Super loud purple and red wedding dress getup

April 28, 2009

I’m not opposed to color for wedding dresses, but this is a perfect example of the need to edit!! Hat? Gloves? Fur stole? Purple AND  red? She looks like she’s going to a meeting with the red hat ladies, oh dear. As always, to each their own, she is happy and that’s all that matters, but this look is definitely not my taste!!



Her flowers are super pretty!



Groom getting into some kind of a scuffle:


From La Repubblica.it

Big thanks to Sara for the submission!



  1. Who are the bride and groom? Who is the Italian celeb…the bride, the groom or both?

  2. Not celebritie s, just regular people. Actually they are the first local couple to get married after the big earthquake in Abruzzo. The groom was upset with the journalists and the likes, there to hit the jackpot with the couple tearjacking story!

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  4. funny dress.
    although i do have a soft spot for abruzzo, italy!

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  6. He wasn’t just upset, blablah…I don’t know other countries, but in Italy “journalists” are similar to jackals, you can’t imagine how they fed on the earthquake victims (I’m from Abruzzo and I have relatives and friends in L’Aquila)…and, of course, they were there at the marriage but without invitation.
    Btw, the dress was awful 😀 people in Abruzzo have big hearts, but no style (everyone but me :P)
    Great website, always make me laugh!!

  7. Sometimes colors can have meaning. There might be a meaning or story behind them.

  8. My wedding motif was purple/mauve and gold but I wore a white wedding gown. I think it turned out fine.

  9. Ooof, I saw the title and thought you were talking about my wedding pictures for a paranoid minute!


    Not that I think my dress was tacky you understand!

    • No, your dress is gorgeous.

  10. I believe the situation was pretty “particular” after the terrible earthquake that destroyed L’Aquila.

    Are we sure that this was her “final” dress?
    Are we sure that the shop where she bought the real wedding dress (not this one) didn’t get destroyed as well….

    Moreover, maybe Amanda is right: might be a story behind those colours….

    We all should be more sensitive, after the laughs…

  11. I thought that the head gear indicated that she was perhaps a cancer patient – which gets an automatic pass for me in anything related to taste, fashion, decor, spanking kids in the aisle at Target, etc.

  12. dude, she probably had cancer so this whole thing is messed up. No hair? Purple and red outfit? She’s probably a fucking survivor. This should be taken off your site now.

    • No, she does not have cancer, she DOES have hair, it is under her hat.

      • Cancer patients often have SOME hair. It was probably just growing back or just starting to fall out. If she were currently undergoing chemo, she would be bloated.

    • I agree that this post was in bad form…it should be removed.

  13. @blackytoto: i totally agree. that’s exactly what i thought whenever i saw this post. she more than likely has cancer and is supporting those colors for some reason. i think this post should be removed as well.

  14. wow.. thats a purple dress right there. AND shes got the biggest smile in every one of her photos… way to go!! lol

  15. I’d definitely say she was recovering from cancer. The hat looks like the caps my grandmother wore after her hair fell out due to cancer treatments.
    She looks so happy, probably thrilled that she lived long enough to experience that day. Definitely not anything to laugh about.

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