Awkward Wedding Photos

August 24, 2009

I think Awkward Family Photos is the best blog on the internet, hands down. I think it is genius, and of course their awkward wedding photos are my favorites.

Look through all of the pictures HERE.






  1. Love the wedding pictures, thanks for sharing this cool pictures.

  2. That second one is kinda cute… Where are we going, and what’s with the handbasket???

    • Going to hell ijn a handbasket? Get it? It’s kind of cute/kind of weird all at the same time, lol.

  3. Very different……although nice

  4. All wedding photos looks very happy

  5. I have never seen so natural and beautiful wedding photos! Nice location and so cute couple! What lovely photos!

  6. WOW. A Frank Zappa song that came true! So THIS is what happened when the Dental Floss tycoon rode his Pygmy Pony past the Dental Floss bush. Movin’ to Montana soon… gonna get me a girl with uni-boob… yea…

  7. Ooh baby I love it when you pop out of my skirt like that. Soooo I remember when everyone wanted flips ops and gebre daisies at their weddings.tacky

  8. Share your awkward photos on TLC’s new OMG Wedding Moments sweepstakes! Winner wins a 2nd honeymoon trip.


  9. […] Image via Awkward Wedding Photos […]

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