be true. Maybe she wanted to get attention more than be married. Anyway it was her choice. She decided to look like a tramp, her bridesmaids looked cheap and her mother though that she may show the nipples if she was not getting enough attention.

  67. Sorry, but she looks like a clown. She could have been absolutely gorgeous with natural make up and a normal gown.

  68. umm, Jadie. If you’re going to rant about something, at least use correct grammar and refrain from typing errors. It’s called spell check. Oh my God, this is so TACKY, and that boy/girl really does look like boy george. A LOT.

  69. A Slut’s Dream Wedding! Note that Bride is Top Slut! Bride’s Mom is 2nd Slut! And, guests are next sluttiest! All the girls get to do their slutty thing without upstaging the hierachy! Dad is proud as a peacock, and rightfully so, since he gets to show-off the house tarts at their finest! We, are all tickled pink for the display! A win-win situation! Fantastic!

  70. Wow, I can’t get past how redneck/hillbilly Jadie sounds…When you say “jelouse” “u is all” “pedudice” etc etc people may find it somewhat difficult to take you seriously.
    I was waiting for you to say “dat dere skunk on de road, dat’s me weddin’ drass, et’s so classy, my daddy, e been savin for a long time to buy et for me and me broda’s weddin’, cause i been a good girl”.
    It is sweet her Father paid for the wedding, it was kind of him but who in their right mind would condone a wedding like that; then again, she left school at 9, I think that pretty much explains it.
    I feel sorry for the poor girl, she is quite pretty and doesn’t seem to have much hope of having a very bright future. I hope everything goes well for her.

  71. OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That was my wedding. It was a quiet, classy affair. I enjoyed myself very much, though it was a tad nippy on the old tum, know what I mean?

    • First of all. Learn to spell.
      Second. that was not classy money cannot buy class darling.
      third. i dont see how you were “a tad nippy on the old tum” with all that flab do some bloody situps before you choose to dress like a stripper on crack

      • well that was obviously not a serious post, you retard, so stop trying to sound smart.. you just sound stupid cos it was obviously a JOKE…

      • if ye all hate us travellers so much y de fuk ye on this page ye are all mental jealous of us coz we are everytin ye are not and not one of ye wud say any of dis to our faces coz ye know we wud lave ye dead so if it makes ye feel better carry on tryna put us down ye are just makin a show of yourselves and its ye dat are the low lives by cumin on ere us travellers aare makin a dogs laf of ye hahahahahahahahahaaa oh and kiss me sexy travellers arse if ye have tym after al the backbitin

      • Traveller gal – I like how you hypocritically describe us as “low life” but you’re saying YOU would “leave us dead” because we’re having a bit of a laugh about we all feel are amazingly awful wedding outfits!

        Would you really kill someone because they don’t like what you’re wearing?


        I know you think you’re above the law – arrogant enough to think that it doesn’t apply to you, but you’d better believe that all the time you’re in our country, then you have to obey our laws, whether you like it or not.

        If you don’t like it, feel free to exercise your right to leave.

        Until then, laugh we will. Unlike murder, it’s not a crime to have an opinion.

      • i was born in this country so stop tryin to be smart how would you know where i was born you fucking weirdo and yeah if someone beside me insulted me our my family whether its about a wedding or anyfing i would knock them out end of story nothing got to do wit you id happily shoot your brains out lol

      • I don’t give a toss where you were born. I tried to but after a couple of nano-seconds I gave up.

        Have you heard yourself? “I’ll shoot ya brains out” every time you hit ‘submit comment’ you do your race another huge dis-service.

      • Yeah, maybe I’m insanely over tired, but I don’t see a single spelling error.

        I have a question for ALL of you. The insults, while VERY amusing, are really cruel for the Traveller Girls. Would you want to see all this mudslinging being thrown at your 15 year old daughter? Would you want to read her incredibly frustrated and foul words…knowing that while she crossed a line, the 15 year old would act out at the slightest provocation because she feels that her life means something, yet you’re just pounding on these girls how awful they are. Young. Hormonal. Teenage. Girls.

        Bet you a tenner that if someone like poster Mary had just said to just 1 of these girls- “It’s not my taste, but I wasn’t brought up in your culture. Why do Travellers throw such lavish weddings? The same thing is done in the U.S. A LOT. They have entire tv series’ about the big lavish affairs held in Canada and the U.S. How do you guys decide to marry? What’s courtship like? Can you marry outside your culture and still be fully accepted by your family and friends? How do plan your weddings? Are all Traveller Girls meant to be married by a certain age?”- They would have opened up and let those of us that are ignorant about their culture, learn something new and probably vice versa.

        The girls figured out how to post to this sight. That shows me that they are teenage human beings with intelligent brain matter but not full capacity for reason & logic because the pre-frontal cortex of the brain doesn’t fully develop until about age 22 on every human being alive, with the exceptions of my blanket statement taken into account. 11-22 years olds brains work in fight or flight mode constantly, so why all the damn hostility?! *snort*

        Honey is always better than getting stung by a bee (My Memaw-Grandma in the Southern States usually, though that charming name seems to be fading away…just like our accents did-used to say that. What compels us (me included) to be so mean when we’re behind a computer screen? I know a gaggle of posters on here would say what they wrote on here to these girls faces, and I know the rest wouldn’t really say that crap that they wrote, to a 15 or so year old girl’s face. If I’m wrong, humanity is totally screwed because their will be no humane. Time was when you could look in a passing strangers eyes and smile and say “Hi”, & they would reciprocate the gesture, or at the very least, acknowledge it. I’m a 30 something…not a wistful for the perfect 1950’s life baby boomer. Now, it seems you’re having a good day because nobody flipped you off or peppered sprayed you because you say “Hi” to them.

        ‘nother goober from the “Can’t we all just have a laugh and some pleasant, even informative discourse?” camp. *shrug* all I can do is try…right?

  72. 16 ehhhhh?? Wow at sixteen i just perfected how to wear eyeliner. Let alone be married. The parents dont have a daughter, they have a “buddy” . Kind of sad, She will miss the dating and the fun it is to be a young adult, because more than likely they want a baby and all the crap that comes with it. They honestly dont look like they can take care of themselves and the girls parents look like they are overcompensating for their issues. As the boys mom- never would i have signed or agreed to it. It would have been easier to castrate my boy and hand it to him in a jar than let him get married that young. Seriously. Most young child brides only 10 percent make it. Hopefully it works out. If not she can join the Samba circuit in Rio with that outfit.

    • welll we get married because we want to and what do you mean buddy so you think its sad because we choose to get married and settle down and have kids young in sted of goin out gettig drunk havein sex with who we want and and take drugs and just be like brats you think thats sad well i think you are sad well maybe in your culture its only 10 percent in our cutltue its for life which you know nothing about so dont comment on it ask a question and we would be glad to answer but dont come on here slating us when you know nothing about us yous dont know what way we live so if you have a question i would be happy to answer it so please dont make fools of your selfs leaving ridiculous comments xx

  73. I’m just thinking sahe’s going to have severe skin cancer (melanoma) by 19 and if they have children he’s going to be stuck raising them alone

  74. How can her parents reward her for being a primary school drop-out! Where are their values? Just think of the college education that of that money could have bought — as the bride needs an education in the worst way.

    And yes, the little girls dressing slutty make me want to scream at their parents.

  75. […] Travellers) wedding of a 16 year old girl in the UK where her family spent 150,000 k  on wedding http://tackyweddings.com/2008/10/30/outer-limits-tacky-150k-wedding-for-uk-16-year-old-girl-ugliest-…. I read the article with my mouth hanging open. I’m not sure what is more appalling, the […]

  76. for more photos of missy’s wedding and others check out;http://www.irishtravellerfashionistas.webs.com/

  77. how exactly is the father proud of her??

  78. The label doesn’t really matter. You can call it trailer trash, redneck, chav or traveller. Whatever you call it, it’s a young woman who threw away the chance to be educated and got married at 16 dressed like a stripper. With the consent of her parents. Who don’t seem to think that wearing a gigantic bra to a religious ceremony is perhaps inappropriate.

    The whole thing horrifies me. It makes me laugh when I first see it – in a “ohmygod that has to be a joke” kind of way, and then I just think it’s tragic.

    * Jadie, most dads save up to pay for their daughters wedding. There’s nothing unusual in that. What’s different here, I think, is that on the whole, most dads want their daughter to get married wearing an entire outfit. Not the sartorial equivalent of a tampon and two bits of elastoplast. (Swarovski encrusted or not.) If I could afford the dress that Missy was wearing, I would burn it to stop someone else from wearing it. Bear in mind that for some of us, what Missy was wearing is NOT the epitome of style and something to aspire to, but something to avoid with every fibre of our being, and possibly to have declared illegal – on a style basis alone.

    • best comment on here….bravo @Posh Tater

  79. I’ve been in Catholic churches where you couldn’t get married in a strapless wedding gown. . .I can’t believe bare midriff and mini skirt is ok in the UK.


    • Um, it’s fun to judge people. Don’t pretend that you aren’t judging us. Nobody is perfect and that is what makes life fun.

      To Angel: Who gives a flying fuck about Jesus?

    • um… she is in the UK….

  81. These are some of the ugliest, insensitive, and yes, ignorant comments I’ve ever read. It’s basically cyber bullying. And it’s wrong. Without takeing into account, culture, region, and personal preferance, this family, and mostly this young married woman, has been attacked. She was trashed and hurt by all the people who don’t care, and feel they know better. Whatever your belief of the bible, folk tale or truth, Jesus was friends with beggars, liars, thieves and “street filth” His close friend rolled on him. And he is supposed to be what we set the standard by. So all this about trailer trash is ignorant. How well do you know your neighbor living in his less than affordable home working too hard for the low pay he earns? Enough to know his little girl is sick? Or that his son can’t play little league cause the practice time is after his only ride home (the bus) leaves. I doubt you do. I do cause I I don’t care where a person lives, what they do, or even how much education they have. All I care about is how good that person is or what I can do to help them by being a friend. Or offering to pick Jake up after school cause mom is at work.
    I see a lot I dissagree with. The extravagance, the inapropriate clothing, the inproper dresses the youth are wearing. I’m not a church goer so it’s not religion that has me think it’s too much too young, that’s me. Even the age of the couple is a little jarring. But I think it was her father’s choice to save the funds and let her know, as a child what she could expect from them as a bride. I’m middle class american, married as a teen, still wed 14 years later, and have been saving for my 4 girls quinceneria AND wedding days. My limits are not as open as this family but I don’t want to be roaming the web and see that my child was picked apart by vultures like this family has been.
    She seems like a sweet girl and I hope she enjoyed her elaborate wedding that her parents loved her enough to provide. Any one ever see Platinum Bride on WE? MILLION dollar weddings. I hope to learn more about a culture that places an importance on events like these and learn why. We all should.

  82. yes people do get married at a young age nd if thats wat dey want wel then der obviously happy together so other people should mind der own business im only 17 nd many of my relations are married at this age .. the bride does look stunning nd is nat 1 bit fat … yer jus all a pack of jealous wasters.. and what they have spent on the wedding is there business it was her dream day a day shel never 4 get so y shudnt she spend so much money 4 what she wanted… 1 last ting … up the pikeys

    • Mind our own business?!? Ha! She was the one who went and allowed the magazines into what is supposed to be the most special day of her life.

      She has been interviewed as well as her father about the wedding, and the cost. If she is happy to whore off her wedding to a trashy magazine, she should expect a bit of scrutiny.

      If she didn’t want people commenting about her (lack of) wedding dress, the eerie daddy look-a-like she married or the fact that half of the guests got into a fight with a box of Xmas decorations and lost, then maybe she should not have invited the media in.

      Am I jealous of having the world pissing themselves laughing at my pisspoor taste? Hardly!

  83. After a little bit of research into “travellers” I noticed that their life expectancy is around 39 yrs. of age. That would mean in “traveller” years, the 16 yr. old girl is actually an old maid of 41 yrs. of age.

    • you dirty retard how the fuck could we only live to 39? id say you’d wanta get a life for yourself and stop sitting behind a computer looking us up its getting a bit weird you dork xxxxxx

      • How can you call someone a dork when you’re the one who’s reading and replying to posts that are well over a year old?

        There was nothing derogatory in taxpayers post either, why bother picking up on it?

  84. I don’t like bullying, but why are these children allowed to dress this way and get married?! Regardless of culture or race, these children are dressed far too provocatively for their age. What parent buys their children these outfits? These are babies for goodness sakes!

    Be tacky all you want, but just let the children be children. Custom or no custom, these little girls look like they’re selling (or giving away) sex.



      • well said my girl im also gettin marriedand im 16 and at least ya dont hear of travellers havin divorces or rapin people or anything like dat so its sickenin that these buffers let on to be perfect xx

      • Nobody said anything about being perfect.

        Why don’t you tell the truth though? By way of tv news reports and newspapers, I’ve heard accounts of pikey life that would make your hair curl. One father shot his son dead in an argument, two pikey lads raped a 15 year old schoolgirl, three pikey lads beat up a 50 year old grandmother for her groceries – not to mention intimidation, trespass, theft, car crime, animal abuse, illegal firearms, benefit fraud etc.

        Do you not understand that it’s all those things that people detest about pikey lifestyles? Why don’t you stay legal? Ok, stay in a caravan if you like but pay your way – it’s not as if you can’t afford to pay taxes, pay for (and keep clean and tidy) legal sites etc. You’d have all the respect in the world if you did. I know this will never happen though, you’ll keep plundering all that is not yours and get away with doing so by passing it off as ‘culture’ and calling everyone racists.

        I know there’s a few ‘live and let live’ moralists on here that say we should embrace your culture but all the time you see fit to behave the way you do instead of at least trying to co-exist, I’m not going to bother trying to meet anyone halfway. I used to but not any more. Make an effort for goodness’ sake, it’s not just down to us.

      • They were talking about the little child whores.


    • I guess your education stopped at the age of nine.

      Are you writing in English?

      • no she is writing in chinese what the fuck does it look like it seems you need to go back to school and for your information lots of us stay in school im nearly 17 and at college and workingand gettin married so stop trying to put smart answers down here coz noone wants to know

      • it actually seems like a fair amount of people want to know, and if you were actually intelligent, you would write something that was completely grammatically correct and without spelling errors.

        if eye speled leik dis an widowt ne thot to wat i be sain, noone wud tak me siriusli ider…

        So smarten up and when you speak out trying to defend the intelligence of the people before you, use intelligence yourself please.

        Also, just for future reference:

        Sentences form when the end of one though occurs and another begins.

        Sentences begin with capital letters.

        Punctuation is needed at the end of a sentence, such as “.” “?”, etc.

        Question marks occur at the end of sentences where a question is posed.
        eg. “…what the fuck does it look like?”

        Commas are used to break up breaths in a sentence, every time you would pause in speaking the sentence, put a comma.
        eg. “No, she is writing in chinese, what the fuck…”

        Contractions require an apostrophe.
        eg. “I”m”, not “im”.

        “I” is always capitalized when used as a pronoun.

        Generally, “and” is used in a sentence only once, at the end of a list of things, usually separated by commas.
        eg. “I’m nearly 17, at college, working, and getting married”

        Spelling errors:
        I’m, not im.
        working and, not workingand
        getting, not gettin
        because, not coz
        no one, not noone

        So let us see here, in a reply of 56 words (which should have been 58), there were 8 grammatical errors, and 5 spelling errors. So, once again, please, think before you post.

  86. OK, now I couldn’t give a hoot what race/religion/ethnicity they are, but you do not just ‘save up’ *£150K* from simply tarmacing.

    Best of luck to the happy couple, they’re going to need it. But if anyone thinks the purpose of a wedding is to make it ‘THA BIGGEST N BEST AROUND’ is sadly missing the point.

  87. Go back and look at the 5th picture of the bride and groom, standing together in the church, looking like it’s the happiest day of their lives. Good for them, I say. Congratulations and best of luck to the couple.

    To be perfectly honest, I did roll my eyes at the outfits and excesses shown in the pictures, but I wasn’t raised in that culture. If pictures were posted of, for instance, a very traditional Amish wedding from Pennsylvania or the American Midwest, would people gripe about the funny clothes or the youth of the bride or even the fact that their educational practices are different from mainstream America’s? (Of course there are no pictures of Amish weddings.) Most people would find an Amish wedding much less tacky, but the idea of a semi-isolationist culture (Amish, Traveller, whatever) with its own practices and traditions is the same.

    At least the Traveller wedding reflects a genuine traditional culture, not something made-up like Goth culture.




      • That’s good, because I can’t understand a word!!

    • Oh my god

      • Emma you’re a smart cookie and I agree with everything you’ve said. Still a bloody tacky wedding though!

      • chantelle and irish traveller, i find you both so funny, for one neither of you can spell very well and secondly, irish traveller, you say people need to get a hobby because they are on this…then why are you on here excatly?

        and by the way your not talking english you are talking as if you were sending a chavvy text, thats not english, please do go back and start primary school again, both of you…chantelle, your not a gangster, pikeys arent gangsters, they are cum that flots on the toilets of the united kingdom

        would you like me tp put that in a text?

  89. i would KNOCK THE BACK OUT OF HER!!!

    • then her hubby would KNOCK THE BACK OUT OF YOU.X

      • hahaha

      • i’ve w@nked over that top picture chantelle

  90. I don’t care for Missy’s attire, or the attire that anyone is wearing at the wedding, but the anti-Traveller and anti-Irish comments are really disturbing. To HATE an entire group of people just because of their economic background is extremely shallow and sad. It seems that Missy and her friends are emulating the so called “chav” style that Jordan/Katie Price has made popular. I may not agree with it, but it’s not a reason to hate. Keep your racism and classism to yourself!

    • People don’t hate travelers because of their economic background. They hate them because travelers feel like they’re above the law and that they can attack and steal from people whenever they feel like it, with no consequences.

      Also, one last thing: no one here has made even ONE racist comment. Seeing as travelers are not a RACE, I don’t see how anyone on here was being racist.

    • here here! when other people get married im sure that theres a lot of people with a lot of different minds and personalitys that are goin to have there opinions on there weddings wether good or bad! and wether utey like it or not. And by the way fuck all of u RACISTS cunts, that just shows how shallow and discusting people that we have in our society today u discusting people, u should be ashamed of yourselves i hope all te good hearted people in this country would spit on ur faces just to show u how bad u really are and HOW DARE U speak that way of other cultures u should respect how we live u narrow minded bastards!!

    • The words “pot” and “Kettle” spring to mind James.

    • I agree with Vanessa. In fact, what I can’t understand is why you (Kitty) are being so selective with your accusations. How come you’ve only commented on gypsies being victimised? How can you get all moral and righteous and have a go at everyone else while the gypsies seem to have the vast monopoly on that sort of behaviour? What about everyone else? If they call us buffers (along with everything else they call us – paedo’s, murderers, bastards, cunts etc) why shouldn’t we call them pikeys? If you’re going to take pot-shots then at least think about it first.

  91. thank you kitty…

  92. I’m all for nontraditional weddings, being a regular at the Offbeat Bride site, but this is just… I threw up a little in my mouth.

    It doesn’t matter who you are or your economic background. It’s clear that this girl, however, disregarded the fact that her family might be in debt for the rest of their lives because of this. If she isn’t intelligent or courteous enough to take her family’s budget into account and if her father can’t set some boundaries, she shouldn’t be getting married.

    Being financially dependent on your parents, who are now in debt up to their eyeballs, is NOT a good way to start off a marriage.

  93. I thought this was some trashy latino-trailer thing, but now I see it’s in jolly old England. Guys! Get a grip on your culture now before it’s too late.

    Daddy should have spent that money on plastic surgery if girlie thinks she’s going to have a career as a model.

    What will do for her second wedding at 18?

    • She wont get married again, when Travellers get married its for life. Most Traveller girls dont go to school after the age of 10 cause there parents dont want them mixing with boys and drugs and drink, which is fare play to them, but I’ve noticed in the last few years they are going to college and getting good jobs now. You should’nt knock them its there way of life, its her big day and why should’nt her ma and da be proud of her?

      • “Most traveller girls don’t go to school after the age of 10 cause(sic) there(sic) parents don’t want them mixing with boys and drugs and drink”

        I assume that their ‘parents’ are also happy to see their children grow up illiterate and unable to read/write.
        What a selfish attitude. Selfishness seems to be a common trait with the traveller community – fly tipping, theft, intimidating the elderly etc.

  94. How revolting


      • N.B. ‘Look’ only has two ‘o’s & there is an ‘r’ at the end of mirror. Also, a little tip – turn off your CAPS LOCK – it’s like shouting, and people who shout all the time rarely have anything interesting to say!

  95. Are the groom & the bride’s Dad related? They look like they are. Seriously though, what a tacky wedding – £100,00 to look like a twat!!


      • Wow – witty retort there – A Bastard!! – wow that told me.

    • mak are you a teacher or just a sad prick who goes around checking grammer and spelling, bet you would’nt say this stuff to their faces cause you know what you’d get, do you personally know any travellers? I do and they are lovely people, just get on with your sad life and keep your sick comments to yourself

      • it’s ‘wouldn’t’ – not ‘would’nt’

      • ….& it’s grammar not grammer!

      • and mak….your a ”RETARD”….your not ”CLEVER”…..xx

  96. After reading thru the comments, all I can say is what people choose to do, as long as they are not physically or mentally hurting anyone else, is their CHOICE! I cannot believe how judgemental people are being – are you all absolutely perfect, because believe me I couldn’t be in the same room as some you bigots! Your negativity stinks. I am more concerned about pointless war, and people living in abject misery and hunger than how people choose to get married! Still I suppose it makes you feel superior … in a sad way.

    • …But travelers do hurt people. They steal, don’t pay taxes (which hurts the people in their country), and attack people.

      • ah so settled people dont steal or hurt people its just travellers?? thats stupid dont just label travellers for stealin or nt payin taxes wen the most bent fuckers that dnt pay there taxes are all the people in goverment, who arent travellers, im 23 a traveller and trainin 2 b a gaurd and am highly educated it doesnt matter wat culture ur from nobody has the right to slag others off for wat people believe n, i think she looks beautiful if she is happy fair play to her its the day she wanted and her parents done it for her!!!

  97. And I would like to add to all those non-British (mainly Americans) who thinks it’s funny to slag off our culture … just look at yourselves because you have a lot to be ashamed of … what happened to tolerance? You’re not funny … I have two words: Jerry Springer …

    • Just to clear this up (because you’re obviously so righteous), we think the people on Jerry Springer are trailer trash, too. We’re not singling out this pseudohooker.

  98. get a life everyone has money and your dress wasnt all that. pettey u dident havent a figer .dont brag realy u were a show daddys girl.

  99. These pictures blew me away, but not as much as the comments did. It’s like a mini class war 😛

    1. Don’t trash another culture just because you don’t get it, and don’t be so fracking mean!

    2. If you were speaking it might sound like english, but you’re not writing it. It has nothing to do with your culture either; too many people do it regardless of their education level. The word is you not u. It’s two/to/too not 2. You don’t need to try to represent your accent in your typing. Neither do I. I’d hate to see how it looked if I tried.

  100. That is not a wedding dress. That is a Las Vegas showgirl costume. Why is her mother wearing her bra on the outside of the dress? Did you notice how much the groom resembles the father of the bride? Are they related?

    • Yes I noticed the groom/father of the bride resemblance. I suspect they may ALL be related – interesting gene pool. The mother of the bride has a ridiculous boob job & Dave Grohl teeth!

  101. Yes, it is true it is not fair to judge, but if they did not want to be laughed at or felt sorry for, this collection of very cheap prostitutes, their children and their pimps should have stayed inside and banned photographers.

    Why didn’t they just come to NY and have this event on Maury? hee hee


  102. Im a TRAVELLER & PROUD. And this is how we do our weddings, so what if she had 100,000 pounds weddding with a sexy wedding dress. your all just jealous that we can afford to spend that much on a wedding. your so racist and narrow minded its unbelivable. i hope karma turns round and bites you. Im 19 and married for 2 Years (I Got married when i was 17) and my wedding dress resembled jordans it was the happiest day of my life. Its a known fact that travellers have longer marraiges than settled people. Probbly because we have better morals than you. Racist sad people.

    • Its a known fact pikeys have longer marriages? Known to who? Then again I guess its easier to stick together when your married to your brother.

    • “Its a known fact that travellers have longer marraiges than settled people.”

      Really. And would you be able to provide us all with official statistics backing this up?

      • Your wedding sounds charming – little surprise you look to ‘Jordan’ as a role model though – uneducated, vulgar, loud-mouthed, self obsessed & thick as shite!

    • For what its worth, Im a gorja, and I think she looks absolutely stunning. A lot of these comments are from guys who are gutted that traveller girls are NOT sluts, because they know they will never have a chance with them.
      There’s a traveller site near me, and the girls are absolutely gorgeous. So what if their style is different from the mainstream? Everyone on here should show a little tolerance. I’d marry her in a second!! 🙂

    • 1. I am NOT jealous AT ALL of her wedding. I am engaged to be married, and my wedding is going to be amazing and CLASSY. Our budget is 10,000 USD, and we have everything we want- a destination wedding at a tropical rainforest, and an entire wedding dress, complete with fabric that covers my stomach! And my dad offered to pay for it, but I said no, because I am 23 and went to school and college, so I have a good job and can afford to pay for my own wedding, not mooch 150,000 USD off my parents.

      2. We are not racist. You are not a race. If you were a race, then yes, we would be racist. But you’re a social group, not a race.

      3. Please send us the information that shows that travelers have longer marriages. My parents have been married for 35 years… about as long as travelers live their lives!

      4. Yeah, you have better morals than me. I pay taxes. When I am paid to do a job, I actually do it, and do it well! I don’t steal from anyone, and I don’t believe I am above the law. You’re totally right, I have no morals at all!

  103. That was a classy response, Sabrina.
    I hope she is very happy and I do not think we have evidence of her morals one way or the other.

    What we do know, however, it that this is one tacky wedding party and they should all be embarrassed and we know you are too defensive and too angry for your claims of happiness and pride to be true.

    You probably do not understand what I mean and/or you will say you are not an angry person or defensive in the least, but that is okay.


  104. im a traveller myself and all i can say for you all is that your all racist against us just because we travel around in caravans do’s not make us different from everyone else were still human at the end of day.me myself i don’t even care what you about us anymore because all i can say is that just because we can afford big weddings and you lot cant and no it’s not from benifits people with hearts actually give traveller’s jobs out there unlike you. your all racist

    • Geez. Learn basic spelling and grammar would you? However, I do think it’s unfair that you are all getting tarred with the same brush here; the unfortunate thing is that as a people, you’ve built up a reputation for yourselves and not a very good one at that.

      • Still human!!! are you sure?

      • no crystal not all travellers have built that reputation its just people beening prejudiced and judging us like….
        that tell me….. anyone that has written a bad comment about travellers… have you actually met one so fucking judge people before you even know them
        racist tramps

  105. im an irish traveller and very proud but all i can say for you is that you are RACIST. just because were travellers do’s not mean you can go around judging us. all i know is that im a 17 yr old girl and getting married i have a job and i know my wedding will be outstanding just because you lot cant afford a big wedding do’s not mean we cant and when we do we get nasty comments about it i think missy’s new what she wanted and even if she did wear a crop top and short skirt it doesnt mean you can give all bad comments so what if she had a big wedding at least she can afford it which is more than i can say for u lot i dont even think half of you even are married and if you are u proberly got married in a register office so why judge us YOUR ALL JUST A PACK OF RACIST FREAKS.

    • Sorry, but you’re not a race. No one here has said one racist thing.

  106. To Mak and the other supercilious bigots. Were you Hitler in a former life? For your information, people who live in mortgaged houses can still instill fear in elderly people, fly tip, etc – so don’t tar everyone with the same brush! Unless, of course, you are god and can see and care how everyone in the world lives their lives, Mr Alf Garnett Know It All! So glad I don’t know you personally and I pity anyone who is slightly different who does!

    • Yes i AM God so button it

      • listen mak ur a born and bread gorja u dont understand the gypsy culture so go back to ur litte job u gorja bastard retard also dont bother replayin coz i will come down to were u live a slaghter u and ur family

      • Aren’t you the pillar of society with your threats to kill someone’s family because you disagree with them! I think you’re going to be very busy with all your oh-so-righteous murdering spree because there’s probably a huge majority who will disagree with scum like you!

      • Hahaha “travler,” I can’t believe you actually wrote “born and bread.”

        Your ignorance just cracks me up.

        Oh man, Mak, she just told you to go back to your job, what an insult! She got us good, not having a job and not paying taxes, how can we defend ourselves to that??

  107. At the end of the day Gypsies are criminal scum. In our area, quite an affulent area, we had some gypos move onto one of the local parks. Crime in our area shot up over night – 20 plus sheds & garages were broken into over a two night period. The council moved them on, crime dropped immediately. But the mess, the excrement, the rubbish, the piles of hardcore and building refuse they left after only two days was shocking, it cost us, the taxpayers, thousands to clear up. So yes, call me racist if you like, if racist means finding gypos and their despicable behaviour wrong, then I wear that badge with pride.
    Granted, pikeys do have a LOT of money, because they steal, defraud, dont pay tax and claim benefits. Without sounding course, I think Hitler had the right idea when it came to scum like them.

    • WHOA… time to get back on the meds, my friend.

      • Gabs: that is a vile and despicable comment. Shame on you.

    • if hitler had any brains he would have killed racist scum like you instead of gypsy’s and disabled people

      • I know what you mean Gabs – theiving knuckle-dragging oafs the lot of ’em.

        The fact that most can’t read or write should tell you all you need to know.

      • I think we should get off the Hitler rant!

        Although I myself had a little laugh at the choice of attire and general ‘tackiness’ of it all it was through my own culture and middle class aspirations or even pretentions of taste that I have. The traveller’s on here have not really offended mainstream UK culture but defended their own, yet a lot of the comments are unnecessarily derogatory the otherway around. I don’t agree with tax evasion and obvious health issues that result in a low life expectancy. I want to know from travellers, what are your aspirations? Is low life expectancy real or just fake? Do you pay tax? And the whole Jordan thing, she is a post feminist parody please do not copy her!! Get a clue

    • I 99% agree Gabs. The other 1% is about the Hitler comment, I don’t think he has a place in this thread hun x

  108. So .. consensus:

    1. Wedding might have been tacky


    2. Little girls should not be dressed half-naked


    3. Points 1 and 2 should not be used to enter into a wholesale bashing of Traveller culture


    4. Travellers experience racism frequently, including above, which is unacceptable


    5. Travellers fail to grasp the problems apparent to mainstream society with a patriarchal society that privileges female virginity and low educational attainment


    6. they see that behaviour as inherently moral


    7. other people see the patriarchy, the undue emphasis on female virginity, and leaving school young as immoral and sexist


    8. a lot of people need to learn how to construct an argument.

    • Wondrous on all accounts – brevity, accuracy, insight, and nice, neat jab at the end! Wish I could buy you a drink.

    • Oh thank you, somebody who’s said just what I’ve been thinking. To tell the truth the mention that they were travellers in the article went over my head – I just thought, OK, they travel around in a caravan, there’s nothing inherently wrong with that (though I think the snob in me couldn’t help feeling a little high-and-mighty). I’m British but I’m fairly ignorant (as I found out from reading the comments here) about traveller culture and the hatred people have towards them. I want to say to those bashing travellers: it is an incredibly stupid, ignorant thing to do, to mark an entire group of people as evil, immoral, or what-have-you, based on the actions of only a subset of that group. Even if it was the case that the majority of travellers were thieves, tax-evaders, etc, it is still a foolish overgeneralisation to say that ALL of them are like that. On the other hand, to the travellers commenting here, or at least those of you who have threatened to beat up/kill someone whose comment you didn’t like, and those who have insulted non-travellers – it really isn’t helping your people’s image. If someone slags off your community as violent, immoral, uneducated, and so on, it is hypocritical to reply with how you are NOT like that…and then add a death threat, and/or your own stereotype of non-travellers (please, we’re not all racist 15-year-old single mothers!) and/or pepper your reply with really poor spelling, punctuation, etc. According to my tastes the wedding IS tacky, and I am entitled to my opinion – an opinion about a single wedding is NOT a slight against traveller culture as a whole. (And I am not jealous of her; I’m quite happy to be unmarried and working towards a degree at the moment). I am also quite horrified that she hasn’t been in school since the age of 9; was she homeschooled afterwards? If not, how is that actually legal? And yes, I do find it sad that this girl’s dream was to have the biggest, flashiest wedding, and at the age of 16! It just seems too young an age for a person to decide that they can make that kind of commitment. Though it’s her choice, and I hope she and her husband are happy together. If not, then they should divorce; these comments about travellers not divorcing are a little worrying: if they happen not to divorce because all married couples are really happy, then fine, but I doubt that is the case – are people just expected to remain in unhappy marriages because divorce is not the done thing?
      And yes, little girls should not be dressed like that :/

      • I agree with leaving school at age 9 being illegal – but I understand that is across the board with travellers – many of them have said so on this thread and one other. That kind of puts another slant on one of your other comments though, pretty much every young gypsy girl has parents who break the law and seemingly don’t care – not enough to send their children back to school anyway.

        My understanding (through these threads and many discussions elsewhere) is that the girls are educated enough to know the basics/read and write and then removed from school so they don’t get any aspirations over and above getting married and giving birth.

        As far as 16 and 17 year old children getting married, parents actually have to give their express consent. They don’t think much of their children, do they. Unfortunately, the kids aren’t educated enough to either know or care.

  109. Thats not actually the grooms mother it’s the brides grandmother, one of my mums colleagues friends was at this wedding, dunno how they got invited, but there was a free bar for about 3 days

  110. i tink this wedding was handsum x

    • and i tink all u gorger are the ones dat av da tackey weddings coz ya cant afford nank x

      • Ah – but us ‘gorgers’ can spell & walk past something that isn’t nailed down without stealing it.

  111. I find it weird that people who live in a culture of high divorce rates and unmarried teen pregnancy can be so judgemental of this family who are sticking to their cultural values of early marriage underpinned by the support of their whole close-knit community.

    Many travellers chose not to send their children (especially girls) to school beyond primary because they want to preserve a lifestyle which is theirs. And in some ways I can’t blame them because their families stick together in a way most of ours have long lost. Literacy isn’t the be all and end all, and it only makes the commenters look deeply unpleasant when they pick up the Travellers’ comments for their spelling and grammar. Not big. Not clever… just nasty. You can pick the meaning perfectly well out of the comments.

    So what if it is flashy? That’s their choice. It’s their money, and to assume it has been earned illegally is as racist as saying everyone from Liverpool is a csar thief, or all Asians are terrorists. Absolute rubbish.

    Thank god we are free to have the wedding celebration of our dreams even if that doesn’t fit someone else’s sick hypocritical stereotype of what a woman should look like on her wedding day.

    Missy, I bet you stay married for longer than most of the people who have left negative comments on this site. You look happy, and you look loved. And I wish you well.

    • I find this politically-correct moralizing ridiculous. Yes, it’s unfortunate that these “travellers” are berated for their poor grasp of the English language, but for Tessa to say literacy isn’t important is enabling, pure and simple. Let them be ignorant, as long as it makes them happy! No matter that the rest of their lives will be hard because of it.

      Furthermore, whereas many people are disadvantaged in this arena because of their socioeconomic status, these “travellers” apparently have lots of cash at their disposal yet choose to spend it on things like Rolls-Royce car services, open bars, and bedazzled wedding gowns. How many years of private schooling would that have bought, if safety is really the issue? (Also, I can’t help but point out that maybe the parents are concerned about the purity of their girls because they allow them to dress up like harlots from an early age.)

      I’m not condoning being unnecessarily rude, but in order to make a point sometimes people need a little tough love, not the “oh you’re just different, hugs all around” approach. How do these girls escape becoming illiterate child brides, if it’s all so glamorized and over the top?

      Finally, the argument that these people should be able to have whatever wedding makes them happy, and everyone should stop being mean about it, etc etc. is trite and toothless. While it is true that, yes, they can make their dream wedding out of mountains of pink tulle and balloon arches and plastic surgery, does the fact they wanted it that way grant them immunity from mockery? No. People as just as free to ridicule as these brides are to make unfortunate wardrobe choices. If they really think these weddings are so outstanding and classy, as many of the traveller’s comments suggest, perhaps they should make a website dedicated to “tacky traditional weddings”.

      • Extremely well said, Robin.

      • tessa…RESPECT! woman you are a very good person because you dont judge a book by its cover, you read the story inside and get to know the carechters, and you try and stand up for what you belive,and as you’d probly well know that evry single country person like yourself that got to know us travellers said the very act sme thing ”there very good people once you get to know them”…and that is a common fact, and i am a teenage traveller girl and im no prostitute and i aint gunna marry my brother and i aint dirty ok all you other freake laters haters xxxxxx

  112. And that’s all fine, Tessa, but much of a Traveller woman’s life is dictated by deep-seated, proscriptive sexual mores which act against any right she has to choose her sexual partners and determine her own activities. Marriages are longlasting because there is an almost unbreakable cultural taboo against divorce, not because all marriages are happy and successful.

    And I agree, literacy is not the be all and end all, and it’s tacky to criticise the Traveller women who have commented here for their expression, but it remains that many Traveller girls are removed from school early to protect their ‘purity’. As well as perpetuating offensive ideas about a womans’ virginity and her associated ‘value’, that’s a violation of a human right and culture cannot be used to justify it.

  113. i dont fink her weeding was tacky at all i wood love to av a weeding like dat she looks stunning x

    • You can come round mine whenever you want – my garden’s really overgrown & needs a good weeding

      • well go weed it then instead of acting smart on this when no-one cares by the way i hope you find a GRAMMAR error since you seem to spend so much of your time looking for them,im a traveller and proud your kind of people will never bring us down.

      • ‘traveller gal’ (sic)…Ignorance is bliss as they say.

        You’ve never known any better, so you don’t realise the world’s laughing at you. Bless!

  114. i tink she ad the best wedding even al da 1’s i bin to like dat she must of had the best lookin dress and she looked stunnin init x

    • …and in English?

  115. Point taken entirely Emma. The same applies to women/girls in some other minority ethnic communities in the UK. But if things are to change, then Traveller families need to feel it’s safe to send their girls to school, and judging by some of the responses here, it’s not surprising they don’t.

    The level of intimidation and bullying of Traveller children in secondary schools is scary.

  116. Agreed, Tessa 🙂

  117. us travlers dnt get bulled at skool if dats wot ur sayin ?

    • You have to actually attend a school to be bullied there LOL

  118. I’m glad you didn’t, but the Travellers I worked with had a rough time of it at school. Did you like school?

    • hi im a traveller i loved school now im in college and wouldnt change it for the world x

      • Obviously not studying English…

  119. the lady dat made her dress made mine 2 x

  120. Where did that comment go about politically correct moralising/a little tough love? I was going to point out to that poster that when a pisstake on an over-the-top wedding elicits comments like the one above from Gabs that “Hitler had the right idea”, it’s nothing to do with PCness and everything to do with intense, deep-seated racial hatred – and that that is not ok, ever.

    • Ok, that’s all well and good, but nothing I said above can rationally be interpreted as condoning racism.

      Also, you will notice that I actually responded to that poster’s comment, so yes, I agree.

  121. no i came out in year 5 x

  122. I don’t know why travellers are coming on here so upset about people’s comments. This site is called’Tacky Weddings’ – When this shower decided to go public with this vulgar display of (ill gotten) wealth & bad taste, they must of realised people would find them hilarious! It’s ironic they spent so much on a wedding – then go and live in a caravan.

  123. slumped on the pew in the church, oh yeah she’s 16 all right. and tired and bored =[
    what a disaster all over!

    • looked over more comments and i’ve got to say again: looks like an expensive disaster. and tyo answer some standard lines, i’m 23, married and happy, we (our families and we) spent about 3,000 on th wedding and if i could post a photo to thow you all what i think ‘chev’ is, i’d be more than happy to. looking at these pics i had no idea that they represented any culture in particular and still thought they were less than charming. no hate, no racism. finally i think some of the um, ‘non traveller’ comments have been WAY off! but alot of the ‘traveller’ comments have be wildly retaliatory with little cause and accuse others of racism for having different cultural views of ‘tasteful’, ‘right’ and ‘educated’, sounds like racism to me….?

  124. u pack of hipacritical sluts at least travellers have husbands 2 go wit the children and u call us the sluts and when we get marryed its 4 life.ure the ones that have jobs like pole dansing or stripping.ure perfect little children are parents at the age of 12 or 13 at least us travellers get marryed first!

  125. who makes these wedding dresses name
    and addres and phone number soon as possible please

    • I have not made one like that but I do make them for travellers, I prefer to make them a bit classier, they like the bigger Jordan look and to be honest the girls like to cover their chests in front of the priests, this was a kind of one off, although Missy initially was happy with it, I think she would have changed it if she had to do it again. Don’t underestimate travellers whilst this may not be great evidence they have really got a great sense of costume some of their ideas are far over my head, granted this is hardly a wedding dress I would say very expensive clubwear, I think the figures are overestimated and the travellers underestimated but I guarantee whether their lives are good or not, these people will remain married because this is how they do it. majestybridal@googlemail.com

  126. hey listen im traveller and im 17 and im getting married in couple months to the love my life,
    and yes i will have outstanding wedding or tacky as u call it but to us travller girls it means alot to us we onyl beleive in getting married once in our life so we make sure its one to remember and yes our daddys work all there lifes to give there children wat they want special there little girls,and only because we dnt go school 4 that long dont mean we dont no how read or write were pikeys we just cope on quicker,at least u wont see us travllers living in sin like ye people at least we only beleive in sleeping with one man and thats not till were married,u wont see travller girls walking around drunk at no age or pregnent unless there married we have respect 4 our reliogion, no ones perfect thats our style thats wat we like yta dnt see us goin around talking bout year style.just keep ur thoughts ur self,,,,,travellers and proud,,,


    miss mc donagh

    • I completely agree with what you’re saying. I’m a gorga, and i feel proud of you for sticking up for your culture and beliefs. I think that the bride and guests looked stunning, absolutely gorgeous, and I wish you all the best with your own wedding, I’m sure you’ll look just as beautiful as Missy did. 🙂 xxx

    • up the mcdonaghs lol x

    • Girl, learn to type properly

  127. and ye girls who got year dresses made off that woman in liverpool could ye leave a comment wit her number and name of shop and her name cuz iv been looking 4 her thanks,,

    tacky weddings
    but were very proud them
    ,miss mc donagh

  128. im a irish travler and i tink her and her husband looks out of the world speshly her dress and miss i tink ur rite ye and wot is the womans name of makin the dresses xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx angel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • by ‘out of this world’ i assume you mean outlandish.

  129. miss ur rite mi gal her weeding looks handsum and i dnt se why peple com on hear moanin bout other peples weedings i tink us irish travlers have the best weedings xxxxx and whos the gal that makes the dressed cood u give me her name and number tanks xxxxx

    • You travellers should be the best at ‘weedings’ as you’re all landscape gardeners lol

  130. im irish and proud,,,, xxxxxx x xxxxxxxx x xxxxxxxx

    • So am I, but that does not give me carte blanche to threaten people I am not likely to ever meet, steal, tresspass, rob, mug and thieve.

      Knackers give good, honest Irish people like myself a very bad name!

      • Natalie – don’t worry lovely, every Irish person I’ve ever met is honest, hardworking and generally very friendly and fun – everything that all the gypsies I’ve ever come across aren’t.

  131. im irish travler and i tink she has a handsum weeding and im 15 and my daddy is planing my weeding soon he sed so u wil probley all se me on hear in about 7 munths becoz u see every1 else on hear that have handsum weedings and thats irish travlers coz were the only 1’s who can aford all tis and miss u sed it all and yur rite xxxxxx angel cash xxxxxx

    • So.. “handsum”=tacky? The weddings on this site are on here because they’re abominations, not because they’re beautiful and tasteful.

  132. The bride’s dress is pretty, but it seems more like a Las Vegas showgirl costume than a bridal gown. But so what! So the girl is 16, and the groom is 17! So what! At least they are not doing what too many kids are doing here: being promiscuous, having babies, going on welfare, wasting taxpayer money. Good for them and God bless them.

    • @Linus

      So gypsies don’t “go on welfare or waste taxpayers money”?

      That statement is funnier than the wedding photographs!

  133. Is this a pornstar wedding or something?

  134. will somebody please tell me why are people so jealous minded??why do u lot have to got writeing bad stuff about travellers?you dont see travellers going writeing bad stuff about setteled people.where do you lot get the impression that travellers are not eduacted??you lot are all looking for proof on things..whay dont you go and get us some proof that shows we are not eduacted becuse u are not going to get it..if we are not eduacted how come we are eduacted eought to write a blog?how come we are educated enough to go and work annd get the mony for these weddings..so dont go writeing stupid foolish comments lik that because it is not true! i am eduacted i finished school and i went to collage and am a hairdresser now.which is more than some of you buffers can say.
    you might not relise it but you really upset that girl by leaving all them nasty comments.why would you say such as thing as she is fat after everything on the news about stick thin girls.you lot just need to wake up and smell the fresh air you are jelous..GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

    • Well said babes 🙂

    • Didn’t learn to spell did you?

    • What you perceive as jealousy, in reality is actually the complete opposite. No self-respecting person in their right mind would be jealous of an ugly circus-themed wedding that cost over £100,000. If we wanted to spend £100,000 on a wedding (which I’m sure the majority of us find wasteful, excessive, crass etc) then we’d at least make sure it was a beautiful occasion rather than looking like a bunch of clowns dressed in what can only be described as jumble-sale rejects. I can assure you that jealousy is the one emotion that we don’t feel!

  135. i know alot of buffer girls that left school at the age of 13 cos they were pregnant and didnt even know who the father or that the father didnt want to get involved but when us traveller girls do decide to get pregnant we know who the father is and his willing to stand by us all the way… traveller girls aint whores or sluts we have standards so all the ppl that left bad comments are just jealous that you could never get a traveller girl

    • Aye, you’d get battered if you even so much as think about walking away from the wife-beating alcoholic gobshite you married and were too stupid to wait!

  136. Wow. This entire exchange has been truly entertaining.

  137. look ye buffers are just jelouse becos us traveller girls get what we like wen were getting married my sister got married last year and her dress wedding cloths cost 20 thousand she was even on the telly,
    my fathers gives his girls everything he possible can,so all i can say that girls father dune the same to his little princess,give her wat she wanted,
    what ye get wen ye get married haha id like to no that,matter a fact kicked out the door at 17 to live yer on lives becos yer causing to much hassel to yer mothers and fathers,look were travllers this is our thing and funky weddings is urs,so keep it that way ye freaks,now go like a good educated person and mind year only bussines getting yers nose into something that were yer noses dont fit,

    thanks angel
    good talk out u 2.

    miss mc donagh
    travller to the back bone
    and very fucking proud.

    • Her father did’t keep her in school. Being educated enough to spell & get a normal job is worth far more than a 20K wedding dress. I suspect that this is true throughout the ‘traveller’ community as poor spelling seems to crop up on all traveller’s ‘rants’ on this page

  138. dats ok miss
    and miss is this ur weeding my doll ?
    and do eny 1 no the woman who makes dese handsum dresses xxxxx

  139. lol now the travellers are breaking out…see people just dont understand our ways its jealousy really they is just mad dey cant pay for the wedding we have lol xxx

  140. I cnt beleve ya still do rockerin shit ya colliers!
    me missys weddin wos out of tis world n ya ryt sharlene odriscoll dey cnt afford wot we ave
    lovesyaaa missy nxt yr me wedin will probs b on ere but do I care wot ya lot judgin me ya scummy goms xxx

  141. sharlene my doll your right xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  142. lol sharlene my dolly your rite and miss was this your wedding babe xxxxxxx

  143. sharlene my doll u sed it all lol
    all the gorgas cant afford weddings like us theys why they comment bad stuff bout the bestest ones its all jelousy 🙂 xxxxx

  144. Well you can’t call us Americans white trash after you look at this family. All with boob implants, fake everything. I would like to know how long the marriage will last. Not long.

  145. Hi there

    I make dresses for travellers and I wish you people would give them a break, what is wrong with us why we cannot accept people’s cultures for what they are. Yes they are over the top and are extremely luxurious but so are some ‘normal’ brides, why was jordan acceptable but no one else, I try hard for the travellers because only a few people will deal with them, in the beginning it was hard but now I bend over backwards to ensure that they got what they want and I do not abuse them and overcharge them. They are great people and are better than some of the people that have written and left disgusting comments on this site and the lady in Liverpool did not make Missy’s dress. But I can do that to anyone who is interested. Swarovskis, cotching, roses, butterflies, whatever that is my game and I love it.

    Let people live, if you can’t say good say nothing.

  146. hello EMILY that makes the dresses how can i get hold of ya me sister wont to no if u wood make her a dress tanku

    and yer u JESSICA div can shut ur lil mouth tolkin bout the gals wedding wen we wood like to see wot urs looks like u husband in sum jeans and shirt and u in dungeres so stop tolkin bout the gals wedding dress and wot eva else ur talkin bout becos ur jus jelouse of wot we can afford x

    • Angel email me on majestybridal@googlemail.com

    • The (irish & proud) after your name wasn’t really needed was it?

  147. The little girl in gold is the most offensive picture. You can just see it in her eyes, she knows that this is wrong and that in a few short years, it will be her teenage wedding to another teenager and she will be bearing children long before her 20’s and thus perpetuate this lifestyle.

    Children are meant to be children and meant to be educated until they are young adults when they can at least understand the choices they can make regarding their own life and how they wish to live it. These kids have no choices, they know they will end up in some wedding long before they turn 20 and they will have more kids and more incredibly sexist celebrations.

    My biggest problem with these weddings is the lack of choices. If a child is removed from school at age 9, what kind of future will she have? She has to marry, she certainly isn’t educated enough to get a job, or at least a decent job where she could support herself without being married off so young.

  148. Okay the disturbing part for me is the very young children dressed so skimpy. That is the part that I don’t like. As far as everything else I think some comments here are very mean. Yes this is tacky but there is no need to call these people stupid etc. The couple looks happy and we should just wish them the best. I am from the US so I don’t know much about “travelers” so I can’t comment on them, but there seems to be a lot of hate and resentment towards them. I don’t like to discriminate people based on their ethnicity or culture. This is definitely gaudy but I don’t call people trash by their clothing or style but by how they treat others. If someone is a good person that is all I care about. I wouldn’t call them trash or jerks based on how much tule, makeup and rhinestones they wear. For me trash are the mean people in the world that hurt others and are cruel… even if they dress nicely and have expensive things. Bottomline: enjoy the pictures and laugh a little since it is quite a spectacle, but there is no need to be mean about it.

  149. Ok can I just start with the word “Tacky”? How is a wedding “tacky” exactly? Tacky means sticky. Is the bride sticky? Did the guests have glue or some other such substance poured over them on their way to the church? Please, go to offbeatbride.com and look up the tacky article. Educate yourselves. Actually, no. Don’t go there. You’d bring too much hate.

    Yes, the bride’s dress is revealing, but no worse than some “celebrities” who marry in bikinis, people who marry in Princess Leia ‘slave-girl’ costumes, and some of the more traditional “etheral” (ie SEE-THROUGH) dresses people wear.

    There is an over-use of fake tan (in MY opinion, other people would think it fabulous), make-up etc, but again, I’ve seen plenty of wedding magazine shoots where the bride looks like a painted clown. Also, goth weddings anyone? Even the men will wear make-up then!

    The little girls dressed in unreasonably skimpy outfits, ok, yes, this is fundamentally wrong, but it’s nothing to do with traveller culture, it is the culture of modern western society, and something I see walking down the street on a daily basis (little girls with slogans across the bum of their jeans anyone?).

    I found this wedding not to my taste. In fact, I find most weddings not to my taste and I’m sure my wedding won’t be to the taste of everyone on the planet/internet/local area/hell possibly even some of my guests!

    It’s quite scary to see how vemonous people have been toward the travelling community. Yes, taking little girls out of school early to protect their purity seems insane, I have a grá (Irish for love btw) for education, reading and the adventure of discovering so it makes me sad that these girls miss out on that.

    However, I’ve known a few travelling families and I have to say that they were so sweet. They left NO rubbish when they moved on, took fantastic care of their homes, eachother and their animals, and NOTHING was stolen from the area, not so much as a rusty bucket!!

    Also, this thing of commenting on the brides weight… This is a SIXTEEN year old girl that you’re all talking about. SIXTEEN! I suppose everyone here was just perfect at that age. All supermodels I guess. Speaking as someone who has been hospitalised for anorexia can I just say that this is possibly the most damaging part of this entire thread of comments? You can comment on the outfits, the make-up, the decor etc but my God leave the girls waistline out of it!! Do you go onto other sites and tease the morbidly obese brides too?

    In conclusion, I’d like to say that the aim of this site (to my understanding) is to post pictures of random weddings and for everyone to have a giggle at the elements that are not the their taste. It is NOT for looking down on others, it is NOT for making personal attacks on other people/cultures.

    Oh, and I’m Irish, NOT a Traveller, very well educated and well-off. Life has nothing, I repeat, NOTHING to do with your income, choice of lifestyle or the clothes you wear, it is how you treat other people. So there’s a lot of you, Travellers and settled folk alike, who ought to be hanging your heads in shame over the way you have spoken of, and to, complete strangers here.

    • I find it rather disconcerting when someone who labels themselves as being ‘well educated’ and tells everyone else to get an education – without having a clue what they’re talking about.

      Courtesy of http://www.dictionary.com (yes, it’s that easy!)

      2  /ˈtæki/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [tak-ee] Show IPA

      –adjective, tack⋅i⋅er, tack⋅i⋅est.

      1. not tasteful or fashionable; dowdy.
      2. shabby in appearance; shoddy: a tacky, jerry-built housing development.
      3. crass; cheaply vulgar; tasteless; crude.
      4. gaudy; flashy; showy.

      If anyone has been (as you term) ‘vemonous'(!) on this thread, I’d say your little diatribe is right up there.

      Your accusations of people ‘making personal attacks towards others’ is a little misguided, considering you’ve attacked people for voicing their own opinion. Whatever happened to free-speech? Has it morphed into ‘you’re allowed free-speech, so long as you agree with me’?

      I personally think the bride’s figure doesn’t suit that style of dress. The whole wedding reminds me of s six year old’s idea of pantomime costumes, in fact. I’m not sorry if you don’t like it.

      Your experience of travellers is completely the opposite of my experiences, by the way. I’ve had cars stolen, laundry go missing from my washing line, been intimidated by their kids, seen a woman attacked by grown men for her shopping bags, seen their horses and donkeys so malnourished that they can barely stand up, and a ton of rubbish left behind every time they’ve been moved on. A family member (who works for the DSS) tells me that a huge number of travellers have all sorts of claims for state benefits under multiple names, despite not contributing towards taxes. No wonder they can afford their dream weddings. I guess you’ve been luckier than the majority of people. Good for you, I say!

      I think you’re getting ‘travellers’ mixed up with the old-fashioned ‘Romanies’.

  150. What I can’t get over is the fact that she wants to be a fashion model and yet she has a stomach like a woman who’s given birth to triplets. Hell she could of still been chav-tastic yet not shown off her lumpy puppy fat. If she had of worn an actual dress and not been frosted over like a bad 80’s ‘princess Barbie’, she would of probably looked wonderful. I just hope that both her and her husband are happy together.

    • No, she wants to be a glamour model – lad’s mags, page 3 etc.

  151. pls tell me wot the fuk is tacky about this xxxxxxxx

    • Everything.

  152. Listen, I came upon this site for the weddings and I have to say, I’m raised in the U.S. and while I don’t know any Irish travellers, I do know some Romanychil. In fact, I’m married to one. We live the same sort of travelling life as the Irish.
    I thing you’re confusing style (Irish girls it’s funny how you’re all the way over there and you guys like all the stuff our girls do!) and culture with personal values. We love the Lord and put our family before anyone. My kids are respectable and will finish school, others don’t. There is more than one way to live and just because you don’t
    agree doesn’t give you the right to trash people.

  153. I think she looks like a tramp and as a Catholic I am offended that this behavior was accepted in a Catholic church!

  154. Are those boobs for real?!
    Cause this wedding sure seems like a hoax!

  155. are her boobs real? cos her mums definitely are not!!!

  156. i dont no wot ur problems is if it ant ur wedding then u ant got nank to worry about if dat how she wonted it and if u was irish travller u wood under stand but u aint and chanel r u married to a irish boy ? xxxxxxx


  157. I’d hit it… great rack!

    Sadly though Twon would hit on him

  158. Hi there ladies

    To all of you who have asked me to make wedding dresses for you at sensible prices and not ripping travellers off. I make them with swarovski crystals, hoops, panniers, can can, best woman any design, please contact the people here at Tacky Weddings and I will send you my brochure.

    I am not into exploiting travellers or ripping them off, Missy’s dress was so much money and it cost nowhere near what she paid for it, I made many mistakes in the beginning because the travellers were so full of adventure I could not keep up, but I promise you your dresses will be classy, not tacky, not copied or used by anybody else totally exclusive I have an excellent team and the stones do not come off, I limit the amount I make as each dress takes weeks to make and usually at short notice, each to his own and I wish you all the best.


  159. Hi there

    For all of you that have wanted me to make dresses for your weddings please contact tacky weddings and they will contact me.

    We give travellers the best at excellent prices, big skirts, swarovskis, can can, best woman, mini brides the lot and we do not charge the earth.

    Contact tacky brides and we do the best we can, at least 8 weeks notice please.


  160. You need to learn to spell you bunch of pikeys! You look like trash, are trash and the need to do some serious sit ups on your flabby belly!

    Trailer trash through and through! Wheres the Jerry Springer show?

  161. Oh my god even the bridesmaids are fat!!!

  162. Isn’t it illegal to not attend school until you’re 16? Hmmm, dropped out at nine eh…

  163. Traveller gal – I like how you hypocritically describe us as “low life” but you’re saying YOU would “leave us dead” because we’re having a bit of a laugh about we all feel are amazingly awful wedding outfits!

    Would you really kill someone because they don’t like what you’re wearing?


    I know you think you’re above the law, you’re arrogant enough to think that it doesn’t apply to you, but you’d better believe that all the time you’re in our country, then you have to obey our laws, whether you like it or not.

    If you don’t like it, feel free to exercise your right to leave.

    Until then, laugh we will. Unlike murder, it’s not a crime to have an opinion.

    • kiss my arse

      • I’d rather do a bushtucker trial, ta anyway.

        Keep talking, you’re funny!

  164. 1. The dress and whole damn thing is gross and tacky and foul.

    2. There must be a child protection issue about the state of those kids – any paedo or similar who saw those kids in the street would have had a field day.

    3. There is nothing wrong with being a traveller, but traveller’s don’t help their cause when being threatening etc., as in above posts. Just accept most people in the UK don’t like this wedding and forget about it. You are proud of retaining your own culture and not being infuenced by mainstream folk, fine. Do what you want to do, but don’t get nasty when others don’t like it.

    • Well said Grace. You’ve summed up how I feel in a nutshell.

  165. “well, if ya f**king hate pikeys why on earth you come on to this web site…..?!?!?.can ya answer that.”

    I can answer that on behalf of an awful lot of people, CHANTELLE. This is a website dedicated to trashy weddings – NOT to the decent, honest, hardworking, law abiding, taxpaying, award-winning neighbours called the Traveller community that you are proud to belong to ***

    ***I may have made up some of this last sentence.

    We come here to take the p1ss, have a laugh at the hideous ‘costumes’ you lot seem to think are classy and generally marvel at how you all manage to out-tack each other in the wedding stakes.

    I’m still laughing at one of the pikey bride’s kids names – “Hannah Montanna McDonough”.

    Crikey, I’d pay good money to access the content on this fabulous website!

  166. this wedding is absaloutley handsome and anyone that says anything different definitley has no style what so ever.
    The girl has a lovely figure on her and people saying shes fat u want to be taking a look in the mirror at yourselfes before you judge others.

  167. I admit that this wedding doesn’t represent my taste, but I’m absolutely shocked by some of the comments here. Most of them are written under the assumption that this family consists of criminals and most of them are highly discriminating. Let me remind you that this was a private function, and was an important event in somebody’s life. It was probably never meant for the internet in the first place, and I’m sad on behalf of the family that this occasion is being trashed the way it is.
    But since it ended up here anyway, couldn’t you just have had your chuckle and leave it at that?
    I have only one question for those who have commented: how much class do you think you are displaying here?

  168. The comments from the traveller girls are so classy, and I’m sure most of us would agree that they in no way reinforce the stereotypical traveller do they?

    I’m certain all the negative comments are just born of jealousy…

  169. The groom & the father of the ‘bride’ look very similar – do these people not realise that it’s illegal to marry your brother. I like her clown lipstick too!

  170. ur all jelous of are missy cos yas all no ya cant afford a lovly dress and missy ant fat so u divvy gal dat sed she is needs to get ya eyes tested m8 befor u go callin gals fat and tilly who eva u r wot eva have u cum on here talkin de mik out of da lil gals names ur wicked to da poor gals u need to lookat ur own name its sound lil a rottern cats name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hiya Angel.
      I would just like to point out that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But at the same time, there is NO way you can call that a dress. It’s little more than a cropped top and mini skirt. I will agree that she’s a lucky girl having such a beautiful figure and face, I just think it’s a shame she’s hidden so much behind her make-up. I will also add that it’s strange that the children have also been allowed to dress that way, as many travellers I know wouldn’t dream of letting their children wear that. However, each to their own I guess. Personally I would not have a wedding like this, and I do have the funds to afford it, I just think I could make things a little more ‘classy’. However, I’m sure she had a lovely day, and I hope the marriage lasts as long as possible.

  171. You don’t know my financial situation angel cash, I’d just rather live in a house than spend my money on acres of flammable man-made fabric that would only get worn for a couple of hours. Frankly, I’d wear a pair of jeans to get married in if that dress was the only alternative. It’s called having a choice. Jealousy is something else entirely and you’re barking up the wrong tree in levelling that old chestnut at me!

    Maybe it’s you who’s jealous of us? Psychologists call it ‘projecting’.

    As you’re so interested, Tilly is short for Matilda. Much better than Spongebob Squarepants McDonough, but to each his own!

  172. all me cusons have de last name mcdonagh so wot ya on bout love and how cood any1 be jelous of sum dirty lil ride like urself y have u cum on ere talkin bout missys dress enyways ?

    • Dirty? Pot, kettle, black! lmao! Last time I noticed, they didn’t put baths into caravans.

      I’m posting on here because it’s a PUBLIC forum on the internet. I know you’re struggling with your English language love, but it’s not that difficult to grasp is it? If you need more help on that one, I can post on any public internet forum I like. I don’t have to get your permission regarding where I post and what I say, and you don’t get to tell me I can’t.

      Oh yeah, seeing as you’ve done nothing but insult me, I’m letting you know that I’m not going to be judged by anyone half my age, especially some gobby robbing little mucker. OK?

      Oh look, it’s 1.20am. Your cousin/uncle’s waiting for you. NFO, there’s a good kid.

  173. The girls come in with their mums and the mums always insist on the girls covering up, they are religious and see this as a sign of disrespect in front of the Priest. I know there has been swearing on the site but the travellers were insulted first and they are close knit and if you hurt one you hurt the other. When they come in I am sworn to secrecy about the dress and friends come in and do enquire as they want to know but you cannot talk. The dress is every traveller girls dream.


    • Emily: “I know there has been swearing on the site but the travellers were insulted first and they are close knit and if you hurt one you hurt the other.”

      That’s all well and good Emily, and I can understand your position, but respect has to go both ways 🙂 We can’t all like everything and we should be allowed to say so without being insulted.

      From now on, I’m going to speak as I’m spoken to. I really don’t care if it offends anyone. That’s the problem with being English and living in England, we’re meant to sit back and take everything that’s thrown at us. We’re not allowed to say anything in case we offend some other nationality or race etc. If that’s not racism, I don’t know what is.

      I have to give people like angel cash credit though, I thought her little dig at me was funny – in a hypocritical sort of way, obviously!

  174. This is a clear cut case for EUGENICS if ever there was one – for you thick pikeys Eugenics is a philosophy where the scum of society are forcibly sterolised to prevent them breeding yet more scum. Any racism they encounter they bring upon themselves as its a well known fact that they are all thieves and benefit cheats and have no respect for ordinary people or their property. I’d round them all up , put them in a concentration camp , and dispose of them , thus making the world a better place!

  175. I can’t believe there are actually pikeys typing on a computer!!! Who’s house did they break into to use a computer?? I’m sick of their thieving ways and their incest and child prostitutes.

  176. as ya say im half ur age grow up u dirty ride and get a life if u was a irish or english travller u wood no how we like da weddings so if it aint u wearing it y ever r u commenting on missys pikture u aint gotta wear it or look at it have ya so y dnt ya go do 1 u soppy woman ANGEL CASH
    IRISH TRAVLLER AND PROUND xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • I am entitled to comment on the photos you thick bint, they were sold to the newspaper. It’s a free country (you should know that better than most!). You really should get over yourself and stop your whining, gobshite.


  177. Hi Tilly

    In one breath I was saying the travellers are very religious and then I backtracked and referred to their swearing on the site. But there were about 20 comments, the majority of which were insulting before the travellers started to respond. There is even one comment on one of these pages where the brides sister simply says ‘Yes the bride is a traveller, she is my sister Margaret’. No swearing or nothing. That bride and the bridesmaids have been torn apart by people on this site and that was all the sister said.

    They will defend one another, they have their issues amongst themselves but what we are doing on this site is slagging of people and talking like these people are nothing, that is out of order, I am not english so the stiff upper lip business does not come into it, I give as much as I get. what I am saying is talk to the individual and not class the travellers as a hole. I have gone back and read some of these comments here on site and they are bad Tilly we are talking about real people. Look back and read, I am not saying we are to justify their comments and the threats, but some of what has been said about them is bad and unfortunately being a website people can write what they want and disappear, on a one to one basis I do not think many people will respond in the same way.

    I know some of the girls that I have made dresses for have been a nightmare and they turn and get nasty and the parents and the aunts and to tell the truth I have thrown a couple of people out my shop without their dresses as some of them are out of order, but there are some that are brilliant and I would work with them and anybody again and again and again, just charge them more money for my grey hairs.


  178. Emily:

    “what I am saying is talk to the individual and not class the travellers as a hole. I have gone back and read some of these comments here on site and they are bad Tilly we are talking about real people”

    I understand why you’re saying that to me, but this equally could be put to a few of the gypsys who have been threatening those of us who weren’t leaving nasty comments. That’s what I mean by respect going both ways. I’m a relative latecomer to this thread and haven’t even read the comments you mentioned, let alone posted them!

    Maybe that makes me as bad as them but at least I’ve not threatened anyone/sworn at anyone(yet!)/or got personal. I’m not going to bother being polite to people who lay into me, I’m nobody’s punchbag and I refuse to be intimidated. That doesn’t make me spiteful, just human.

    I do wonder why people bother to come on this website if they consider the wedding not tacky!

    People have mentioned the photo’s aren’t ours to comment on but I disagree. The bride must have given permission for the Daily Mail to publish them (maybe she even got paid for it). In that case, the pictures are in the public domain – which means everyone’s entitled to comment, whether it’s good or bad, whether the bridal party likes it or not. They can’t have it all ways.

    • See Tilly you lot have even get me doing it now ‘hole’ instead of ‘whole’. I see every point but I think now it has just got out of hand and you are taking the brunt for everyone.

      The truth is that you did not start the insults you just got involved somewhere down the line, OMG, this is worst than Scarface! Yes I have reread the posts and you have come in late, read through when you have time, if you can be bothered and look at some of the ghastly comments that have been made before the travellers start to type, some of them are out of order and to be honest I cannot believe that the editors allow some of the exchanges to take place.

  179. You are foul AndyPlaya. What an abhorrent and vile thing to suggest. You are no better than a Nazi and a war criminal. You are inciting race hatred and genocide which the civilised world rejects and prosecutes, which is exactly what should happen to you. Incidentally, you can’t even spell ‘sterilise’ which makes me question your intellectual capacity. Shame on you. Go and read about the Holocaust you Nazi scum.

  180. tilly ur not a irish travller so u dnt no wot we like and we dnt care wot u tink bout r weedings we gotta have it as da bext day of r life cos were only gonna get married once unlike u probley bin married 6 times and got 4 children by all diffrent dads we aint like dat 1 marrige and 1 man xxxxxx

    • I’ll leave the teenage shagging and teenage motherhood to you lot. Seems it’s all you lot do – the men know how to rob and the rough old teenage girls just lay on their backs and hump like rabbits. Kids having kids. 16 year old children having babies when they haven’t finished being kids themselves. It’s probably a bit like throwing a sausage down an alley by the time you’re 20. All worn out and saggy. Yuck. Very nice. Don’t you aspire to doing something more with your lives before being tied to nappies and midnight feeds? Relying on your men thieving off innocent people and robbing the state benefits to feed and clothe yourselves? That would have been my idea of a living hell at 16. Bringing an innocent baby into that miserable, stinking, immoral environment is nothing short of child abuse.

      I’m married to ONE man (yes – for LIFE!) and we don’t have kids yet so you cocked up that rather piss-poor attempt at insulting me!

  181. how can u tilly slag a 16 year old gal off bout how she looks thats just wicked and ur not normal in da head i have nown missy for a very very long time and belive me we r good mates and on me mams life shes a lovly gal and she dnt go round slaggin ppl off like u do cos she has a life with a handsum husband so leave da gal alone,,

    y dnt u come live as a irish or english travller for 2 weeks u wil see how diffrent we are to other ppl
    and we dnt go on website of a 16 year old gal slaggin dem off if we have sank to say we say it to dere face and have a fair fite but u just come on ere slaggin dem off and woodnt say it to are faces wood ya

    • I didn’t slag anyone off, you cretin. Read my comments before accusing people of crap like that. You’re the one slagging people off, not me. I’m slagging you off NOW because you’re getting on my tits with your twatting hypocrisy and boring-as-hell over-reactions. You might like to pretend you’re still in the school playground but I’m not. If you want to accuse anyone of anything, get your facts straight first, you freak.

      And no, I would not have a problem saying any of this to your face. Like I said before, you don’t intimidate me, I’ve scraped scarier stuff off my shoe.

  182. i hav read ur comment bout how tacky missy gal looks and da only person im slagging off is u cos ur to saucy and needs a beat by sum1 to prove ur not all wot u think u r and how am i a freak u need to get ur storys or comment rite mate befor u start callin people a freak thats a wicked word u woodnt go ova to sum1 and call dem a freak no wood ya so cos ya tink ur all hard cos we can only say stuff on ere but ur not hard at all ur probly scared to deff ritin wot ya wrtin out !!!!!!!!!!!

  183. So that’s what all this is about is it? All because I said I think the wedding looks ‘tacky’? You’re something else! The photos are on a website called TACKYWEDDINGS.COM ffs!

    I didn’t invite a national newspaper to take and publish photos of the wedding. It was the bride/bride’s family who forced the photos into the public domain (doubtless to make money from it) and when they did that, they opened the wedding to scruitiny from everyone.

    I’m guessing that you think it’s acceptable for people to say how stunning the bride looked, but anyone who says otherwise is open to insults and threats?

    When you grow up and put your reasonable head on, hopefully you’ll get used to the fact that everyone is entitled to have an opinion. No amount of threats, insults or foot-stomping will ever alter that. It’s not as if I said they look like they all stink of fetid fish and the bride’s face looks like a bowl of sick, or that the whole lot of them look like retarded scuzzy hedge-pigs at a chimps tea party, is it? No, all I said was ‘tacky’.

    If you think it’s ok to threaten to ‘beat’ everyone who disagrees with you, all you’re doing is proving to the world that the idea of pikeys being a sub-human, out-of-control race is 100% correct.

    I really don’t care that you don’t like that I think the wedding looks like a tack-fest, it’s my opinion, you’ll never change my mind, so deal with it.

  184. oh get ova ur self go lay ur head down u fuckin dirty whore of a gorja cunt
    u tinks ur all hard u gammy bitch

    • Well done angel cash, your IQ is officially as high as your age. Is that the best you can do? Swear and insult people? Knowing a few swear words doesn’t make you hard, clever or funny.

  185. and tilly i need to get dis strate dont tink u can cum on ere talkin bout missy gal if u was a travlleing gal u wood understand but ur not so go do 1

    • Wrong. I can come on here and say what I like about who I like. It’s none of your business. If you don’t like it, “do 1” yourself.

  186. So Emma you think that I’m “Nazi scum” , which actually I’m NOT , but I am a law-abiding tax paying working citizen who also has a driving licence and pays road tax – unlike most pikies.
    £100,000 is a hell of a lot of money to spend on a wedding , and I’d like to to know where the brides father (who is only in his mid thirties) came by such a large amount.
    Most probably it was generated by fleecing pensioners out of their life savings for unnecessary work on their property , which is the usual pikey modus operandi , and I’m sure no tax was paid on it either.
    The level of bad language and violence in the travellers comments on this forum is simply shocking , even more so the fact that they’re from women , no wonder civilized society sees them as animals.
    Do you women have no dreams or ambitions?
    Its pretty sad that in the 21st century a group of women are resigned to being illiterate baby making machines totally dependent on men and living as slaves.
    By the way , what is a “gorja” and a “buffer”??

  187. I don’t care how much tax you pay Andy. When you promote eugenics and forcible sterilisation you are subscribing to supremacist racist rhetoric. That also goes for talking about ‘sub-human races’ Tilly. The right to freedom of speech is always limited by a refusal to condone hate speech. That was too far and too much.

    • Please read my comments in context, Emma. You will find that I’m not actually accusing anyone of being sub-human, literally that the poster is giving the impression that that is the case with their death threats, violent behaviour and foul language. Remember that these comments are being left by children. What sort of people display that sort of behaviour in front of their children? Their children had to learn it from somewhere. I consider that to be a form of child-abuse. It’s what I feel to be animalistic (therefore sub-human) behaviour. It wasn’t hate speech and I resent your accusations of it being so because you’ve turned it into just that.

      I take it that you condone their issuing death threats, considering you’ve not complained about it to them?

  188. God where’s Hitler when you need him!?
    The usual characteristics of your average pikey: lurcher dog on a bit of string , brand new 4×4 , stealing old people’s life savings for replacing one roof tile , more sovereign rings than they have fingers , sex with your own sister , unintelligable language (it aint English and it aint Oirish , its just pikey!) with every other word “fuck” , bare knuckle fighting , shopping at Lidl , illiterate.
    Actually , fair play to Tony Martin – he’s the chap who caught a couple of pikies burgling his farmhouse and let them have both barrels of a shotgun (unfortunately only one of them died).
    Go Tony Go Tony Go Tony….

  189. WTF!!! I think these people are prostitutes or porn stars. What kind of morals do these people have? There are very young kids there!

    What’s the matter with you people???

  190. tilly we have weedings like this cos we have money unlike u,,,and we do pay for stuff unlike u lil wannabes,,,xxxxxx oh and merry xmas every1 xxxxxxxxx

    • Only common people talk about money. Besides, if I mention any savings you lot will be round to break a couple of roof tiles and rip me off a small fortune to fix them, probably from somebody elses roof, and then I’ll need a proper roofer to fix it.

      As for wannabes, you all copy chavvy Jordan’s wedding. Missy wants to be another Jordan. You’re going to be disappointed though, Jordan has more money and more class (I never thought I’d say Jordan and class in the same sentence) than all you gypsies put together.

  191. a gorja is some1 who aint a irish or english travller xxxx

    • What does gorja mean?

  192. and yer we have r own languag and u dnt see us being interbreeds thats mre like americans that go round haveing sex with there cusons or brothers not us travllers dnt xxx

    • I’ve never met any Americans who partake in incest. Most cases of incest in the Ozarks are due to rape, so it’s not willingly screwing a family member.

      But I’m sure you know all about willingly screwing family members, don’t you, Angel?

  193. Merry Christmas everyone (yes even you pikies!)

  194. oh tanku so much andy u big old gorja bread 🙂

  195. leave the travellers alone u fucking dick heads, not all of them dress like that.. u get more english tramps than what u do irish u shit for brains…

    email me if u got a snotty problem i would loveeee to tell u all about it

  196. tilly,

    irish kids having kids?? i think your a little mistaken, look at the population of the kids in england at 12-19 having kids. and the men robbing and all sorts, you obv dont no anything at all about the irish travellers… we all know that this girls wedding was WAAAYYYY over the top.. but is that any reason to slag someone off? you obv like diffrent things, look at the state of jordons.. and she’s english. look at your own kind of ppl first b4 our go around TRYING to slag the irish off, we work and worked hard for your country only to get ppl like you to slag us off for it.
    england has every culture and every other country inside itself.. ireland is a irish mans country, we say who comes, we are the boss of our country… yet you let yours go to shit

    • No I’m not mistaken. At least we don’t pretend it’s right that children should procreate. You seriously can’t preach to us about people ‘robbing’ and not see the irony! We work hard for our country too, we work hard so our taxes can keep you and get spent on cleaning up after you when you’ve been moved on. You’re misguided if you think that all the violence in Ireland means you’re the boss. What kind of life is that to want to live? Why is beating the crap out of people or killing someone a good thing? ‘Your’ country isn’t quite as perfect as you would like us to believe, you can keep it. In fact, if it’s that good, why not live there yourselves? Why are you in England at all if it’s so shit?

      • ‘the boss of our country’ you don’t have a government then? Tilly has a point though – if Ireland is such a utopian (look it up) promise land why are you here. I would also have thought that a country as great as Ireland would have a great education system, so everybody could read & write to a basic standard……Hello….

  197. lve your dress xxxxxx

  198. […] I missed this first time round OMG! Outer limits TACKY 150k wedding for UK 16 year old girl! Ugliest dress EVER! All things heinous, tra… […]

  199. OK, this is a serious question from someone who knows nothing about travellers…

    Why do unmarried virgins or married-for-life housewives need enormous fake tits? And if such value is placed on female purity, why are young girls (or married women, for that matter) dressed so revealingly? And how do you reconcile traditional values with being a “glamour model”?

    I’m not trying to be insulting, just honestly don’t understand.

  200. i think you are all jelouse of dis girl im a english travler for 1 pikey is racist and i dont no who the fuck u people are calling little girls prostitutes i think they look hansome and as for trailer trash give me a break most young travling get married young and they all last they dont go around having anything that fuking walks you people dont no what the fuck you are going on about and i dont no that girl but i would love to have the wedding she had so why dont you all big mouth fukers fuk off becoz u dont no shit

    • Why is the term pikey racist but buffer, gorja and whatever else you call us perfectly acceptable to use? You want everything your own way. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

      • Why can’t any of you good honest travelling folk spell? Quite frankly…..it’s embarrassing.

      • well because pikey means like saying to a coloured person u black bastard and gorja is just a word we use for someone thats not travler and we have evrything our way if you dont like stop writing about us and what weddings we have we could write about gorjas weddings but we dont we keep things to our selfs ok and what do you mean dont dish what you think thats right gorjas calling little girls no older than 5 prostitutes that is not right ok everyone id intitled to their opinion but at the end of the day they should keep it to them selfs

      • and as for fuking full stops and all that bullshit what are you a fukin teacher because im not in class i just think you lot should keep your opinions about travlers weddings to yourselfs

    • Here’s a little tip maryann. They are to the left of the ‘M’ key, one is a comma & the other a full-stop. They stop you sounding like a f**k-witted lady-oaf when you type inane nonsense. Just a thought X

      • Saying ‘coloured’ is racist. Not all travellers are keeping quiet about our weddings, lots of them have slagged off what we do because we don’t spend as much money on ours as you do. I know you like flaunting your wealth but we just see your boasting as crass, cheap and common, pretty much the same as your wedding costumes. It seems the tackier the wedding, the more money the bride’s father actually has. Your ideas and ours are as far apart as the north and south poles.

      • do you no what you fukin gorja bread bastard yh so fukin what we got money you lot are just fukin jelouse we aint hurting no one by havin big weddings you people are just sad go get a life and mak what ever the fuck your name is go die u retard

      • maryann: “you think thats right gorjas calling little girls no older than 5 prostitutes that is not right ok”

        We didn’t make them dress them like that, we just said they ‘look like whores in those costumes’ to point out how wrong they look, but you obviously think it’s a good thing to dress them like whores. If they looked like princesses and we called them that, would you slag us off for that? Saying ‘no’ would make you a hypocrite so think carefully.

  201. i think it was stunning looking..best of look to the two of them Oh F the haters

  202. I’m not a traveller but i’m a strict catholic and i believe in no sex before marriage. It pisses me off that the traveller girls are generalising and saying all country girls are sluts. WE ARE NOT. There is good and bad in every race. As for those mocking the travellers such as mak (you are an asshole)you should try and have respect for other peoples culture which is encapsulated by this wedding which may seem tacky to us but weddings are all about personal choice. it might be funny to look at but calling the poor girl fat is just mean. she has curves like a real woman! By the way girls i live near liverpool and the place where all the travellers go to get their dresses made is called Nico – http://www.nicoliverpool.co.uk

  203. […] Originally Posted by what would scooby do Classy Can you outdo this ? Outer limits TACKY 150k wedding for UK 16 year old girl! Ugliest dress EVER! All things heinous, tra… […]

  204. i think that the people that are laughing and mocking this girl are sad to be honest i think your only against it because you dont understand it,, but its everyone to their own and if it isnt harming you then what is your problem??
    you dont know the girl or her family so to say their moneys came from not paying their tax’s or whatever that is stereo typing these people.
    your all just making presumptions,, and yes maybe it is over the top but personally i do think she is lovely lookin ,, an as for the people saying she’s fat i really dont know what you’s are looking at because i think shes made like a doll there’s not one thing wrong with her and she’s a very lucky girl to have such a grand wedding

    i also think you should all carry on because you’s are foolish because while you’s all waste your time on here slagging the poor girl she’ll be sitting in her nice £18,000 ”trailer” with her husband getting on with her life like i think maybe some of you lot should try doing!!?? eeehhh???

    • You would say that, being a traveller yourself.

  205. I’m with AndyPlaya. After reading this entire page so far, it seems like enforced sterilisation is indeed the best route. What ethical doctor does beast enhncements on teen girls?! These “travellers” are positively medieval in their outlook and the laughable phrase “traveller culture” is an oxymoron at best. They’re certainly no more enlightened about their womenfolk than the Islamics, even if the costumes are a bit different. I feel sorry for the few REAL British people who are still left, trapped in the UK paying and punishing taxes (with no rights of self-defense) so that others can live on welfare and rip off the state. Poor old England!

    • Cheers EE. They really are the low-point in our society and don’t try to be any different. They think they’re so much better than we are and just take the piss. I’m sure there’ll be some decent people in amongst them but I don’t know where.

  206. How revolting!

  207. This is the fall of humanity today. Wow…..just…..how do these people let their children dress up like little sluts???? I need a cold drink….

  208. errm id be really ashamed i mean them 2 le kids and all the stupid dresses does not look cool it just looks common

  209. Pikey mother says to Pikey daughter the night before her wedding:
    “When you are married he’ll want to put his most prized possession into where you pee”

    daugher replies:
    “Don’t be silly mother, he’ll never get that transit van in the sink!!”

  210. “y de fuk ye on this page ye are all mental jealous”

    I’m NOT making this up – the above line cut & pasted from an above post. What does it mean? Who knows? Who cares? Very amusing though.

    The cider-fuelled rants of a mad lady-oaf – brilliant – please keep the comments (& wedding photos) coming

    • Ya must b dumb or sumting den.. It ses y r ya on tis page ya all well jealos dordyy y nt ya lern 2 read!!

      • Oh! – thanks for clearing that up for me – sorry I’m a bit slow & have difficulty with monkey – moon speak! I will indeed try to ‘lern 2 read’ (betta)

      • Mak you shouldn’t insult Monkeys 🙂 or is it Mannkays??

      • Haha ya cuntry folk do make me larf ya yink cos ya type in full y Berra tan us well rink agen ya ent. Judgement day cums n ya b repentin ya sins ten!!

      • Rink, bink, berra, ten.

        I’ve tried, I really have – what the hell are you yapping on about?

      • ‘Judgement day’!!!! Also, what does ‘Berra tan us well rink agen ya ent’ mean?

        Whilst your comments are quite amusing, please try to keep them half understandable so everyone can have a giggle- thanks

      • No dear – we don’t think we’re better than you – we know. You noever learn, you never try to educate yourself – you just keep on having kids with no ambition – you exwemplify wwhy the lower classes will always exist.

      • Why do you think your better than us basically you fool!
        If you understood Irish speak you would get what I’ve said

        Big up d Irish tinkers n al me fellow gypsys
        god bless xx

      • I am not from UK or europe and I have some questions:Why don’t you learn to spell, maybe some grammar too? Why are all the comments by travelers so badly written and so full of swearing? Whenever I see a traveler reply it never addresses the issue at hand, rather you think that insulting the original poster and public at large is the answer to everything…

  211. Travelers are petty criminals that steal for their living. This weddding was not paid for by the fathers hard earned money it was paid for with their loot from their crimes. Grow the hell up everybody, these people steal for a living and should be villified not revered. These travelers should be investigated and prosecuted. Where the hell does a 35 year old driveway paver get an extra 100K for a wedding. They are no different than the mafia or narco lords in Mexico.

  212. y yey all jelouse 4 if she has da money y not let her spend it any way she wans ta im her first cuzzin and im 17 an i got married 2 weeks ago which my weddin cost my daddy 105k ders nating wrong wid spendin ur own money
    and every 1 has der own style
    we travllers go 4 big and an unforgetabel night wen we can afford it
    yey peopel go for small cheap simpel weddins

    • You’re right- “ders nating wrong wid spendin ur own money.”
      However, there is something wrong with spending ill-gotten gains.

  213. and at least wen we get married we stay wit our husband not hopin from 1 man to another like whores

  214. […] What most people fail to realize is that you can spend all the money in the world on a wedding… and it can still be the tackiest event ever staged. Allow me to rest my case with the following link. […]

  215. ur a divvys cos ur all jelous of de good weddings and if u took over our lifes 4 a week u wood no how diffrent we are 2 gorjas and u well find de english gorjas if more slutty den ever

    • Oh dear

    • There’s a massive difference between jealous and being intensely repulsed by something. We’re all the latter.

    • yh ryt ter angel us irish buers r betta tan d english folk xxxxxx

    • Please do not insult the Irish race by affiliating yourself with it! People like you almost make me ashamed to be Irish!

  216. I rest my case – all the money in the world can’t buy class or good manners. The above post looks like the writing of a 6 year old – or the village idiot(!) You’re always saying how bad us ‘gorjas’ are – are you not embarassed by your appalling lack of education? No one will ever take you seriously, and people come on here to laugh.

  217. Education most of us r home skooled n if ya so perfect wit all d grand manners y r u judgin ppl a I sed b4 only god can judge u !! Sins made 4 bad mouthin wil neva b forgiven!! Missy n Thomas had d best day n so did I n many uvas hu went der! God help ya gorgers!! God bless n let love b withu all d travellers xx

    • Nobody judges me then because I don’t believe there is a God. If sins for bad-mouthing will never be forgiven, does that mean the gypsy bloke who shot his own son got away with it?

      • Wel u believe in watever ya want but der is a god n us travllers r devoted Catholics n go church everywk.. Wot r u rockeren abwt shot his own son I tink tat wud b 1 of yous!!

    • I was home schooled and I got into college early… and oh my God we have the same last name. And according to you I’m an American “gorger”. Be happy knowing you share the ancient bloodline of one.

  218. y r yey all fuckin jelious of da girls wedding
    im a trallver myself and yey r just cold harted country peopel xxxx
    stop critasisin the poor girls taste
    and trust me im 17 my self and im gettin maried in may my wedding will be in closer 2 so look out for it and ill show u dat travllers girls has good tast wen der daddys hand out der credit cards xxxxx

  219. i is a travella – & i fink thees weeding lok hansum we like to av tha biggist an best weedings cos we ave lots of taste an is fully educated so shut ya mooth all ye gorjas or ye will be cursed by us

    • Wow, you’re fully educated? I’m scared to see how uneducated gypsies type if you’re smarter than them.

      “i is a travella” should be “I am a traveller.”
      “i fink thees weeding lok hansum” should be “I think this wedding looks handsome.”

      I could continue, but it would take too much time to correct all the errors in your paragraph (though I use that term loosely, seeing as how that is all one sentence).

      Now, practice writing the corrected sentences, and you’ll see how quickly those red squiggly lines under the words go away!

      Oops, I didn’t shut my mouth… am I going to be cursed now??

  220. im an english travlling girl and im getting married to a welsh travlling boi were both 18 my dads spent quarter of a million giving me all the things i want and a television crew is recording it this hirls dress might be slutty but i just thought i wuld tell u its absolutley discusting that you called to babys prostitutes travllers kill people over things like that and all travvlers beleive in being virgins till there married how ever old they are so u and ur gorja slags of gels can fuk off just because yis have been shagged to death and cant get what u want my dress cost 30k and was made with crystals and tokk 2 years to make and all tho its not showy it is big its 24stone and i had it made based on jordans dress but white and me 6 bridesmaids dresses are lemon ur all so racist about travvlers why what do we do to you we dont marry outside travllers and we dont shag every man around onli one our husbands and we get married so young beacuse we dont need to work beacuse our dads buy us everything we want and we olny have around 2 boi frends and we are brought up to cook clean and fight so we get married our husbad buys our place for us and everything we want and look after us while we cook and clean for em then one day wen we have kids of our own they do the same for them at least were decent and have a good life and every thing we want stop being so obsessed with us because you cant get what you want and u dont get uglii travlling gels or bois

    • There is so much wrong with your post, it’s honestly really sad.

      “travllers kill people over things like that”

      That is precisely why gypsies have a bad name.

      “we are brought up to cook clean and fight so we get married our husbad buys our place for us and everything we want and look after us while we cook and clean for em”

      Wow. If you are decent and have a good life, then why were you brought up to fight?

      “u dont get uglii travlling gels or bois”

      You’re right, I don’t get ugly traveling boys. Then again, I don’t WANT ugly traveling boys.

      You’re acting extremely superficial. Everything you write is about you getting all the things you want, and your dad buys you everything you want, and your husbands buy you everything you want. It’s sad that you think that is what’s important in life.

  221. Hilarious – ‘sins made 4 bad mouthin wil neva b forgiven'(sic) – I and suppose sins like stealing from the elderly, ripping the lead off church roofs and marrying your cousin will have you welcomed with open arms. Lets not forget the crimes against fashion lol

  222. mak we get home tutored gorjas is de oes dat go skwl and irish travlers is diffrent to english gorja and we dnt need no 1 to take us seriously cos we only talk 2 are own well dats wat my lot do eny xxxxxxxxx

    • I think you have an excellent case for suing your home tutor.

    • Sorry?…..You lost me after ‘we get home tutored’
      …the rest is just nonsense, not even words.
      I suspect I’ve been had and I’m actually replying to a chimp in a government lab being fed bananas in return for pounding the crap out of a keyboard.

  223. I don’t know what I should laugh harder at – the mad wedding or the retards trying to defend it. Honestly. I see all of # arguments going on here:


    * Yes, well, footbinding was a part of Chinese culture for a long time. It was considered very attractive to have tiny feet. Of course, it was pretty bad for the women, but hey, they got men because of it so it’s okay, right?


    * Uh…honestly? It’s kind of like you traded brains for boobs. If there was an inverse relationship between brains and breast matter, then you’d be mostly boobs. Is this good? Maybe, but I think I’d rather be a bit smarter, yes?


    * Ah, all right. I’m going to cower in my American corner and wait to get bludgeoned with more “U CANT UNNERSTAN US UR AMEICAN” or some crap like that.

  224. ur rite cash
    we stick wit r own traveller group
    and 50% gets home tutored
    and da rest dosent go atall


    and mak ur an ass wipe i swear ta god i neva met a person like ya so jelouse of us irish travellers
    well i wouldent blame ya anyway

  225. well cash ur rite xxxx
    half of us irish dont go skool and da rest r homed skooled xxxxxxxxxxx
    and mak ur an asswipe i neva met a person like ya ha ha ya gomey boy

  226. The only thing that concerns me in these pictures is the children dressed in such a revealing fashion.

    It reminds me of the Beauty Pageant culture in the southern United States where little girls are dressed up to look like women before they’ve even hit puberty. That’s disgusting and wrong. Would YOU tell a 7 year old she looks “sexy”? If so, you’re despicable. Children should not be SEXY. They’re CHILDREN.

    Other than that, I would have to say that the style of dress, with the garter clearly visible on the outside of the dress, is offputting. It reminds me of the sort of thing a Burlesque dancer would wear, or a Vegas showgirl. Especially because the whole dress is so darn shiny.

    I’m not dumping on the culture, and if the wedding was happy, that’s great! I just would tease a friend mercilessly if they ever tried to get married in that fashion. I would not be a party to that sort of sexualization of children, and flagrant disregard of modesty.

    I was too busy taking college entrance exams and studying Calculus at the age of 16 to even consider getting married. I’m 23 now and getting married in May – and I can assure you, the less than 3000 US my fiance and I are spending on the wedding will be as special to us and beautiful as that 100,000 pounds. And I’m sure it will be well remembered because it will be unique to us. Not because of how much money we spent, but because of the personal touches the wedding will have. It will be *our* wedding – not “The ridiculously lavish wedding my father paid for” And even though we’re not rolling in the dough – I can even afford to buy enough fabric for a COMPLETE dress!

    • Good luck for your wedding! I hope you have a beautiful day xxx

  227. How on earth were they let in with that dress in a catholic church????? In my neck of the woods the priest would have had a fit and thrown the lot out – it’s just plain disrespectful.

    Also a great example of more money than common sense – spend 150k on a wedding Elvis wouldn’t be seen dead at and then spend the rest of your life without a cent to your name; the sad part is that her kids will do the same and thier kids and so on….

    • Mike ya only helps cuz ya ent gts 150k ya spend o a weddin.. Me weddin wos jus d sme am 17 n bin marred jus ova a yr n am proud ta be an Irish travler I spend nerly 200k on mine me dress wos 40,000 alone n I had best day of me lyf me weddin wos grand! Am expectin twins n ya ryt me chldren r avin weddins lyk tis n tey deserve em..d women stay home clen cook n luk afta d chldren while r husband r out al day everyday wrkin 2 pay 4 us so we can aford n deserve ta spend r money cus we earned it!!!

  228. Man that’s trashy.

  229. Mak, it’s “must have” not “must of”. Just can’t stand the bullying in the name of good writing. Those who do it usually make the worst kind of writers or editors.
    As for the rest of this, what an interesting culture war here. I knew nothing about traveller culture and found that more interesting than another tacky dress.

  230. I am appalled and disgusted by the racism and bigotry displayed here against travellers.
    Yes, some travellers commit crimes. So do some non-travellers. To assume that someone is a criminal, tax-dodger or benefit cheat simply because they are a traveller is as ignorant and bigoted as assume that someone is any of those things because of their class or ethnicity.
    I have had dealings with travellers in my professional capacity and I have found that far from being dishonest, most are scrupulous about paying for what they get. My experience is that many travellers distrust burocracy and are reluctant to claim state benefits even when they are entitled to do so.
    In this country Roma and traveller people do suffer a lot of prejudice and discrimination, as, sadly, the majority of the comments here show.
    Would I want a wedding like the one picture? No. But the kind of ignorant, hate-filled bile spewed out here against travellers is far more disturbing.

  231. Okay. So I read all the comments (yes, all of them) and I can’t believe that a website dedicated to crazy and outragous (ie “tacky”) weddings turned into a venom-spitting, hate-mongering playground of badly spelled messages about travelers (I’m from the US, so the proper spelling of “Irish Travelers” eludes me). With that being said, here’s my two cents:
    Yes, I think the bride’s dress is wild. I think her mother’s dress is just as wild. While their taste isn’t my taste, to each his own. As for the little girls’ outfits, I do have to say I think they are dressed MUCH too old for their ages. But, if those girls are growing up in an enviroment where such outfits are okay, why would they dress any way else?
    There. Now, every can attack me: the travelers can attack me for not spelling “travelers” correctly and the anti-travelers can attack me because I’m just a stupid, fat American who doesn’t know what it’s like to live in a country where “gyppos” take advantage of the system.

  232. i tink shes a model and luked gawjas so did every 1 else ye setteled people shouldnt call sme1 a prosute cause ye do sleep around verybad ye let yere daugthers of whoreing ye do get get pregnent and dnt even knw who da father is a traveller lad wrks hard 4 wat they get unlike like ye dirty smelly tramps

  233. I love how all the travellers are trying to defend it all, by mention how intelligent they are and how they arn’t trailer trash, and while I believe this, the people defending are epically failing, but just looking like idiots.

  234. Every single comment from anyone identifying as a traveller is unintelligible due to spelling and syntactical errors. And more, the ignorance and crudeness in what is said just makes matters worse.

    Being 1/4 Roma myself, I am well aware of the stereotypes. Unfortunately, NO ONE here has dis-proven the negative stereotypes.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re showing everyone that their worst assumptions about you are true.



    • gypsy babe is rite..every traveller girl is guna have a wedding like that..missy looked beaufiul on er wedding..fuck all ye dirty riding buffers whores dat get pregant 4m a 1 nite stand at least with us we no hu the f8r of our children is …………………………

  236. This is more than just bad taste. She’s 16 for crying out loud! Or she was. Anyone know if they are still married 2 yrs later?

  237. […] OTT but steeped in traditional values… behind the scenes at three gypsy weddings | Mail Online Outer limits TACKY 150k wedding for UK 16 year old girl! Ugliest dress EVER! All things heinous, tra… I've yet to see any other culture where the kids go to weddings dressed like […]

  238. She’s only 16? She looks like she’s 40.

    • ya ugly whore ahe looks like shes 16 cuz she is 16

  239. …How did they find out about the internet in their trailer parks?

  240. I find it quite sad that these young girls only dream of their weddings and being settled down before they have a chance to live. There’s such a huge world to explore! With that much money you can have an incredible time!

    Parents don’t want their girls mixing with boys for the fear of drugs, sex and alcohol? Do they not trust their daughters to be strong and say no? The more you tell someone they can’t do something, the deeper you’re burying that seed of rebellion. Kids will always find a way to defy their parents.

    As for the wedding, the only thing that i actually liked the sound of was the Rolls-Royce Phantom.

  241. I think I can make out..’we dont need no 1 to take us seriously’ – well that’s a relief – I’ve taken fur balls my cat coughed up more seriously than some of the inane drivel posted here

  242. I’m not a Traveller or a Romany Gypsy but I know plenty and I find some of the comments people are writting very sad and racistin this day and age. Travellers and Gypsies are lovely people and very proud of there culture ok there fashion might not be to every ones taste but why the nasty comments???? Missy and Thomas I think you make a lovely couple and good luck to you both XXX

    • I do agree in the sense that the racist comments are ucompletely pointless.
      But everyone is aloud to make fun of fasion, technically. as I artist, I know when things clash, and this wedding just CLASHES.

      And the whole making the little girls look like whores is terrible. It looks like their parents are Pagent moms, and they annoy me so much DX

    • If you are going to have a tacky wedding don’t be surprised when people call it tacky. Little of this has to do with anyone being a Traveller, it has to do with this girl’s terrible taste in… everything.

      It also doesn’t help that almost every Traveller who has posted on here has had a terrible grasp on proper spelling and grammar and refers to people as “jealous handicaps”.

      Seriously, I can’t believe the level of ignorance. None of this has anything to do with their “race” (honestly I don’t even consider them a unique race, I consider them the trailer trash of the UK. Race and lifestyle are two completely different things).

      • Sorry slatterS, think you’ll find you’re wrong:

        Travellers are a recognised minority group under the Race Relations Act since 2000. The fact that you may disagree doesn’t count!

        “Race” and “lifestyle” may indeed be different but ethnicity (best way to describe travellers?) is intricately linked to lifestyle. Its v complicated! Race is mainly a biological physical thing, ethnicity/culture is not. Would you say someone bought up in a certain culture does not belong to it purely because they are not a seperate physical race, like asian or black? SO what, it doesnt count?

        You say “Seriously, I can’t believe the level of ignorance”. well nor can I! Read a book on basic anthropology! Just cos a certain group is not visibily racially different, does not mean their culture isnt real, so you can’t just slag them off as trailer trash!

        BTW Im playing Bigot Bingo, if anyone replies with “political correctness gone MAD!!!!” I score! 😛

  243. Good god, this has got to be a joke.. It’s nothing but a whore fest, a tacky one at that. Even whores don’t have to be this tacky. This is so sad, the poor children being taught to think that this is normal. I would be devastated if my daughter looked like she was hitting the streets right after the vows were spoken. I’ve got big boobs too, but unlike the “look at my knockers” mother of the bride; mine will be taking the day off and keeping a low profile in honor of my daughter’s day. Lordy.

  244. I used to live in Hertfordshire, and we had a group of travellers park up on the green near our house. Not being English, and never having been around travellers before, I thought all the things I’d been hearing were racist talk and I would give them the benefit of the doubt.

    It was horrible.

    Their dogs were tied to their caravans during the day, but let run loose at night. The dogs spent the day snarling at anyone who walked along the pavement. They came across as vicious.

    The mess they left behind was atrocious. There was human excrement everywhere. The green had to be cordoned off, and the kids weren’t allowed to play there because it had to be decontaminated.

    I wanted to believe in the romance of the way of life, but what they left behind brought me back down to earth with a bump!

  245. It really doesn’t matter who this is getting married, nor how old she is, it’s still a tacky wedding because:
    a) Those boobs are ridiculous. All of them.
    b) The fake tans are hideous. Fake tans that orange are always hideous.
    c) Y’know, what’s most attractive about children is how sweet and young and pure they look with their clear skin and glossy hair and sweet smiles. You can still see it in the two dressed in pink, but none is apparent in that “girl” dressed in gold and her miserable friend (who is wearing a garter why?). Goldie looks like a hollow shell of a child. That’s more just depressing than tacky though.
    d) Those sticky-outy-elbows. Plain weird. Looks like they’re all trying desperately to suck their tummies in.
    e) That someone would spend soooooooo much money on something so ephemeral; it’s quite revolting (what with starving children in Africa etc). Even then, I don’t think they got value for money, because for all that was spent, the whole thing looks really cheap, like a Vegas quickie wedding (or, apparently, a weeding). I mean really…balloon arch? Come ON.
    f) A dress so big and heavy it’s hard to move or even stand in. That’s just stupid.
    g) Painted on eyebrows. They’re tacky on anyone and at any time. She’s 16! Under all that cake and rouge there’s probably a pretty face. Let it show, let it show, let it show. Apart from that cottage cheese belly. It makes her look like she’s had babies already, even if she hasn’t.
    h) Bridesmaids’ dresses: they look like the things I buy to clean the bath with, except I’d choose prettier colours. I know bridesmaids’ dresses are typically superugly though. Here I think a silvery tone in a straight style and satiny fabric would have complemented the bride’s attire far more. Acres of netting is cheap and nasty. I understand that what these people think is attractive must differ greatly from what I do, which is why I can understand why these pictures are on tackyweddings.com and enjoy them being here and perhaps they can’t. (It’s hard to tell, really, what with having to translate from Illiterate all the time.)

    Please note: I am not the remotest bit jealous when I determine that to my tastes, this wedding is extremely tacky. I would never want to get married that young, look like that, wear a dress like that, spend that much money, make my friends dress like that or have guests who dressed like that to my wedding. I would much rather spend that money on my house, travel, my future family, microloans through Kiva and sponsoring another child or two in Kenya.


    • 1) Please turn off Caps Lock.
      2) Remember that there are these things called ‘sentences’ and ‘punctuation.’ That means ideas are seperated by periods and, when one pauses mid-sentence, a comma is put in that spot.
      3) If all the people in your ‘culture’ speak the way you do, I would hope they apply their brain cells in some other way because they’re obviously not being used to type or communicate effectively.
      4) Before you tell us to “THINK ABOUT [your] CULTURE BEFOR [we] SPEEK,” you should think about us “COUNTRY LOUDNEYS(PROSTITUTES)”‘s culture, which you probably don’t give a shit to do anyhow.



      What with the incomprehensible spelling and syntax, and nearly total lack of punctuation, I honestly thought you were talking about wanting HIV for a second.

      But then I realized that although my personal opinions on your lifestyle choices lead me to conclude that you are at least somewhat nuts, very few people are *that* kind of crazy.

      Best of luck,

    • … Is this a joke, or do you seriously type like that?

  247. […] más cutre del mundo Los novios con sus padres: la crónica en: Outer limits TACKY 150k wedding for UK 16 year old girl! Ugliest dress EVER! joder, esto es el epítome del mal gusto I'm polymerized tree sap and you're an inorganic […]

  248. some people jus dont understand travellers and there ways. we dress that way beacause we want to. because we feel confidant in them.if som gorjers went and wore sank lik dat den dey wud b probley going off whoreing or sank. but us travellers av more respect for ourself. now i duno hu u is callin child prostatutes but i can assure u im no whore.u lot is always painting all travellers wif d 1 brush. wel DONT JUDGE THE BOOK BY IT COVER!!!!.now i no som gorjers nd i wrk wit them and i find dem nice to get on wif nd dey no bot me nd dey av relised dat not all travellers are the same…u lot shud try to get to know som travellers b4 comming on er makin thinks up in yer fetish lil heds bot travellers. if yu lot are so against travellers den why is the best half of yu going around acting lik us…haha dont hate us cos u aint us!!!!

    • Learn to spell you retard – can’t understand a word of that. All the money you guys spend on your pantomime freak weddings, you could splash out on a dozen Speak ‘N’ Spells

      • Sharlene, that was hard to read! I got there though. You made some good points and I’ve noted them. However, the nearest most of us are going to get to getting to know any of you is on this thread. We haven’t exactly been treated to warmth and generous hospitality, we’ve had plenty of death threats though!

        Do you not think that dressing little girls in skimpy, revealing costumes is a little bit distasteful? Seriously, they’re a paedophile’s dream. We ‘gorjas’ believe kids should dress like kids and not be dressed up by adults to look like a mini-prostitute. If there was a little girl in our street who was dressed like that, social workers would be involved in the blink of an eye; to us, it’s tantamount to child abuse.

        I loved dressing as a fairytale princess when I was small, if my mother had dressed me to look like a five-quid whore and told me I looked like Cinderella then I’d have a severe problem with it as soon as I was old enough to know the difference.

        Kids are innocent, they don’t know any different, adults should respect that. Whether you mean to do it or not, your little girls are being tricked into dressing sleazily under the pretence of looking like a princess, it’s not fair on them and it’s really not ok. If they want to look like a street-walker when they grow up then that’s their choice. Being made/tricked to look like a slapper when they’re little is wrong on any level.

        The thing is, adults know the difference between a fairytale character and a sleazy tart, little ones don’t. Adults have a responsibility to make sure their kids look nice and not like they’re pimping them out.

        Do you see where I’m coming from?

  249. i think it outta orda evryfing every1 seyin bwt travellers on here im a traveller an we most respectful lasses ya will ever meet so what if we wear short skirts and crop tops atleast we dnt go abwt duin or even talkin bwt mucky things! we get married then have children and look after them. we not like u gorjas goin owt an getin pregnant to strangers we dont believe in that we get married and very few of us get divorces we believe marriage os for life and our men go out working extrememly hard every day to support ther wifes and children and to try their best to give us everything we want and deserve missy is a luvly lass and it was HER day she got everything SHE wanted and SHE loved every minute of HER DAY so why do you have to put it on websites like this and make horrible comments about it end a the day she was having her wedding it wasnt for all u gorjas to like or enjoy it was for he to like it and her to enjoy it so why ever do you call it!! i think its disgracful how u lot call us pikies and that and yes we do call u stuff buh the only reason we do is coz u call us pikies and things so why shouldnt we call u back its only fair it should be down as racism like black people ya get chucked in prison ifyou be racist that way you should be for sayin pikie and stuff too. Leave the lass alone and leave her wedding alone SHE loved it and so did the guests and all us travellers love it too nobody asked for your opinion on it so back off and leave it alone!

    • Grow up Jessy-Jane, Missy sold her wedding photos to a national newspaper so they could publish them in the public arena. By doing that, she’s invited everyone to have her say. You can’t have it all ways, if you don’t want your big day open to the possibility of ridicule then don’t invite such comments by being greedy and selling the photos. It’s not rocket science, it’s the real world, you put kids in a sweet shop and they’ll eat the sweets.

  250. Missy your wedding dress is a disgrace.it is nice but for you to walk into the church dressesd like that the preist probly took a heart attack when he saw ya.i wouldnt mind if ya wore da dress at the reseption.get a life biatch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • ya stokes bastard u sud get a life

    • u jealous bastard go and hang your self out of a tree pitty you dont have adress like her because you ouldnt be able to were it cause your pigs stomach would be hanging ten mile over the skirt you wouldnt see the skirt fatty stokes

  251. Meh doesnt bother me..Each to their own

  252. Missy and Thomas i wish yee all the best dont mind those bastards that put ya down ther just jelous of ya.BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  253. she made everyone look like a wh*re just like her

  254. Well Done! I Like it!

  255. Following on from the post earlier on in the thread, it might be a good idea to say at this point if anyone thinks we’re being racist then get yourself along to a pikey site to see what they leave behind when they’ve finished trashing it.

    Every pikey site I’ve seen is littered with rubbish and there’s a godawful stench of excrement, grease and rotten bins in the air. Their poor kids are dragged up to be filthy, scummy and feral and most of the adults aren’t too far off the same. If they think they’re so damn perfect, why don’t they start contributing to the society that pays for them to live like offensive lawless freaks?

    I personally feel that taxpayers should withdraw all funds where pikeys are concerned, make employing pikeys to do private jobs become an imprisonable offence and fence the lot of them in so they can’t rob decent people anymore and then see how much money they’ll have to spend on their farcical pantomime comedy weddings.

    A close family member who works for the DWP has told me that there’s a huge amount of pikeys who scam our benefits by claiming in multiple names. No wonder they’re minted enough that by 35 years old that they can stump up £100k cash on their daughter’s ‘£5-all-in Soho Street Walker’ themed fancy dress weddings.

    There’s no two ways about it, their ‘money’, however they come by it, is only theirs because of us and our misplaced generosity. That makes them a bunch of the worst hypocrites that civilised society has ever had the misfortune to payroll.

    If they paid their way legitimately in society, then we’d even go so far as to applaud their shite taste in weddings. Think on: we only take the piss because you’re just about the biggest c*nts on this fine planet and we own you all.

    I’m fed up with being nice, I’ve now decided to talk to them like they talk to us. So what if some of us have more than one husband? We don’t dress our kids as whores, buy them fake tits and teach them to rob/slag off the hands that feed and clothe them. Ungrateful bunch of bastards.

    • Wer ya liv Bridget?? Cus I wood luv ya ta tel me al tis ta me face.. Cuz by d tym ya wood ave tault abet sayin it ya wood b on d floor knocked spark out ya cuntry egjit

    • “Dressing kids as whores” what a dirty mind you have. They are dance costumes bought in dance shops and off dressmakers because little girls like dancing around in tutus. ballarinas etc

      Yes I have heard of councils paying up to £100k cleaning up sites after SOME travellers but I think thats more a reflection on the industry you have built up out of criminalising travellers rather than the actual amount of rubbish acumilated. No amount of rubbish costs £100k to remove but apparently your red tape does.

      It is racist because travellers are a race recognised under the race relations act 1976.

      As for not contributing to society and paying tax,if you think that its only because you don’t recognise travellers that aren’t fitting into your negative sterio type. Most travellers work, I personally am a licensed landlord (housing mainly settled people receiving housing benifit as a result of benifits they receive from the dwp). I pay tax and would not have been granted a license had I had a criminal record. I hold an unrelated post graduate diploma, have 5 kids and am not yet 30. I also had a huge wedding when i young because young girls love big dresses. eg: prom / deb dresses and can’t understand how you can be so offended by one of our girls having big wedding dress. I’m not crying about your sweet 16 or prom partys lacking taste…

    • Bridget, I’ll have you know not every (pikey) site is littered , nor does every site stink. my mother done a fantastic job of raising me and my brothers and sisters , we was not in any way dragged up as you so ignorantly put it. you go on and on about how we con taxpayers hard earned money , well then i guess that makes you better then us because you pay taxes! whoop-de-do ! i pay taxes , i am currently going to uni for a degree in child care , so am i better then them ? no. i am one of them , it does not make you in any way better then someone because some of your pay goes to the government , and your such a valued member of society , you just referred to fellow human beings as freaks ! You have a lot of anger issues that i think you should sort out with a professional. just read your comment , you just called innocent children whores , no matter what a child is wearing they are not whores , so if a child runs around naked does that make them a whore ? if your answer is yes then you need your head testing. and you know what its people like you that that makes me sick . and this message probably will not get through to that racist head of yours so i am going to stoop down to your level : get a life you racist fuck! do you really think that your opinion matters? you stupid two pound fifty street walking whore! fuck you and anyone who belongs to you , I would like to see you say all this face to face with a gypsy but some how i know you wouldn’t because your just like the rest of these these cowards on here , all brave down the other end of the computer!


    • Was that supposed to be an insult? Yeah, you spend 100k and we only spend 50k. You get one day of trash, and we get a classy wedding, PLUS an extra 50k for our future together. I know which one I’d choose.

      And did you really just try to say that we smell?? HAHAHAHAHA.

  257. Your first paragraph is exactly how the gypsies (actually I’ll say pikeys as gorja is just as offensive and that’s been used much more) have been treating us, if you take a look back at the thread. I understand you seem to think it’s exclusively the other way around but trust me, it isn’t. You can still pledge allegiance to the pikeys if you like, I really couldn’t give a toss. Just saying they’ve treated us like that, too.

    Your second paragraph, you tried hard but nothing in the content of that actually reflects anything about me or my life, not in the slightest.

    I’m afraid you failed to connect with me.

    • I’m assuming that was sent in reply to me but you just didn’t understand how to use the reply button below my previous post.

      I don’t think racist behaviour is exclusive to any one culture, I just think it’s exclusive to losers in general.

      As for that paragraph that you felt wasn’t a good reflection of you or your thinking: Is that because you can’t relate to successful women or because u don’t see how the dress sense displayed at a typical sweet 16 party might lack taste?

  258. Well, a good time was had by all. I don’t understand why virgins would be dressing as whores or why bad cabana dresses are considered appropriate wedding gowns, but then I’m not one of their club. It’s strange how closed groups will evolve some very weird styles and practices and then become blind to how they are perceived by everyone else. The bride wanted to “out-do” all the other extravagant taste-free gowns in her circle. I really don’t understand dressing the little girls as whores if virginity is a treasured cultural value.

    • The more I get to know about the pikey culture, the more hypocritical I find their way of life. The authorities really should grow a pair and clamp down on all their illegal practices. No matter what kind of dwelling they live in, they should pay their way like the rest of society and be bound by the laws of the country they live in.

      • We pay r way 4 example I live on a site n me father owns d land we ave setup on we ave electric by buyin generators al d men on d sit wrk even d boys fm bwt 12/13 wer self-employed tey wrk everyday how does tat sound lyk we dnt pay ?? We dnt live in scummy council houses or sponge of d goverment lyk ta gorgers wer al tat money cumin frm ???( d society)

  259. Big up d delaney n dohertys thn d Irish tinkers thn me follow gypsys god b with ya n wotchin ova ya xxx god bless

  260. I linked through to this site for a good laugh at a tacky wedding and found a race war going on that was even funnier. What a bitch-fight!
    As an Australian, I may not be getting all the cultural references, but…

    First: Sorry travellers, this wedding may be beautiful to you, but to the rest of us, we just marvel at how ugly it is; the bride, her dress, the guests, the tans, the children (“Oh, why don’t they think of the children!”). There isn’t ANY jealousy, only hearty belly laughs. Obviously your style doesn’t translate.

    Second: Why can’t you see the disconnect between your claims of female chastity and traveller moral superiority with the image of you dressing your small children as cheap prostitutes in those last two images? The group image of girls in turquoise dresses (bridesmaids?) could be a cultural mode of celebration (who am I to judge) and aren’t too terrible, but the child-whores were too much!

    Third: Home schooling isn’t working because you can’t string two words or thoughts together into a sentence. Your moronic text-speak (I can only assume that is what it is) isn’t helping your argument that you aren’t a “culture” of illiterate, sub-human, violent thugs and whores. I thought they were hilariously stupid, but they are so easy to dismiss by all those grammar-nazis here. If we can’t understand your incoherent babbling, then how are we going to talk to you as human beings? Those of you who claim you are going to college, I can only assume you meant to put “hairdressing” before “college”, because you clearly don’t have the literacy skills for anything more demanding.

    Fourth: You don’t get to have some sort of veto over what people view and what they say about it. If you don’t like it, why are you here? You have not done yourselves or your “culture” any favours by your responses.

    Fifth: I’m a teacher who has experience with students from poor, migrant and indigenous backgrounds. From your manner here in this forum, I believe I can tell what your background is: poor, marginalised family grouping, with everyday, normalised criminal behaviour. I see it in some of my students, and in all cases it is not because of societal discrimination but from learned family behaviour. These families are marginalised because of their everyday anti-social behaviour, and not race or culture because they are invariably caucasian families. Which leads to…

    Sixth: In my teaching career, I have found migrant families to be the most enjoyable to associate with. They want to be here, they want to work hard for their children, and they want to take advantage of all the opportunities that Australia can offer. They want to fit in with their community, and not lose their culture. They do it by compromising the things that don’t hurt, in order to keep the things that are important. It seems to me, that you don’t try. If you don’t try, why should anyone else give a shit about you?

    Everyone else.
    First: I don’t understand the back story here, so I’ll pass over the mildly bigoted comments. Perhaps they are based on past bad experiences. However, I can’t get over calls for concentration camps, forced sterilization and institutionalised discrimination. I thought we had got rid of those, and had reached a consensus that such things were bad? They are bad, right?

    Second: No one likes an over-aggressive Grammar-Nazi. Ridiculing the stupid non-speak is one thing, but nitpicking over the spelling/grammar of comments that are at least trying to have a reasonable argument just because you don’t like it is another. Can’t the Internet get past this?

    Third: I call BS on the “drive-way surfacer” with 100K to drop on a wedding. Maybe “drive-way surfacers” in Britain get paid more than they do in Australia.

    Fourth: Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is truth, truth beauty. Also, there is no accounting for taste.

    • Perhaps the only sane, measured, informed and thoughtful comment here.

      I think it’s quite telling that nobody else has replied to this. Is it perhaps because some simple truths have been (eloquently) spoken and nobody can take issue?

      Sorry this is such a late response to this post and you’re unlikely to read it Appalled Australian, but my hat goes off to you.

  261. hey hairy fanny briget you fat sxxg go get your self a life.
    you coman whxxx
    you must have thosands of men in your lovley shity smelly broken bed.
    all yove been doin is makeing up points to run down irish travllers
    now shut your fat ugly gob
    if ur getting married wish ya luck on yor day because unlike us ull only spend a whole 5 pounds on ur day
    wen wer spending thosands on ours.

    and mak go fuck yor mammy
    and mak go fuck your mammy

  262. missy u looked absoulty lovely the day of your wedding but everyones jeloueus but dont pass heed in them their only buffers that dont have the price of a wedding and because their ggoing around slepping with all the men no1 wll marry them…all travellers boys use the buffer girls to sleep with because they no that travellers girls are clean decent girls that wudnt..they make them der wifes in stead..buffer girls or country ppl are known as dirt and scum to travellers with the dirty houses i have never been in a travellers hse where it is dirty u could ate off their floors..

  263. travler gurls ar nawt whores unlike all ues torn cunted prostitutes`i wonder if they even noe wat a virgin is????? xxxx

    • your idea of a “virgin” is a poor fake-titted, orange girl who thinks nothing of being half-naked in a church. i’m glad i don’t “noe” of that sort of virgin.

  264. I was once told that those who litter their vocabulary with profanities have a poor grasp of the english language

  265. For god sake how many narrow minded can people be she is young and stunning. It was there wedding and that was beatiful to them i have been brought up with travllers and they are the nicest people you could know. Those of you who are putting down ths young couple should be ashamed of yourselves your the poor sad idiot ignorant and rude. Hope they have a happy and wonderfull marriage. Sod you sad people your only jealous

  266. HAHAHA! LOL. Ok,I know you’re a reader of my blog (weddingpros.wordpress.com), because I’ve seen your posts and links. Now I am an official fan of your stuff. This post and the commentary is hilarious. The feedback that you’re getting is the exact kind of flack I catch from people on my Ugliest Wedding Cakes, Sluttiest Wedding Dresses type of posts. This is absolutely hilarious. I love it. I have to add you to my Blogroll. Your humor is exactly in line with mine. That’s funny.

  267. Disgusting!! Who could actually walk into a CHURCH dressed like that? And she IS to middle heavy to wear a midriff top. she’s 16 and already has a flabby stomach that most get 20 years later. Can’t really blame her though, she didn’t get much education so she can’t compute what a fool she looks like.

  268. I think she looks stunning ,although i would not choose a dress like this ,it was that girls most important day of her life and she chose to wear what she felt apropriate for her day .No one should critsise someones dress sense or culture in the way some people have on this website .Although travller girls wear more revealing clothes it is not because they are ‘whores’ or ‘sluts’ It’s just a fashion trend like any other and from personal experience travller girls tend to be far more dignified and sensible then their settled peers .People who have such a dim view of the travelling culture are extremely ignorant!

  269. I fail to see how people are being racist. Are travellers a race?

    No, so stop saying racist.

    A better word would be prejudice.

    Also, I would be insulted if my parents took me out of school at the age of nine.

    I also feel bad that all the travellers/gypsies comments were written horribly. It’s like you don’t even care if you are uneducated.

    Sad, really.

  270. Just like settled people a traveller can get married in whatever she chooses be it big, small, wide, plain or tacky. While it often happens that girls are married in their teens it’s more common for them to be married their early 20’s . Because travellers are white, racists only recognise us when they see them in unfavourable circumstances and never recognise us as travellers when they see one in everyday circumstances ie: recepionsts, students, business men or perfectly normal brides in their early 20’s. I realise travellers in plain dresses don’t make the news but I wouldn’t assume all settled women are sluts because I seen the odd one on tv that was. Why would you judge all travellers on the actions of individuals?

  271. im a irish travel and you jaelus bigs hwo cant aford a bar of sop calling us TAKIE when your the ones letting your 13 year old girl get pregnet im only 13 and i woulnt even dream of kissing a boy and if i did my mother and father would go man and i bet that all of you handcaps have slept with 10 men befor getting married we wouldent even freanch kiss a boy a boy befor gitting married.and we dont take drugs ether just becus we have the highest of marlers you are dead jealus and i would rather be dead than being a rasit, dirty ,abousive bigs like you but the thing is i dont hat you i bitty you

  272. !!!!lmao!!! 30,000 dollar dress… with dollar store archway!! lmao!!… here in the staes we DO call that TRASH!! and people can defend that all they want… the truth remains BAD PARENTING MAKES !!BAD PEOPLE!!… daddys pay attention to your daughters, you never know how far a girl will go to get some male attention… OBVIOUSLY

  273. im a irish travler and how dear you suk up bigs call us TAKIE when you all let your 13 year old girls get pregnat im 13 years old and i wouldent even dream about kissing aboy we traverls dont even freanch kiss a boy befor being married to a boy so what you on about “cild prostotshin” traverlers are the only culture that dont do chid prustatishin so get you F-ing facts say any thing bad abot and if you sead any of what you lot are saying now to a traverler you wouldent be living.and some coutery poeple can aford these wedding but they dont love thear cildren anuf to give them a wedding like missy dad love’s her and no wounder why traverlers dont want their childern going to school with all the countery childern plus the fact 99% of traverls that left school gets a cwalfid tuder xxx jackie doran missy you dont no me but loving the wedding dress

  274. I found this website expecting to be amused, but instead am dismayed by the hate and vitriol that human beings can throw at each other.

    There are a lot of deeply unintelligent and uninformed people making remarks about each other’s way of life. Don’t you realise that a culture alien to your own sparks off criticism and even hatred in those who do not understand, or accept it?

    To traveller girls their style of wedding is obviously important and in many ways symbolises the love the fathers have for their daughters, sparing them nothing. To non traveller eyes, this ostentatious display is “tacky”, to traveller girls it is a day of dreams come true. And bloody good luck to them. I have been to many utterly tedious “gorja” weddings, I bet a traveller wedding may be many things, but boring is not one of them. So leave the girls alone, stop pouring insults on them from behind the safety of your keyboards, and both sides accept that their style of wedding is abhorrent in the sight of the other, but the ultimate in good taste to them.

    Regarding illiteracy, how obnoxious are people like mak who insist on correcting grammatical and spelling errors; mak you are making a pretentious twat of yourself. And please be aware that uneducated does not mean unintelligent, neither does being grammatically correct (and you aren’t always) put you above anyone else.

    If anyone has the intelligence to get past the illiteracy, what comes over very strongly is the strong sense of unity the travelling folk have. There are many dignified reponses to the insults. However I have to say that the reason for the nasty comments are erroneously put down to jealousy – gorjas are no more jealous of travellers than travellers are of gorjas, no matter how many times you shout it. Those dresses or the amount of money spent on them only arouses a sense of disbelief or horror, not jealousy. The travellers’ community spirit and willingness to stick up for each other is, in my opinion, something to be envied.

    I too have lived by playing fields and supermarket car parks which have been taken over by gypsies who leave behind a disgusting mess for others to clear up. Now I live in a part of the country which has a larger population of travellers, and you would hardly know they are there. So it’s true, you can’t tar them all with the same brush.

    Also, look to the non travelling community’s teenage pregnancy rate, drug and drink problems, tax evasion, crime, thieving, cowboy builders, illiterates and txt spk generation before you go throwing insults at others.

    And the comments about enforced sterilisation made me feel sick.

    Some of the traveller girls’ comments haven’t done them any favours, but they are young, they are angry, and their way of life is being ridiculed and they live their life being shunned by society – how exactly are they expected to react?

    I didn’t have much of an opinion about travellers before I read the comments on here, now I am much more sympathetic to them than I was before. I don’t get my opinions from the Daily Mail, I get them from the way people treat each other.

    This site is revolting, people can get married in any way they want and dressed as they want and shouldn’t have to be ridiculed by a bunch of patronising snobs.

    But I have to say, I wouldn’t hold Katie Price up as a bastion of good taste.

  275. well… where do i begin ….. i shall start by saying i am a traveling girl or ” gypsy” or ” pikey ” what ever you want to call me not much bothered tell the truth because all of your opinions really mean nothing to me , not every traveling girl gets married at 16 , but even if they did who’s choice is it ? hhmm….. and you probably dont approve but who cares , you will find more gorger girls who are single parent at 15 ,14 ,13 silly little girls who couldnt keep there legs closed in your culture then you will in ours yes traveling girls may not dress to your taste but at least we have morels . we only have one man and thats our husbands how many of you can say you waited for marrage ? ( not many ) and as for taking the children out of school at a young age yes they do umm i wonder why when , when they do get into school this is there greeting ” dirty pikey” , ” smelly gypsy” and if the parent are saying it you can depend on their children being brought up to think its ok , would you teach your children to hate black people ? no of course not that would be racist! but you people have double standards but dont worry you can focus all your hate on us , just because you dont understand something do that mean you should hate it ? does that mean we should criticize it ? …. yea because its easier to hate something you dont understand then to learn about it ! yes you people have such opinions on us but fail to look at your culture , most of you gorgers are on drugs , or are under age drinking or are single parent at a young age but thats ok that is you will just keep putting us down .. and as for child services how many traveling children are in child services ? ( was baby pea a traveling child…nope ) .. you wont find any because we know how to look after our children , you may believe all you hear on the news about us so shall we believe all thats said about yous lot … so according to the news your all rapists pedophiles and child killers ? because thats all that seems to be on the news you dont hear of a traveler abusing a child do you ? well then . but thats ok just keep hating us because we are different , ok what we will do then is abandon our culture because you people dont like it ok, yea great ! by the way people hows the weather up there on your high horses ? hhmm…? oh ! i get it now because you lot are living in council houses that means your better then us !! ohh sorry i get it now ! sily me and im sitting here thinking all people are equal ! how silly am i! well ive rambled on a lot now so im just gonna finish by saying i hope at least one person reads this and it hits home ( but i wont hold my breath) i dont think it will ignorance is bliss and all that so you keep thinking how good your people are and how shitty we are but at the end of the day does your hatred and cruel comment make you feel good ? if so then what a truly wonderful person you are ! good night god bless people , hope your prejudice keeps you warm at night !

    • Um… look up Madelyn Toogood — a Traveller caught on tape beating the bejeezuz out of her daughter.

  276. TO STILL SHAKING MY HEAD, I will admit I am not allowed to wear clothes like this but the reason why many travelling girls are is because they socialise with only a small group of people and don’t have much freedom, Because they are always with the same group of people they don’t get “bad names” which are like whores and sluts because they all find it usual to dress like this. The girls have the figures and look stunning. The children are a bit OTT though.

  277. oh and by the way ( just read all the comments ) a couple of people complained about the travelers stopping near their areas , my question is how many of you actually got up from your computer screens ( where you so (BRAVELY ) write all these hurtful not to mention racist comments and told them to go? ..haha not one of you . so you may get brave down the other end of the screen but if you did actually come face to face with one of us bet you would put your head down and walk away with your mouth shut…( like a good little gorjer person ) oh and how much do they get paid on the dole ?!?!?!?! because no matter how much the wedding cost i doubt the government is paying out 150 k (or how ever much it cost) on the dole !! oohhhhh and one more thing this seems awfully familiar ummm.. let me see .. ahhh yes black people didnt you people have them as slaves ? mmm thought so …. such high morels you people have hahahaha and dont half you people let your young children run around naked and have bikinis on the beach now thats disgraceful you dont know who is on that beach watching your child ! so whats the difference ? these are going to a family! not filled with strangers but with people they have grew up with ! yes the dress isn’t to my taste but neither is racists so …..

  278. So they can spend 100K on a wedding for a apir of children. But they cnt afford to pay some taxes n give back to society? Cheers, u cheap skiving C*nts

  279. tell ya what yeah all ye country people are a load of hipicrits saying were hores and prostitutes,yeah we mite dress reavealing but we know whats wrong and whats write,and yere the ones that go with evry boy that looks at ya and live with boys before yere married,and we mite have tacky weedings to ye but its the way we live,and we dont agree with everything ye do in yere lives but we dont go on about it we live and let live,and yere very good at calling us sluts when thats not the case alltogether,we were brought up right by our parents and we get married as clean as the day we were born,and ye dont know us well anuf to judge us its a case of judging a book by its cover,so you shouldent talk about what you dont know,and i think that missy made a lovly bride shes outstanding,there a goodlooking couple,so all ye haters think before ye talk! laterzz haterzz x

  280. These comments are unreal, not all travellers are the same as not all muslims are the same, or all us brits are the same. I personally do not like Missy’s dress, but my friends did not like my dress. It is a matter of choice. I think to call them children “child prostitutes” is wrong, these are still children, no matter how they are dressed. I had a really horrible wedding and I wish I could of afforded better, so the bride is a lucky girl. In respect of the different types of travellers, i have met many. Some of the travellers, steal, give abuse, leave mess behind and have no respect for anyone or anything that is not part of thier culture. On the other hand i have met some honest and hardworking travellers that are polite and respectful. I do not think all this swearing and abuse is helping anyone. The fact that this site is for tacky weddings is what has caused all this. Some may come on here and say they think the dress is gorgeous, it is a matter of an individuals taste. I personally have had problems with some travellers who have settled here, one girl was pregnant at 14 years old and i saw her at the school, other parents were calling her names and calling her because she was a traveller. I felt awful for this girl and approached her to see if she had everything for her baby, she explained she was struggling. i had some baby items from having my son including a pram worth £600 and i asked some friends who had recently had babies for thier help. I gave all these items to the girl, she seemed grateful and such a nice girl. 2 months later the girl and her cousin beat up my 16 year old daughter and mugged her. They got away with it, but because they did, they continued to harrass my family for a year. even my 5 yr old was punched and kicked by an 8 year old. The 8 year old said he was told to do it by his family. I was ready to judge them all but on another occasion a travellers child stole a bike from my yard, an hour later his dad bought it back and apologised. So i will never put them into the same category again. As long as missy was happy thats all that matters.

  281. looks more like a hookers meeting..this is horrible..what parent would allow that!

  282. I’m with all the Travellers and Traveller defenders and I’m not even a Traveller.
    Traveller girls are damned respectable and despite the impression that wedding dress may give, that girl, if she’s a true Traveller, has waited, as in, sexually, til marriage to sleep with her man.
    Real Traveller girls are good girls who know how to balance looking sexy with not actually being sluts, a balance which seems to escape girls from dozens of other cultures.

    I say congratulations to her on her special day and wish her a happy, healthy future.

  283. In other news, this is some of the funniest, most disturbing reading I’ve found in a long time!

    I am curious, though, if “travellers” live in “caravans” that aren’t hooked up to regular utilities, how are these “traveller” respondents gaining access to the internet???



  285. This is just their culture. They marry young. The girls want to look attractive and sexy for their husbands. They want to have plenty of children. The male children apprentice as asphalt pavers.

    That isn’t a bad thing. They are some of the best asphalt pavers in the world. If you think it isn’t a skilled trade, maybe you should try it.

    The girls are not “sluts”, probably as a percentage they are more likely to be virgins than the general population. And from what I have read, divorce is almost nonexistent.

  286. sabez no nom em gusto para nadaaaaaaaaaaaa

  287. Wow, is this for real or some kind of prank or joke–like on one of those british tv shows? I bet this “wedding” was staged to shock and amuse everybody and those people are having a big laugh right now> Great job!Ha ha ha!

  288. i dont understand why some people are being so horrible n bitchy on this.. Im not a traveler n i have great respect for these ppl the girl are wayyy more respectfull n disaplined than any girls i kno yes they marry young but so what 4 most of these girls it will b there first and only boyfriend that should be something to congratulate not slag off the dress is not to my taste like but i give her credit for sticking to what she wants to wear n not sticking to societies conformities i think ppl shud take more of the values n pride for ther culture that travellers have n use them in ther own lives !

  289. These pictures make me glad not to be a “traveller.” There’s something about this display that is very disturbing. I wish there was some follow-up on these newlyweds. I’d love to know how married life goes for them.

  290. al ye dirty handycaips da gal is ryt its ntn da do wit yee we gett married youngg nott becausee wee avee 2 butt becausee wee wantt 2 nd most of our weddings are amazing ye wudn no a gd wedding if it jumpeed up nd bit ya that ye may all choke on yer words nd we are clean bures we dnt feek evey fella dat cums rounds us cause we actullay ave self respect ya load dirty innocent rid out common whores basterds

  291. Awesome, now that’s a wedding I want an invite to… God, I hate our boring, tacky U.S. weddings (as if, renting a tux is not the epitome of tacky). I’ve been dragged to probably a dozen or so weddings, half I suspect, must have cost a great deal more than $150K. Talk about boring and thankfully, like most weddings, forgotten none to soon. Admittedly, two were great, but they were nontraditional and without all the faux pomp. In U.S. “traditional” weddings everyone’s pretending to be pious, proper, proud etc., and the reality is they planned their wedding from some fucking kit and everyone playing a person from the planner. So cynical, yes. And alas, they will be divorced in three years. This however, looks like a trashy, bling bling good time and…honesty so. I bet the music and dancing were as unforgettable as her dress (and her mom’s ahem..dress). Plus how can you possibly get divorced after achieving so much notoriety? So congrats to the Travellers for keeping life interesting!

    One Caveat: We could all tone it down with the youngsters, but then again they dress them up lasciviously in our conventional weddings too.

  292. us travler gurls r the most Densest gurls you will meet, we dont go jumping in to bed as soon as we can walk un like you GORJA’s

    • You’re right! You are dense! I’m so glad you can admit it.

  293. I dont believe how ignorant people are these days. when us travellers have our wedding we have it the way we want not how anyone else wants it. at the end of the day we only get married once so we have the biggest white wedding any little girl dreams about when shes a child but for you to say to us thats tacky and ugly u got no style to tell the truth. Missy Quinn & Carly O’Brien looked beautiful on their wedding day and yeah there dresses mite have cost a lot of money but they were able to pay for it not you or anyone else thats giving out about it. these girls families are able to pay for everything not borrow money off relatives or off the bank they get it out of there own pocket ok. I tell ya one thing though ya all fucking jealous of these girls because they are beautiful and they looked lovely on their wedding days. all ye people who aint travellers have got a fucking nerve to write on here how tacky and ugly these weddings are. If u saw us on the street or at a wedding you wud be standing looking at us because we are so sexy and our weddings are so big. I dont understand how someone could be so racist to us because of our weddings or who we are. you shud all get a life and shut up because u wouldnt say it to our faces half as good because you wud be afraid to. so if u got anything to say now just say it because if u think we care u have got another coming we dont care wat u people think its wat we like its our opinions that count not yours. our weddings will always be good cant u tell by the photos and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding when yor watching it on the telly. hahathen u got the nerve 2 come on here andwrite stuff ya can tell ya all afraid ya all big waisters. Travellers & Gypsies Rule Forever.
    Our weddings areveryone the best there definately aint no contest haha. from one sexy traveller to everyone else. hahahahahaha

    • You pikeys sound like the niggers of England.

  294. Oh wooooow…

    Thaaaaat dress is breaking a lot of bride etiquette… it’s cute, and fine and dandy for the bedroom, but for public display, and in a church for a ceremony? It’s totally inappropriate. If the skirt of the outfit had more length, or the garter belt was at least covered, it might be more suitable. Or, if she were going with a beach-theme, the halter top would probably have fit better.

    I won’t go in to the guests’ fashion, because it’s perfectly obvious how they’re breaking etiquette…

    But… yeah, just wow.

  295. Now this is just sad. This is the type of thing, you can safely blame the parents. Your child drops out of school, at the age of nine, she meets a boy working at an amusement park (only a year older then her) and when both are adolescents, they get married!! It’s so pathetic. To top it all off, this girl wants to be a supermodel!(< I'm not saying that is a bad dream) But really think about it. Not all supermodels are educated woman. Matter a fact, a good majority of them, have only skin deep aspiration. And yet, beauty fades like snow when the summer sun comes out. Say if she doesn't make it as a model, then what? Seriously, her options in life will be truly limited. Not to mention the fact she just put her hard-working father, it possible irreversible amounts of debt. That is why, it calls for more discipline, and trying to set a more clarified message when it comes to saying "no!" to your children. Honestly, when I first saw this picture, I wanted to beat every last person in this photo on the bare behind, and tell to open their eyes. Even the adults!

  296. all you people who hate travelers are fucking arssholes . i bet your right prostitutes who will drop their knikers for any man going

  297. you go and fuke you self your the hore not me

  298. your the slaper

    • youve got some cheek to call me a wore when you can fuck someone when you 6 months old

  299. your muters a hor not mine you big smely picke

    your a dickhead you stecky jipos

    • dont foret your real farthers a pikey you smelly guyerdog , tramp , wore. illajitamet bastard

      • You dirty pikey whore. You arent a slapper, cos u r too ugly to be fucked.

  300. At da end of da day if an english person was gettin married they would get married how they would want to get married ,,,, a marriage is for a lifetime so u have to make that 1 day special and how u want it people should respect her wishes to have the dress the way that she wanted it. And to get young is a good thing too because when u meet at a young age u tend to fall in love quicker and if u did get marrid young u would marry a virgin , not like english people these days going here there and everywhere, would u really like the image of ur husband or wife with someone else in an undesent manner ,, if the young woman decided to wear her dress like that its her bussinnes, if she decided to wear a bloody too-too with a dog leash its her bussiness and its what she would want people should respect dat ,, if u were getting married its the biggest day of ur life would u go by what other people would want ,, no bcoz its not there day its yours,, and as 4 the father fair play to him atleast he had the money to spoil his little girl it shows that he loves her and hes a hard worker ,, if he even tryed to get the money in an illegilly do u really think he would of got this far and got that much money,, no i dont tink so ,, at least he dosent sit at home and complain about bloody taxes he pays them like any heard working person would

  301. bridgie,bridgie, bridgie,instead of constantly driving past the gypsy camps looking for a man to shag, lets face it thats why your alway hanging around any way,why dont you go down to the dog kennels or find a stray and shag that intsead,you sad bitch.you have a queer cheek to call travllers violent,abusive,thieving people. when you buffers are the violent,abusive,thieving,raping,murdering,kiddie fiddiling,sleeping wih any thing that breathes,spreading any and every STI,known to man and whor.be carful of stones you thruo.coz a ton of bricks could land on you

    • You’re showing your stupidity meg!

      You’ve just underpinned in concrete and illustrated absolutely everything I wrote in my last post and I shall even go so far as to say thanks for adding some gilding as it’s a nice little finishing touch!

      You can’t hold a civil conversation without throwing in a few rather idiotic playground-oriented names can you? If you want to attempt insulting me, you might as well use something even vaguely accurate. For an insult to hurt someone, they have to be based in truth.

      I’ll give you a head start. I’m married (yes, for life), never slept around/been in the sex-trade, I always pay my own way including taxes, never stolen, never been in trouble with the law, hit or knowingly/purposefully hurt anyone and have never once even considered looking at any child in an inappropriate manner. I have a CBT certificate for work which allows me to work with children, if you need any proof. Mind you, the next pikey kid who thinks it’s funny to cause thousands of pounds worth of damage to mine and all my neighbours’ cars (which we buy with our own money, not that you can understand that) by slamming a big lump of flint into the bonnets/wings/doors/windows/lights, then I’ll happily put on my steel-toecapped workboots and kick it up the arse so hard it won’t touch the ground until the middle of next week. I would say “wouldn’t know what day it was” but it wouldn’t know that anyway, what with the lack of education it receives.

      Finally, for your information, I wouldn’t touch a pikey male with a twenty foot bargepole. The very thought of it makes me feel queasy, itchy, dirty and want to shower until I’ve scrubbed off all my skin. I’ll leave them to you meg, because let’s face it, it sounds like you’re not getting any. Have you heard of soap, shampoo and deodorant? It might help you.

      As for your mention of sexually transmitted diseases, someone else wrote that that pikey boys only have sex with our girls because pikey girls refuse. Just imagine all the STI’s the boys bring back to the campsite and give to their new wives/unborn children, do you still think it’s hilarious/want to use STI’s to insult us? Whatever we might have, you will all catch in time.

      What was that you said about stones and bricks?

  302. at leats our mommys and daddys are together unlike country people travelers gets married for love and not to take what ther husbands have and go off wit ther best friends behind ther back !! and maybe u think we wear nacked kinda cloths but at least we have da figure to fill um out unlike country people travelers gets fed lol missy looked lovely and so did her family she was someone to be proud of !! and another thing i have ta tell yah is dat our boys all have more respect in them selves ta go off wit country grls and if by chance they sometimes might thed be washin them selves away for a bout tree months after !! another thing if travelers was doin wat ye say ther doin maybe yer real daddys are travelers maybe yer closer to us then ye think lol so think befor ye talk and just rember ye asked for it !! im a traveler and im as proud as any traveler ever could be !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  303. ARE YE SERIOUS ??? i doubt all ye buffers shud look behind your own doors before ye try look behind ours!! ye talk about hw travelling children are brought up, ( nw thats beyond low to ballarag kids)but one thng for sure traveller kids dont make the haedlines for coming home pregnant at 13, stabbing other children at school, talking drugs omg the list goes on. so were do ye feel like ye can talk about us. ye dont have a foot to stand on. if anythng traveller children are told not to involve themselves with ye buffer children as they are such a rotten influence.


  304. the fact that you’re paying attention to the price the daily mail is putting on it is ridiculous. no traveller will ever talk about money, i’m not a traveller and i think it’s vulgar to talk about money with anyone outside the circle who needs to know.

    and in regards to the dresses, it was her day, and her dream. i’ll bet any of you who are married went for a strapless floor length ivory dress. original. i’ve never seen two traveller dresses the same. when i got married i made my dress so that it would be completely unique, because i didn’t want to follow the crowd. fine if you all do, but don’t judge others for doing their own thing.

    • Ros – I’m not sure how you can refute the fact that gypsies talk about money – the evidence is in black and white all over these threads. How many gypsy girls have boasted about how much their dresses and weddings cost? I’ve lost count.

      The fact remains that this family clearly involved the Daily Mail in this wedding. The bride expressed an interest in being a glamour model so this article is clearly designed to get her some exposure. If selling your wedding to a national newspaper like some z-list celebrity because you aspire to getting your tits out for all the world to see isn’t tacky and vulgar, then what is?

      Another thing, why are you defending the right of gypsies to wear what they want to when they get married but put down your own people for wanting to wear what they want? I didn’t wear a strapless floor length ivory dress when I got married but if you defend the gypsies rights to their own style, you should at least defend our rights to our style! The British bride’s average age is something like 28 – that’s at least ten years older than the average gypsy bride’s age. Women will not choose the kind of dress that a child would opt for. Fact.

      At least we pay for our own weddings with money we’ve earned honestly. Before you get started on me for saying that, how come it’s only gypsy tarmackers who earn enough to pay £100k outright for a wedding dress – and your average tarnacking Brit would have to save up for 25 years for? If said Brit had a mortgage then you can double that 25 years. I’m sure you’ll challenge this but I’ll just refer you to the threads again, they gypsies have confirmed all of this many, many times over.

  305. well if u ask me i think she looked Hansum, i love the dress. its not a daft age to get married, if yeh in love then get married. ( and i think that the right amount to pay for yeh wedding day after all your only gettin married once, well gypsys only get marrie donce )

  306. I like this site because I like everything that has something to do with weddings 😀

    But all these comments really made me laugh so hard, thank you all for these remarkably fun debates, it’s indeed quite something.

    Please excuse my bad english, I’m from Finland (that should explain everything).

  307. I do not care what anyone says. The most painful aspect of this whole topic, is the fact that her parents are in financial trouble. Sure. The gilr wanted a big glamorous wedding. And she got a big shiny…something. And great it mad HER happy, but what about her dad? In any case, it’s a crying shame how this all turned out. It really is.

  308. leve off tryna bad mouth me couson missy wos outstnadin bride n we dnt tolk bout money ovbs d press jus made it up cuz me uncle wood ave neva sed noting bout it n unless ya gona ryt sumting nice i wood suggess ya get off d page lest we spend r money on decent tings lyk r 1 wedding or trailers r homes unlyk u cuntry folk all on drugs we r clen n decent ppl every1 has bad in amongst thm ye probs not every1 of us r nice but nor r u cuntry folk..
    lovesya missy xx

    • “unless ya gona ryt sumting nice i wood suggess ya get off d page”

      “u cuntry folk all on drugs”

      Off you go then, Emily!

  309. Emilyanne
    It’s not just the press talking about money, plenty of traveller girls have boasted about how much money their dad’s spent on their wedding dresses and the weddings themselves. It’s all there in black and white.

    What makes you think that everyone is on drugs? Bizarre comment.

    Please type in English, you’re not restricted to text speak. It took me three times longer to read your post than it should have done!

  310. RACIST!!!!!!! is the word for half of the comments on here if ya dont like it then dont look at it!! we all have are own taste it would be a boring life if we were all the same. sometimes i think its because we like are weddings to be different it gives others an excuse to pick on travellers using names like pikey. well let me say something for the RACIST people out there i blame ya mothers for raising little shits like u she failed to raise you with respect for others and for the wanker who made this site get a life most likely its a woman whos as ugly as sin and has no chance of ever getting married so judges everyone elses some people should grow up and stop using travllers to get attention !!!!!!

    • Us racist? Don’t make me laugh! Or is it ok for you lot to make racist remarks/death threats to us but when we retaliate, you turn into innocent victims? Pathetic.

  311. I find it rather ironic that ‘travellers’ claim that criticism of their ‘culture’ is racist and yet I’ve read plenty of racist remarks on here from same said ‘travellers’ about the Romany community, the Roma and ‘pakys’. The Irish travellers are not a separate ethnicity (unlike the Romany and Roma communities) and the only reason they are here in the UK is because they were kicked out of Ireland by the government there for being a pain in the proverbial arse.

    • to GB what are you talking about you know nothing about our lives or our ways of liveing why we call you’s whores and slags and what ever els is because you’s lot are you sleep with everyone and cheat on your husbands get married 3 of 4 times before you’s find the ONE what a load of shit,and nerly all of you’s are bog grown up people commenting on photos of a young girl on her wedding day thats just pethetic ow and sayin how we dont have grammer and all this shit well you’s are well hable to read it and you tell me which young people these days write with grammer come on you all paint us with the same brush and you know it. this girl choosed the the wedding she wanted i know its not to everyones taste but its her day and adleast she will be married for life not when things get a bit hard and bail out like most of you’s do shes young but she wanted to get married you’s dont talk about pakis when there forst in to marrying do you’s know its just us because yous know yas can get away with it and to bridget bitch get a life cause you seem a sad lonely person who knows nothing about our lifes none of yous do so dont leave comments about something you know nothing about ok we leave our lifes diffrent to all of yous and yous are all racist so stop denieing it we dont really care what yous lot think anyway we know what way yous live and the things yous do so we can commnent but yous dont.everyone is diffrent we are not all the same we are humenin just like everyone els i seen a lot of ugly weddings and weird ones on here belonging to yous lot lol too and we can dress what way we like we are all virgans on our wedding day we dont live together before marriege thats why our wedding day is so special and we all have the same dad and mum and not many of us get divorced so i guess thats why our wedding days are such a big thing because its for LIFE so everyone dus it diffrently as for the threats there just the bad apples we have lol as you know we are not all perfect we all have them lol i would not swap my way of liveing as i couldnt live your lives but then again yous couldnt live ours. thanks for reading i am also married lol and was at 16 im very happy and i love my life my husband do pay tax and i dont work as i dont need to as my husband provides for me,its better then living in a council house liveing with a boyfriend on benifits with a baby smoking weed but thats just my opinon and i guess there will be many who would dissagree xxxxx

  312. I have not been on this site for a year and have come back and it is worse than ever. I have seen words like ‘niggers’ and it demonstrates to me the level that ‘host’ of this site will stoop to. just to maintain figures. It appears to me that a lot of this behaviour stems from resentment. I make wedding dresses for travellers and i know where that dress was made and a round about figure of what it cost, nowhere near the amounts quoted. From the very first comment about Missy above the picture, it was obvious the plan was to destroy the girl. People need to learn to respect one another, live together and stop putting people down because they are travellers or because of the colour of their skin or simply because they are not the same as you. What I do know is that come back here 30 years from now, if God spares their lives, Missy and her husband will still be married and have a house full of children and grandchildren and more love than we ‘normal’ folk on here could imagine. Judging by the anger and the words used, very few of us on this site know love. Travellers have gaced rejection all their lives so they are fighters, they have to defend themselves that is all they know. So if it means she was 16, wearing a mini, wanting to be a glamour model and her wedding cost £150,000 so what? If they love each other nothing else matters.

    • That’s all well and good Grace Rose, but there is already a pc brigade on here to tell us we’re not allowed our own opinions!

      As for the ‘poor little traveller victims’ you’re championing, doesn’t it stick in your throat that the money they give you for their wedding dresses could well have been stolen from someone or scammed off people who have been kind enough to let them do some shoddy second rate work for them? I know I couldn’t take a penny off them for anything, knowing how a lot of them come by it.

      These same ‘victims’ have issued death threats and hurled infinitely more abuse at us than we have at them. They’re not so innocent. Unless you think it’s right for someone to threaten to kill someone else because they disagree with their point of view?

    • i can actually agree with you grace rose.so wot if these gypos walk down the aisle like something out of las vegas as long as they are happy and love each other who else is there to judge.lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      lorranine walsh x

  313. serously whats with all the dreadful comments about travellers…
    shouldnt thay be able to wear wat thay want at a wedding its there body like ..
    i now a lot of travellers and thay dress half naked but its there body not ours so why shoud we have a say if thay wana dress like that so let them …
    i dont no why you lot dont lik travellers not all of them are the same …..
    anyway i think you are all just jelious becouse thay can affort a lot and you cant so next time tink before you talk yea …

    • Why are you pretending to not be a traveller? Are you ashamed?

  314. whats with all the bad comments on this about travellers yea so what her dress was not nice but everyone has differant taste…
    dont be jelious because thay can afford all of theese thing and you cant…
    i dont no why half of you dont like travellers anyway not all of them are the same just like not all of ye people are not the same like serously yu all cant judge ye are just as bad so next time get year facts right yea …

  315. You poor excuse of a human being….you dirty peagon bastard…i care about jesus,he’s the one that watches over and protect’s you every day of your life,and you should be gratefull to him every minuit in every day considering the torchure he went through for all of us,and your saying that our parents are terrible at bringing us up…well us travellers dont do anything with a boy before we married and that will be the only person we do anything with for the rest of our lives,unlike ye who have affairs evry day of the week,and girls are brought up to respect there selfs,they stay with there mother and father untill the day they gat married,we only have children for our husbands,and we have the highest respect,remorse and love for god from which we are thought from childhood….and non travellers still have the cheek to say our mothers and fathers and poor excuses for parents?….well if they are then yer parents must be utterlly terrible then! xxxx

    • josephine, if you’re so perfect and religious, why do some of you issue us death threats when all we’re doing is expressing our personal opinions? Also, why do so many of you steal? They’re just two of the ten commandments, I’m sure I could find more you’ve broken if could be bothered. Another thing, why do you dress your little ones in something a prostitute would find distatestful? You’re banging on about respect but that’s child abuse and social services really should intervene. If you all think the way you do, you’re just a bunch of hypocrites.

  316. why the fuck are you on my case for you stalker?…and for your information……we dont get married to our cuzins we marry completly different people alltogether, you dont know travellers so you have no idea how many breads we have in our cummunity….and maby the odd girl thet gets married young has a baby young its just that we belive in haveing children when were young and healthy not like you who have children in your late 30’s and 40’s and even 50’s! that is very very dangerous for your childs life and your ovn your putting at even higher risk than a young pregnancy!…and so what if we start family’s young? we belive in being able to watch our children,grandchildren growing up,and when were not old and senial!!…and as for your comment about opening our legs…i wouldent put it like you do but when we do things like that it is when we get married and not a day before and its with our husbands ok not a totall stranger ok, now will you stop stalking me you freak of nature and my name must taste really good because its never out of your mouth! xxxxxxx

  317. am traveller just coz we dress the way do dnt make use whores ok we hav morols n standerds ok u fools we dress how we want coz we got it not coz we slag or nothnk like tht it r way do we go on why u dress in cheap cloths n live in dirty un expensif house tht u let ur dogs run arond in god u see wot u want see n wot we want u 2 see u thnk wot u want n wot we put in ur bkwood heads coz we want all u stay way fm us u dnt respect us atal so why should we put up wid ur bad mouthy on us wot jst coz half use dnt pay tax or nothnk well mor fool u 4 payin it every 1 workin in like u stand 4 urselfs u people do us travellers stand 2 gether why u thnk we all in r own comunity coz u all bad 4 take drung shag around all sort n call us wot u like only coz u no we will alway hav more money n beter lives than u gorgas any day r dady dnt let us run around like u lot coz u get name 4 urself lol go look it up in the history pages u mite undear stand r ways then u load of lobs

    • I am speechless.

      Thank for this “message”. It provides a depressing insight into the degraded & base mindset of the ‘Traveller’ sub-culture.

      It sure wasn’t this bunch that moved civilisation forward.

      In fact, the Irish gypsies are an example of what much of human existence was like *before* civilisation. Closed, insular family groups, distrustful & exploitative of outsiders, fast generational turnover (child brides), and disputes settled quickly and violently.

  318. “jst coz half use dnt pay tax or nothnk well mor fool u 4 payin it”

    Legally, anyone who is of an age who can legally work (unless they’re genuinely disabled) has to work for a living and pay tax. If you don’t work or pay tax then you don’t deserve to live here or have any entitlement to take advantage of all we have to offer.

    Simple as that.