S&M Wedding

January 15, 2009

This is from a blog written by Tampa Bay Times columnist Leigh Armstrong. His blog is SO interesting so I highly recommend checking it out. He had the privilege of attending a very unique wedding:

“It started out with a bang when April, the bride, was brought in over the shoulder of one of the groomsmen and placed down in front of the altar by her husband-to-be, Mark. All the while the maid of honor was holding a leash attached to her neck. From there, the first half of the ceremony ran fairly normal but when the vows were given and rings were exchanged, the wedding took a turn to the kinkier side.

April immediately turned around and kneeled as her maid of honor removed her collar and leash. Mark then proceeded to gently bind her with rope. Once she was completely bound and teary-eyed – which I hope was just because she was emotional and not because the ropes were too tight – Mark placed a permanent collar around her neck symbolizing her as his property. From then on, the wedding was just a traditional affair and if it wasn’t for the dresses made of latex and leather vests, it would’ve looked like it was a normal reception.

Honestly, despite the variety of fetish models in attendance and the fact that the officiator of the wedding was holding a horse-hair whip, the wedding was about the two of them being in love. For them it just happens to be a more painful sort of love.”








  1. That’s very strange. When my wife and I got married we left NO INDICATION among our family and friends as to what sort of stuff was going to take place on our wedding night. Maybe we did it wrong…At the same time, to each their own of course.

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  4. Right, defently not a family friendly wedding.

  5. I think that I would have left out the lingerie outfits, but it’s nice to see this go mainstream.

  6. I agree. Very nice to see this mainstream!

  7. I knew that was the TBT logo! Leigh was the hippest guy working there. I’m sad he no longer works for TBT. Also, of course this wedding was in Tampa… The fetish scene is huge here.

  8. This most likely was a wedding/collaring ceremony hybrid. What Paula and Phalene said – good to see this going mainstream.

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