Bizarre wedding photo trend: Miniature brides

July 24, 2009


















thanks for the submission Vanessa

From La Repubblica



  1. Creepy beyond words…If the manga/doll/anime obsession wasn’t enough…

  2. Actually the characters are Chinese and Korean, not Japanese…

    • The newspaper blurb that went with these photos is in Italian paper La Repubblica, which is a language I unfortunately do not speak. The person who sent me this said that ” The picture gallery shows what they refer to as “the latest fashion for wedding photography in Japan: miniature brides”. Since she is Italian I took her word for it… I know that Chinese and Korean are very different nationalities, I’m not merely saying that because I think that all Asians are from Japan. I translated the write up on BabelFish and it does mention Korea so you’re totally right. I just took the reference to Japan out of the title, its really not important, its still a great post no matter where they’re from.

  3. Ok, Asian, then

  4. i love the last brides boots! heeh…

  5. i think it’s kind of cute but kind of weird at the same time

  6. I actually think it is very cute, as long as it is not all photo’s like that.
    However if it had been our wedding pictures I would have insisted on some of those with my husband in miniature too.

  7. Strange post – the photographer Anne Geddes does this kinda stuff in an innocent way with babies which kinda makes sense, but when the woman is an adult, stuff like him looking under her wedding dress? Strange is a polite word for it. Ah well – it’s a cultural thing I guess. Sam

  8. wow.. definitely anime related.

    I think its alarmingly scary, it reminds me of that artist that did squashed faries…

    I think it would be cuter if the bride on her own. And add some wings! I mean if its going to be fairy size, give her the right equipment!

  9. Is the guy in the Korean pics Rain (he appeared in ‘I’m A Cyborg, But That’s OK’)aka Jeong Ji-hoon?

  10. that’s definitely not Rain in those pictures.

  11. […] own wedding photos are nothing spectacular but it doesn’t compare to these weird miniature bride set-ups from South Korea. Personally, I prefer to think of myself as an equal to my husband rather than a […]

  12. I know what is going on here. The Chinese and Korean cultures have been borrowing from the Japanese for a very long time. It has been this way because China and Korea have just recently vaulted themselves on the same international technocapable stage that Japan has been on since the late 70’s. Therefor, this is a very “Japanese” concept. Why? Because since Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the Japanese culture, men, as a pejorative majority have departed from ancient traditions of Eastern chivalry and honor. Why? Because for the first time in millenium someone other than their own countrymen defeated them in war. So now we have this unresolved masicism, usually the result of self loathing, that is translated into their societal fabric and manifested in their media by the defamation of women. It seems trivial and humerous to us because we “don’t understand it.” I think deep down, we do. And also, I think Tinkerbell has something to do with it. We all know how other countries take our media iconography and twist it into the most bizarre and unrecognizable result.

  13. am an asian and yet I find it strange, weird and creepy. It is either Korean or Chinese, those Asian text are definitely not Nippon-Go (Japanese).

    Reminds me of pedophile.

  14. This is so cute!!!! Loving the idea.

  15. […] not going to be so thrilled at the hottest wedding photo trend in China and Korea, which is to take pictures of the couple with the bride shrunk in Photoshop and put into totally adorable poses: miniature bride in the hands of the groom, miniature bride sitting on the shoulders of the groom, […]

  16. I agree with Eva–if the bride were alone it would be cute instead of creepy. As it is, I kept wondering what it would look like with a miniature groom and a normal-sized bride. If she were looking down his pants? Are any men reading this? How does that mental picture make you feel? Cute or creepy?


  17. […] Strange new wedding photo trend from Japan as featured in Tacky Weddings. […]

  18. It was cute. And funny. And still kind of creepy at the same time.

    Oh, how I love Japan.

  19. Great idea……like a genie.
    Bridal Shower

  20. Easily the creepiest thing I have ever seen.

  21. These guys must have teensy weensy man parts!

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. true dat

  22. Certainly a spin on the fantasy element…

  23. um.. i’m not really sure what you guys are talking about, but the bottom says “child bride,” which may be a play on the korean comedy. or, it could be whatever cory said.

  24. I absolutely adore this sort of creativity!!! To be sure, most wedding photo shoots use such lame and overused posing for the shots that it is a real pain to look at wedding albums — seen that one, seen that one, seen that one….

    The fact that someone has finally put a creative spark into something so bland and over-done is awesome!!! Cudo’s to the photography studio / photographer who came up with it.

  25. you people are dumb. i read another article about this & this is not a wedding trend. it was some sort of school project. asians are very traditional when it comes to weddings.

    • As an American now living in Asia (Taiwan) and as someone who has actually done some semiprofessional modelling in his youth, I have to say you don’t know a thing about what’s going on over here and your ignorance seriously shows. You need to speak less and check your facts better.

      From what I have seen, Asian wedding photographers are pretty decent, taking the couple to various OUTDOOR sites all over the island to pose. I’ve seen many over-used shots to be sure, and our own wedding photo shoot was bland because we didn’t have the money to invest in an outdoor shoot, but overall I’d have to say that Asian photographers are far more inventive and creative than most of the photo studios back home in US. (This is not to say that all US photographers are bad, but many I’ve worked for in the past lacked seriously in creativity.)

      Again, your best bet, speak less and check your facts before you show your ignorance.

  26. A former colleague of mine showed me her wedding pictures from 2007, where they did the same thing. Her as a miniature resting on her Groom’s palm. I found this super creepy and tacky. This was South African, not even Asian.

  27. Oh! Some of them are really cute! Yes, maybe it’s a little weird but, c’mon! The most of wedding photos are freaky 🙂

  28. ok, i have to admit, one or two of them are cute but the word in my mind that stands out the most is SEXIST.

  29. These are Asians. I think the brides are just actual size. 😉

  30. I actually find that pretty cute in an odd way. It’s almost like Thumbilina

  31. I find this very degrading to women I don’t care what you say.

  32. thats very good

  33. It’s not that they are dumb-DUMBASS. And no, it’s not all a school project. The last one IS Korean (not Rain though…although I wish it were). It’s an ad for a TV show. The captions read “Child Bride”, which is a Korean TV series and “She can’t cook but I like her”.
    Maybe you should research more before you call people dumb asses, Dumbass.

  34. […] ^Those types of photos are popular in Japanese weddings^ Bizarre wedding photo trend: Miniature brides All things heinous, trashy, and hilarious in weddings! […]

  35. Great site! I’ll definitely comback again for a visit, keep up the good work!

  36. I love it. How creative!

  37. UGH.

  38. Gives a whole new meaning to the tiny dancer song. But your giant man parts won’t fit.

  39. Super Creepy! Creepy! Did I mention Creepy?

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