Groom attire FAIL! Italian Olympic Boxer Clemente Russo wins worst wedding attire in history!

March 30, 2009

Ooooof. This is SO bad. Italian athlete  Clemente Russo won a Silver Medal at the 2008 Olympics for Boxing, but he won’t be taking away any honors for this atrocious pimp-esque getup that he wore to his wedding to Laura Maddaloni.  Fur?? Top hat? Silk shirt? Gold CANE???!!!! Noooooooo!


BARF the wedding dress is terrible too!

Many thanks to Silvana for this!



  1. ‘sti gran cazzi!

  2. wait…. hes straight?

  3. Ri-caz! Mi vergogno che siano italiani!!!

    He’s straight, in Italy it’s homo marriages are forbidden.. the one dressed in white is supposed to be a woman. (It’s a church, a shame to show off tits like that!, and everybody dressed in black as for a funeral).

  4. I think this is one of the rare type of weddings where the groom can out-tacky anything the bride can throw at him. Gah!

  5. It looks like Willy Wonka and Liberace had a baby, and then peed on it.

  6. […] But, it could be worse:  One of my girls could have a wedding in which her groom dresses as the Winter Fairy Pimp. […]

  7. I like his pimp cane

  8. It’s so hilariously over-the-top that I can’t help but love it.

  9. I can’t tell if the bride is happy, or if she is trying not to laugh at the grooms outfit.

  10. Dead opossums on the groom’s shoulders? Flesh bowling balls in the bride’s bodice? They both must be punch drunk from boxing careers.

  11. The woman looks like a hooker… That is no way to display yourself when your getting married or in a church… The man should were a darker color and be more traditional… He looks stupid… That shoulder peace looks like he threw a weasle around his neck… How disgraceful….

  12. […] Clemente Russo e consorte. Entrambi di bianco vestiti, con lui che sfoggia un collo di pelliccia…imperdibile! e non escludo non ci siano altri connazionali un po’ “sopra le […]

  13. bravo mi piace tanto tanti auguri e buon onomastico salute padre e madre da parte mia tanti sucessi sportivi

  14. […] (source) […]

  15. […] (source) […]

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