Police Arrest Groom At Wedding

February 17, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.



  1. They couldn’t have at least waited until they were exiting the church?

  2. That’s awful! Couldn’t they have waited until the vows were finished and they were outside!? This is supposed to be a beautiful spiritual moment. And aren’t they in a church? How disrespectful! I think the cops were looking forward to it or something–for a funny story to tell. Why else would so many cops be there? They probably just wanted to watch the spectacle of a groom being hauled away. It’s awful.

  3. This is not a recent incident. I remember the outcry when it happened and the video was shown on television. That police department took a lot of heat for arresting the groom inside the church. Their arguement was they were having a great deal of trouble tracking the guy down (can’t remember what he was supposed to have done) and this was done as a last resort The chief of police had to make a policy change and arresting someone in church is NOT allowed anymore.

  4. He is SUSPECTED of burglary. The cops made the arrest as if he had already been found guilty. At first I thought, “Why wait to arrest him?” Then after more consideration I was angered by the police intrusion.

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