Balloon weddings! Ick!

December 25, 2008

I’m not a total balloon hater, I usually love them, but I LOATHE them at weddings. It just seems too cheesy, too birthday party. Here are my favorite balloon-related wedding pics, enjoy! If you’re a balloon lover, perhaps these will be inspirational!

Lets start with cakes!!

Uhm, am I seeing what I think I’m seeing here?? 










These balloon dresses were not in a wedding, but hey, they’re awesome. You can find more at Aeradeco.com, along with pictures of some truly awe-inspiring balloon creations. You won’t believe it! 












The mannequin will be included in your rental:


You can incorporate bride and groom balloon figures in your reception, don’t forget that winning detail!


These are made by Magical Balloon-Dude Dale, check his website out for more…















Doesn’t it look like toilet paper hanging from the ceiling? 







  1. I must say that I am rather offended by your short-sightedness regarding balloons at weddings. While I would completely agree that some of the pieces you’ve showcased are not by any means considered wedding calibre, I am surprised that you would feel that balloons have no place at a wedding.

    As a professional decorator myself, I understand the stigma attached to balloons and weddings. After all, since the day that anyone with access to a helium tank and a bunch of friends with all ten working fingers decided they could do their own decorating, the world of balloon decor has taken a slap on the face every time the word “wedding” appears anywhere.

    But many of the photographs you’ve used in your display aren’t even wedding related. The photographs of the balloon dresses, for example, were featured in various balloon fashion shows around the world. In fact, the two photographs (of the purple dress and the black and white one worn by Asian models) were taken by ME in Shanghai, China, in 2007, as part of a balloon fashion show requested and performed for local members of the Chinese government.

    Unfortunately, our industry suffers from an identity crisis, and your black and white commentary on balloon decor only furthers that stereotype. Many balloon decorators do high quality, excellent work that marvels everyone at a wedding reception. Still others do not accept that idea, and that’s OK if they don’t care for balloons for whatever reason. But to blanket an entire industry because of your opinion is irresponsible.

    After all, just how hard is it really to throw a bunch of flowers into a vase?

  2. I apologize that you have taken personal offense to this post, but this is blog. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how expressing my opinion in my HUMOR BLOG is in any way irresponsible. This is meant to be light entertainment, not hard-hitting journalism.

    I am quite aware that the balloon dresses were not wedding related, and were just included for added humor. I realize that that was slightly misleading, so I have corrected the commentary in the post. If you would like me to remove your pictures, I would be happy to do so, but if you would like to leave them up I will add a link to your website.

    As you yourself pointed out in your comment, some people do not care for balloons “for whatever reason.” I am one of those people. I made it very clear that this was a personal preference, and even went so far as to say that people that DID like balloons would enjoy the photos very much.

    The fact that you spent several paragraphs defending the integrity of your craft and then chose to completely slam and dismiss another industry is disconcerting. I happen to have an aunt who is an amazing florist, and believe me, there is a lot more to her job than throwing “ a bunch of flowers into a vase.” If you work in the wedding industry, I find it difficult to believe that you don’t realize the creativity and hard work that goes into floral design.

    I have no doubt that there are many talented people in your field, yourself included. The balloon dresses are fun, wild, and imaginative. I would absolutely go to one of those shows. There are talented people in EVERY wedding industry that do amazing, beautiful things and there are countless blogs that write about them . This blog, as you may have seen, covers aspects of weddings that do not turn out as beautifully as others, hence why we only posted the photos of ugly balloon décor. As with many of my posts, what I think is tacky another person may think is wonderful, and doesn’t that exposure ultimately help?

    I understand your frustration with the stigma attached to balloons. Unfortunately, I can’t do anything about the hacks that decide grab a helium tank and bring shame to your profession. They’re out there. They’re doing weddings. There is photographic proof.

  3. Thank you for your response to my commentary. And while I did understand that your blog is intended as a humorous romp, unfortunately it still doesn’t help break the stereotype I was referring to.

    Yes, I agree with you that there IS more to being a GOOD florist than just throwing flowers in a vase. And I think everyone who reads your blog knows that; just like in any profession there are those who are good at what they do, and there are those who are not. I, for one, have a great deal of respect for skilled florists because I do know there IS an art to color, balance, vectors, etc.

    But I guess that was part of my point. There seems to be a further perpetuation that flowers, no matter what state they’re in, are better than balloons. And in the hierarchy of the wedding industry, it seems that a bad florist STILL ranks above some of the best balloon decorators with regard to importance. I know this from personal experience, and I wouldn’t consider myself a slouch by any means.

    As to your comments about only posting bad or ugly balloon decor, again, I would have to disagree. One of the photos you posted about halfway down the list is one created by Wynn Bell, a skilled designer from Oregon. I think you might have included it with your menagerie because it was probably “bootlegged” by another artist on their website, but the golden canopy with the heart in the center flanked by four balloon columns is actually a gorgeous piece of balloon decor that is perhaps one of the most copied pieces in our industry. Again, you might have found it with a collection of other bad photos, but the full sized version of the photo is quite stunning by any standard. And the parent company who actually commissioned him to create the design, Qualatex, have leased the rights to that photo time and time again to a myriad of magazines who use it in their promotions, advertisements and campaigns in the bridal industry.

    Here’s the other problem. The bridal industry heavily influences other aspects of the event business. Shortly after the generalization came out that balloons were bad for weddings, it spread. Now suddenly high end events began to shy away from them. Event coordinators began to steer clear of balloons for fear of being stuck in the same stereotype. And the effects trickle down to where the only markets nowadays that truly seek balloons are those aimed at children: mitzvahs, school dances, etc. Fortunately, my clients have realized I offer a higher end product and now I AM able to secure the higher end events, but it wasn’t before many years of fighting, clawing and convincing people there WAS more to them than simply hauling in a helium tank.

    Does the exposure ultimately help? I’m honestly not sure. Yes, it can be said that any attention is good attention, but when the attention further perpetuates an image problem shared by an industry, well, I’m not entirely sure. While I feel that many in my own industry have to “clean house” as it were to shape themselves up and increase the image, fewer blogs painting pictures with broad strokes would help too.

    But in the end, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to blog, so I do thank you for your effort and your time. And while it was unnecessary, I do appreciate the nice plug you inserted into the gallery regarding our dresses from Shanghai. My new site, aerationdecorations.com, will be coming in the near future with a much larger selection of designs and decor pieces to see.

    Thanks again.

    Steven Jones
    Aeration Decorations

    • After viewing your website Mr Jones, and appreciating that your balloons are well constucted and professional… I’d throw flowers in vase at my wedding any day.

  4. I for one think this blog is really amusing, and should not be taken seriously, particularly by someone who makes his living with balloons. Balloons are fun, frivolous, and frothy bubbles of delight and the very fact that they are in the decor of a party or reception lightens the heavy weight of the proceedings.

    I am a strong lover of balloons. They are silly and beautiful.

  5. Goodness, the Chinese government is weirder than I would have imagined…

    I’ve always found these balloon creations somewhere between cool and REALLY SCARY. Not sure why.

  6. Mr. Jones should do his master’s thesis about the cultural stigma attached to balloon décor, since it appears to be one of the most grave problems facing American society today.

    Or maybe the stigma is there for a reason, because they’re cheesy and cheap looking….just a thought.

  7. I’m insulted by the fact Mr. Jones implies you need “ten working fingers” to decorate. I believe there is a stigma put on people without ten working fingers. I don’t feel this was the correct representation of people without all ten working fingers. I DO NOT appreciate this.

    By the way, I did see your site, to see what your bragging was about. Your wedding “creations” are just as ugly and tacky as anyone else.

  8. […] more balloon dresses via Tacky Weddings: […]

  9. LOLOLOL! I don’t know what’s funnier, the tacky balloon decorations, or Mr. Jones getting his panties in a bunch because *GASP* someone has a differing opinion and dares to voice it!

  10. Wow, I completely agree with you, I hate balloons at weddings. Nothing says romance like balls of gas! I love your blog. Its great.

  11. Mr. Jones is seriously deluded if he thinks his designs are beautiful or a classy addition to a wedding. They are just as ugly, tacky and cheap looking as every other balloon structure. The only half way decent structure offered for weddings was the dance floor canopy; mostly because it was lit!

    Your blog is awesome! Keep up the good work!

  12. I agree with some Stephen Jones’ comments. I work as a designer with a number of Florists and they are totally against working with Balloons. They see most florist shops selling them but my friends/colleagues refuse to incorporate them into their work. It is a question of taste of course – but certainly it feels that promoting balloons means your shop becomes more like a party business than floristy design. One shop in East London has a whole window full of them with one small space selling flowers. It feels very tacky. Thankfully our customers don’t ask for them and so we don’t sell them.

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