Wedding cake face smashers

June 30, 2009


Red Velvet cake…. gruesome yet yummy!






cake smash



Don’t get any cake on that Miller Lite hat…


Richard Branson! Behave yourself!





  1. Hate, hate, hate this “custom”. To me it is so uncalled for. To smash something into a loved one’s face is an act of aggression and not love. It is the height of tackiness to make others deliberately feel uncomfortable. I feel uncomfortable watching people try to humilate each other. Please brides and grooms, stop this today and treat your spouse with respect.

    • My best friend and I have always said, cake smash=divorce. I just think most couples that do this have some kind of deep seeded anger or resentment because it seems like such a hostile thing to do…

      • i totally enjoyed smashing the cake in my husbands face. No, I don’t think it equals divorce, and not it was not some “deep seeded anger or resentment.” It was fun, entertaining, and best of all, I liked it. I think it is simple minded to automatic assume ( let’s remember that assume means it makes an “ass” out of “u” and “me”) that since someone smashed cake in their spouses face they are destined for divorce.

      • I could not agree more! On my wedding day, I fed my husband first…no cake face smashing. Then, my husbands turn…an entire peice violently smashed into my face, so much so that it actually hurt. I was embaressed in front of my entire family and the money spent on my make-up for the day was a loss. Needless to say three years later we were divorced. I do think it is a sign of resentment. Why would you do something so hostile to someone you love? Be kind to eachother.

  2. It seems so dumb to risk ruining a suit and for the bride–her makeup and dress.

  3. My father always said that the cake smashing showed a big resentment between the couple/wish to hurt each other, and I agree, and am glad to see that others do too. I don’t believe in symbols mystically or anything, but concretely, the sharing of a first meal together and giving eachother the best bites is.. well, symbolic and when it turns into a fight? Ugh.

  4. I just got married, and we didn’t smash cake into each others faces; a lot of people criticized us for not doing it too.

    • Dude! They freaking suck…it’s your wedding. It’s you life, you are also paying. You choose what you want!! XD

    • Are you serious? I’m getting married in December, and we will *not* be smashing. I hope no one criticizes us, but this “custom” has become so common . . . I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

  5. Bride and groom are supposed to HELP each other taste the cake, not ram it up each other’s noses. I don’t understand this “custom” at all.

  6. If you have the need to smash food into your spouse’s face, perhaps you shouldn’t be getting married. When we got married it was a non-issue, we both saw a bride and groom smash each other with handfuls of cake at a previous wedding and we didn’t think it was funny at all. It ruined the bride’s hair, make-up and dress and the groom’s shirt. All that planning, money, sacrifice for a beautiful wedding and a big reception just so you can throw food at the person you love is ridiculous.

    • I agree. The DUMBEST psuedo-tradition to hit the scene.
      How about weddings with class? If you want to have a clown wedding (i.e. a farce if you’re not really a clown) then ok, go for it. Mess up your face, hair, clothing.

      But if you’re in a tux and a beautiful gown, giving the semblance of a classy wedding, don’t be juvenile.

  7. My little sister, when she got married…he tried to smash the cake in her face…this was after he cut HIS cake with a bloody Scottish Claymore…yeah, she wasn’t happy with him trying to smash the cake in her face, she was terrorfied of him getting anything on the gown I spent six months makin’ her. They divorced a year later because she wasn’t…smart enough or cultured enough for him…his words!

  8. Fourth picture down… I love the fat dude with the confederate flag shirt in the background. Cut off sleeves+confederate flag+Natty Ice beer belly = Super Klassy.

    Yeah, the cake smashing thing is not cool… my husband and I were both wearing white (he’s a Naval officer) and we were like, “There’s NO WAY.” Plus, it’s just rude.

  9. Once went to a wedding where the groom thought it might be a good idea to smush a slice of the $500 cake in the bride’s face, which he didn’t know she absolutely loathed. She then decked him in the face. They’re still together.

  10. Thank goodness there are others who hate this “custom”!

  11. My wife and I did not do this at our wedding reception. We discussed it and our thought was “okay, let’s agree one way or the other and stick to the agreement.” We agreed to not smash it and stuck to the agreement. Now, on the other hand, we saved the top of the cake for our 1st anniversary per the custom. On our anniversary, in a private moment with nobody else around, we each took a nice big piece and had some fun at each other’s expense. It was fun without the public mess. Perhaps for those couples on the fence this could be a decent compromise.

  12. i just don’t get this. I think I’m the only male that has to say I hate this and don’t understand it. My wife, to be, looked so beautiful on our day. She was crying during our vows which made all my brothers (groomsmen) all weepy- and their pretty manly dudes. To think of smashing cake in her face would have been heart wrenching. No way, never, no how!! Plus everyone would of kicked my arse including my family for ruining one of our most important days. Man, kill this ritual now!! It’s not funny, cool or attractive. Just sad.

    • Well said.

  13. I Think it’s a bad sign and it looks terrible. My husband and I fed each other nice and then kissed. When a couple smashes cake in each others face it looks like they don’t like each other. One minute they are saying they are marring the love of their lives the next they are smashing cake in their faces. A real Man wouldn’t want to do that to his beautiful bride and a real Woman wouldn’t want to do that to her man. I believe it will be a marriage that will not last. Who knows though. It sure doesn’t look like they love each other doing that.

  14. i think if you wanna smash cake in each other faces, it shoud be done not in a wedding but between the two of you privately. however the those who thinks it fun to do it in public should may be opt for a low key anything goes type wedding.

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