Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

June 30, 2009

In this viral video hit, a guy proposes to his girlfriend with a highly choreographed routine at Disneyland. Many (like the folks over at Jezebel)  think that this is just a staged publicity stunt for Disney,  but either way, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.  



  1. Anyone else think its ironic that the same editor at Jezebel that wrote that piece about how horrible it is making fun of other people’s weddings is now making fun of another person’s engagement, regardless of whether or not it was staged? What a fucking hypocrite. At least be consistent!

  2. i think a bit of sick came up in my mouth

  3. this is so lame, if i was that girl i would be so embarrassed i think that i would cry 😛 i think it was staged tbh :S

  4. Oh, my gosh, I really loved it. Can you imagine being a spectator? And maybe he’s a theatre major or something.

    I really liked it!!!!!!!!

  5. Of course it’s fake – that guy is so gay!

    • Staged? Yes. Fake? I don’t really think so. If I had to guess, I’d say that they both worked for Disney (he did say they met there), and I’m guessing the park was in on it, hence the quality of the filming.

  6. Nope. it was staged. They did multiple filmings throughout the day. It’s part of their “What Will You Celebrate” theme they have going.

  7. I happened to be there at saw this. The girl was scared, the guy must have worked for disney, he was too feminine, lol. It was cute fake or not.

    • yeah, that CAN’T be real..that guy is as gay as they come, there is NO WAY those two are ever getting married, unless she goes to Sweden and has gender reassignment surgery.

  8. I personally think that is an awesome proposal, fake or not. Just make sure you know that it’s something your SO would appreciate.

  9. it’s staged, since there’s multiple versions on the internet, and there’s very subtle differences in all of them.

  10. It was staged…they both worked for disney because it was also fake. I work there as well in entertainment

  11. Confirmed, this is part of Disney’s “Streetmosphere”.

  12. This is staged. And I don’t THINK that, I KNOW that. I’ve seen it done at Disneyland. It’s a promotional musical done on Main Street or in California Adventure for Disneyland’s new theme “What Will you Celebrate?”. I thought it was real at first, but even though it’s not, it’s so cute! And a little cheesy…

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