Tiny hatted bride

December 2, 2008

TW reader Paul submitted this picture with the subject: Why is my hat so tiny?

For some reason, that made me laugh before I even saw the picture.  I don’t think this is tacky per se, but yes, that is a tiny, tiny hat.




  1. There are other balloon dresses that you can see online.. Balloon conventions host fashion shows featuring clothing completely made from balloons… It’s more of an exercise in creativity, rather than actual practice. Only one woman that I know of was married in a balloon dress.. and that is Mrs. Laura Caldwell of California. But she and her hubby do balloons for a living, so it was a play on that.


  2. Tiny hats are all the rage. They are called “Fascinatiors” and are part of the goth and burlesque subculture. Check Etsy for tiny hats and you will be overwhelmed by the selection.

  3. I had a tiny hat I wore for my reception. It was a big hit.


    I think hers goes quite well with her striped corset and spats!

  4. i dont like that dress cause i like traditional dresses

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