Ultra tacky backyard wedding AND the worst wedding cake ever made!

December 25, 2008

Big thanks to Jen from Cake Wrecks for this submission. Love their website so much! 

Now, I think that small, intimate backyard weddings can be wonderful. You can keep it simple and cost-effective if you opt to have it at home, and things can turn out great…. this backyard wedding, however, was not great.  

Exhibit A: The Cake

I don’t think wedding cakes could get any worse than this.  We’ve got different shapes, one is lopsided, oh yeah, and one is BURNT. Did we not have time to at least slap some icing on these bad boys? You’re just dumping the cake on some foil covered plastic cake stands? Really? 


The bride is on the right……the one wearing the sequined tube top and the tiara. 


Can someone at least take the mound of GARBAGE to the curb before the vows are read?!


Button your shirt? Yes? No?


Act like you like each other, you’re standing 5 feet away! 




Well, at least their shirts match….. that’s…….special. 


Everyone looks pumped. 







  1. omg, she is missing teeth…. at least smile with ur mouth closed

  2. Sometimes people do the best they can with what they have. At least they decided to get married and not schack. Be proud when you see a black step up and do the right thang!!! Quit being so judgemental

  3. Oh yeah, because shacking up is evil somehow? and yeah, be proud when we see a black do something “right” (god knows if that can even be considered right or not, ugh!) because all they ever do is wrong, right *rolls eyes*

  4. Mizpatty, I agree wholeheartedly with the first sentence of your comment. However the following comments you make are worthy of a punch in the face. You dim witted cock-slug …. “be proud when you see a black step up and do the right thang”. The only thing I’m proud of is the fact that you didn’t put your real name on your post. Otherwise I would have to track you down and drown you myself. You should take the time to find an online spelling course Miss “Thang”.

  5. Um, I have to say that I am completely in love with your blog and this post is just perfection. The missing teeth in the last picture was really the icing on the cake, even though these people have clearly never heard of icing on cakes.

    Wow, I may be judgmental, but I’m willing to admit that I’m ok with that.

    • Thank you so much, your blog is great too!! 🙂

  6. Hahaha i love tacky weddings, thank you so much for this blog! 😀

  7. Whenever I got stressed about planning my wedding I went to this blog . . . all of a sudden the fact that I couldn’t decide if I wanted flowers on the banister or not seemed rather insignificant.

    Thanks for putting it into perspective!

  8. […] gems: Camouflage weddings. Chav wedding #1. Hello Kitty weddings. The backyard wedding. Chav wedding […]

  9. OMG!! You have to be kidding right???? Yes!No! These people are really hillbilly. Is she really missing teeth?? At least get some old people dentures!!! Those people are crazy!!

  10. I’m so sick of people confusing being poor with being ghetto. I know that bride could’ve afford a dress that would cover her gut, she should have went shopping with her bridesmaid since she had enough sense to buy a better looking dress. Also, a few cups of icing for those cakes would have cost less than that nasty blonde wig. Plus those guys would have looked better had they buttoned up those shirts. This is not poor, this is just lazy, ghetto and embarassing.

    • TELL IT!! Just because you don’t have a lot of money doesn’t mean you have to look a hot mess. I had my wedding in a back yard with very little money and it was no where NEAR this. Even if you have NO money, it doesn’t cost to take the trash on the other side of the house. It doesn’t cost to button your shirt. Wherever she got that top, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been any extra to get one that actually fit! The cakes didn’t have to be upside down (not that that would have made it any better though!).

  11. Ha……I really do wonder if the people in this weeding woke up one morning and said “I’m bored how about we get married” It looks more like they are having a tacky barbaque than a wedding.

    And to the comment up up above look just because the people in this picture are black makes no diffrence their are white homles people they have a house and judging by the bin and the two women they can afford food aswell.

    Acctualy some of the worlds richest and most looked up to people are black so I think your comment was a silly attempt to get in the history books or to get back at us for a racial comment either said to you or a close friend or relative ….. 😀

  12. you know, she’s really not a bad looking girl…. (except for the teeth thing, the poor dear)
    It’s a shame she surrounded herself with such utter fashion atrocities.

    • You’re right, with a classier dress she would have looked beautiful. Instead I’m afraid she looks cheap, no offense meant to her or anyone who likes those tops but I really think all tube tops are trashy and unflattering to everyone. And I hate those garter shots…it’s just not right and so ewww

  13. I think this entry is a cheap shot.

    It’s obvious that these folks aren’t wealthy and decided to have the wedding at home. If they were happy with the wedding (and it seems, from the pics that they are), then that’s all that matters.

    • Exactly how is this a cheap shot? Wealth has nothing to do with Buttoning your Shirt or Tucking it in. And I don’t think it costs anything to pull down the bottom of the Tube Top to cover your gut… And is there a Surcharge on Smiling? Because it looks like the Bride is the only one doing any of it. Oh and whoever it is that preformed the ceremony, he’s smiling too.

      This seems like an entry for those who thought their backyard wedding didn’t go as planned or wasn’t everything they had hoped for.

      It’s like saying “Hey, It could have been worse…”

  14. OH-MY-GOD…

    I’d have these under lock and key – NEVER to see the light of day!

  15. Well that’s the kind of cake you’ll end up with if you blow all your money on crack. What a pitiful bunch.

  16. Weird cake …….

  17. Alas, I was at a wedding like this some years ago; the groom was the only one wearing a shirt that had buttons (besides my husband and his father, who were wearing suits). That said, the family really was doing the best with what they had, which wasn’t much (though somehow, they always managed to find money for beer).

    Still, one has to wonder – they made three cakes. Why not make one or two layers instead, and splurge on icing? It doesn’t have to be fondant or even fancy tubed icing…

    • you can make a delicious icing with a bag of powdered sugar and warm water…cost $1.49 to cover all three cakes

  18. Um, Mizpatty, I’m black, and the right “thang” to do in this case would have been to skip the godawful wedding and go to the courthouse. Tacky is tacky, and this qualifies by almost any reasonable standard. Besides, a Web site about trashy weddings is all about judgment, so this isn’t exactly the place to finger wag about making fun of people’s bad taste.

  19. Like some people already wrote, if these people had class (which has nothing to do with income), they would have worn the appropriate attire. Also, they would have at least tried to clean up the damn garbage that was in the background. They could have had the wedding at a park instead of their backyard with no grass. I mean, really…I understand not having the money for a large wedding, but then just don’t have a wedding at all! Go to the Justice of the Peace! Or how about waiting to get your finances together for the marriage itself?!

    I wish people would stop defending tackiness and what is just flat out ridiculous…just because these people are black and are “doing the right thing”. Whatever.

  20. Ok, so it’s not classy. Who cares? Look at the bride. She is clearly over the moon. It may not be your ideal wedding but I dont think she is bothered by your opinion. If she was, these pics wouldnt exist. She has her head held high and a husband who loves her. It is not all about the wedding – it’s about the marriage. I just don’t understand why any of you care so much.

  21. OMG. Please, please tell me this wedding took place in some other country and not the US…….aarrgghhh, I think I’m gonna hurl.

  22. OMG… to all the ppl defending this wedding.. LOOK AT THE WEBSITE YOU’RE ON!!! lol.. the whole point of visiting this site is to laugh at tacky weddings.. and while my personal belief is that the MAJORITY of weddings are tacky, some are just undisputable.. and that’s what we are all here to look at, enjoy, and get a laugh out of. If it breaks your tender little heart… DON’T VISIT THIS WEBSITE!! or at least don’t read the comments!! lol.. easy fix, kiddos!!!

    –also, how is getting married the “right thing”??? so dating is the “wrong” thing?? I’m confused… LOL (not really, and please, religious zelots, don’t attempt to explain it. K, thanks

  23. Uh, what does having a low income and them being black have anything to do with this? Regardless of what race these people are, they could have at least bothered to splurge a few bucks and get icing, even if it was the kind you buy pre-made. All they would have needed to do was get a butterknife and spread it around. Also, it wouldn’t matter if they were purple with pink polka-dots, nothing would make this wedding any less tacky. I’d also like to bring up that it is understandable that sometimes, people are on a tight budget when planning a wedding. However, I have seen people who had barely enough to get buy go out and buy an actual dress. It may have been on clearance from David’s Bridal, but it covered their guts!

    I don’t want to appear mean – in fact, I am happy for this couple, who are clearly over the moon in the pictures – but some things are just inexcusable.

  24. The least you can do is show less skin. It doesn’t cost a thing to make sure your gut is covered or your shirt is buttoned. Or, you know, if there isn’t any other option, just go to the courthouse.

    But does anyone notice that NO ONE looks happy in these pictures? NO ONE?

  25. It is so true. Every wedding is tacky. They are weddings with tacky vows, decorations, and costumes. I’m planning one right now. This is just ghetto.

  26. it would have been ok if her dress was nicer and he had on a suit on and the cake was better. people do yard weddings all the time. it looks like she spent a good $60 on the wedding. $40 more would have made it the bomb.

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