Hello Kitty Weddings, VOMIT!

December 2, 2008



Having stuffed animals walk you down the aisle is just not okay.













Here’s the dress photoshopped on a bride, for the full effect:







  1. Reckon how she got into that balloon dress. Is she going to save it for her daughter?

  2. Photo number 8 the participants appear to be there ironically. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on that. Otherwise, ick. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Is it wrong that I kind of don’t hate the Hello Kitty ones too much?

  4. Dear god, kill it with fire.

    • On the Mercedes, the Hello Kitties are in a perfect position. One simply has to ram a garbage truck…

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  9. Now i like hello kitty alot, but dresses and cakes and flowers is just going to far… ok the costumes, but only at the reception.

  10. Hello Kitty is cute if you’re 5. At a recent wedding I went too a little girl about 5 had on a super adorable Hello Kitty dress, but again she was like 5!

  11. this is awesome i like the dress i dont think they are tacky

    • I know huh

  12. The things is…this is no more or less tacky in Japan than an American couple having Mickey Mouse characters at their wedding (or on their cake, or on their dress, etc..) So, think about that before inviting Mickey to YOUR wedding. Normal people in Japan are laughing at you.

  13. OMG y would they put pretty hello kitty on such ugly things WHATEVER they used hello kitty one well exsept the flowers white dress and they cakes ooh and the little fake people in the costumes the people that uploaded the other stuff must be mentally retarded

  14. Aaaahhhh I have not seen something that funny in a long time. I am sure my 9yr step daughter would love it though. Good work x

  15. this is for my sisterinlaw Abby who loves hello kitty

  16. Haters hello kitty is AMAZING my weddings gunna be hk too!!

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