Shrek Wedding!

April 28, 2009






From the Daily Mail:

It was a fairytale wedding of sorts. Just not the sort that most little girls dream about.

The bride looked every inch the princess – as in the ogre princess Fiona from the Shrek films – and the groom was tall, dark green and handsome.

Hospice nurse Christine England, 40, married her fiance Keith, 44, in full costume and make-up in front of 100 guests who were also in fancy dress.

The new Mr and Mrs Green (yes, really), of Barnstaple, Devon, had spent three hours having their make-up done before walking down the aisle.

Christine said: ‘The idea just came to me. I knew what we would go as because Keith looks just like Shrek.

‘It was funny because when we said our vows Keith had these green ears sprouting from the top of his head.’

She tried to get her 18-year-old son to dress up as Donkey, another character from the offbeat cartoon fairytale, but said ‘he wasn’t having any of it’.

Mr Green, a builder – who doesn’t seem to mind being likened to an ogre – added: ‘It was a very strange experience to say the least, but a thoroughly enjoyable one. We love the films and my wife tells me I bear a resemblance to Shrek.’

The couple hired a make-up artist to make them look like the characters – voiced by Mike Myers and Cameron Diaz – in the hit films.

Christine’s mother Annette England, 66, said: ‘It’s not necessarily how you imagine seeing your daughter get married but it was great fun.’



  1. Green deliciousness!

  2. Great costumes. They look like a nice couple with a good sense of humor. All the best to them. Loved they are Mr. and Mrs. Green.

  3. I personally think the Shrek theme is really cute and the costumes are very nice.

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  6. absolutely horrible!
    keep them out of the gene pool.

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  8. Hmmmm. COOL! I loved the movie Shrek. Someone really should send this into to the news or something. It’s fantastic! Did the guests dress up as Donkey, the evil queen and so forth?
    That would have made for some great pictures.

  9. Cute!!!!!!

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  11. So awesome

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  13. Not a pretty couple; they were going to look like ogres whether they sprayed themselves green or not.

    • *sighs* it’s only my second time here and I know for sure now not to look in the comments anymore…this place loses its fun when you see someone making fun of the people rather than their wedding. *shakes head*

  14. God, that’s sad. Suppose her fiance resembled Peter Pan, would they have — oh, yes, that’s another thread here!

  15. funny lol 🙂

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