Woman wears her altered wedding dress to lavish “I love me” 50th birthday party

March 2, 2009

This gem comes from the popular blog, Young, Black, and Fabulous. This lovely lady is Juanita Bynum, and yes, she opted to wear her hideous wedding dress, not once, but twice.  I’ve added Natasha’s commentary and explanation to the bottom of the photos, and you can  feast your eyes on video footage of the glorious event by clicking on JuanitaBynum.com. The video “Juanita Redefined” is currently third from the left. ENJOY!


“So Juanita Bynum–ex wife of Bishop Thomas Weeks–has turned her beat down into a full fledged “self love” show down.  She says she dropped two sizes since all the drama and for her 50th birthday party–she wore her newly altered wedding dress:


Yes, she was serious.  Oh, and it allegedly costed over $60k. Of course, Essence has the scoop on why she did this ish.  She claims she wanted to reclaim what her wedding dress meant to her–coming into womanhood. Um, ok.  Peep what she changed into later that night:


Yes, those are pics of herself on the bottom of her own dress.  *blank stare*  I can’t and I won’t.”

*I checked the Essence link and I can’t resist posting the picture of her holding the glittery sword, nice!*




  1. This really looks like a hoot! I am as amazed at the 2nd dress as the first. Thanks for this posting, k

  2. I agree. The wedding dresses are beautiful.

  3. Awesome site. You leave me wanting more!

  4. wow- a one-woman bad taste party 🙂 ty

  5. Oh, I think this party is fashioned after that episode of Sex in the City, where Carrie wonders if at some point if you’re not getting married, if you should be able to register for all the stuff you would have gotten if you had.

  6. Wow bride meets egomaniac! Who knew?? Did she have a big lifesize cake of herself too?!?

  7. U.S.A. style, 0!

  8. “Costed”??

    • The grammatical errors were part of the original post by the blogger of “Young, Black, and Fabulous”

  9. What a hot ass mess, No man in his right mind will want that piece of trash

  10. This woman is truly sickening

  11. She looks like a black version of the Cat Woman.

  12. I think the dress is stunning. I wish I had been able to afford a dress like that. I think she is fabulous (1) for being able to fit into it at her age and (2) for having the cojones to celebrate her milestones in the way she wanted. I think anyone who knocks her is just jealous. More power to her for having the courage to be herself. Lets spread some love and appreciation instead of negativity and criticism.

  13. Juanita Bynum YOU ROCK!!!! No one but God knows what you have been through to get to where you are. I admire you for your courage!!! Keep up the “GOD” work…

  14. She’s gorgeous, the dress is too. Hurray for all.

  15. What a crock of shite oh lets all pat ourselves on the back for being neurotic for 30 years get a life…er and a dress? (yes that’s sarcasm)

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