Another video of a heinous chav wedding. Snap!

November 6, 2008

It’s annoying that there’s no sound, but hey, still hideous! Love the tan…. so natural!

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. This is the best Blog ever… you need to find more horrible wedding pics and vids. These are awesome. I emailed this to everyone I know…

  2. I saw this on a programme about young couples. They were, in fact, gypsies (I think, but either way ludicrous dress)

  3. All the latest weddings are those of Irish travellers living in England (not gypsies). Probably arranged marriages and all the girls are quite young. It’s possibly their first and last time in the spotlight and they make the best of it before they settle into married life and kids. They’re tacky beyond belief, yes, but also remember that it’s both a dream come true and part of the culture of the girls involved.

  4. Dee, you need to dial your sensitivity meter down a notch. I’d venture that most of the wedding pictures here are a “dream come true” and “part of the culture” for the lady/girl involved. Cultural context is meaningless here and providing it only makes you look like you need directions to the Snugglenets.

  5. OK so more makeup does not progressively make you prettier. She could stand to ease up on the eye brow pencil and fake tan.

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