Viva Las Vegas Weddings! Awful Ozzy Wedding video!

March 30, 2009

This website, Viva Las Vegas Weddings, has a treasure trove of horrible themed weddings you can choose for your big day. This is video of one such wedding.

Many thanks to for Katie for submitting this video link. (Note you have to have Real Player installed to view it) I thought her write up was really funny so I’m posting it too!

” HOLY CRAP! I knew this sort of stuff went on in Las Vegas, I just had NO IDEA. This place, Viva Las Vegas Weddings does regular weddings but most importantly, they do themed weddings. They also do a video of the wedding and archive the weddings on their website. While clicking through hoping to find a funny one, I stumbled upon the  R. Strayer Wedding. Holy sh*t. The saddest Ozzy Osbourne impersonator marrying what might be the most awkward couple ever. Also note the woman’s lack of enthusiasm – I can already see the resentment in her eyes for making her participate in such a wedding.
Also note – at the end of the ceremony, “Ozzy” is supposed to sing a song to them but their CD player keeps skipping. MAGIC.”

Here’s my own little play by play of the wedding if you are unable to view the video:

Ceremony starts at around :50, and the “Ozzy”  appears at 1:32 and procedes to sing the ENTIRE song while the fog machine gets going. About 3:22 Ozzy begins his speech in his HORRIBLE English accent… they confirm their vows with a “hell yah” instead of I do…

5:30 begins ANOTHER song with them just standing  hugging while the impersonator shuffles his feet and sips his water in front of them.  7:30 Ozzy bumbles even more vows before the ring exchange. 9:00 begins my favorite quote of the ceremony : “Do you promise to love each other with in true rock-n-roll,  pour some sugar from time to time and always ride the crazy train of love and never treat each other like a couple of war-pigs, right. Ny  the powers vested in me,  by all of rock-n-roll, I now pronounce you husband and wife. Congratulations, we got a new married couple in Las Vegas!”

Start NEW awkward singalong song.  Ceremony pauses at around 12:20 for them to sign their marriage license, then at 14:25 they come back in and awkwardly stand around, then they have to come stand at the stage while they try to put a song on, then they give up  and pose for pictures.  Wow.



  1. i just recently found this site and it’s AMAZING!

  2. these photos made me want to vomit, cry, and laugh all at the same time.
    What i really want is for these folks to remove themselves from our gene pool.
    Memo to all who participated in any of these: DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT BREED!
    that is all.

  3. I have to disagree. They all look happy ( minus the girl in the Ozzy wedding).
    So what if its not conventional?

  4. Dewd, Frank N Furter Groom is HAWT.

  5. Totally agree with Kiki.

  6. Hey Katie,

    Anyone who affirms their vows with a ‘Hell yeah’ should be instantly sterilized at the ceremony. i do not want to live in the same country with folks that cheapen marriage with this garbage!

  7. I think You’ve got this one all wrong!! First of all this is a revew from a person who have nothing NOTHING to do all day… Second of all – can you sing anywhere close to that “guy with the HORRIBLE british accent? I did not thinks so you probably can’t carry a note…. Yes it is British accent not english you dum ass…and last but not least You’re a very sad person looking for attention Maybe your perents did not give that to you But then agan this is your problem The bottom line is people go there to have fun and there is nothing more to it . You can only make comments like this only when you’re better than the person performing the ceremony…. Get some singing lessons!

  8. First of all KIKS, you fucking illiterate moron, maybe you should learn how to spell, and maybe even throw in some grammar skills, before you presume to call someone a dumb ass ( yeah, its spelled dumB fyi) for calling these weddings awful. These are tasteless, cheap freak shows and the person performing that ceremony probably has a major drug problem to support, why else would they embarrass themselves like that every day. This video is worth making fun of because the people look uncomfortable and the ceremony is a JOKE.

    And are you kidding about the accent?? He is faking an ENGLISH accent, Ozzy Osbourne is ENGLISH…. Great Britain includes Ireland and Scotland, so how is his accent BRITISH… you are so stupid it’s amazing. How does someone’s singing skills have ANYTHING to do with ANYTHING?! This wedding is bad, that company is awful and I can’t believe what they are charging for their services. People actually pay this company to have some kid in a ridiculous costume sing over a skipping cd payer on a lit-up Chuck-e-cheese stage while the fog machine blows smoke everywhere. What a rip off!!! I guess its a good thing that Vegas is getting hit hard by the economic downturn, maybe this place will go out of business and the world would be a better place!

  9. Ok, I gotta say something here;

    My spouse and I got married at Viva Las Vegas Weddings in 2002.

    And yup, we did a non-traditional (and what some would call ‘tacky’) wedding.

    We did the Gothic wedding with Dracula performing our ceremony.

    I wore red velvet, my spouse wore Jedi robes.

    And we couldn’t have had more fun. And saved more money.

    Personally, I can’t fathom spending tens of thousands of dollars on an event that only lasts a few hours. I’d much rather put that money toward more practical things for our future: a house, better cars, retirement (and for some, a college fund for their future children).

    On another personal note, I’m not a traditional type of gal, and neither is my husband. Wearing white, having my father ‘give’ me away, and have a serious, down-beat ceremony is not my idea of a good time. Weddings should not be so serious that they put everyone to sleep or, worse yet, have everybody crying.

    Friends and family flew and drove in to be there with us. And, for those who couldn’t make it out to Vegas, it was broadcast live on the web.

    The bottom line is, our ‘special day’ was special for US. And it was OUR day. We weren’t trying to please family members, nor impress friends with the amount of money spent.

    And everyone there had a fabulous time. And people are still talking about it today.

    To each their own. Some of yall need to lighten up a bit.

    • We did a non-traditional vegas wedding too and couldn’t agree with you more. Our guest had a blast and even requested dvd’s so they could show their friends. Its on youtube now too.


      if you’d like to see it.

  10. Hilarious website – so funny and entertaining, Im definately forwarding on to other brides to be 🙂 Makes me wonder how many are real or just staged photos? 😉


  11. funny site

  12. this is a funny site…

  13. Hilarious website – so funny and entertaining, Im definately forwarding on to other brides to be

  14. Greatings, Not sure that this is true:), but thanks for a post.
    Thank you

  15. *rolls eyes* would it kill the author to get some fucking moderators around here? I’m about to give up this blog for good. No more updates, a jackass who keeps screaming about sterilizing people (go back to 1984 please!), people swearing and yelling at each other, people not getting the point of the website and trying to defend their weddings, people calling anything other than a typical white wedding tacky, bloggers criticizing the people getting married instead of the wedding theme/decorations/outfits…the list goes on. Oh yeah, and my comments will probably never be “moderated”. Oh well, not to worry. This is definitely my last comment even if I keep looking at the pics/videos, which are okay.

    I can’t believe I found this place through Cake Wrecks! :\

  16. it’s the choice of the couple and we have to deal with that. Wacky or not as long as they love each other, it’s the most important aspect in getting yourself married.

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