Another Super Tacky British Chav Wedding

November 6, 2008

These are the BEST. The best.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




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  2. The way she waddles in that butt-mass inducing gown is not attractive at all. She looks so uncomfortable!

  3. What was with the hot pink, hip-hop pimp Bridesmaides?

  4. Oh my god! It’s so awfull!

  5. Hey the bridesmaids r well fit… send em to see me in broughton!

  6. so fit? haha you joking?

    god .. they look obscene as if .. is that for real?
    its a MESS

  7. I don’t know what’s worse…what the bride and her bridesmaids are wearing or what the guests are wearing.

  8. That dress is abit to big……… but i like poofy dresses… and crowns, but im not one bit like her!

  9. Poor thing could hardly walk, hopefully she will not have to do that again.

  10. OMG the bride is rank, the dress is rank, the guests are rank and dont even get me started on the bridemaids!!! She looks like a fat tango’d ride! haha

  11. wow. she has to waddle!!! and she looks orange from tanning way too much!!! wow…just wow.

  12. This is another Irish Traveller wedding. Why not introduce a new category?

  13. So you have 3 Irish Traveller weddings in a row… Yet none of them is labelled as such, instead they are wrongly labelled as generic “British”. What???

  14. Um, I think I’ve seen this before, though considering I’m not sure if I got it right.
    I could’ve sworn this was in Channel 4’s Britain’s Youngest Brides.
    The girl had really put too much fake tan on, wrong kind of hair extensions, and had that same skirt.

    Oh yeah, I did see that toddler wear that same pink dress, so I guess it is the exact one.

    That kid is only 17, to be frank. I know, I was shocked too. Then again, I am from the late-90s generation where teenagers don’t put so much make up on that they look twice their age in the wrong way.

  15. thats what the girl wanted that probley cost loads off money my oponinon i love her top the bottem is nice but to big

  16. If you have to roll and then be pushed into your limo, might you consider that your dress is too big? Nah! Just push harder!

  17. fuckin hell i loved ure dress
    the bridsmaid dress are gorgus
    its cool idea with de hats

  18. I think she looks beautiful, yeah the dress is a bit big but she has the natural beauty to pull it off. GO GAL U LOOK HANSUM.

  19. This is beyond sad.

  20. travler speken ;
    that dress is gorges
    my dream dress shes got style

  21. the boy in blue who helped her in is hot

  22. they aren’t chavs they are gypsies and travellers!

  23. I’m from the American midwest and I’m not familiar with British/Irish gypsies/travellers. I’ve heard general stereotypes of “gypsies” but I did not realize there was such a prominent group in the UK and don’t really know what this culture is like. Can anyone explain? I don’t want to start any arguments, but obviously there are different opinions, so maybe a gypsy/traveller and a non-gypsy/traveller wouldn’t mind trying to explain? I don’t want to judge too harshly from other comments on this site, but it does seem as though many self proclaimed travellers exhibit very poor education. Maybe that is something someone could explain? Thanks.

  24. she looks nice and ferplay to her she got the weddibg she wanted that the best hafe of ye contrey pepole cant aford all the criticks r most likely siting in some concil astaet hoping you could have wat she got

  25. i wont tell a lie she looks a lot older than the boy

  26. This is complete raisisum agents us Gypsyz who ever thinks this is tacky an hilarious is jelus Mongos who have nuthin beter to do than make out ur better than us travlers we are are thi fucking same u skanky mongo buks .

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