Fast Food Weddings

July 21, 2009

It’s not a wedding, but this guy actually proposed in an Arby’s. I mean, I know the roast beef samiches are the bomb there, but you couldn’t go on a walk or something?


And for some reason her Dad put the ring on.  Those curly fries look pretty delicious actually…..


Couple Weds at Taco Bell


Cheeseburger Wedding Cake



Dairy Queen Wedding

“With This Burger I thee Wed”

thanks to Rachel for the first picture and the idea!


  1. The Arby’s one with the father putting the ring on the girl, the skinny on that is they are very conservative christian and are following courtship rules, they cannot kiss or even touch before the wedding, they have to remain 6 inches apart at all times.

    • Yea wtf u have no god damn idea who they are or if they r even conservative Christan so dont assume things cause it makes you sound dumb next time use something like most likely or i think cause u have no idea

      • “Grummblebunny” is absolutely correct. If you click the link and go to the girls blog, you will see that they ARE very very conservative Christians and “went to the altar having NEVER touched”.

        Here’s your proof, ass.


  2. well why not…it’s no stranger than getting married in camoflage.

  3. Do you have any more information on the couple who got engaged in Arby’s?

  4. I’m with DirtRoad. Is there any more info on the first couple?

  5. As much as I like Taco Bell I probably should get married there.

    • The “Taco Bell” wedding happened right here in my town of Normal, IL. The employees actually sifted through boxes and boxes of hot sauce and pulled all the ones that said, “Will You Marry Me”…so we still have tons of those in our bins at Taco Bell here…(it was about a year ago)..that couple actually met on the internet, she is from Australia and came here to get married. They (ironically) already had the same last name (I forget what it was, but it was common , like “Harris” or something..)

  6. i actually thought about having my reception at Culver’s because I love it so much…

  7. The girl whose father put the ring on her finger is a member of a “Biblical patiarchy” Christian sect where they believe the father “gives” the daughter to the husband, that women shouldn’t go to college and other really fun things.

    She has a blog here: http://kristinaskeeps.blogspot.com/

    and her mom blogs here: http://juliesjewels062694.blogspot.com/

    • The evidence of the pressure she feels from both her father and her husband was evident in this quote that I discovered when she posted that she was pregnant.

      “so Josh insisted that I go get it all checked out. So, to be the obedient wife that I need to be…I did.”

      It almost sounds like she’s not happy about obeying him, and yet she’s taught that she should be. Her father probably loved Josh before she ever did, and you just know he probably set them up. She is only 21 years old and expected to be nothing more than a wife or a mother. It’s all she’s been taught. And because a lot of girls in her circle are only taught that, they often never do discover their own God-given talents and find a way to be their own person, or follow His true calling for them. It’s fine if it’s what you believe is right. It’s not if you’re being forced into it. I’ve been doing a lot of research on fundamentalist/Quiverfull/dominionist groups like these and most of the time, both the parents and the children seem utterly brainwashed by their religious leader.

      This isn’t the case of a tacky wedding, it’s more of a heartbreaking one. If only some didn’t take everything in the Bible at face value.

      • I agree, it’s very sad.

  8. I know the ginger girl in the purplish dress outside McDonalds. They didn’t get married there, they just stopped there between the ceremony and the reception. Flippin’ hilarious though!

    • What makes that one awkward is not the employees-with-spatulas setup…it’s the “I’m a haute coture model” look on the brides face. So. Effing. Funny.

  9. I live in New York and when I get married, I really want cute pictures of my honey and I going around and doing fun stuff. Like eating slices at Joe’s.

  10. Hee hee! Funny photos. Oh, and I just want to say a big fuck you to sexist slimfast 😛

  11. this is so cool, that i would do my weddng in a fast food to!

  12. […] Purity in a Relationship Fast Food Weddings All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings! Second and third picture down. This couple took the no touching rule so far that the father put […]

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