Lavish Irish “Traveller” Wedding Between Teenage Cousins

June 19, 2009

Below are a few pictures from photographer Neelakshi Vidyalankara’s online portfolio of an Irish Gypsy Wedding between two 16 year-old third cousins. The rest of her photos in the gallery are fabulous, Ms. Vidyalankara is a very talented photojournalist!




From the intro:

“Mary Connors, one of five siblings, marries her third cousin Patrick Connors – both are 16 years old. There is an estimated 19,000 Irish Travellers in the UK, the majority of whom are devout Catholics. A highly marginalised and insular community, there is often much social antipathy towards them. Irish Traveller girls don’t work, most are illiterate and they remain teetotal virgins until they marry – which is usually very young. The more wealthy families have weddings that are often lavish ostentatious affairs of expensive cars and designer clothes (25-tier cakes, wedding dresses encrusted with Austrian Crystals costing thousands of pounds and huge diamante tiaras). The weddings are highly charged with exuberant emotion, free flowing alcohol and an innate love of life.”



  1. Oh. Em. Gee.

    I just stumbled upon your website while trying to find something to distract me from the stress of wedding plans– and boy oh boy did your site ever do the trick! I can’t BELIEVE some of the nonsense here!

    Keep up the great work. Browsing your site has been the most fun I’ve had all week!

    • Thanks so much Louise, that’s great praise. I started this blog when I was planning my own wedding last year and finding tons of funny stuff and it just keeps coming!

      • ow so you are the one who made this well as you know how special your wedding day is you still decided to make this your a horibel person everyone likes diffrent things as you probley had a plain simple dress these girls decided to go all out and have big weddings as your plobley divored now as must of yous cant get passed 3 year all these girls marry for life and they do get married young but so do pakis they get forst to marry but yous dont talk about them because yous dont want to be accoused of being racist, so anyway thought i would let you know what i think. im married and i never had a wedding like this because its not my tast but im not gonna slat them for there style im not vain and insensitive like all of yous that know shit about our lives dus no one care that these poor girls are on this site that they know nothing about and are gettin critasied for wat they wore on there wedding day i think its sick u come on here to make fun of these poor girls what a bad world we live in god bless yous all we are all humen wether wat culture we come from xx

      • From the many defensive and illiterate Irish “traveller” messages on this thread, one thing that comes across is that they live in a bubble.

    • wel girls im a traveler myself nice weddin dresses mine is bigger and nicer sorry xxx

  2. i just love this site, every time i visit, i laugh so much. 🙂 tackyweddings is great

    • all ye country ppl shud be ashamed of yere lifes puttin rong in r names …. we aint murderin r abusin any1 we livs in gud intension and dont do rong ta no1.. da money we hav r daddys works for it and does ntn rong and a weddin happins only 1 time in a traveller girls life so obiously were gunna go outa dis world for it.. we leaves r love and virginity for da man dat puts a ring on r finger unlike ye dats red rottin and bed hoppin around da place….. yere children havin children and most of ye dont even hu da father is…. all da traveller girls in dis is beauiful brides god bless ye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

      • Wow, Rebecca, did you receive ANY kind of education? Your response is pretty incomprehensible. Learn to spell and string a sentence together properly. THEN, you can go ahead and marry your cousin.

      • Could we have a translation, please? I can’t understand a word of it.

        The girls in the intro above ‘don’t work, are illiterate and remain virgins until marriage at a very young age’. 200 years has passed unnoticed, we’re back to the time of Jane Austen when a woman only existed to be married. What about earning one’s own living, the pride and the achievement of paying one’s own way and standing on one’s own feet? They may make a big thing about virginity, but some of the females in the pictures look like tarts, no more or less. It’s all reminiscent of Muslim culture, the emphasis on ‘honour’, but at least Muslim women do not go out dressed as if soliciting clients, which you could be forgiven for thinking that was what these girls were about.

      • I so agree wiv u Rebecca, i’m not a gypse girl but a least u guys know how to have a wedding, and your not like some of us girlz hopping from bed to bed!lol I back u all the way. Jane and the other girlz that bitch about u r probably dog ugly! Bless u! x x x

      • im not a travller and i undertstood her. if all you can do is pick on her spelling without even concidering any points she makes. your not even worth her time.

      • i think that you are all very horrible to the gypsy culture. nobody takes the piss out of muslims because they wear head scarfs and nobody takes the piss out of christians because they ‘drink the blood of christ’ whoever made this blog is really inconsiderate. the gypsy culture are accepting and loving people and you shouldnt be so biassed. of course some of there traditions are not what you like but everybody is different. if i could, i would have loved do be a gypsy because they seem so happy and loving and they are a strong community. others should be more like that

      • Ignore them hun, they are not worth the time of day if all they can do is ridicule and belittle other people to make themselves feel better.

        I am dyslexic and not a traveller anyone want to take the mick out of my spelling?

      • i agree with rebecca. if there not harming anyone then what is the problem? ive been watch big fat gypsy weddings and they seem alot more moral than us anyway,, like i have a son and im not married,, but will be in september and im only 17. why dont u just go about your lifes and let them go about theres, good onya lass xx

      • and also , can i just say my grandparents were cousins, and im not a traveller girl, so were no better.


      • sorry rebecca i didnt mean to write it to u i meant 2 write it to the jane one

      • hi travellers

        i am canadian we had gypsys who travelled around our community in ontario farming communities, i was always in love with their way of life i think travellers are amazing people and it would be great to become freindly with some

      • -jer- – Your travellers sound very different to those in the UK.

        rebecca xxx – you’re talking rubbish. You seem to hate anything that suggests non travellers are stereotyping travellers but not the other way around, that’s called hypocrisy. Most gypsy girls lose their virginity much earlier than I did. Plus I’m married (for life) and my husband is the father to my children and I’m allowed an opinion on every subject on earth. That’s probably enough information for you to be a ‘hater’!

    • good luck to ya x

      • Translation (I think):
        All of you people should be ashamed of yourselves for defaming us. We are not hurting anyone, nor are we breaking any laws. We live a virtuous life, and try to avoid hurting anyone. Our society is patriarchal, and the patriarch works hard, and legally, to provide for his family. A wedding is a special one-time occasion in a young girl’s life, so why shouldn’t she feel like a princess? We are mind-bogglingly prudent despite they way we dress, and refuse to let a man “sample the goods” before he buys them. Our virginity is a commodity that we barter for a band of precious metal, which is more than I can say for other cultures that do not value female chastity. I am horrified at the prospect of a woman sleeping with a man before she is married to him. Promiscuity is against god. Since I do not condone the idea of contraception, I cannot imagine someone having a child out of wedlock- because how could you possibly remember which man fathered the little blessing? Of all the girls depicted above are beautiful brides. May god be with you. Many kisses.

        translator’s note: this is a loose approximation. :p

      • I believe they should be able to do what they want.
        The only thing I was upset reading about and hearing on TV was that there is a lot of domestic abuse, and the girls don’t say anything.

        I also feel they marry much too young. My goodness, at their age I had a lot of boyfriends, whereas these girls don’t even know who they’re marrying.

    • I am a traveller but I am fully literate. What exactly is the problem with having and wanting to look after your family while you can fully enjoy it rather than some of you who pay babysitters to look after your children or wait until you’re in your 30’s and don’t have any energy to look after them.
      Also I agree that we dress provocatively but so do gorja girls at least we don’t actually act like “tarts” and have 5 different fathers for our children, no we have one man for all our life. You need to get over yourselves, stop being so racist and allow people to live the way they wish rather than taking the mick out of them.

      • There is nothing wrong with wanting a family etc and looking after them. Providing that one of you goes to work to pay for it, and before you start to rant on about we do work blah blah blah working and not paying taxes is worse than benefit fraud, I work over 50 hours a week, if I did not pay tax my daughter could have a lavish wedding and stay home and look after her family. so get bloody real, Try paying your way in society then people might take you serious. The characters we see on these pages and on the TV put the original travellers to shame. All that crap about saving yourselves and you don’t need education, what rubbish. How you dress etc is not the point, its up to you, if you think that 13 year old girls dressed like whores is a good look then best wishes to you, but cut the crap, the majority of you are bloody wasters

  3. To be fair, she doesnt look THAT bad. The tiara is a bit extreme, but i happen to think the dress is quite nice. Compared to some of the travelling folks wedding pics i have seen this is rather tame!

  4. Pretty nice post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your posts. Any way
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

    • i will know your for loving ..i have muny anssoires for you but ..after your pirmetion .. tink you…on reigth…

    • all you gorga fools go fuck yr mother dosers

      • What does gorga mean?
        …I presume it means NOT being inbred so would consider it a compliment

      • I’m assuming ‘gorga’ means ‘gorger’ – as in ‘consumer whore’ as they are very fond of levelling at us.

        Just another huge hypocrisy, given their lifestyles and weddings!


      • Gorga just means someone that is white or non-roma or traveler . I am Roma and proud . The Roma and Irish Travelers hold close to thier traditions and to them this is the way it has and always will be done. It is customary for Roma/Irish Travelers which is two different things to stay with thier own kind and to be around gorja folks taints them and makes them dirty so many are not sent to public schools and taught to read and write . They have thier own language which is beautiful. You may not understand thier ways and customs but you should not critisize them for them because you wouldnt want to be critisized for your ways .

  5. more pictures! i wanna see more pictures!

  6. Why are you plastering your site’s name on work from someone’s portfolio? That’s their livelihood, not to mention their art.

    • I put the url of this site on the pictures because the photographer had not marked them. I did this so people would be able to redirected to the photographers website if anyone pulled them from the site. I highly praised the photographer’s art, she is incredibly talented and I am now a big fan.

  7. There is an Irish traveler community in South Carolina, not too far from Augusta, Georgia. They, too, are ostentatious and marry their girls off REALLLLY young.

    • I know, Jess. It’s in Greenville, SC. We had a natural disaster and at a time when people should act like humans instead of jackals, the Travelers bid on reconstructing jobs, took the money and materials and just left, leaving many people with ill-feelings toward the Travelers. If they didn’t alienate themselves like that, I don’t think people would care WHAT they wore to a wedding. Oh, and marrying their cousins doesn’t help either. That’s just sick.

  8. So… Have you noticed how many of the weddings on this site are from non-Americans and non-white ethnicities?

    Don’t you think it’s a little racist to make fun of Irish Gypsies for not meeting an American standard of what a proper wedding should look like?

    • I think it’s a LOT racist to be throwing around the word “gypsy” like that. It would be like saying “check out this nigger wedding!” No, no, no. There’s a reason why the caption above referred to them as “travellers.” or Romani. Look it up.

      • Once again, if you just click on the photographer’s website, she used the term gypsy to describe her photoset, that is exactly the title she used. These are HER photos, and she must have had a good reason to use that word. I’ve changed the title, but for the record, for you to equate the N word to the word gypsy I think is pretty offensive and totally incorrect. Gypsy may be a derogatory term, but it is not even CLOSE to me saying “check out this N***” wedding, come on. And Irish Travellers and Romani are not the same group of people, Irish Travellers have adopted the Romani way of life but they are an entirely different ethnic group. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irish_Travellers

      • Firstly, i will not be refering to the most notoriously unreliable website for the definition of Irish travellers. But being an Irish ‘country’ person, I am incredibly offended that you would think equating the words to each other is not the same. A derogatory term is just that, derogatory.

        The traveling community should be left in peace to live and protect their culture.

    • That’s totally ridiculous, most of the weddings that appear on this site have been in the US and are white, not that it matters!!

      Yeah, I’m a racist for thinking that wedding, with the giant yellow pouffy bridesmaids and the crazy headpiece, was over the top. Total racism there.

    • are you serious?
      do you not have anything better to be doing with your time?
      Irish Travellers are human beings with hearts and feelings, its a sad day when all you can do is go round snapping pictures of them and then making nasty comments on their unique culture.
      seriously go find something productive to do..
      Irish Travelling Woman are reknowned for their natural beauty, something thats not to common anymore.
      i’ve nothing else to say on the matter but long live Irish Travellers.

      • well said tara .im hlf gypsy my family on my mums side are gypsy,s from wales but my gran settled here and iam planning a gypsy style wedding and i cant wait .its not tacky look at katie price she looked something like that on her wedding .and look at all the wags what do it but its ok if your a pop star or football player

      • you gypsy, thieving, inbred,raping, tax avoiding scum… The only reason that you can afford these weddings is because you steal and dont pay tax like the rest of the hard working people out there. Hitler was right you all deserve to die! Maybe next time your burning your house down to get insurance money you’l cremate with it!!!

      • 1stly ya a holy show paddy hopin sum1 dies now tats jus ring!! Nxt ting we can afford tes weddins cus r men wrk everday 4 r money we dnt sponge off d goverment lyk uvappl… Nxt ya telin me every person hu has raped sum1 theived tax avoided n is inbred is jus gypsy?? Nw ya totaly rong.. We dnt tax avoide we dnt steal off folk we dnt rape folk n we ent inbred.. If god only made Adam & Eve we r all gods chldrn we r al equal we r al 1 famely:/ ye I tink mareyin famely is ring 1st cusons but 3rd cusons rnt sme blood thru marige mayb but nt sme atoll

        Mayb a traveler has stole raped tax avoided or inbred but dnt say we r al lyk tat d sterotype of 1person ent us al???

      • Lmao at PADDY! Scum? Racists are scum! travellers are more respectfull then most country people! Inbreds? rapists? bet ur familey are inbreds! bet you look like one too! lol fucking muppet!

      • I couldn’t agree more Tara!

      • And isn’t this site supposed to be moderated? Well thats what it says when you post a comment so why so many racist (from either side) comments being allowed on or not quickly deleted?!

      • Marie “look at all the wags what do it but its ok if your a pop star or football player”

        No, love, it’s NEVER ok, no matter who you are.

      • poddy wat eva your fucking name is.. what would we like if we were calling you them names..you haters and gommeys i swear

      • ice dresses fuck the was that dont like them xxxxxxx

      • Natural beauty????? Most of them are over weight, have bad teeth and dress like street walkers. Then they brag about being virgins. And the way they dance is something all together. Their men treat them like slaves and show no respect. And yes…..where do they get the money for the clothes they wear and the cars they drive? The men leave school to work. How can they find good jobs if they can’t read or write??? Just sayin…..

  9. I just wanted to say that while I really enjoy your blog, and Traveler weddings can be spectacles to behold, the word “gypsy” is a pejorative term and I wish you wouldn’t use it. Its not used in the actual post, so there’s no need for it in the title.

    • If you click on the photographer’s website, the title she uses for her photoset is VERBATIM, “Irish Gypsy Wedding”. That was not my word choice at all. Since these are her photos and she is a highly accomplished photographer, I can only assume she had her reasons for using that word. I felt it was only fair that I use her title, but I’ll go ahead and change it.

  10. I just wanted to say that while I really enjoy your blog, and Traveller weddings can be spectacles to behold, the word “gypsy” is a pejorative term and I wish you wouldn’t use it. Its not used in the actual post, so there’s no need for it in the title.

  11. Just wanted to let you know, I love this blog. I also want to let you know, my family is of french and irish ‘gypsy’ back ground. I assure you, NONE of us take OFFENSE to the term ‘gypsy’. It is what we are and always have been. The photoghaper and your copying the title, isn’t all that big of deal.

    • Thanks so much Saffron! I’m glad to hear that you’re not offended by the G word, I know that some Romani groups actually use it in their organizational names so I don’t think its that bad. I mean, I understand the stigma surrounding it, esp in England/Ireland where its thrown around like a slur but I don’t think the photographer was using the term in a derogatory way.

  12. the Big Pikey wedding in Ireland are Great To attend Plenty of money, drink women and above all in laws fighting

  13. Isn’t it interesting how the Word Police are everywhere teaching everyone today’s “right words.” I guess it gives them a little thrill to correct people.

  14. Im of Gypsy heritage. We own our house (yes, moved to a house now) and my three children are well behaved, doing extremely well at school, and have manners. Not like some non-Gypsy children I see. Dont tar us all with the same brush. I stayed at school til I was 18, and worked until I married at 21. We do not have criminal records and are a quiet family, unlike the lager louts who live near us. When my girls marry they will have huge weddings – but we have worked to pay for this, its a symbol of our culture, whats left of it. We marry for life. By the way, we’re of Romany heritage, not Irish tinkers. Not putting them down, but they seem harder than us.

    • Thank you for being the only Romani I’ve seen here who is polite, sane and who speaks proper english. Anyone who fights against people dissagreeing with the weddings(while some comments are quite rude) using chtspk lk ths then trying to tell us how intelligent they are…just fail

      You are a prime example of being awesome. Keep it up.

  15. hi i dont understand why all you people are so set against travellers.im a irish traveller and proud not all travellers get married young and dont say that they dont work because you dont know that i work and the best half of travellers work in some way or another.
    travellers have big weddings because there parents want to give them a good send off and show them how much they are loved.everyone has there own style and us travellers have our own style.you are very good at commenting on travellers wedding what about buffers (setteld people)wedding???you lot just hear something and assume that everyone is the same but let me tell u that they are not and some travellers do have small wedding and i think its discusting the way you use tacky wedding’s get a life

    • Hey I traveled with the gypseys for 6 years. We had lots of fun and traveling was good. My boyfriends boss treated us like family often taken us to his home for holidays.Most of the clan we got along with just fine.I was with the agusta travelers and their a good crowd.

    • well fair play ta ya Sharlene, im not a traveller myself but id tell youu something if i was id be very proud of my culture. all my life ive grow up with travellers and i think buffers are the whole time puttin them down and they bring their kids up wit this hatred towards travellers, its wrong but thats life for ya, the one that set up this siite and started posting pictures up has nothing better to be doin wit their time and would be better off if she admired the beautiful outfits and natural beauty. pay no heed to their ignorance.
      God bless and take care.


  16. i agree with charlene, everyone is entitled to whatever kind of wedding they choose and its all culturally relative. personally i think this bride looks really beautiful you can see that she’s naturally pretty and her dress is modest too, its all about personal choice.

  17. Why is no one disgusted by the cousins thing?

    • Third cousins getting married isn’t that bad. They’re too far apart genetically for it to really matter, and it’s fairly customary in a lot of cultures.

      This actually looks like a very nice wedding. The last photo looks like something from a movie.

  18. who are you where do you live are you a traverller wee are traverller xoxoxo write

  19. who are you where do you live are you a traverller wee are traverller xoxoxo write bk

  20. you dress

    • we did you get you wedding dress

  21. tbh travlers are the best and there weddings are amazing to say i am atravler my self i love all of the weddings and i really disagree when the news said that missy’s (king) wedding was so tacky.. it wasnt every one has there own style and tbh does the press have to were the dress noo so i think they should stop critising travlers causee we are normal fukin human beings 😀 tbf travlerss are classed as scruffs but we ent at all yeah we might live in trailer’s but so at teh end of the day tehy am our homes and who gives any onje the ringhts to bhum us off …. we onlii get big send offs causee we can have them and our parents love us enough to pay for them and tbh most travlers have more money then RACLEES eny way soo how the fuck can we be scruffs…dordy get your facts right

    • what cousins thing ?

    • welll saidd travlers r far from what the gorgiars think about us lol how can we b sruffs or trams but has the best of everything?

    • i totally agree : ) , im not a traveller myself, but i would love to be one , everything about them is fantastic , the big wedding ect. i really dont know why everyone critisises them, they have more money than us and to be honest have a fantastic lifestyle , they have everything any body could wish for, 🙂 and as for travellers been classed as scruffs, if they are haw can they afford these gorgeous weddings and loverly outfits , horses and trailers ?? , so before you all start critising traverllers think before you speak !! , they actually live a better life than us xxx

      • ashie-leigh jaide, did you ever think where this money came from?

  22. did you get that

  23. i like your wedding dress

  24. lovly fotos do u hav any more

    • your dress was deadly and up the travellers were u going with ur husband write bk xxxx

  25. fair play to the couple god may them a happy posporess long life togather and bless them with lots of children

  26. i think all the girls look lovey im a traler me self and thats how i would love to look on my wedding day if i looked as good as the girls id love it and yh the do get married young but thats our colecha and lest when the do get married they anithad every man in the country

  27. i dont see a thing wrong with them pictures they are amazing im also planning my wedding im 17 and marrying at 20 im not a traveller and they are also free to do as they like surely? i think the bride is stunning

  28. I love this web site, always makes me smile. I was a little taken aback about the discussion of the use of the word “gypsy”. I didn’t realize it is considered racist. In the US we don’t consider it to mean anything other than a colorful, different kind of person who has a real love for life. Obviously in the UK the word gypsy is a derogatory term and one that brings all sorts of bad images. Another example of different cultures, different meanings.

  29. I love this website. Please don’t be offended by the critics….feel sorry for them. I do. They don’t get it. Life is way too short for criticism. Be happy people…

  30. Well Lads Every1s Talkin bout travellers and im a traveller mysef like
    and we dnt all get married young and all dat like so i dno wat ur on bout

  31. Lads Ders Nottin Rong Wid Travellers Im A Traveller MySef And Ders Nttin Rong Wid Den Wer D Same As Every1 else Except Some Ov Us Liv In trailres shur so wat and we like ta make a big entrance for our weddins and some of us do go ta skwl and hav jobs so dont say stuff dat ye dont no and most of us travellers hav more money dan ye buffars and we pay big money 4 our dresses so i dno wat yer all sain

  32. heyy at the end of the day people that critise travlers are shitty asses because travlers are the bestt and yes ii am one :)……..
    I hate it when people critises what we were at ARE OWN wedding at the end of the day is has got nothing to with any one else what we were and yes some travlers are horrible but every one thinks travlers are the same when they aint some are really nice. With this cousion fingg we agree with it maybe not youu people but we do soo deal with it…….
    travler wedding are the best noo one can beat aree weddings ii fink people are just jealouse of are weddinds because look at are dresses and look what we have for a wedding……
    I disagree withh people opinions on missy quins wedding it was brilliant and what she wore for herr dress was soooo beauitful and all the travlers love it … people are jealouse of herr wedding dress that whyy theyy sed nasty thinggs sooo huu evaa is saiin missy quins wedding was tacky shut your fuckin mouthh and grow up …… huu eva is critising travlers come and say it to are faces and see what youu would get!!! it it gettin annoyinn people talkin about us coz we are not scrufs we are very cleann sooo deall with it and ever think abiout your self we aree all the same except travlers aree a litttle different but soo aree every onee!!!!!!!!!! …
    All the dresses there look absoultltyy amazing ad every one did in factt … travlers have aree own style and tbh ii fink the travlers style is beeter thenn ( non travlers ) if missy quins wedding was tacky why was the press there thenn ………. noo herr weddinggg was the bestt everrrr soo deall withh it ……….
    and youu have to be jealouse that you aint a travler if youu keepin slaggin us offff……… soo grow up and get a lifee …….
    and thankyou to those whoo have sed nice things about travlers because we are bot bad peoplee … And tralers infact have different rules from youu people and atleast we wait till we aree marraid till we have s*x because we have respect for are selfs unlike non travlers wee somee huu sleep around ( SLAGS ) travlers had dignityy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

    • hi i think that the travellers have it write.. infact they are the only people who actually go by the bible and gods way of life u dont see them popping out children b4 there married and they are highly respectful to there parents u hardly ever see them staggering down the road drunk like settled people.. I have alot of friends which are travellers and they are very decent people and they have a right to look down on us country people we are a holy show and there is no1 to blame but ourselves.. they might dress differnet 2 us but there not going around shagging every random man.. we can pretend all we want but we are not better than them. travellers dont need 2 sleep with every man that they date just to hold on to them cause they know at the end of the day they will stay with them 4 there love.. i know that if my parents had more control over me i wouldnt have ended up the way that i have 2day.. All I can say is fair play 2 ye and keep up the good work..x

      • To Stacy: Yes, you are right in thinking that because they are at their own wedding they should wear whatever they like and celebrate it according to your customs.
        However, bad spelling and grammar aside, I am horrified at seeing how utterly rude, prejudiced and disrespectful you are.

        Everybody is entitled to their opinion and if someone (like me) thinks the dress looks tacky, then you should also deal with it, take any criticism with calm (provided the person who offers it is not being rude, but merely stating an opinion) and not use profanity, which frankly is uncalled for and only shows a lack of maturity and education.
        You will get more respect if you are also respectful.
        I would like to point out that I have nothing against the people in the photos, nor the travellers.
        I just don’t like the dresses, nor the undignified way in which those girls have to walk down the aisle or get into a car to get to the church, with bridesmaids that look like mini-brides.
        In a documentary, which was recently broadcasted last year in the UK, one girl had to be pushed into the car by two of her male relatives because she tipped over and she was face down with her legs in the air.
        Sorry, what jelousy do you think I would feel for that? NONE WHATSOEVER.
        But still, to each their own…

        To Rosie.
        You are wrong in assuming that travellers are the only people who go by the Bible.
        If I am not mistaken, it is said that women should dress modestly at all times. However, I have seen pictures of female guests at weddings and hen nights that are dressed in a way this moral code is not reflected.

        Not all settled people are drunkards, nor do we all go sleeping around with all and sundry and many of us also believe that marriage is for life, are very hard workers and law abiding.
        My children are being brought up to be respectful and productive members of society, so I do feel offended and sad that you show by your comments the same kind of prejudice that travellers suffer.

      • Rosie, I’m guessing by the way you refer to “country people” that you’re not being honest when you say you’re not a traveller.
        Do “country people” live in cities too?
        Just asking

  33. Yes missyy ii want too see more pic of every one there but if not where can youu see themm lol becausee every one was wearinn beauitfull dresses lol :L :):););) xxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. […] She’ll see your “grandma passed out at my reception” and raise you a “Lavish Irish Traveler Wedding Between Cousins“. […]

  35. wather your a traveller or not its your choice how u dress im a traveller im half irish and half scottish traveller gypsy romani it doesnt matter at the end of the day its down to those girls what they want to wear who they want to marry and what they want to do with there lives i just read another blog and people who wrote it were practicly calling little girls pole dancers they should all be ashamed just cause they are travellers they get criticized worse i think u should take a look at katy price shes not a traveller i dont agree with all the stuff some of the girls wear but as i said its there choice we dont go calling every non gypsy girl who shows abit of flesh a pole dancer or stripper and at the end of the day no matter what they wear they are not sleeping around like a lot of girls who are not gypsies leave them alone i find it very offensive the comments im reading and if they want to spend millions on there daughters weddings i dont see why that offends some people i think its really nice at the end of the day when gypsies get married its only once and not all gypsy traveller weddings are as revealing alot are really classy and ellegant i just bought a vera wang dress like the one in bride wars witch is compleatly normal for my wedding and im 22 and my boyfriend and i are not related i have totally had enough racism i just left my job as a receptionist because i was bullied out of it because
    of people who treated all gypsies the same i checked people in who they did not even know were what they where they were so polite and respectable and i also went to school till i was 16 and i am not illitrate i think a lot of people are very ignorant about travellers and know nothing of our lifestyle and the hard ships we go through because of what we are and what we believe im very proud to be a traveller gypsy tinker pikey romani or whatever you want to call me i dont drink smoke take drugs or sleep around with people before im married like all the rest of the traveller girls alot of people should take a look at there own morals before they judge others

    • What happened to commas, periods, paragraphs and capitalization? If you are not illiterate, you would know you just wrote one very long, confusing sentence!

  36. fair play to the irish travellers they have the best looking women on the earth and they have respect for them selfs there vergins till they are married and have graet big weddings

  37. i dont know how anyone can say uneducated i went on and got myself a criminology degree i dont see anyone slagging off the asian community who have many of the same values as us? i was married at 17 i think our way of living is very respectful and our parents just love us very much shame i cantsay the same about many of the lazy men and sluts that are not travellers that ive seen a load of people that need help i say, travellers are very hard working and as for who ever said travelling women dont work wat a load of crap i would love to know where they get their info from, just cos we dont sit in an office slaving all day , most of us work for ourselves u ignorant idiot!

  38. That was a cousion of mines wedding and im telling you it was a very beautyful wedding!! She looked like a pure modle a very stunning girl she is and they looked like a very handsome couple everyone at the wedding looked stunning and if ye call that tacky wait till ye see my wedding!!! Love you cuz x x x

  39. She luked unhuman in tat dress wos lyk a prettier cinderella.. Y do all u folk tink its bad getin marred yung n us travellers r al clen n decent gels lyk d feen sed above . Dnt judge us gorgerrrs !!

    • WHAT??? Learn to read, write and spell before you try to comment!!!

  40. Hi girls, i am very proud to see all you Traveller girls standing up and viocing for your community i think you did a brilliant job… i have to say i am in the process of setting up some sort of way to try and stop the media from broadcasting everything we do as travellers at the end of the day its because of the media and some of the Travelling community we all get oainted with the woring brush.. if people start waking up and realinsing that not all Travelelrs are bad the same as that not all settled are bad i know that this has been said a thousand times over again but i dont see any actions been done on it.. i see people standing up and saying we all shouldn be painted with the wone brush but i dont see anyone reacting on it, i think that it is about time that some action was done.. us as Travelelrs are highly sick of been run down and made little of infront of our colleagues and friends if anyone has anyone advice for me in connection with this can they email me on 0857464235. Please Thank You

    • Actually, it’s people like you who make the community look good. These people speaking unreadable chatspeak to the point where you can’t read it are not good examples to use.

    • yes well done to the girls for standing up for themselves but there is no need for them to call all settled girls sluts. Like you say there is good and bad in all walks of life and we can’t claim all travellers are saints any more than we can say all settled women aren’t. It’s offensive to the wives and daughters of the settled people who are on our side and is just lowering travellers to the same level as the racists they are speaking out against. It is the kind of attitude that breeds hatred on both sides. I agree something should be done about the media but maybe it should be about getting them to give publicity to the positive acheivments of travellers. I think we are owed the free PR after all the profits they have made of criminalising us for so long.

  41. sorry didnt mean to put my number in there please email me on margaretconnors@sdublincoco.ie

  42. im a irish traveller the girls wedding was lovely and i dont think people shood be alond to judge travllers weedings because all they go on syin is wicked stuff bout them

  43. well i tink travlers dress up nice there is no difference between half of the gorgys dresses some are more uglier than u tink u just cant see it ur youst to small were youst to big flashy tings we cant help it.
    but i tink missy looked buitiful so how dare u say she is tacky if u want to look at tacky look in the mirror also the outher gerl looked gorgouse she is outstanding xxluv u loads stick up for your self ur opinion matters too lol

  44. all them girls looked lovly. ye country ones dont under stand the traveller ways so dont be commenting coming out wit this and that because they all look lovly xx

  45. up the travellers. ye little buffers commenting coming out wit shit ye dont know wat year an bout because travellers like us mite stay in trailers so wat its our way off living same as some of us stay in big houses. and we all have big weddings it only comes once so u mise wess make the best outta it. and all the traveller girls an this are unhuman and lovly dresses and ye buffers think its ugly but wen u hav the money like us u mise well spend it yano i’ll be bak an this after have to go now ha xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Please try to type in English so that everyone can enjoy your comments – thanks. Also, look to the right of the ‘M’ key – it’s called a full-stops you sounding like a ‘hom tutoed’ half-wit



      • We know you have no shame. It’s glaringly obvious, unfortunately The girls are so desperate to get married that they say yes to the first boy (not man) who asks. That’s truly sad and desperate. Still, you must know your cousins well enough to marry them by the time you’re 16.

        The full stop IS to the right of the M. Not above it, not below it and not to the left of it. The comma is to the immediate right of the m but that doesn’t mean the full stop isn’t to the right of the M also. Go back to school.

  46. 0860766881

  47. here i know who that is giving out my number ye must have nothing better to do dan trying to destroy my clane name it makes no differnce i’ll just change me number. and just because your the whore every boy in the country has it and u have a bad name dont be tryna get me the same k aids face. ya must have nothing better to do than give me number x

  48. here 0860766881

  49. you smelly gypsy

    • Stop hatin boy grow up n at d end of d day only god can judge us!

    • your the one who smells john not us


  50. If you paid your way like us “normal people” you wouldn’t be slagged off. We pay insurance,rates,rent,electric,and soon water rates while you move before you get billed. No wonder you can splash out on yourselves when you can.
    You are a lot of theivin brutes stealing off the government and everyone else

    • Well as much as u no I live on a site n me father own d land r sites on so we dnt need ta pay rent n we have no need 2 pay electric cuz we ave generaters we ave cars n pay insurance so we do pay bills we jus dnt need ta pay all of tem

    • How can you just classify an entire culture as ‘theivin brutes’?
      Just because someone travels around and therefore obviously doesn’t need to pay rent and electricity how on earth is that stealing from the government or anyone else?

    • shout up ya tropup : we go but most of us own urs house and years and al not like u,s poor barserd travellers r d best nd dont be jewjulls of us u stock up snob it a bad sickincess ..bild a brige and get over it aw do us a favouire and jumo in :L:L

      • I honestly haven’t a clue what you just said. Back to school.

    • Well i fink you are totaly out ov order saying wot u just have said about travllers. I am not a travller myself but i know alot ov them and they are the nicest ppl i have ever met. They are not scruffy at all. And most travllers do have jobs but they are selfemployed. I have showed my friend this and she is a travller and she just laffed. She said u dunt know anything about how they live. Yeh they have different morals than non travllers but that sunt mean that they are branded like u have just done. They are still human. Poeple finks itz wrong that travllers let there children get married at a young age so wot!!! Like i said i am not a travller i got married a month after my 18th birthday i dint see any body judgeing my family or yeh thats because i am not a travller. Just coz ya a travller u get judge dirrently itz wrong. My best friend is a travller and all her family r lovely and make u feel welcome when i go. soo i fink u need to get to know a travller befor u start calling them coz u dont no anything!!!!

    • sandra you big fat smelly tramp how dare you comment us when your not worth the air you breath . your the thieving brute . with your big fat handycaos face , good for nothing smelly wore , theres a lot i want to say but being a catholic women i cant say it p.s i can smell you from space tramp , hobo.dosser

    • ye dirty pak of jelus basterds dont hate us coz u aint us.. travellers hav da best weddins and as 4 ye “normal people” as ye call yereself is mangey over a weddin and ye try spend da smallest ammount of money dat ye can ye lowlifes just coz we respect r mommy n daddy and r mommy n daddy gets everytin we want dont mean we aint normal ye sikos …. UP TRAVELLERS XXXXXXXXXXXX

  51. al ye buffs are ful sure ye no it al. not al Travalers steal infact most of us a settled and have happy life. most travellers go to college and get there degrees and have a succsesful life and as for ye low lifes having a laugh if you wanted to say something about travellers say it 2 der faces and on behind ur computer screen………..COWARDS…………..

  52. Im actually ashamed of all use spas givin it loads on this no im not a traveller but wen i read d msgs from the non travellers im embaressed to say im 1 of use “normal people” do a line up of 5 of the travellers i no n 5 of you so called “normal people” and u cud never tell the difference. im PROUD to say i grew up with travellers and the ones i no hav beautiful homes,that yes d do pay for and wen der in my hme hav the greatest respect…. and yes sumtimes der also embaressed by sum ppl in the tavellin community just like im embaressed to be in my so called “normal community” so maybe all use spas with ur stupid stereo types shud get to know wat use are talkin about b4 use go all keyboard gangster on it…We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools. ~Martin Luthor King, Jr.

    • ?

  53. ye are all a show just tryin be the best of all the travellers but look at u your a show tink u are real cool buying the dear dress

  54. leave travellers a lone thers good and bad in everyone so dont judge travellers are they can really put a curse on yous so think before you judge lo

  55. i am a traveller and am proud 2 be talk about travellers scrouging on the goverment may be some do but not all of them the same goes for buffers i no a lot of buffers that scrough of the govement so put that in your pipe and smoke it lo

  56. im an english travvlin gel and i am marrying a welsh travlling boi y are u all so jelous?????? just beacuse we ent shagging ewvery boi in the country and yis are.. were decent till we get married and yis is muthers at 10 and got the cheek to call 2 baby gels on here prostitutes the travllin man woould kill people over reading that!! my dad has spent a quarter of a million on me wedding and yeh i admit me dress aint showy but its is big 24stone it weighs and took 2 years to be made its had diamonds on that and the crown oh and the bridesmaids dresses are lemon so y dont yis jelous slags fuk off were brought up not to work our dads buy us wat we want and wen we do find the right boi we get married our dad buys us wat we want fot the last itme of being home and then our husbands buy us sum were to live and buy us wat we want wile we cook and clean for em then wen we have kids they do the same for them!!! me weddin is bein followed round by a telvision crew and its based on jordans weddin just coz yis gorjies cant afford theres no need to be bitches to those who can we cant help it if yis is all ugly jelous slags with no life nxt time u see a travller walk over to her and say wat ur sayin on here u wont be lef standin wre raised to fite cook and clean!!! ur raised as dirty sluts 2 diffrent worlds and ur not welcome

    • My mother raised me to be able to do more than just cook & clean and I raise my daughters the same. A traveller wife isn’t a slave depending on her husband for everything. (what if lord forbid a girl ends up widowed or he leaves her?) I run my own business nothing to do with my husband. Hes very good to me and our kids but not everyone is that lucky. I’m proud to say that I know how to take care of myself and my kids if I ever need to. yeah our weddings are the best but young girls need to remember it’s only a day and it don’t mean you’ll be spending the rest of your life livin like a footballers wife. There are loads of traveller women who are good business women or working in good jobs and making plenty of money themselves and it’s something to be proud of. AS for the mongs callin child prostitues it just goes to show how ignorant and stupid some settled people are. They must have filthy minds to think up something like that they make all their kind look bad. Best of luck with your wedding.

    • A quarter of a million? Does no-one in authority ever ask themselves where these people, who usually claim to be working as labourers or running scrapyards, get that kind of money to spend on a wedding? Or even a hundredth of that money? Rather than targeting legitimate, tax-paying businesses, the inland revenue should start looking into travellers’ incomes more closely – they wouldn’t be long getting the extra 7 billion the UK government wants! And as for the police – are they completely helpless? In just the past few months, traveller camps have been found to contain people (mainly with mental problems, and some held for up to 20 years) who were forced to work as slaves, and several missing and very valuable animals, yet no investigation appears to have been launched. And then people wonder why we law-abiding, tax-paying members of the Irish community hate these programmes so much; not only are they paying these people even more money, but they’re making the Irish the laughing-stock of the country – again.

  57. i think this is the most racist web site i have ever been on i work with the travelling community and there is not a thing wrong with there weddings look at other religons and cultures and then come back and say they have tacky weddings. you should be ashamed of yourselfs calling anyone tacky

  58. just tell all those out there that are jelouse of the traveller girls weddings to get a life and get over it that they cant have one like ours fare play girls and yes i am a traveller myself

  59. i love this site it makes me laugh all the dresses are very funny

  60. luv ur web its very handy to my art course thanks xxx

  61. Im a settled person and Im engaged to a traveller and have a 3 year old son for him.The town i live in al settled people and travelling people get on as equals.at the end of the travellers are human beings as wel.if dey want 2 have big fancy weddings den dey are entitled too.i find it very offensive wen people slag off travellers not coz im invovled wit dem just because i woz brought up 2 respect every1.every1 just picks outa dem and dont even consider how dey feel.no1 slags off foreign people nd der values.show sum respect nd leave dem get on wit der lives.

  62. I don’t know how I found my way here but I’m glad I did. The Traveller family looks like everyone is having a great time.

  63. I am an irish traveler.I am uneduecated but I thouht the GOOD LORD was going to judge us and not yeah eduecated ,well mannerd and perfect people of the world

  64. i think the travellers r great and d women r the best looking girls put on this earth …. and the well dress best weedings well 4 all of them ,,am a traveller and so prode of that … i lik towney an contry ppl to ther sound but t0h0er nufin like the gypsey crew :D:D:D

  65. i am a traveller and proud of it i wouldnt change it for the would.traveller weddings are the best…….

  66. well im not a travler but i think how they dress is lovely ok say they go over the top a bit but thats the day of there lives there gona look back on there pitchures and videos they wont somthing to remember some people traet them like there animals thinking of it people treat animals better than them there human at the end of the day the men work one of them used to work for me the women just be a mum and a house wife and they chooses to be that i think its not very nice havibg the tacky wedding they are lovely people

  67. why sould we work when you do it for us.who wouldent sit back and have your money give to us were the ones with the easy life you fucking gorger bastard…..
    your only jelous of our weddings because you cant afford it…..

    • So basically you are admitting that you guys are useless lazy asses in society…that REALLY makes you look good. *blatant sarcasm*

      I don’t mind travelers in fact, I like them, but little fucks like you piss me off.

      • Well said Ona

      • VERY well said, Ona. Short and Precise.

  68. All ye frikkin gorjas are all jelous of us while were all out der spending our money and gettin on wiv our lives ur just der u lazy slobs sittin infront ya computers all day broke wivout a penney in ur pockets…… If u dnt like our weddings ya bbastards why put dis frikkin websit on den????? ya gorja fools….. Ya are all widos and dats all you will ever be!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Studies have found that 50% of Irish Travellers die before the age of 39.


      PS: 50% of non-Travellers don’t die this young.

      There are many positive aspects of mainstream life that travellers simply have no inkling of.

      I feel sorry for the young travellers. Those who want to join the mainstream to get educations, become pilots, teachers, sailors, engineers, etc, etc, and see the wider world.

      But, their traveller families won’t let them.

  69. yeh sum of us travlers do dress takky nd huge 4 our weddins bt nt all of us do. i didnt. myne waznt a giant cindrela dress nd i lved it! gorjus! no sparkls or puff on mine just stile! get stile gurls nt sho off!

  70. ehh hang on 4 a minit d person who made dis a fuckin jealous bitch sorry nw dat travellers can afford 2 hav nice weddings girls go all out i got married last munt n i had da time ov my life neveryting i ever wantede u call travellers weddinss tacky i call u buffers wedding CHEAP n UGLY as for sum1 sayin traavellers steal n dats y we can afford it?????? half da population ov yee ppl is smack heads who inject n rob old ppls purses 4 yer supply wats rong wit yee is ye dont no sstyle travellere girls mature years b4 yee so der4 we dnt b pushed into marrige its by free will luk at half ov ye dirty rotten bastards critisisin 2 death wen yee dont no a ting bout travellers how can yee paint us all wit d 1 brush???? n as 4 u ona da onli low life scum is u how can u call us gud 4 nutin wen da most ov us drive new cars hav lovely homes n plenty ov money wile all yee have is bus passes n dole cards traveller girls are 100 times better dan yee xxx

    • sexy and traveller in the same sentence?…never

  71. im an irish traviler if i went to a wedding and de bride had a flat dresses i would make a laugh of them well my wedding would be the best i would have an outstanding dress,horse n carage and my dress would be packed with real crystals and would cost tousonds and i can have what ever i want me daddy said coz im his baby and last to get married i cant wait to get married n im only 13 dont forget yal never have an wedding like mine it will be da best evvveerrr xxxxxxxx

  72. all ye contrey people r jst jelous of us travilers sayn dat r weddings are takey jst coz ye all want to be us r wedding cost 10x yer weddings n allot better jst coz ye r poor people and we have lots of money n we can afford to have n outstanding wedding day witch i cant say de same bout ye n us travilers clean n desent all ye sleep around with any 1 ye meet us were not even loud to kiss a boy n i am proud of that dat meens we can find a good husband un like ye im proud to be a traviter n dont ye forget dat dosent mater how much ye hate us we ant goin nower ye dirtey shitey basters travilers for life xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • what?

  73. Irish Traveller girls don’t work, most are illiterate and they remain teetotal virgins until they marry – which is usually very young.

    That statement is absolute rubbish! Traveller girls do work, they do drink and they are not illiterate, how can you justify that statement?

  74. I’m Irish and come across plenty of Travellers. The vast majority are decent people and it’s not fair that they get tarred with the same brush as the tiny minority who aren’t. It’s part of their culture to get married young and have big extravagent weddings. They uphold strict Catholic morals and before getting married would only kiss and hold hands with their fiance. I think this is quite admirable. Our culture is to live with our partners before getting married and get married much later but they aren’t going around slagging us as we slag them. Yes, the men come round your house in a pony and trap when you’re cleaning out your garage and ask can they have your patio heater but they’re not trying to rob it! There’s a really interesting interview with four young traveller women in the Sunday Independant http://www.independent.ie/lifestyle/independent-woman/issues/young-traveller-women-talk-fashion-love-sex-and-reputations-2007169.html. Worth reading. And it’s true what some people have, the traveller girls are very pretty.

  75. why are people critisicing us trvlers so much??????? wat hav we dun rong??? and as for callin us girlz SLAGS we ar anything but we stay a tee total virgin until we are married we giv our virginity to the person we love unlike ues buffers whos lost count ov how many men uev slept with nd travler boyz respect me well for being like that they dont want a dirty gurl whoz been around da block they wnt a nice clean respectable yung1 ta cell der baby. nd as for missys wedding a thot it was great a lov it!!!! nd all da traveler girlz on heer dat ar stikin up for our kind giv uerself a pat on the bak and feel proud. i am a pikey and YES i am PROUD!!!!!!!!! xXxXxXxXxXxxX

  76. I hope that every post from these “traveler girls” are fake.For the love of god i hope they are fake cause they make all the real traveler girls look horrible.

    • Am nt a fake atoll wer simply puttin acros tat us travlers rnt holy shows

  77. omg these are mast truly bazarre ive never seen such a slutty wedding dress in my life 😀

    • your just jealous because u could never have the life they are blessed with, im sure u stayed a virgin for long ha ha ha, ur just a prick

  78. no we are not fake 4 gods sake. we just wanna no what weer bein critisiced 4 wen we are 110% beter than ues ya mongos!!!!!!

  79. well if ya dont like traveller wedding !! click the little red X in the corner and dont be fuckin tryin to make a laugh yey fouls of country ppl all yey spent is no more dan 100 pound were us travellers spent thousands and thousand JUST FUCK OFF THE LOT OF YEY FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Who cares what they wear and how much they spend. A wedding is for the bride to feel like a Princess for a day. It may not be your fancy but as long as the Bride likes it no one can judge.

  81. holy crap people… your commenting about something that has nothing to do with the photo. get back on the subject… these people married eachother at 16 and they were 3rd cousins… get with the program

  82. Irish Travellers are NOT Romany Gypsies. We Gypsies don’t marry the Irish Travellers, we don’t mix with them or want any business with them. They are not Gypsies, do not call them selves Gypsies, and are nothing like us.

    • we dont call ourselfs gypsies asshole, people call it to us, so the word gypsie to them means scum, so in that case your scum, ha ha

  83. Where and how are these tacky wedding dress creations kept/stored after the bunfight? One of those must take up a goodly portion of your housetruck space?

  84. you gypsy, thieving, inbred,raping, tax avoiding scum… The only reason that you can afford these weddings is because you steal and dont pay tax like the rest of the hard working people out there. Hitler was right you all deserve to die! Maybe next time your burning your house down to get insurance money you’l cremate with it!!!

    poddy March watch your words im a traveller girl nd im gettin married not all travellers are the sme u dirty common basterd dnt fuckin god call us namses howd ye lk bein called a conner boy or a buffer of a contry fellas ya pigs face basterd ya that ye may die a painful death nd taht yer fa,ily may 2 jus for ur words ya dirty handyi


    • wise the fuck up, ur just jealous because u cant have the life a gypsie does, your hate and jealousy will just lead u to hell, get ur own life together before u analyze anyone elses,

  85. Leave off the travellers, yr all just jealous coz u like to have boring weddings and fuss bout cost of it, we don’t need to worry and have da whole family there x x x

  86. Hi. I am not a traveller but im dating a romany & we are planning to marry. My partner is a good hard working man, he is a great partner & a very thoughtful, caring person. I strongly feel people should back off and keep their mouths shut. Travellers get a hard time from ignorant self centered hypocrits that are worthless in comparison. The do gooders should take a long hard look in the mirror at themselves and see how sad their own lives are & get their heads out of their asses. Good luck & happiness to all travellers XX

  87. xxxxxu go gypsie babie xxxx
    u said it yey gorgies r whores sleepin wid da boys since yey wre 11 ha
    wre married befor we attemte to sleep wid a boy and wen we do its our husband for life xxxx
    for peopel sayin wre rude and shite lisin ere yey are critising us we wre rared to stand up for our selfs wen nedded to ok shite bags dont be jeluose yey gorgies have to go on a show like (dont tell da bride ) to get married wit yer stingy 12000 thousand ha im gettin married in may and my dress alone was 11000 and wre in da magazins and tv for traditnol ,extravingant , expensive big weddings ha

    • If you know about an eleven year old whos sleeping with boys then it’s child abuse and rape.Ya should be reporting it to the police, the poor young one is obviously sick and being taken advantage of or being forced into it.

      Like I wrote in my last comment any settled people calling child prostitutes are just showing their ignorance and must have filthy minds to think up something like that about a child. There is no need to lower us to their standard by talking about children and sex in the same sentence.

  88. i think ur dress is beautiful dollxxxxxxx

    • me to vanessa

  89. this is not a tacky wedding ! i am half traveller and all traveller weddings are beautiful! these girls have more respect towards people than ye will ever do n!there weddings mean the world to them and they always look outstanding !have yee not got anything better to do with your lives than make a laugh out of people ?i take it yer just jellous !

  90. I feel vast amounts of pity for these young girls. I really and truly do. When you think about it, these girls are basically robbed of a more profound foundation, on academics and an opportunity at exploring the levels of a more successful life. I’m not saying being a mother and housewife is a terrible thing, but who is to say these woman only want to those two things? They have other dreams besides that I’m sure. But, when you have a husband and children to attend to, it must be truly difficult, and agonizing not being able to be who, and what you really want to be in life. So my heart goes out to them.

    • For God’s sake, you patronising, narrow minded and ignorangt woman. If you ever meet and actually listen to some travelling women, you may begin to understand. Doubt it though.

    • why feel sorry for me. I’m one of the most successful woman I know. I run a business and have a degree all of which I acheived whilst raising my family of 5 children (whom I consider to be my greatest acheivements). I married at 16 and thanks to my wonderful husband and family I had the support I needed to acheive my dreams. I would have thought a stable relationship with another person working with you to secure a future for your children was the greatest motivation and support anyone could ask for????

      • great answer x

      • Glad to finally read a Traveler’s post that I can understand. Good for you.

      • Sadly, Dear, you appear to be the exception to the rule. Have a Blessed Day.

  91. im a travler and very prode to no one of you conty foles can talk about us u all are scum

  92. im a irish travler this go out to avryone that dont lick travlers if you dont lick us stop taking about us.
    why do you talk about traavlers when 1you dont now any think aboutthem 2 your not them so stop critesising them and get on with your bring lives and let us get on with awers p.s if you got somting to say say it to are facece in sted of tiping it we can p.s travlers are the best i

    • It’s LIKE, Katie. You LICK a sucker.

  93. lick we give to fliying f****s what u cuntriy horse tinck of us with ur handycap faces

    FUCK U

    • why don’t you stop spending so much money on weddings and looking like a slut, and learn how to spell.


      • We don’t have to dress like gobby slags to be noticed. Neither do we have to marry the first bloke who asks just because we want a shag. We can take our time and find someone who lets us have a life and who doesn’t think slapping women is the best way to treat us and men because they think it’s the intelligent way to settle an argument. We don’t have to settle for some little mummy’s boy who makes decent people’s lives a misery because they can’t help but steal everything that isn’t nailed to the floor.

  94. how dear you gipsy tramps say that us contry pepole are slapas you are pickie

    • your the dirty no good tramps . how dare you have the front to say that .youd shit your self if you sid it to uor faces go back to yoyr full time job in the sex shop

      • hahaha katie…up travellers we dont do anything wrong to you country people just grow up and get a life and respect us for who we are… if someone was a gay or something you’d accept it so except us travellers

    • pickie is a racist word grow up lizy

  95. them 2 dresses are unhumen i lik de 2 of them an missy was an out-standin bride i seen more pic of her on bebo..
    dat is de 1st pic i seen of de other grl but i tink she looked lovly as well…
    an wots yer problem travller grls are not fake we just look after our self… sum ppl just dont get our way xxxxxxxx

    • I thought this was an English language site

      • well you tough wrong , this site is about how jealous your people are

      • and how deluded YOUR people are!

  96. well me name is bridgy obrien and ur dress was nice and ur a lovey lookin girl but ur not all the u fukin bich thranp u need a face gob

    • ure a very weird young 1,
      like praisen de the girl 1 minit and de next puting her down

  97. i am a irish traveller myself and tink dat travellers r gettin wrongfoly read 4 go judge yourself before ya go judging any1 else and yer wedding tops r outstanding da reason travellers like dere weddings so big cuz we only get married once in our lifes so y not and were all not theving tramps ……. like some peolple …..

  98. hi i happen to think as an earlier lady said the tiara was a bit much but she and her dress looked really nice and is alot tamer and nicer than alot of others so please be nice this is the poor girls wedding day xx

  99. im a cuntry gurl and ive grown up with travellers but i tink its very rong to paint all cuntry gurls wit de 1 brush, dere called hores most of the time but there is the good and the bad in every1 and neither culture should be put down… I grew up around travlers and the travler way is the only way of life that i know and dare is de good and the bad in everyone… I think that most of these weddings are beautiful and i dont know why people feel the need to make a laff of them… some cuntry people have weddings like this aswel and u dont see people slagging them… there are some very racist people out there but there aint nuttin that can be done for them. i think that all the comments here from “irish traveller woman” couldnt be any more true and right. she knows what she is talking about and she should be proud of what she has achieved. i am with a mcdonagh boy and we are hopefully getting married in the next 2years, at the moment im at home but next year im going to college, it doesnt matter if your a traveller or not u can stil have a future so i dont know why people say that travellers dont know how to work and that they are illiterate because a traveller girl or boy chooses their future they do what they want just as every1 else does what they want, im only 17 but that doesnt matter, age is only a number and people have no right to judge. i think this website is a joke and huever set it up should be ashamed of themselves. travellers have their own culture and they are proud of it, if there wasnt any such thing as travellers people would find some other people to talk about. at the end of the day its only happiness that matters. i dont think that this site is fair in any way and i think no travellers should bother even commentin on this anymore because all these low lifes aint gonna stop over some other peoples comments….lets not lower ourselves to their level..xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx BEAUTIFUL GIRLS

    • You’re claiming to be a “cuntry gurl” and claim that you’re not a traveller.

      Are you ashamed to admit I that you’re a traveller?, tell the truth.
      I wouldn’t blame you for being ashamed.

      Your lack of basic English also gives it away.

  100. well i am gypsy and i love in the uk i belive in what ma comuunity tells me and i dnt carree wot no 1 says it has nout 2 do wid n e 1

    me money i get from ma daddy because ma daddy works for it like n e person we aint realli different we jsut talk different n we live in caravans wot is wrong wid dat? id tn care wot n e 1 says if u dnt lyk it n who we r then dnt cum near us x

  101. i am an irish traveller who has had an education some of the girls arent lucky enough to have gone to school i think it is absolutely disgusting the comments on here for travellers calling them names and degrading them its everyones own personal choice why does it bother you so much if a girl wants an extravagant wedding my sister was on my big fat gypsy wedding and didnt look tacky she looked like a princess its alot of jealousy travelling girls are some of the prettiest girls in the world and yes they do dress revealing but that doesnt mean they are dirty we are entitled to wear what we want, stop being so jealous the majority of you would give your right arm to be part of such a unique exciting and individual culture you must have very sad boring lives to make up sucha tacky website about other people who stand out from the crowd very sad in this day and age, get over it were here to stay !!!!

    • Can you put full stops in please, and create actual sentences?

  102. i think this site is so wrong. im half gypsy and i can read and write so all you gorjers need to get a life. i love the big weddings our fathers have worked hard for there money and because they love us they pay for it. so all you divvy people who think its wrong to marry our cousins and who has said we need to go die you should burn in hell. my mother also goes to work not just my father. i have so much respect for our traveller familys as we dont go around puting it out for everyone….godbless travellers i love you all xxxx <3<3<3

    • “im half gypsy and i can read and write”

      This must come in handy in checking food product’s listed vitamin RDIs and how servings relate to daily calorific quotas, with health being something the travellers are known to be extremely fastidious about.

  103. i think all you cuntry gurls r slaggin off our weddin coz u’s dont have the money to have a wedding this big of yeh own. any1 thats says our wedding r horribble n cheap then yous r all backward. n when i get married i hope to have a wedding dress as big as some of these. coz you know what im a gypsy girl n im loud n proud xxxx

    PS: if it was one of you cuntry gurls gettin married n yous had a wedding like this then u would be saying that it was ansum, so shout yeh mouth n keep yeh blummers up XXX

  104. Some of the gypsies are soooooo weird. Buying fancy things and returning them, spending lots of cash but being so rude to the people that are helping them, and what is with all that hair? Also, if you are going to curse people out and drop the f bomb, spell it right, but it is pretty silly that you can’t spell the word sex out, but the f bomb, they atleast try. And marrying your cousin is wrong, just wrong…and gross.

    • well atlest its better ,than being a sheep shager u are disgusting going wiv fellas before ur even married i woulden’d do that its just sicking leting some one take ur virginity now u honestly must realy be jealous of us why u on this cos u cant have our life jesus grow up another thing we spend the money cos we av it gobshite and dont be insulting our hair ur just jealos cos u ant got long thick hair like us plesse bitch.

      • To sexy travller gurl.
        Firstly, learn to put some punctuation in your text. If someone were to read that aloud they would be gasping for air.

        I think your comment is disgusting, insulting and frankly, like many other comments of those who claim to be travellers, very hypocrytical.

        You complain of being slagged off and accuse people of being racist and using derogatory terms against you. Often this has been said that when a person has made a negative comment about the way the girls look.
        If it is true that many of those comments have been really rude and over the top and you have every right to be cheesed off about them; many other people, like me, have said something negative but without being rude or disrespectful.

        What is your problem if I say that I do not like the way those girls look in those pictures, nor the dresses, nor seeing little girls looking like mini-mes or covered in orange gunk?. Do you think really that this stems from jelousy or hatred towards Travellers?
        Not one bit! My comments and those of several other people are only in reference about this kind of look, not about the persons in the photo nor their lives.

        Therefore, you should be a little bit more discerning when you read, also learn to take some constructive criticism and accept other people’s point of view even if this is diametrically opposite to yours.

        I think also is a bit rich that many of you go complaining that people call you gypsies and that this is a derogatory term, particularly when many of you use it to refer to yourselves; then I am also insulted to read and hear the term “gorger” (or something like that) used when you talk about non-travellers. That is also derogatory and a bit hypocrytical to expect respect when you are not prepared to offer it, is it not?.

        But worst of all, many of you are just as prejudiced as those who are prejudiced against you, so please, do not go playing the victim and do not be so rude.

        I can vouch that nobody in my family has sex with sheep or any other creature from different species (furry, feathered, on 2 legs, 4 or more legs) in the animal or vegetable kingdom. Not all of us sleep around with all and sundry and many of us, do stay married to the same person for life.
        Yes, even those who have a tiny wedding with a simple dress and hairdo. (Total cost of the “big day”: £1200, 12 years ago and counting)

  105. travelling gals have it all so fuck ye

    • fuck you u bitch


    • lol lol lol u stupid twats! u have cheered me and hundreds of peeps up!! lol mwaaaahhh!! u travellers girls have it all!?? yeah right! who u bloody kidding!! not us normal souls! ALL ur old mans or shud i say ur inbred hubs are sleeping around haha and mostly with us normal girls lol lol ur all thick as shit n dirty n u all sleep around.. n not good at it either from wot most of your brothers..er i mean husbands say!! hahahaha

  106. all yee country ppl have some hell of a cheek slaggin off traveller young1s wedding and there dresses sure what a young 1 wants to wear on her big day is her own buisness and her own style and about weddings traveller young 1s are cleaner and decenter dan all coutry ppl cuz we r virgins til were married and most only get married onced so y not do it big dats wat i say xxxxxxxxxx

  107. i think travelers do nothink wronge n dont see why you all slag them off that have big weddings n i think some of yu people are getting jelouse of it n no they dont nick stuff they work for there living n are very nice people if you ask me

  108. i think travellers do nothink wronge n dont see why you all slag them off that have big weddings n i think some of yu people are getting jelouse of it n no they dont nick stuff they work for there living n are very nice people if you ask me

  109. they*

  110. This site is the saddest thing I have seen in a long time. Well done to the Traveller girl Rebecca for sticking up for her ethnic group who suffer this kind of racism on a daily basis. Maybe I can help some of you understand:

    Rebecca’s poor writing skills are due to the failure of the state to provide her with adequate education. Many Traveller children find it extremely hard to do well in an education system which is geared toward middle and upper classes only. This is why many working class children to do that well either (studies have shown this)

    Traveller weddings in all their lavishness are an integral part of their culture.

    Just as marriage age varies from country to country and culture to culture, marriage age is often different in this culture from the majority one.

    Traveller’s are an indigenous ethnic minority who have every right to reside in Britain and Ireland.

    Therefore they have every right to practice their culture just as Asian or Indian people have every right to practice theirs.

    If any of you are interested in ditching your racist attitudes you might find this website helpful: http://www.paveepoint.ie

    • anna you have a point about the bad schoolin, gypsy people wont send there childrent to school or high school because they dont want them mixing wid non travler people there mammys and daddys taught em at home, and traveller weddings to girls are a 1 off they only marry once and only once and my daddy will pay for my wedding when i get married and i intend a sticky out dress wid everything only ur ppl could desire…

    • Well said! I am a typical australian mongrel breed… black, white and brown, kings, conquerers, convicts, and commoners in my blood and I’m dead proud of every one of my ancestors. I am Romnichal on my fathers side- his dad left and came to Australia to escape extreme prejudice and the constant crushing of his culture to start a new fresh life for his family. Master Craftsman that he was, his ancestors would be proud. I know I am, and I’m proud to say my granda was a gypsy, and a damn fine, well respected man. I’ve also Irish Traveller on my mothers side… a different story. It was hidden and treated with shame. The children were taken from their parents and sent away to be raised. Just like the aboriginal children were. But you know what? I’m proud of them. They survived. Who wouldn’t want to screw over a majority who had treated you like shit for hundreds of years? So what if they have a lavish wedding, have you ever seen an Italian wedding? I’ve been to a few, and NOTHING is done by halves! And the wedding I went to recently of a Hindu couple… flash or what? Bollywood to the max! As for marrying young… at least they marry, and don’t pop out illegitimate brats to gods know who by the dozen like some others do. Third cousins? Pffft! Queen Victoria of England married her FIRST cousin! Third cousins is nothing, and I’m sure they’d be aware of any issues. Let’s face it, when you have a small and dwindling pool of potential mates of your own ethnicity, and the gorja’s are all right knobs who just want to have a quick shag and move on… well, a third cousin is probably a far safer and secure bet! Drugs and booze? Plenty of that in every facet, every section of every society. Wake up, live and let live. Learn your history, people. And have a bit of respect for those who actually HAVE a cultural heritage to live by. Yeah, I’m literate. I have a double degree in Health Science and I’m a midwife. But I could just as easily be Rebecca. We come from the same background. Rag on her, and you rag on hundreds of others. Open your eyes and look around your own backyard, before throwing shit in someone else’s.

  111. In all honesty this is by far the most disturbing site ive ever come across in my life an am disgusted. My boyfriend is a highly respected hard working Traveller that has earned every penny he owns threw hard work. He dont tax dodge an he most defenetly dont robb people he earns more money in a week than you could only dream of earning in a year. His Children are well mannored an to be quite honest there the most politest Children i have ever come across. They may not be able to spell or read to your standard but seriously what the fuck has that got to do with you lot??? And whats it got to do with anyone what Travelling Girls want to wear at THERE WEDDINGS??? Since when did you lot become god because i believe hes the only one that can judge he made everyone equals no-one is any better than the next person. There clean respectable girls that take good care of themselves. There human beings and believe it or not they have a pulse like everybody else and breath like everybody else. People that dont understand Travellers obviously have issues of there own and they avoid them by sticking there unwanted noses into other peoples buisness quite sad actually but its true and this is what the world has come to backstabbing and bitching about other people. They havnt done anything wrong whats so ever people are just jelous especially the girls that are slagging them because if you say you wouldnt want that much money spent on your wedding day you would most defenetly be LYING!! Leave them alone they keep themselves to themselves for a reason because of people like you lot.

    P.s Dresses look gawjus on you girls and i wish you’s the best of luck in life and in all fairness your proberly gunna need it with people like these… GOODLUCK…!! xxxx

    • I have left a couple of comments earlier and if your read them, just the same as quite a lot of other people, I have not insulted anybody nor had I used any rude language, I merely made a constructive criticism, after all these pictures are in the public domain and everybody is entitled to their opinion. My view is that, I cannot speak for others but how you and others take it my comments is their problem.

      However, it is sad to see how close-minded many people are when a comment is made about how much is spent about the weddings and how much they cost. Whereas you are right in saying that it is up to every individual how much you spent, you are wrong in assuming that just because many of us do so in a very modest budget are going to get divorced or have loose morals.

      I got married on a very tiny budget (total cost of outfits, reception, paperwork, etc. was just under £1200) and twelve years later and counting, I am still married to the same person.

      Would I have liked or am I sorry we could not afford a more expensive wedding?
      Not one bit. The money we did not spent came in handy later on and has been spent on much more useful things.
      Besides a large wedding is no guarantee of a good marriage nor everlasting happiness, nor is it a sign of how much someone loves me (they either do love me or they do not and there are plenty of other much more meaningful ways of showing it). You work at it every day of your life.

  112. I think this is just awful. I recently became aware of the Irish Traveller community and was trying to get information so that I could understand it better since I just met someone of that culture. I can’t believe how insensitive people can be…why would anyone think it is okay to poke fun and exploit any culture/ethnicity? If it were a black community being made fun of because of traditions/culture on this site, you would be called prejudiced! Why should it be any different with the Irish Traveller Culture? What…Because it isn’t what you do? Because they are doing things differently than that of the Majority of the United States, Britain, Ireland, or wherever? I think all you who posted such aweful comments shoud be ashamed of yourselves…that’s just pitiful.

    • Dear, I live in South Carolina in the USA. We have Travelers in Greenville. We had a natural disaster a few years ago and, at a time when people should help people (it’s what DECENT people do), the Travelers saw a chance to rip elderly people off. They rode around bidding reconstruction jobs, taking the money and materials and just leaving. How is that, in any way, human decency. My heritage is Irish and they are just an embarrassment. It’s OK to be different but, if you live in my neck of the woods, you better understand the laws

  113. i think traveller weddings are probs the best weddings going .ppl can critise all they want who gives a fuck wat they think .we dont ur all just jealous either way.

  114. i dont no why people have to make fun of travellers like that its fucking annoying

  115. heloo im a travler girl and im 17, travlin girls and families are da best kind of breed out there!! im 17 and i have a job most travlin gurls dont have jobs but i wanted 1, i have respect for myself like all gypsy gels do, we wait till were married to sleep wid a boy, we have a ring around our finger b efore we do wrong, and for non travlin gurls you cannot say the same, you all sleep around wid your boyfriends have children and probly wont get married…. we keep our virginity for marriage only and its sacred in gypsy girls, we go back 100s and 100s of years and im proud of who i am, i wouldent dream of dis respecting myself or my family name, im a travling girl we have morals and values only u non travlers can ever dream of….

  116. its like this us travellers will always be looked down on no matter wot we have our what way we live and me 4 one dont give a runnin fuck wot settled people think because us travellers r proud of our culture n if u ask me deres alot of jealousey going on here cus cuntry people work all dere lifes and most of dem still struggle so wen dey see dese good motars and top of the range wddins it bothers dem. GO GET A LIFE AND LAVE US LIVE OUR LIVES THE WAY WE WANT NONE OF YER FUCKIN BUSINESS

  117. im an irish traveller and proud of my culture and heritage i would just like to make a point that yes travelllers do go over the top for weddings but that is because the majority of irish travellers and gypsys intend to stay maried for the rest of there life its not a case of divorce for us so i think that we are entitled to go over and above for our weddings and i would like to make another point that a lot of you are ptting travellers down as all the one people as in the settled community there are of course a certain amount of traveellers who fight do drugs and crime but the majority of us just wanted to be accepted in to the communitys in which we live but also to keep our culture and heritage

    • sexitravellergurl. im a traveller to and your point is true u cant paint every1 with the same brush. xxx

    • I was very touched by your message dated 5th January 2011. I am not a traveller, but i completly appreciate everyone deserves a wedding however extravagant, it is their day so noone has the right to judge, i think its wonderful. I am a wedding planner and would like to get involved in Traveller weddings but not sure how to go about this. I do know from a traveller friend of mine that this can sometimes prove to be very difficult, as still cultures do clash, but i am person that believes everyone is equal and see the good in everyone. I live in the Surrey/Sussex area, and have many traveller sites near by. I wouldnt want to just turn up and introduce myself, so any advice you can give me to get my name out there i would be most greatful. Many thanks Stephanie

  118. WHOA! Dont be glamourising it to much. The Wards, Stokes, McDonaghs, Finnies and Mongans are well known criminals as well as fighters and also have a few feuds within the community. John Mongan RIP was sadly beheaded by 3 members fo the Stokes family in front of his wife and baby daughter, this happened in Ireland and you can find it online. Earlier a group of Irish travellers had killed another gypsy in a cemetery at a funeral, again in Ireland. Yes they have their own language, yes they have arranged marriages sometimes, and also marry their cousins. But dont be taken in by the romance of it, *some* of these families are involved in gun and drugs crimes. True Romany gypsies, however, I do have a soft spot for.

  119. Who ever made this site hasent got nothing better to do and is just jelous and they have only made this site cuz they probably cant afford a nice dress!!!! and will probably buy there dress of ebay!! And so wot if they cant spell it dont mean they aint going to get any wher in life.
    And dont make me laugh saying that it is only gypsy are scrougers and theifs, there are more country people on the dole then they are them .

  120. hi I’am an Irish traveller. I would just like to state that not all travellers are the same. some travellers do work and some don’t and I suppose that goes for all nationality and you may r may not have the right to judge. also I think every bride has the has they right to chose what she wants to wear on her big day. whether she she wants to go big or not it is her day. It should not matter whether or not they are travellers,roma, settled or any nationality for that matter. I also think that a lot of the people that are posting probly have never really been in contact or spoken to a traveller to understand them they are just going by what they read and some times the media just might exagerate and give off a bad impression. also on some of the blogs some of the travellers people have posted some nasty comments as well and vise versa they cant judge unless the get to no settled people. I my self have many settled people as good friends and to be honest there not the mush of a difference between us.

    also every bride looks good looking on her wedding day no matter what she wears………..

  121. I’m not a traveller, however do have family members that stem back from traveling communities from all over the UK who are all now settled.
    I would like to make a few points about this blog –
    Firstly, these girls are raised with such high standards of self respect, politness, dignity, and many other wonderful traits that a lot of settled people cant even comprehend. If they are found to be having sex before they are married – that is a massive shame on their family as it is disrepectful to themselves.
    Secondly – with that in mind these girls get married once. Divorce statistics in travelling communities are barely even a fraction of our communities. They go into marrige for life and they do all they can to work at their marrige – more so than others because its what they have been brought up to do. (and the men are the same).
    Thirdly – Yes, most travelling woman do not work. They do live in a time where the outlook is the Man’s job is to provide for his family. Its a pride and honour for them to do that – and if you ask your husbands if they could afford to have it so their wife doesnt have to work would he work his arse of to do that? – of course he would – unless you are marrying a selfish person….
    Fourthly – I defy any of you to go to a travellers home and find it in a state. It doesnt happen. They are the cleanest and tidiest people you will come across and a lot of people can and should learn how to look after themselves, their homes, and their families aswell as they do.

    So yeah, if these girls want to mark the biggest day of their lives, the start of their sexual lives, with a massive dress, a fantastic party, and plenty of memories to last them a life time then that is up to them. Who are you to judge if they want a massive dress? Should they be thinking you are boring, unimaginative, and cant pick your own dress to save your own life cos you have went with the common ivory/white, pretty sequined dress, with a nice tiara blah blah blah….No they shouldnt and they dont. Why by stuck up and critize them?

    Go for it girls!! Let the ones with no imagination keep going with their universal, common dresses and you dazzle in the dress thats right for YOU! After all, thats what YOUR wedding day is all about 🙂

  122. The girls in the wedding photos are beautiful!
    and has everyone forgot that not long ago in the uk we were also a population where the woman didnt work and marriage was extremly important?

    there are quite a few spiteful comments on here!

    i do have a question though ,could someone tell me whether you dont believe in divorce at all? i mean even under severe circumstance such as domestic violence?

    Also theres people who fight/do drugs/illegal in all communities so how can ‘gyspies’ be labelled as criminals?


    • in answer to your question about divorce i cant answer for all gypsys as i am a english gypsy but yes of coarse we would get a divorce in severe circumstances..we are not prisoners..and we allways have our famliys to turn to in such times
      thank you for yor comments

  123. ye ar all feeks

  124. nt my type of dress mine is going to be wide and alovely desing

  125. I myselfl know in ma hart n soul dat all dis wats happn wit da buffers tellin off da travellers about dar weddings dats dar own stuf u only have 1 weddin so enjoy it ! nd i myself bein a traveller no well wat its like growin up wit da buffers da kinda racisim dat goz on ! wb xxxxxxxxxxx

  126. I think every one is entitled to they’re opinions and you can’t put all travellers(gypsy’s) in one box like all of us they arent all the same…i live some where were the travellers in our town cause alot of trouble but they keep themseves to there selves.Yeh they do seem to have it easy not having to pay tax’s and such and the travellers from where I live run some doggy bussiness and steal but like I said they are not all at it.Some of the weddings are tacky by alot of peoples standards,but to be honest so was Katie Prices.If thats what they want good for them,the girls have got amaziningly high values.they might dress provocativley but they arent taking random strangers home like some girls.As for this site if you’ve got a problem dont bother looking…this is just abit of fun!! traveller weddings are specticules…so of course people are going to talk about them,in good and bad ways…..its just abit of fun!!!

  127. dddddd

  128. 🙂

  129. at tha end of da day yh thes gals are sayin there peice bye god, they have repsect for thm selfs instead of little ditty scrubs silly fools who do they think they are if you went up to one now they would wipe you cross floor, they have good lives because there men are out gtetin arrr money and we cleaning up aal da time makin da foood dont yah dar evr give me dat or ill nock your head off!

  130. dont be jealous all u country people just cos u cant be one scummy poxy arse ye are just jealous cos yel cant aford dis like we do get a life

  131. i grew up around gypsys and i know exactly what theyre like!
    always starting trouble the girls are as bad as the lads. the lads start on any innocent man even if he looks at you wrong. the girls are slappers they make out theyre good girls on telly BULLSHIT




    • were not whores anyway, we dont sleep afonud with boys and no one in our backgound is gay, and RA us traveller girls cant help if you are a prositute.. go talk to the father of your unborn child, that is if you know him.. your the one who is a slapper, UGLY BICTH look at the last picture you took of you in it, your the whore who go out most nites dinking and sex with someone you dont eren know……….. fuck you bicth.. dont come here to cry

  133. Wow, Jane did you recieve any kind of direction growing up? your response is downright ignorant and callous. Learn to be a bit less of a bitch and THEN you might be able to develop friendships.

  134. ill admit i used to think horrible stuff about travellers.. but i got to know a lovely traveller girl in my school who is very smart. all travellers have such big hearts.. n im not a traveller but dis website makes me sick how ppl can be so rascist n horrible.. half of the ppl ar sayin dis n tht about dem wen dey prob havnt ever talked n got to know a traveller before.. i know a few travellers.. der settled tht live around my area n der all mad sound n are just very nice ppl n fun to be around. dey hate the look of drugs. so i don see why ppl ar sayin awh dey do drugs nall.. coz dey acyually don :/ n it discusts me how ppl talk about other ppl like tht.. wer all human? why treat dem diffrent.. n why ar ppl slaggin off wat dey wear on der wedding day. its der weddin day.. der happy why cnt yus all jst be happy for dem n say sumtin nice instead of bein d ungreatful cunts yus all ar tht had sumtin bad to say about d dresses.. i think yus ar weddings ar mad:O n i know if my da said he would pay for my wedding id go as mad n get a big puffy dress n get all dolled up n look as stunnin as traveller girls do on der wedding day 🙂

  135. Why does everyone accuse people of slagging off someone else’s culture simply by having an opposing opinion on their wedding styles?

    Grow up!

    • Well, said Cara. This article and the photos are in the public dominion.


    • I think it is pretty sad that you are ashamed of who you are and that you seem to think that you have to marry someone in order to make you feel better or to save you from your seemingly terrible life.

      Furthermore, it is even sadder that you and others don’t notice that prejudices cut both ways, because from what I have read both groups (travellers and non-travellers) seem to be evenly matched in that score and in their ignorance.

      Best wishes for your marriage.

  137. I’m an Irish traveler , and i think that the settled people here , talking shit about us are just jealous of our lavish lifestyle !!! Get over it , we do have jobs , we do pay taxes and guess what i am literate , Our people have these huge fairy tale weddings as it is part of our culture , and a sign of respect , and also i dont want Irish travelers being compare to roma, as they are the ones begging, stealing , killing , not paying taxes ,
    we have so much more respect for our selves , unlike your people “beat the slut” , you should be ashamed of your self and take some pointers from us , as you might enjoy life more

    • hahaha you travellers if you have msn den put it on dis please

      • And you complain about people being racist to you?
        James comment and your cheering only show that you are not any better than anybody who makes that sort of remarks about the Irish Travellers.


  138. im nt a traveler.. but i knw plenty of dem nd der nt wat ur saying dey r.. u cnt go around calling ppl scum nd all d shit ur goin on about in dis lik its nt on.. im only 19 nd im gettn married next yr nd its my own decidion so will ye play ever just cop on lik … nd get a life

    • Admit it, You’re a Traveler. At least, You

    • Admit it. You ARE a Traveler. At least you SOUND like one. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. EDUCATION. Get one.

  139. Not all non gypsy girls sleep around, thank you!
    I have only ever slept with one man and I am proud of that.
    Oh and I can spell correctly, so that people can understand my post.

    • wow you cant spell correctly
      that 1 man you slept with is he you husbend???

  140. hiya not being funny or nothing but im engaged 2 a gypsy and havin his babbi, and its the best thing what ever happened 2 me. so all u gorger skanks who need 2 get a life close ur legs and find out who the father of ur kids are. oh and how many gypsys do u see on telly gettin done 4 rape or child merlessters. so i think that all of u dry bread gorgers should learn 2 stand on ur own 2 feet and not on ur back.

    • Anyone who starts a sentence with “I’m not being funny but” is actually being ‘funny’, although not in the comedic sense. Not intentionally, anyway…

      Where to start!

      You’re engaged to a gypsy and having his baby. What happened to “all gypsys are virgins until they get married”? That’s just one less stick you lot have to beat us with – unless you really ARE hypocrites? I think that’s what they call an ‘own goal’!

      Also, “all u gorger skanks who need 2 get a life close ur legs” isn’t that a bit rich? You are a ‘gorger skank’ too, unless you’ve forgotten already – and you’ve already opened your legs. You clearly didn’t think about what you were typing, did you!

      As for child molestation and rape – wtf made you mention that? This thread is about tacky weddings, what sort of sick idiot would think to equate paedophlia with chavvy weddings? Who knows what else is going through your head – although you’d probably be better keeping it to yourself, you’ve dug a big enough hole already.

      If there’s anything worse than a gobshite, it’s a gobby idiot pretending they’re something they’re not. Congratulations, you’re made for the job. It sounds like we’re well rid of you.

      • “Dry Breads?” I’d think that was some sort of mysterious tackywedding traveller insult except that the rest of “belly boo’s” post is so incomprehensible that “Dry Breads” could just be one of those rare typos that accidentally form words.

      • she said she was engaged to a gypsy not that she was a gypsy.
        it’s easy to see you’r not happy with you’r life
        so this is why yoiu are so ,bitter,sad,twisted with hate,and small minded….i will pray for you god bless you

  141. They dont pay taxes,blokes hide their faces because most of them are running from the police and the only reason that they have these big church weddings is because the hierachy of the clan is eyeing up the lead on the roof of the church.
    I am an honest tradesman that had his life taken away from the scum. All my tools that i worked hard to buy, taken away from me from thieves. Pity that they didnt go to college and learn how to use the tools

    • haha so funny, what your saying is not ture, we do pay texes (my family do and evaryone one i know do). we have big wedding because we only get married to one person and stay our life with that person, and how do you know travellers took your tools and if you know they did well all traveller men are not thieves and they dont need to go to college cause they are good with there hands and if you want to know something about tools well then listen to the traveller men

    • i feel sorry for you that you had you tools stolen but do you have concrete proof that it was gypsy that took them?
      was any one arrested? why wasnt you insured?
      as for not paying taxs every one i know pays taxs and is vat registerd both my father and my grandfather run the own compenys
      and as for men not showing thair faces on telly it becouse people like you that will not give them a fare chance once they know they are gypsy
      i feel sorry for people like you that gose through life with such small minds
      there was lot of people like you in germeny in the 1940s
      you would have fitted in perfictly

  142. we are traveller bueres n fiens and wat wat are you jelous of our looks and how we live or summit

    • Dear, If we could understand you, well, then we might just be jealous. I have Grandbabies and if a cousin or nephew or other “RELATIVE” took an unhealthy interest in them, well, I think I’d have to rearrange his genitals. Men being with children is disgusting and against the law. Wake up, get educated and stop the cycle of abuse. Just because it’s a tradition doesn’t mean it’s right.

  143. stop being jelous..some of us get education some dont and wat…at least we only get married once not 10 million times after.. traveller girls dont become prostitutes..men/boys dont rape people… your only a gomey this is rediculous caryon we are human beings not aliens..WE LOVE THE LOVERS, HATE THE HATERS…UP THE LOVERS FUCK THE HATERS

  144. im a irish traveller, im 17 and will be geting married next year, i go to school the people i go to school with looks at me like im one of them, not all traveller girls and boys out there give up education at a young age, i go to school, this is my lasted year (6th year), i will get married at 18 and will go to college until im 19, yes im getting married at a young age, but the boy i will merry will always be with me, i want to have a family and i want to start my own business as im studying beauty therapy, why do most of you setteld people look at all travellers/gypsys the same way can you not see there is another person behide another face, and i dont want all you travellers to read my story and think ‘oh my god look how shes living’ no i dont go out drinking on the weekends, dont smoke and no sex before marrage, i just want an education like the satteld girl out there, i want to be a good wife and mother like my mother and her mother before her, and i want my own business to show my children what i did and what they can do, i just want to say we all live on the same world and as i read those story it made me think why do we all at look at each other the same way, god make this world and everyone on it and he was also a gypsy

    • Sweetie, just what college do you think will accept you with a 6th grade education? Think again. I’m Irish and ashamed of your lifestyle. Sane people do not ARRANGE marriages for children. Children should be allowed to be children. Suffer the child….. Since your education is so stunted you will probably not understand why people are so upset by children marrying (especially family members) but hopefully your children will be able to think for themselves and break the cycle of abuse.

  145. …{to the settled people}… look y critisize something you know nothing about, its childish, its that sort of bad negativity that differentiates us from u , we dont build our lives around holding grudges, whereas u seem to , fair enough our ways of life are worlds apart, you find some things from our culture strange and maybe you dont agree with some of them , but its da same for us with your culture ,most of us have learned to accept our differences , but you people havnt unfortunatly and i feel sorry for you i really do … and also we as travellers are not all da same, for example my cousins have all got married at young ages but that doesnt mean i will, im a my third year law student and know i have my whole life ahead of me but im also engaged to be married and im 23, wat have any of you that have left negative comments got to say for yourselves………

  146. I was at a wedding 2 weeks ago and im a irish traveller dere was no grabbing or nottin but we do dance the same .If a boy likes us hell just dance with us or ask for our number.And i dont now why people are so ignerant on this .

  147. y has everyone got bad things to say about travellers i am not a traveller and do no travellers very well just leave them alone evryone in this world is equal and i agree with the travellers on this i think all you people come on here for is to put the travellers down there parents pay for the weddings and work from the day the child is born to pay for it so wat is your problem and as far as i am concerned you can comment on my english literate i dont care leave them alone u sad sad people


  149. Funny that so many who post here think that others are jealous. I suppose it’s more comfortable that realizing that people are astonished and their honest reaction is a desire to laugh.

  150. i just found tis page and omg it brought back so many memories im a scotch travler that left to go on my own i was married to some one i knew my hole life and ended up being a bam a polished bum any way i havent seen or heard from any one in a long time and im so happy to vort ya girls yas deek munya best of life fer yas be good as always and love the lord and pay no heed to people who are negitive dont people realize we are all gods children what ever he made us were all created in his image love ya girls are there any chatrooms

  151. hey my name is megan crowley and im 12 years old and im from ireland and i think travellers are really cool and always look stunning and i would love to learn about traveller life all my love megan

  152. all ye buffers are only tramps and bouzys the cheek of ye to call pikeys yere all just jelouse because a traveller can turn his hand to any trade but was has a buffer got only what he was trained for in colledge but with a traveller if 1 job fails he always has another to back him up and ye buffers are just jelouse because who ever calls a pikey would love to be a pikey

  153. wat a pile of shite! ive worked and lived along side travellers most of my life,let me tell you, the women are not virgins b4 marriage, and the only reason you skanky tangoed tarts stay married to one of your family members.(incest) like u said married once, is because your all illiterate, lazy twats, and the only reason your men stay with you is cos they all shag behind the wifes back, fact. the wifes are too dim to do anything, as they rely on the men for money, too thick and lazy to work!. and fact..you only have money cos you rip off hard working old retired people and steal, and i dont give one if you want to deny, i c all these years, n the land u think ur so rich owning , we all know you claim the land over the past years, then its worth fortunes, ur just scabby dirty gypos,n the blokes…the bloody hideous stupid looking shoes n clothes, this is our land, u lot should be dropped off in the nuc factory n left.. cya.. and gobshites we aint jelous, cos our mams n dads brushed their teeth unlike u lot….,gods rejects..FACT ;o)

  154. how pathetic to say our country girls are jelous of travellers! gypsies or even pykies! our country girls actually work and have extremely good jobs, how many gypos are high court barristers? doctors, dentist etc…the list goes on, u travellers sit on your backsides Expecting the men to work .. were in the year 2011 and not in 1800s anymore!! get off your arses and get a bloody job and then buy your wedding dresses and then YOU might have the right to say people are jelous! how are people jelous of you when you don’t even pay for the dresses or anything your selves!!! and u live in caravans ffs how long it takes you to clean a van??? jesus how dirty do you lot get them??? you know NUFIN bout country girls, so go get educated and then we may listen to your pathetic rants,oh and how many pykies travellers are in the royal family?????/ lol lol says it all!go and brush your teeth and lol at the bird that is ALREADY pregnant and NOT even married haha thought u didnt open till wed we all knew that was bull!!

  155. I am truly stunned at the illiteracy running rampant on this forum. Sadly, as the Travelers try to defend this unhealthy way of life (i.e. no education, provocative clothing, even for babies, early marriage, incest (marrying one’s cousin)), the one constant is that the only words they spell correctly aren’t found in the Bible. Intelligent people can express their ideas without using a slew of filthy words because they can’t think of intelligent words. By the way, ever heard of SpellCheck?

  156. hey all u traveling girls i say be yourselves the world can do with a little controversy and u got it all….Cheers….Liz

  157. I am surprised by the discrimation the travellers experience (at least as I have witnessed on a few TV shows and an NPR documentary). It was mind-boggling that in a developed nation like Britain, educated people could practice such blatant discrimination. Additionally, I felt like it was never really explained, like, “long-standing animosity due to land disputes from 200 years ago” or “religious differences” or whatever. If you stood a traveller next to a settled person and asked me to tell you who was who, I couldn’t pick one from the other (unless one was wearing a wedding dress).

    That being said, I felt a little sad hearing some of the young girls talk. It seems like yes, they have wonderful morals and family values but that’s ALL they have. Otherwise, they have no other acheivements. They sell themselves short. I heard one girl say, “why do we need school? We’re gonna be cleaning house, cooking meals, not becoming doctors.” Why NOT become doctors? Who said Traveller girls weren’t smart enough or good enough or shouldn’t WANT to be doctors? Maybe if they were, the health of their community would improve! Maybe their infant mortality rate would drop. Maybe their life expectancy would rise. It broke my heart to hear that “my wedding day is the most important day I’m ever going to have.” Getting married at 16 and 17, and THAT is the MOST important day, EVER? So it’s all downhill for the next 60 years? I’m all for family solidarity. I’m all for a strong nuclear family, but these girls need to have more value for what they can contribute to their community as a whole, not just to their husbands and children as cooks and maids and laundresses. The potential contributions of the half the traveller community for its own betterment are being flushed down the toilet they day these children say “I do.”

  158. First and foremost, I believe everyone who posted negative comments on this page are wrong. These people are from a diffrent culture than most of the people who commented. To each there own, who are we to throw stones at someone else’s cultural traditions? Do you know how many diffrent cultures make up this world? Thousands!! Let these people be who they are, learn about them and keep your opinions to yourself because thats what they are and opinions are a dime a dozen and don’t mean s@#t. I myself am of Irish desent and feel like your degrading all of us and not just one part of our culture. There are far worse things that could be. These girls stay virgins until they are married, isn’t that what the Bible says we are to do? Most American girls lose they’re viginity at elevin and twelve, a shame so many young whores.

    Casey-North Carolina, USA

    • I agree with what you say about other people respecting other cultures, even when there is no agreement about what is a good and what is a bad tradition.
      I think you are wrong about the way you say that we should be keeping your opinions to ourselves.
      This article is in a public forum and if people want to say something, they will do so whether you like it or not because there is such a thing as freedom of speech. Unfortunately, that is something that many use as an excuse to be abusive to others.

      By the way, the Bible says that God frowns upon sex outside marriage. That statement refers to both genders, not just the women.

      Finally, I find very disturbing that you refer to girls of eleven and twelve who lose their virginity as whores. Has it not occurred to you that these girls may have been forced either by their own families or acquaintances into doing so? or they are doing it to feed themselves? or they have been groomed by a paedophile?

      Moreover, whether they consented to have sex or not is irrelevant because as far as the law is concerned they are children and therefore, the person who had sex with them is breaking the law.
      These girls that are so young are victims of sexual abuse, not whores and they should be treated with compassion, not contempt.

  159. First and foremost, I believe everyone who posted negative comments on this page are wrong. These people are from a diffrent culture than most of the people who commented. To each there own, who are we to throw stones at someone else’s cultural traditions? Do you know how many diffrent cultures make up this world? Thousands!! Let these people be who they are, learn about them and keep your opinions to yourself because thats what they are and opinions are a dime a dozen and don’t mean s@#t. I myself am of Irish desent and feel like your degrading all of us and not just one part of our culture. There are far worse things that could be. These girls stay virgins until they are married, isn’t that what the Bible says we are to do? Most American girls lose they’re viginity at elevin and twelve, a shame..

    Casey-North Carolina, USA

  160. so if a gorger girl marries a half traveller boy, who is currently traveling, working and living as a relaxed traveller, what does she become and what is expected of her?

  161. i must say some of ye people out there really think yer something else. if your such a racist towards travellers and have a problem with the way they dress dont go look up the web-sites 4 them. like the traveller girl above im the same im a quilified hairdresser my fella he’s a quilified carpenter went 2 collage for 6 year, sopose some of ye think we cant do that,were not good enough or clever enough, well your wrong aint ya. ya our weddings are big and made a fuss of like some1 else said we only do it once not 2 or 3 times theres only 1 man in our lives, but every1 is human every1 has feelings and every1s wedding is there own the way they want it there is no need 4 any1 to slag bout some1 elses day its not yours so why should you care.

  162. I was introduced to “Traveller” culture in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. It seems to me the majority of the girls forgo education to stay home cooking, cleaning, and raising their parents children until it’s time for them to get married at the ripe old age of 16 and keep the cycle going! While I do appreciate many of their values . . . It makes me sad to see them at the end of their wedding day. They get so caught up in the excitement of the wedding that they forget what the dress, the party, the whole wedding means. They aren’t crying tears of joy like most women do at their weddings. They cry like children who have to leave their families (because they are).

    • Ps I do understand that not all traveller women stay at home cleaning and cooking. Kudos to those who realize that they can be so much more than a servant. It made me sick to hear all those girls say “It’s a man’s world”.

  163. Why don’t you all just let these girls be? It’s their one and only wedding. What’s it matter if they are travelers? If all of you women are only going to pick out their spelling and grammatical errors, get a life. Have you checked literacy rates for non travelers lately? Your broad assumptions about the culture in general are very rude and disrespectful. Although their weddings may be ostentatious, at least they aren’t bed hopping and trying to figure out who their baby’s father is.
    All I can do is laugh at your ignorance… Bless your hearts!

  164. Doesn’t anyone have decent grammar on this site? And grammar is not your grandmother! No one seeems to have an education at all on here,traveller or not.
    Maybe more school would help all the morons.

  165. I am so sorry there is so much hatred toward this culture. To those who feel they are in a place to be so very self righteous…how and why do feel a need to be so cruel? These traveller girls live a life few of us ever could and they do it willingly. They have lavish weddings which no doubt are the one and only time they will wed. I am sure the divorce rate is nowhere near what it is in other cultures. No wonder these people want to keep to themselves if all they face is prejudice and meanness from others outside of their community. To any of you preparing for your own wedding, think about how hurt you would be if everyone laughed at you and ridiculed you for the way you chose to celebrate this very special day. I wish we all had more tolerance for diversity.

  166. Each culture has their own definition of what they think is tacky because it’s outside their social norm. I am sure there are brides in other countries who would think the average American or Canadian wedding is tacky. I think it’s great that most Irish Traveller women go all out for their weddings. It’s lets them express themselves and have their fantasy on the biggest day of their lives. The bottom line is, whatever you want to have at your wedding, wear for your wedding, etc, it’s your choice because it’s your day and don’t let any tell you any different.

  167. i must say i am very upset by what i have read
    and i only read a littil witch was more then enough..
    i do not understand how this site as not been closed down
    if this abuse was aimed at any othere ethnic minority im sure it would have been
    i am a english gypsy and i must admit i am often ashamed of the way we are all made to look like backwerd hicks to the genral public
    and although some gypsys do nothing to help the public view of themselfs..
    not all are the same
    gypsys would all be just as small minded if we all believed that
    none gypsys was all like the people on jeramy kyle but we dont
    and as for being so crule as some on here as to call names and make fun of some girls for thair choices in wedding outfits
    what gives you the right to pass your opinion so freely im sure you wouldnt be so fast to say these thing if you were face to face
    wich make you not only stupid but a cowerd
    and before you say that you would…..think long and hard becouse you know that you wouldnt..
    all these girl on here will marrie for love and life thats how it work for the gypsy girls
    and as for those that are (so offended) by the idea of gypsy girls not working that is by choice becouse although gypsy girl are expected to marrie…gypsy boys are expected to love and look after thair wifes…so they never NEED!! to work
    and come ladys lets tell the truth if anyone of you had that choice
    would you work ???
    or would you prefer to go shoping live like WAGs
    and pamper yourselfs at a spa??
    thair is lots of gypsy girl out there that do work by choice and get a
    education wich is also thair choice ..so please in future before you let your fingers run amuck on the keyboard..stop and think

  168. What gives any of you the right to criticize other peoples customs? Have you been appointed to be the judge of all cultures?

    Live your own life to the best of your ability and leave others alone to lead their lives


  170. My Oh My. A website of perfect people with perfect English here for battering those of a different culture.
    You must be so proud of yourselves.

    Anything to make yourselves feel better.

    Bigots still exist

  171. My great great grandfather came to America (San Diego, California) from Ireland in 1889. I am proud to acknowledge my Irish roots and I admire the Irish Travelers. I am appalled at the bigots, raciest, and ignorant attitude of some of the women on this site. Who are you to judge any individual simply because they choose a different lifestyle than you have chosen?! Are we not all children of the same God? Did God not give us a free will to make our own choices? I wish half the young women in the U.S. (especially here in CA) had an ounce of the moral integrity that the travelers do. These women have made a decision and commitment before God, and they honor it. They have chosen to raise a family instead of continuing their education. This is what works for them, who are you to judge!? To Jane- you know exactly what Rebecca was trying to articulate, and if you don’t then perhaps it is you who should return to school.
    Hats off to the Irish Travelers! I love you and have no doubt that some of you are distant relatives. I applaud you morals and values and will defend your freedom to chose with my life! God Bless you all! Lisa Lyons Carter

  172. I am not “jealous”. I don’t envy a life of servitude to a man. I do not want to live crowded in a travel trailer or low rent housing. I do not want to wear a ridiculous wedding dress so impossibly wide that I lose all dignity as my bridesmaids shove me down the aisle of the church. I do not want my 13 year old child wearing a skanky hoochy mama outfit to a church wedding. I do not want some half-wit violent husband who is also my distant relative. I am sooooo NOT “jealous”. Actually that would be “envious”. But then if you had an education you would know the difference.

    Please get some education and value yourselves. This is the 21st century and women are so much more than wives, mothers and domestic servants.

  173. To traveller girl.

    Excuse me, darling, with reference to the comment you left in reply to one of mine, I would like to say this:

    if I want to state an opinion in a forum that is open to the public, I will do so if I wish to do so and certainly I am not going to take orders about “putting a sock on” or “shutting up” from someone who behaves like a bully by shouting:


    I could make a lot of really derogatory comments about the poor grammar, the lack of punctuation and the apparent contradictions in that one and the rest of your statements. But do you know something?, I shall not bother because frankly, I can only see insecurity and narrow mindedness from you and I truly feel pity and shame for you.

    You and others keep complaining about people being racist simply over something as trivial as an opinion on a wedding dress. Let me tell you, with that sort of comment, particularly when it is directed against somebody who hates seeing prejudice and hatred towards others, you are not doing yourself or your community any favours. How very sad!

  174. To Yuri,
    I don’t mean to criticize, but your punctuation and grammer leaves much to be desired. In fact, you only have one sentence that is punctuated correctly. The only reason I am mentioning it is because you have mentioned the punctuation of others on more than one occasion. Again, this is only an observation.

    • Hello, Lisa Lyons Carter.

      Fair enough if that is what you think. I do not agree with you as far as my grammar is concerned and I know that my messages are better spelled than the majority of those I replied to.
      I know my punctuaction is not my forte and I tend to overuse the commas. I often have written my comments and published them without reading them a little bit more carefully to correct any possible errors; it is not a good habit but time is not always on my side.

      However, I would like to point out that the lion share of the content of my comments stems from the fact that many people, both travellers and non-travellers, cannot respect the other side’s points of view and are very intolerant. It saddens me to read about the gross generalisations those people make about the most trivial of things.

  175. you are all so wrong in the way you discriminate travellers, okay so

    1-some of us havent had the best education? why does that matter to you? most of us have the choice to go to school or not.
    2-we dont have to get married, we choose to because we want our children to have legitimate names and someone to provide for us, our husbands stand by us and give us what we need, there our best friends and we give ourselfs fully to him and only him, are you country people saying thats a bad thing?
    3-we can have jobs if we want, you all see the steryotypical view of us cleaning our trailers but if a woman wants to look after our man and children without worring about money; why shouldnt she?
    4- not all travellers are the same, some families are very strict and some not so strict; but i know for a fact the slackest traveller gel has more morals than country girls.

    i am sixteen and yeah, im getting married at eighteen. my fiance is a gorgeous hard working man unlike gorga men who doss about smoking weed and waiting for thems dole. he wants to provide for me and give me his name before we bring children into the world; he works hard to save for our futer hes not a “criminal”. hes a tarmacer, landscaper and scrap man and works on the fair- another steryotype you gorgas wanna rip to bits?.ive known him since i was ten, been together since i was thirteen and he preposed on my sixteenth birthday. he got permission of my daddy and grandaddy first and do youse know what? i WILL have a huge dress and do you know why? cause i can, if i wasnt a traveller i would STILL have a huge dress, its the most important day of our lives, why shouldnt we splash out?.

    i also wanna say, i lived on a site and travelled in a trailer up untill i was eight, my mammy and daddy wanted me to get an education so i had choices so, we settled and we still are, once im eighteen and married i will move into a trailer with my husband and i cant wait, on a site of with a group your travelling with you have a sence of community, you always have like-minded people around yoiu, the kids are happy and safe cause you know everyone and theres no arguing and fighting unless its oranised with rules. i HATE being settled, its boring and theres no community spirit, i miss my site and living ina trailer gives you freedom, a house to me feels like a prison.

    when i get married, ill put some pics on here, all you dumb gorgas can laugh at my wedding while seretly thinking ” i want one” well sorry, non of youse are pure enough to be wearing white are yas?.

  176. De girls all look stunning, and yeah I’m a traveller girl myself, I’m fifteen and engadged to be married next year, we’ve been together since we were twelve and I don’t care I love him, he can provide for me. We marry so we have company for life and so our children have legitimate names, we can have jobs if we want and I finished my educationa. We lived in a trailer on a site in winter and traveled in summer, we moved into a house when I was eight for my education and. I hate it! I miss the community of a site and the freedom of travelling, I miss having like minded people around me and as soon as I’m sixteen and married ill be straight back into a trailer. My fiance works hard for a living as a tarmacer, landscaper and scrap man, he’s honest and doesn’t steal. He doesn’t fuck me about like so many gorgha lads do, he’s worked since thirteen unlike all de gorgas who CHOOSE to lay about and smoke weed all day. My daddys worked all his life to provide for me, my mammy and me sister and brothers and now my husban will stay home to clean the trailer and raise my kids, why dhouldnt I look after my man if he works so hard for me? Is it wrong? We don’t need a second income and no matter what anyone says most girls only work for the money. We don’t need it, its a mans business. Its awfull to see you all assuming were all bad, I’m a decent hardworking gel and have been brought up with better morals than most gorga gels. When I get married ima put the pics up and youse can take the piss all ye’s want, your just jelous that were pure enuough to wear white on our big day and a smile cause we know were together for life, better for worse till death do us part, not three years of shagging about do we part like u gorgas.

  177. The majority of us come on this site because we’re interested in pictures of tacky weddings.

    Your ‘friends’ (I say it like that because they wouldn’t think twice about stabbing you in the back, whatever you may think. If a gypsy can shoot his own child because he had the hump with him then I’d be thinking twice about any involvement I had with them) got all offended and started this little ‘war’.

    Unless you really want to look like a hypocrite, it’s probably best to not do something that you’re criticising other people for doing.

    Before you try to tell us that they’re lovely, peace loving, harmless people and are wrongfully persecuted by us, have a look at the links below. I’ve only pasted four links because I’d have been here all day, otherwise…


  178. im getting married next September and have been looking for a dress… and if im honest the only ones im liking aren’t as big as the ones on here or worn by gypsy girls but i do like the bling and the big 🙂 if i could carry off one of the dresses (and the whole style in general) i certainly would 🙂 xx

    its horrible to no that everyone judges you in one way or another, whats wrong in just complimenting someone instead of trying to hurt them with cruel words… i believe that everyone is beautiful and everyone deserves to be happy… does it really matter what you wear or how you live ? does it really make you lower than anyone else ? no it doesn’t because at the end of the day we are all human and all feel love and happiness, each to their own is what i say… and who are any of you to bad mouth someone you don’t no? if someone took the biggest day of your life and broke it down and criticized every aspect of it and tryed to make you feel what you were doing was wrong how would it make you feel ? what have they actually done to you ? knocked on your door and said “hey i think you live like a tramp and your wedding was horrible and tacky, oh and by the way i think you and your family are inbred…” no because they keep themselves to themselves … shame some people cant tho .

    be happy to be who you are and hold on to the ones you love… life is to short to complain about other peoples way of life… at least they enjoying it… i mean, at the end of the day, we are all slowly dying so just enjoy life ? its easier then bitching about someone else’s .

  179. Is this website a joke?? There can’t possibly be this many “women”
    who can’t spell, read or write. Yet, they know how to use a computer? Give me a break, they are a scam, hustlers and con people! They are so secretive, but are starring in an international TV show about themselves. Of course the show never mentions or divulges the source of all this money they have? What’s up with that??

  180. i just love gypsy weddings and even doe im not a traveller i still love the style and culture. from jazzie, 11 years old.

  181. I know quite a few Irish travellers, and in fact have been called “Uncle” by some of the younger ones, as I allow them to use my computer for internet access and so forth. Whilst it is true that most of the adult males work extremely hard, and do make a living for themselves and their families, I can’t help noticing that they don’t pay tax. They still use the NHS, schools, local authority sites and so forth. So in other words, us “gorgas” pay for their public services. Is it surprising that we resent, therefore, the extravagant weddings etc.? Pay your taxes, and I for one will shut up…

  182. y make a stupid site , i love watching travellers weddings on telly im not one but i know 2 girls savannah and aprel thet used to go to my school soundest girls ill ever meet dressed lovely and were mad pretty ,,’ i dont really like big dresses but sure if they like them well thats der appinion and its not up to us to say what they can wer but non travellors are just as nice so i dont now y ppl are hiring themselves wer all da same so y fight over it im about the only person hus made sence on dis xxxx 🙂 ‘.,
    kirsten :L

  183. I am a traveller, and I am honestly shocked by the spiteful and cruel messages some people have left here. A few have been flat out racist. One person said that our gene pool should be wiped out; they might enjoy Mein Kampf in which Hitler expresses similar sentiments. Our community has been attacked, accused, bashed, and even exterminated for centuries – is it so much to ask that you exercise a little tolerance and respect? Yes, the travellers have retorted rudely here, but put yourself in our shoes for a second and imagine reading the above comments if they were applied to you. I’m sure you would feel angry too.

    RE the wedding – OK, you have a right to express your views. But there is no reason for you to get so personal. This girl wanted a big wedding, and her parents were delighted to give it to her. She wasn’t a slut. She hadn’t had sex before marriage (which is more than can be said for the 30% of UK teens who have had sex before the legal age of consent). What gives you the right to dictate how a family should spend their money? Or for that matter, what gives you the right to attack someone for being naturally well endowed? Having a preference for fake tan?

    I don’t understand how women like Kim Kardashian, who made a sex tape and then spent 12 million in the throes of an economic recession on a wedding that lasted 72 days, can be glorified whilst our girls get attacked – despite marrying (as virgins!) for life. And all because we wanted to wear something fun and crazy as opposed to a Vera Wang.

    You’re totally entitled to laugh at pictures of our weddings if you want to. But please think before posting such hateful and racist comments about us. It’s incredibly offensive.

  184. I’m not a traveller but I think they’re weddings are stunnin! I’m so jealous..and I’m not afraid to admit it! If i could afford a wedding like that I would love it. Whats the point in hating on other communities and then wondering why there is a divide between them.. its a joke I tell ya

  185. I personally think its so interesting to see people from different parts of the world celebrate their own culture. It’s so awesome. I don’t see nothing wrong with Irish travelers 🙂 I love how nice and loving they are and by the way GREAT JOB on your weddings so beautiful and different :).

  186. What an offensive site. Let’s try and understand the feelings of our fellow country people. They have their way of doing things and they should be accepted for their heritage, skills and talents. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be put up on a pedestal.

  187. I beloved up to you’ll obtain carried out proper here. The cartoon is attractive, your authored subject matter stylish. nevertheless, you command get got an shakiness over that you want be turning in the following. ill certainly come more earlier once more as precisely the same just about very frequently inside of case you shield this hike.

  188. I watched the series on tv about the weddings. It seems like the biggest day of their lives, but then, there is their daughter’s wedding. Look at the mom’s faces during all the planning.

    No one is bringing up the actual work put in the dresses. On the show, many times the dressmaker was going by illustrations made by the bride. Making that into a 3-D fabric artwork is an amazing job. All the brides on the show were amazed, no dissappointment.

    I’ve made prom dresses, one of them from a Disney movie. It’s great to take the girl’s idea and make it real. It would be fun to make a traveller’s wedding dress just to see if I could. It would be a challenge, and would take lots of talent. It wouldn’t be for a wedding, I doubt if I have the skill for all that.
    Are there many seamstresses in the traveller community? How do they keep their fabric stock in store?
    How are the dresses kept after the wedding?

    My mom was fascinated by the dresses.

  189. I’m a traveller and there’s noting rong wiv it were clean but ur country ppl are far from it cos wen I was in skl there was a girl who would do anything to get a kiss of a diff boy everyday ur all hores

  190. To each their own…it’s lifestyle and if you don’t want to partake in it you don’t. I think it is great that they are spreading the word of their culture and don’t think any one should be harsh or any one else’s choices. They are not doing anything illegal or harming any one.

    If it is a choice, then choose to or not to..

    And if you don’t like it, don’t look.

  191. I’m 17 been with an irish traveller for 4 years were getting married and you no what, I wouldnt change him for the world. Leave the travellers alone who the fxxk r all of you to slate them. There’s good and bad in every1. However they get there money and whatever they spend it on is none of any1 elses buisness. You don’t like what they dress like and they probley don’t like what you dress like so just let them be.

  192. We are proud to be travlers sum girls can’t talk . I now in sum parts of the world dat Der is sum travler girl wit country boy i wontend ye ar skum. I wontend go wit a country boy a show ha if u travler girls can’t get a travler boy stay wit ur mommy and daddy jus givin ye sum egvice kk

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