Super Tacky Bride

June 16, 2009

Not really sure what is going on here, but apparently, this is a gypsy wedding. Black long nails, gold lined veil with gold hoop earrings, bra straps showing, and random white armbands make for quite a colorful getup.



  1. as far as i know, gypsies cannot get married with their hair up… it conveys deceitfulness or sth. she’s just in a costume, i guess. a bad taste party, perhaps?

  2. That cannot be a women. No Way!

  3. Somebody put her makeup on with a paint gun.

  4. Um, was it just me, or did she have a blacked out tooth.

  5. dude, that is NOT a woman

  6. Ummm that HAS to be a man!!

    • ye would all wannna shut yere fukin mouths .travellers are equal 2 settled ppl drs nutin rong wiv dem dre humans wit hearts jus like us so leave dem d fuk alone i swear

  7. yup! that is a man in some kind of wedding spoof. look at the 5:00 shadow.

  8. It has to be some type of costume party. That’s not a woman.

  9. Amy Winehouse?

  10. Drunk or in a voodoo trance?

  11. i dont think its fair wha yes are al sayn that girl has feelings that is her own style every 1 to there own i think she waz lovley xx

  12. are yey people sik or sumtin in the brain!! caa ya not see it waz done for a joke a romanian gypsy weddin is not likethat and it is a man jokin around go and get some sense the lot of yey!?

  13. That’s a man, man.

  14. shes stunnin

  15. That’s no woman…that’s a man baby

  16. Definitely a dude playing around! Hey – when the mood strikes to put on a wedding dress, you’ve gotta answer the call!

  17. Wel i see it on the internet and that it was lovly and u loked sxc in it command me bk bye

  18. that not even a gypsy it a gorja lol hahaha

    • How do you know? The Rom here in Italy look like that. Maybe not all gypsies are from Ireland…think about it.
      And anyway, if that were a woman, she’d be too old to marry LOL

  19. Less fluffy dress, better teeth for this guy…

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