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Viva Las Vegas Weddings! Awful Ozzy Wedding video!

March 30, 2009

This website, Viva Las Vegas Weddings, has a treasure trove of horrible themed weddings you can choose for your big day. This is video of one such wedding.

Many thanks to for Katie for submitting this video link. (Note you have to have Real Player installed to view it) I thought her write up was really funny so I’m posting it too!

” HOLY CRAP! I knew this sort of stuff went on in Las Vegas, I just had NO IDEA. This place, Viva Las Vegas Weddings does regular weddings but most importantly, they do themed weddings. They also do a video of the wedding and archive the weddings on their website. While clicking through hoping to find a funny one, I stumbled upon the  R. Strayer Wedding. Holy sh*t. The saddest Ozzy Osbourne impersonator marrying what might be the most awkward couple ever. Also note the woman’s lack of enthusiasm – I can already see the resentment in her eyes for making her participate in such a wedding.
Also note – at the end of the ceremony, “Ozzy” is supposed to sing a song to them but their CD player keeps skipping. MAGIC.”

Here’s my own little play by play of the wedding if you are unable to view the video:

Ceremony starts at around :50, and the “Ozzy”  appears at 1:32 and procedes to sing the ENTIRE song while the fog machine gets going. About 3:22 Ozzy begins his speech in his HORRIBLE English accent… they confirm their vows with a “hell yah” instead of I do…

5:30 begins ANOTHER song with them just standing  hugging while the impersonator shuffles his feet and sips his water in front of them.  7:30 Ozzy bumbles even more vows before the ring exchange. 9:00 begins my favorite quote of the ceremony : “Do you promise to love each other with in true rock-n-roll,  pour some sugar from time to time and always ride the crazy train of love and never treat each other like a couple of war-pigs, right. Ny  the powers vested in me,  by all of rock-n-roll, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Congratulations, we got a new married couple in Las Vegas!”

Start NEW awkward singalong song.  Ceremony pauses at around 12:20 for them to sign their marriage license, then at 14:25 they come back in and awkwardly stand around, then they have to come stand at the stage while they try to put a song on, then they give up  and pose for pictures.  Wow.


Groom attire FAIL! Italian Olympic Boxer Clemente Russo wins worst wedding attire in history!

March 30, 2009

Ooooof. This is SO bad. Italian athlete  Clemente Russo won a Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympics for Boxing, but he won’t be taking away any honors for this atrocious pimp-esque getup that he wore to his wedding to Laura Maddaloni.  Fur?? Top hat? Silk shirt? Gold CANE???!!!! Noooooooo!


BARF the wedding dress is terrible too!

Many thanks to Silvana for this!


Hilarious “Save the Date” YouTube Video

March 23, 2009

First, what a great idea to make a save the date video!  I’m impressed by the high production value,  the announcer is awesome,  and I found this so be SO funny. What a fun wedding that must have been! Hilarious.


Woman wears her altered wedding dress to lavish “I love me” 50th birthday party

March 2, 2009

This gem comes from the popular blog, Young, Black, and Fabulous. This lovely lady is Juanita Bynum, and yes, she opted to wear her hideous wedding dress, not once, but twice.  I’ve added Natasha’s commentary and explanation to the bottom of the photos, and you can  feast your eyes on video footage of the glorious event by clicking on The video “Juanita Redefined” is currently third from the left. ENJOY!


“So Juanita Bynum–ex wife of Bishop Thomas Weeks–has turned her beat down into a full fledged “self love” show down.  She says she dropped two sizes since all the drama and for her 50th birthday party–she wore her newly altered wedding dress:


Yes, she was serious.  Oh, and it allegedly costed over $60k. Of course, Essence has the scoop on why she did this ish.  She claims she wanted to reclaim what her wedding dress meant to her–coming into womanhood. Um, ok.  Peep what she changed into later that night:


Yes, those are pics of herself on the bottom of her own dress.  *blank stare*  I can’t and I won’t.”

*I checked the Essence link and I can’t resist posting the picture of her holding the glittery sword, nice!*