Denim Wedding Dresses, Cutoff Shorts at Ceremony, and a Denim Cake. Sweet.

January 15, 2009

Cutoff Tobias shorts and bowties?   Oh, snap!!  Work it!


And this gift set has everything you need for your denim-friendly wedding:



Sorry, it doesn’t come  with the parasol:


OOOH OOOH and your dog can match…. YES!









Jean Cake!




  1. […] this at a site devoted to mocking tacky weddings, but I don’t know, I think the dresses are fun, […]

  2. Wow. The bride kind of looks like a man like that.

  3. Some of those dresses aren’t bad…

  4. The ball-gown with almost intact pairs of jeans as the skirt was actually intended as a piece of art/craft. In fact, I saw that in real life….

  5. […] photos from around the world. Tacky Weddings never fails to make us laugh, but a recent post about denim wedding attire has actually raised some interesting […]

  6. OMG now i know what to make with the 3 yards of denim in the closet! PERFECT!!

  7. The cake actually looks really cute.

  8. look so amazing with a different style wowowowow

  9. A good collection of photos and good designes 🙂

  10. too good idea dude

  11. So one of these dresses (with the parasol) was actually my wedding dress. We did a western wedding and I wore a cowboy hat with veil and got married outside and everybody loved the dress. Some of them are awful, but in the right setting they can be really cool.

  12. I agree with most of you. Ssome of those dresses are kinda scary (no matter what), but used in the right situation, like a western themed wedding, they’re pretty cool. But used in a traditional church wedding it would be a little weird. And I think the cake is absolutely adorable!

  13. From a designers point of view…
    Generally they are stunning!!
    Awesome creativity and craftsmanship

  14. OMG! These are hideous! Please tell me that the first picture is not a real wedding! I admit that the cake is pretty cute, though!

  15. I thought so too!

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