Cheating Bride Busted

January 18, 2009

Haha.  Whoops!



  1. Horrible, just horrible. This has to be the most tacky thing ever at a wedding. I hope Karma bites the bride and best man in the butt.

  2. OMG what a horrible nasty woman. How could you do that on your WEDDING DAY!!!! I hope the groom saw it and got out before it got too late.

  3. This is probably her sneaking off with the groom. I didn’t see any signs over the guy specifying that he was anything other than the groom.

    Anyone can post a random video on the internet and say it’s anything they want.

    • If it was the groom she was with, why did he run off like that? They were both moving like no one was supposed to see them together – the exact opposite of a bride and groom on their wedding day.

      • Probably because she was just about to do a bj to the guy and they felt embarrassed? I’m really not sure… You can’t tell if it really was cheating or not from anything besides the commentator.
        Anyway… If it is true… I seriously can’t understand why someone would get married when they aren’t able to do a commitment of any sort. It’s ridiculous and absurd. If you can’t keep your pants on, why not accept this fact and NOT get married?

  4. yea, how do we not know that wasnt her dad coming to fetch her? or someone else.

  5. money, hoes n clothes, all a nigga’ knows… er… something… right. anyway, …..skank.

  6. SHE goes down on HIM on HER wedding day? Dopey broad…

  7. If he’s not the groom, bad thing; I guess someone is going to be heartbroken.

  8. This is the best man speaking…keep it stinky people it was just a handjob

  9. Hey!!!! the guy is me!!! and she gives great head! lol

  10. I know a dude who swears this happened to him once

  11. Instead of asking us if it is the groom, go and look it up further. It’s a cheat.

  12. Yes, as someone has once said “Gut-wrenching.” But maybe the groom got what he had coming, who knows? And certainly, if you don’t know your bride well enough to figure out she may be stepping out on you, you got no one to blame but yourself.

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