Bride Throws WATER instead of bouquet…..

January 17, 2009

I thought this was SO rude of the bride, she throws a glass of water at all the single ladies instead of her bouquet! I know she’s trying to be funny, but just look at the  AWFUL blue dresses she made her bridesmaids wear! You’re really going to add insult to injury  and get them wet? I think its so great that one of the bridesmaids comes over and smears her face with the water and then she falls down! Haha. Karma!

She throws it eventually.



  1. She looks cute, I’d hit it.

  2. I guess that bitchiness is the reason why there was only 14 people at her wedding.

  3. They chose a venue that was wayyyyy too big for the amount of guests they had… it made it look so empty and… sad.

  4. The water was funny, but the bright gymnasium is awful.

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