Tacky Sydney Wedding! Whoa.

June 5, 2009

Big thanks to multiple  TW readers that emailed me with pictures of this wedding, which is apparently an Australian Greek Orthodox affair that is blowin’ up on the internet.   Are we sure this isn’t in New Jersey or Vegas? Wow. Ridic!!!

Pink hummer limo, really?! Ugh.











Don’t you love the home made ill-fitting Steven Segal jackets?!










  1. Yuck. Hideous doesn’t even begin to describe those pictures. I need brain bleach, stat!

  2. Tacky Sydney Wedding! Whoa.

    In addition to the superfluous super pricey hall & preparation, I find the black dress & décor totally inappropriate! Many people spend a fortune on their wedding day just to show off, it’s so pathetic! Most of the EXPENSIVE couples that I know don’t last 6 months together.
    There must be tons of money in certain wallets!Marriage has become a tacky excuse to blow money & SHOW OFF!

  3. You know a wedding dress is tacky when the bridesmaids dresses look fabulous in comparison.

    A lot about that wedding doesn’t look too bad, though. With a few adjustments it could have been kinda classy.

    • OMG! I had the exact same thought: the bridesmaids look downright elegant compared to the bride.

      • Me too. The bridesmaid’s dresses and the groomsmen’s suspenders look better than that getup the bride is wearing.

        And how about the bride’s hooker heels.

        I wonder why the tables were done in all black. It would have looked much better to have pink linens and black accents. This way it looks like a Halloween Party.

  4. While definitely tacky in parts, I’m not seeing an over-the-top tackyness here. On a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being worst, this registers a 2.

    • I’m afraid the dress alone puts it in the 6-7 category at least.

  5. what i have to wonder is this…do these girls REALLY believe that these dresses are church/sanctuary appropriate?? a fluffy minidress and clear platform shoes? extreme tackiness! but it’s so funny that i just can’t stop looking at it

  6. I just realized she has pink and purple in her hair, and I am deeply amused by the rudimentary veil. I mean, why even bother? How old is she? She look (and dresses) like a 15 yr old.

  7. I don’t understand. How did the bouquets end up being so pretty?

  8. Eveyone looks sooo nasty

  9. Wow. You can’t wear a dress like that in church!

  10. I believe that the dress the bride is wearing signals a lack of respect for herself, as well as a persistent lack of respect for financial well-being.

  11. Really, I see NOTHING yet tacky about this. I know that not everyone can look that good in a dress like that. I also see nothing wrong with anyone else. You people are so hypercritical. So far, other than poor people getting married, I see a normal wedding here. I have a taste for something more than the simple “wrap the bride in white lace, and forget to shame her because it should be a lesser color than white because she’s not entirely pure.” and lets not forget the fact that the ceremony itself is a full-on ritual about who has better/more/richer/most tasteful/blah blah blah contest. Your a bunch of jackal cows that crave making others feel jealous. Daddy must be proud.

    • You see nothing tacky about this?? I think it’s all summed up in the 3rd picture, with the bride behind the priest. Her dress looks totally inappropriate to wear to an Orthodox church (would have been a different story if it was a low-key and non-religious wedding).
      Not to mention the groom’s white suit (long jacket+white shoes), and the groomsmen’s hot pink suspenders. This is tacky all-round!

    • Tackiness isn’t just about whether something looks good or not, but also whether it is suitable for the occasion.

      In all honesty, the dress itself doesn’t look TOO bad by itself (well, the skirt needs some work), and I quite like the beading on the bodice, but I just don’t think it’s suitable for a wedding. I’m not saying that the bride should be completely covered head-to-toe in thick white satin and all manner of hideous bridal fabrics, but I think that there are tasteful ways to maximise on your assets in a wedding dress, and then there are ways that make it look like you’re trying to out-chest and out-leg Katie Price (and I don’t think that’s ever a good thing, especially not at your wedding)

      Also have problems with the black bridesmaids dresses/decor. Nice dresses and nice decor, but black at a wedding always gets to me.

    • You are so right. This dress is so inappropriate for ANY church wedding, much less one transpiring in a Greek Orthodox church. The priest should have put his foot down and demanded that she wear something that covered her up more. Where is the respect for the fact that these people are taking part in a solemn, sacred religious ceremony? Whatever her sentiments, this dress looks so out of placeand really undermines whatever solemnity there was to be had by being married in a beautiful sacred church like that.

      Wasn’t there anyone around to give this girl the guidance she obviously needs? People are doing her no favors by not trying to explain to her why showing up in a church dressed in that getup is so wrong.

      I actually think she looks great and I am not one of those anti-princess bride feminists that hates any wedding that wasn’t performed under a tree while the wedding party wore Birkenstocks, but that dress was best left for the reception.

  12. i think she looks fab! meh different tastes different ppl. x

  13. I just winced. If it was a retro themed 80s fancy dress, it would work. But a church wedding? The bride looks like a transvestite! You’ve got to give it to her – she looks like a hundred bucks.

    And the brides maids? – well – hookers. What was she (not) thinking?

    This is what happens when bad taste coincides with a credit card. Lets hope the happy couple are happy!

    • Ummm… It WAS an 80’s themed wedding.

      But thanks for playing

      • How is ANYTHING associated with this wedding considered 80s at all.

      • Ever seen the video to Guns and Roses “November Rain?”

        The wedding dress that everyone hates is in it. The bride intended a “November Rain” themed wedding.

        And if nothing else, the hot pink should seriously have been your first clue.

  14. Below is the link to the news story about this weddding.


    If you actually take the time to read the brides story, you will see the reason why her wedding was different, because it was what she wanted.

    Something that *YOU* think is Tacky may have significant meaning to the person involved. So before you judge, think about the person you could be hurting with you comments. How would you like photos of *YOUR* life were splashed around for the world to see and judge???

  15. wow. great legs.

  16. Ladies – You are not supposed to hold your flowers up high like you are smelling them. You are supposed to lover your arms and carry them at your waist. I was wondering where the Mother of the bride was and why she wasn’t coaching the girls. Then I looked at the dress, and the boobs, and the stripper shoes, and the pink hummer (we call Hummers redneck parade floats her in FLA) – and it dawned on me that there musn’t be anyone in a 5 mile radius of this even with amy familiarity witl EMily Post.

  17. geez, people. What’s wrong with wanting a wedding to be personalized, unique, and FUN? It looks like they’re having a blast, and that’s what a wedding should be about! It’s a celebration, after all.

  18. geez, people. What’s wrong with wanting a personal, private event like a wedding to be unique and FUN? It looks like they’re having a blast, and that’s what a wedding SHOULD be. It’s a celebration!

  19. The bride looks really happy, and so does everyone else. She got happily married, surrounded by her friends and family, who had an awesome time, by the looks of things – they don’t seem to have any problem with hot pink. There’s no pictures of hostile in-laws getting drunk and fighting the parking lot. No grim looks on the faces of family members who think the marriage is doomed. The bride and groom threw a party that everyone enjoyed, and celebrated their marriage surrounded by loving friends and family. With perhaps a little less skin being shown in the church, that’s exactly what a wedding should be.

  20. This is a cute wedding. You can tell it’s exactly what the bride wanted instead of something cookie-cutter. My grandma would shoot me for wearing a short dress to church but to each their own 🙂

  21. Obviously, the bride had the wedding she wanted, and I’m glad she had fun, but much of it was TACKY. The dress would have been fine in Las Vegas, but not in a Greek Orthodox Church. I’m surprised the priest approved it. The bride did look like a stripper, and the groom and groomsmen looked like something out of a Grand Theft Auto game.

    The bride posted the pictures on Facebook, then got upset because someone posted them in an email. Is she really that clueless? (Well, she said in the article that she based her dress on an old music video by Guns ‘n Roses. ‘Nuff said.)

    I agree with wickedorchid that the missing mother of the bride would explain a lot of the tackiness.

    Buffy, these were the pictures the bride posted on Facebook. I’m sure she made a point of leaving out the drunk relatives fighting pictures.

  22. At least her make up looks pretty. It wouldn’t have been so bad if she hadn’t worn that half tutu skirt thing, and the groom had worn a dark coloured suit. She looks happy though, and I’m sure everyone had fun.

  23. With killer legs like hers, she can wear that dress all day long. She’s having FUN for Pete’s sake!

  24. They look like they had a ball! who cares? it’s just a wedding for godsake! its the marriage that matters in the end. The whole thing looks like more fun than some of the stuffy supposedly sophisticated (BORING) events i’ve had to attend and hey they had the whole WORLD talking about their wedding – love it or hate it it was UNIQUE which is more than can be said for some other weddings

  25. I like the bridesmaids’ dresses.

    And the cake.

    Will I be crucified if I said I LIKE hot pink and black together?

  26. Who is anyone else to judge this couples wedding! Good on them for doing what they wanted! The imporatant thing is that they are married as husband and wife. I think its amusing that you all proclaim it not appropraite for a church…..However im pretty sure as a christian, whether it be orthodox, catholic, anglican….accepting people for who they are is the right thing to do?

  27. hmmmm……what can we say….each to their own i guess…

  28. lol there’s someone in my town who drives a hot pink limo.. it’s like that same exact color.. and yes i live in NJ.

  29. makes me laugh because the other da when i tried on my wedding dress….the lady in the store told me how “elegant and classy” it looked, and said that all the young girls care about these days is “cleavage up to their chin” lmao…. i personally think at a wedding, in front of all of ur family, and his family, you really should present urself as a lady, why would you intentionally dress in a manner that would attract the wrong kind of attention from the men there, and create nasty whispers in the background from the females (as im sure there was plenty of this at that wedding) It should be about the love and respect you share with the man you love…..not a freakin peep show!

  30. Hi,

    To the bride you looked stunning and so happy with your man. I wish you all the best and happiness in your life. dont listen to what people have to say as it is people that are bored and unhappy with their own life that sit there and talk bout others.
    The most important thing is that you and your partner are happy together and dont let anyone come between you guys cause thats what people want.
    Its sad that people dont wish happiness for others. your you guys that commented said your opinions you could of at least wished them well despite as that was their day and it turned out to their liking not yours.
    Seriously i find it know ones business how people plan their wedding. I think that no matter what a wedding turns out to be like guests and non guests will always have something nasty to say.
    Any ways just wanted to tell the bride you are beautiful and your wedding im sure was one of the best days yet.

    Hala : )

  31. […] when you thought you had picked the perfect jewel-embellished corset/tutu-inspired wedding dress to match your black satin/hot pink colour scheme, April Winchell from the hilarious and often […]

  32. You gotta love picture #3! You have 3 chances to guess what the groom is gawking at (and thinking) and the first 2 don’t count! LOL!

    I don’t see how this dress is appropriate for the church, but in the end, it’s her day and I’ve seen much worse. The bridesmaids dresses are not bad at all.

  33. Looks like a ‘Jersey Shore’ wedding!

  34. GUYS GUYS GUYS! There’s no need to be so rude..
    i personally think she looked absolutly stunning.. yeh the dress was a lil short, but thats what she wanted.. everyone has there own taste and that was hers.. and good on the groom! i know there aint many guys out there that would allow it.. but it was obvioussly her and thats exactly what it should be like.. be yourself! dont try and be someone your not, so i think if ppl were to see her in something completly opposite they would brag on sayin omg, thats not how we know yanna.. blah blah blah..
    my point is.. leave the couple alone, its done! thats what they wanted and thats that. no need to carry on calling her names coz of what her taste is like..

  35. Oh, on behalf of all Australians, I do apologise.

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  37. All I have to say is OPA!!

  38. The bridesmaids look surprisingly demure.

  39. The bride has amazing legs I don’t blame her for showing them

  40. I think the dress is tacky and out of place for a church wedding, but to be honest I don’t think black is out of place at a wedding at all. In fact I think black is elegant and classy, if done with tasteful pops of color like this bride had. Minus the cleavage on the bridesmaids dresses they look fantastic and are a lot better than many bridesmaids dresses out there!

    I really don’t have a problem with black, especially for the bridesmaids, since the groomsmen are usually in black anyways (so why is it different for girls?)

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