Video of Best Man COMPLETELY Sloshed at Croatian Wedding

July 26, 2009

Wow. He’s totally sh*tfaced!!!!



  1. Eeeeeeeeeew, that kiss gave me complete heebie jeebies!

    • Oh my god I was thinking the same thing!!

  2. this is such a sad video. clearly the girl is unhappy yet she feels she has no choice but to continue the wedding. she looks stripped of confidence. where is her family? this girl deserves so much better. i am sad for her.

  3. To bad it had to that way. It would be nice if she a least smiled a little more. Thanks you always have some great wedding videos posted on your site.

  4. I feel so sorry for that couple…. that man’s idiot friend/relative is ruining the day. The woman looks so sad, but nobody wants to interrupt the proceedings.

    I hope the Best Man got a bollocking afterwards and that he regretted it

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