“Peter Pan” Randy Constan marries Tinkerbell

July 29, 2009

If you’re not already familiar with internet celebrity Randy Constan, or “Peter Pan” as he likes to be called, get familiar. Randy’s website rose to quasi-fame several years ago largely due to the extensive library of photos he has posted of him posing in various costumes. A friend of mine sent me the link to his website about five years ago, and I have to say, its not the costumes that I found unnerving, it was the Anton Chigurr/Dorothy Hamill hairdo. I mean, the guy is in his fifties!!   I all but forgot about him until TW reader Kathleen sent me the link to his wedding.  He was looking for his “Tinkerbell” even then (that was the purpose for the website in the first place, to find a girlfriend) , and I’m glad he finally found someone. To each his own…

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cel_MW_weds 111b

cel_weds 073







  1. Eeeeew; just eeeeww. My retinas are seared! This didn’t even come with a warning! Looks more like Ru Paul’s Drag Race than a hetero wedding. Just sayin’.

    • yeah, that is one rather chunky, older, cougar-like Tinkerbell he hooked up with…scary.

      I swear, this guy HAS to have been the inspiration for the character “BRUNO”…he looks just like him, and those costumes..well, let’s just leave it at that.

      Why any woman would want to marry a transvestite crossdresser is beyond me.

  2. I saw a show with them in it “Secret Lives of Women” and apparently he and his wife dress like that all the time. To each their own,I guess.

    • I was creeped out at first but after seeing that episode of SLOW I say hey, you know what? Go for it. They’re not hurting anyone, so who cares what they do? It’s odd, but they’re happy, so more power to them.

  3. This is the most offbeat wedding blog I visit. I like the whole peter pan theme,

  4. Least he’s happy.


  5. I don’t know how I didn’t realize this before, but he is obviously Sacha Baron Cohen in disguise. I expect this will be his most successful movie character yet.

  6. To each their own…but DUDE…..now I need to bleach my eyeballs.

  7. Please God, tell me that’s a wig he’s wearing…

  8. Awww. Call me a softy, but I really hope they live happily ever after.

  9. So when this grown man dresses as Peter Pan, he’s actually butching it up because the rest of his wardrobe are tutus he shares with his wife?

    Yet while they look like lesbians, you know their sex life is probably disappointingly normal.

  10. I hope they are both ridiculously happy.

  11. is that bruno?! HAHA

  12. Not my tastes, but I agree with those who say.. hey if they’re happy, then GOOD for them. It can be hard enough for so called ‘normal’ people to find love.. Imagine how hard it is for someone who leads a very ‘alternative’ lifestyle? Best of luck to them.

  13. ok 5 words….gay, tryin to fufill childhood dream. Gay is for the guy by the way. WTF is wrong with these people. I thought it was umm kinda wierd when you get married in a court house but if I had a choice I would choose the court house over this any day. 2ndly WHAT GIRL WOULD AGREE TO THIS!!!!!!!!!

  14. Met this guy once at a Ren Fest. He’s very nice, and very much doesn’t care what people think of him. I’m really glad he found someone special.

  15. WOW… I don’t think this would be my ideal wedding and I definetly wouldn’t want a man who looks like Bruno or looks gay, but thats their choice and if they like being wierd thats ok… Atleast their happy and thats more than I can say for mosts Americans…

  16. This guy live here in Tampa, FL. I see him at “The Castle” a goth bar in Ybor City all the time. He is for real and always in character!

  17. Each to their own, and I hope they have happy lives…just one question…Do you suppose they share the same razor for shaving their legs? I’m sorry, the french maid picture just popped out at me…I mean, those are some smooth looking legs…

  18. OMG, at first I thought the hair was part of the Peter Pan outfit…. but it’s his real haircut!!!

  19. You know what? I bet (and sincerely hope) that they are and will remain deliriously happy both with eachother and with life for a long, long time, and probably way longer than the relationships of the sorts of people who sneer at them and put them down. Go you, Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Live those outrageous dreams most people are too afraid to even entertain.

  20. Oh my god, My husband is going to die when he sees this! We’ve seen this guys website in the past because we joke with a friend about how he looks like him. I can’t wait to show him this.

  21. Not many guys have the legs for tights, but he does. I’m glad he found a kindred spirit

  22. I cant help but think she married her gay best friend. Poor thing, someone tell her.

  23. LOL okay so a couple years back, myf riend dragged me to the Ren Fest in Tampa. I was not having a good time, but we ran in to this dude! AND THEN WE HELD HANDS AND PRANCED IN A CIRCLE AND IT WAS THE BEST MOMENT EVER.

  24. I feel bad for all the petty haters on here.

    As bizarre as this guy is, the two of them are pretty adorable together. She’s got that look in her eye that makes me think she’d be hilarious to be around.

  25. He looks like Sasha Baron Cohen, and she looks like Meryl Streep, haha. But they’re too cute, I love it!

  26. Oh please, all this “to each his own” is crap. These two freaks are just that, freaks! You got one big, chunkified Bonnie Raitt look alike with some flaming queen (and that is his real hair) bumping uglies because they are so confused sexually. This wedding is a travesty! A mess! One big tacky Dragon Con train wreck. Good Lord, someone get me a paintball gun.

  27. Wait, wait. This guy is straight?

  28. Older woman marries gay guy?????? Please don’t have children!!!!

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