Biker/Motorcycle Weddings

August 24, 2009



Wedding 009



























  1. The secont picture strike me down 😉

  2. The choice to get married in your underwear aside, I do think it’s nice when people share something they’re passionate about. Tacky though they may be, I think theme weddings are fun.

  3. You know, oddly enough I attended a Biker wedding, which was actually NOT tacky. It was pretty traditional with just the decore being biker themed, though she did change out of the gown to a short white gown to ride away on the back of her new hubby’s bike. (But they were only going a mile or so away to their new house)

  4. I have to say that every biker wedding that I have been to in just this year alone has been the best wedding I have ever been to. I would go to a biker wedding over any other wedding any day. You could show up at a biker wedding in a pair of old jeans and a T-shirt and they would still wecome you with open arms. Where if you did that at any other wedding everyone would be staring at you and have somthing to talk about for about a week or more. If you didnt show up in your Sundays best….. look out. Where you could be your self at a biker wedding and you would look like everyone around you.

    • exactly , I love it! I plan on wearing a traditional dress but with all my tattoos, lol who cares!

  5. the first cake is awesome!!!!!

  6. wait…. i meant the second cake

  7. Is the bride in pictures 4 & 5 wearing that paper gown they give you at the doctor’s office??

  8. The second pic really worries me, but then I have that reaction when I see anyone appearing at an event w/ family present in underwear. But these are some of the most genuinely happy brides I’ve seen on this site (and most of the sober grooms look happy too). Also, this collection of pics just goes to show how much diversity there is in the biker subgroup. You really can’t judge what a “biker wedding” will be like exactly.

  9. See now, a lot of these are just cute, not tacky. I love the bride in leather vest and veil, the couple getting married in jeans, and the older lady on the bike.

    The bride in her white underwear is tacky though. Put on some clothes, honey!

  10. I just decided NOT to have a biker wedding… 😀

  11. I am having a biker wedding on June 12 2010 its a little tradional cause my family will be there but plenty of 1% bikers. Will post photos! 🙂

  12. I hope these couples swore on the manual!

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  14. It’s a contest of: ‘Who actually owns their own bike?’ Thong lady? Does not. OW.

  15. Thanks for all the ideas. We’re having one in the Spring. And he’s the one doing all the hunting for the right place that will handle all the hundreds of bikes. We live in Central Texas, if anyone has any ideas???

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