Russian Gothic Wedding

August 24, 2009

I definitely think this couple has some really cool pictures and they certainly look happy, but I think the groom’s platform Storm Trooper shoes are out of control!! To view the full gallery, click here and here.













  1. The photos are kind of like death marrying a glass of milk.

  2. WTF did that girl do to her hair. Yuck. Be goth all you want, but damn…. Like the only woman on the planet that wants that receding hairline look O_O
    Those are some great photos though and they do look happy.

  3. Very original people. If they want to look like this, why not? 😉

  4. Well, in the Renaissance times, a high forehead was considered beautiful, and women routinely plucked their hair to make their foreheads look bigger. Maybe that is what she is after? Other than that, they both have beautiful faces, and they certainly committed to their wardrobe. The outfits don’t look cheap, and they are well tailored. I thought they looked nice and well put together, even if it’s not a look I would have the nerve to try.

  5. I’m with Dirt Road 🙂 It might not be conventional but it’s well done! Everything is thought out and they both look really cool and different. Their family looks super happy for them too so its quite sweet. They do look very young though!

  6. I’m a goth, my wedding is Halloween of this year, full out(wont be surprised if it shows up here…) but the bride even distrubs *ME*. I guess i never got much into the way of shaving the head and doing the whole weave thing like some of them do…

  7. Dirt Road is right that in Renaissance times women plucked and shaved their hairlines in order to imitate Queen Elizabeth 1, who had one naturally.

    However, this is not the Renaissance and it looks plain weird. It’s interesting to get a glimpse of what women actually looked like during that era.

  8. great photography, great photography,……WOW

  9. Wonderful photography, and I must say they do look happy. Aside from the weirdness of it all, it looks decent. Though I am having a hard time getting past the way the groom looks…I’m not trying to contradict myself BUT…he looks like those creepy characters from that one Matrix movie lol.

  10. They look awesome!

  11. Way to commit to a look! They are both pretty in a likeable/creepy way. I love the photos, nicely done!

  12. love the grooms hair

  13. I actually like this quite a lot, except for the bride’s fivehead.

  14. Took me a few pictures before my eyes got past the brides hairline and noticed she also has no eyebrows. Very interesting look!
    Beautiful look, beautiful shots. The whole thing must have cost a fortune.

  15. I’m really not a fan of her hair, but he is really gorgeous. I think it’s cool.

    • I agree, Cindy, he is REALLY a nice looking guy..in fact, he is much prettier than the girl. I think the bride is one of the more unattractive people at the wedding. That forehead, those non-existant eyebrows…OY..!

      If you go to the gallery and look at all the pic’s, there is one where the photographer has her looking up at the camera with her husb. behind her..and her forehead is all wrinkled..in the picture, he looks like a gorgeous 18 year old kid, and she looks like an 80 year old wrinkly woman…UGH.

  16. I think the photography is actually pretty amazing (particularly the last two shots). Not sure about why it is tacky, I think these are better shots than most people get for their weddings, goth or not.
    As a photographer, I’d be very happy if I had shot these.

    • i agree, i love the last picture. seems rather fitting.

  17. hmm.
    he looks pretty cool — and she would look so as well — but I couldn’t get past the shaved/plucked hairline. She has such pretty hair as well.

  18. I actually really enjoyed this. The photos are awesome!!! The only thing I didn’t care for was the brides hair which seems to be a common theme in the comments here.

    The person who commented this….
    “The photos are kind of like death marrying a glass of milk.”

    did make me laugh out loud.

  19. These pictures are amazing…..gothic renaissance foreheads and oversized alien platform conbat boot and all.

    Also…..her shoes are hot!

  20. Is that Draco Malfoy? His braids are awesome though.

  21. Is it just me, or does she look like she’s twelve and he looks 14? They are a gorgeous couple.

  22. He looks like one of those ghost twins from the second Matrix movie.

  23. Now that was weird and creepy!

  24. I give props to the couple for switching colors. The bride is in black while the groom is in white. The first time I’ve seen an albino goth!

  25. I am just completely in love with this wedding and the photography. Beautiful…

  26. She models sometimes, I think he’s a musician — at least they have instruments in the house — and now they have a beautiful child — who wears pink sweaters, striped tights… she’s very into retro-girly, I guess.

    The bride has a flikr stream, a blog — and the pictures are so beautiful. You should look in on this family, they are amazing.

    • link, plox? 😀

  27. Is it me, or do they look like the tall guy and the short fat guy from Little Britain?

    “What d’ye want t’do today, Andy?”
    “Goff weddin.”

  28. Honestly some of the best wedding photography I’ve ever seen! Love the filters & exposure settings used. They are a uniquely beautiful couple who celebrate their love in a way befitting of their lifestyle. Congrats!!!

  29. My dear, you obviously dont even know what you are talking about. Tacky means its cheap and not well thought out. Their style and beautiful elegant clothing is anything but tacky. Just because they chose to live a different lifestyle from you does not make them any less. Everyone is aloud to their opinions, but theres a difference between opinions and facts.
    And one fact is…you are very tacky.
    Why dont you stop being a lazy coward and pick on something worth picking on.

  30. The groom reminds me of Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter…

  31. I think it’s sad that he is prettier than her.

  32. They look 12…

  33. They look so young. In that first photograph she looks like a tiny doll.

  34. Maximum awesomeness! Great great style!!! Great photos!! Best wedding photos ever. I don’t really like her half bald head but… It still looks good… Wish she had “plucked” less for her Renaissance look.

  35. Sure, they look different… but just look at the photographs (which, yes, are Stunning). These kids are happy, really, genuinely happy to be together. You can’t totally bash a wedding when the people getting married are so obviously in love and everyone around them look so happy for them

  36. It’s certainly not my style, but it’s awesome how much they clearly love each other.

  37. I adore her elizabethan hair line i think she pulls it off so well. And the switch on traditional gender marriage colors is so chic

  38. What a cool wedding! The best bit of the gallery in the link was a photo of some older, conventional-looking guests – you *almost* feel sorry for them…hahahahaha!

  39. The photography is beautiful and I like the unique styles. But I can’t help but think that the guy looks like a Ball Joint Doll. @_@ Not sure if that is awesome or not. D:

  40. Though I have my doubts about the shaved-hairline look, I think this is absolutely beautiful. The couple are obviously adoring of each other, and happy to be getting wed, and the clothes are amazing.

  41. I can’t get past the fact that her shoes are a good two sizes too big. I actually don’t mind the wedding itself, but with so much attention to detail, it makes the ill-fitting shoes even more odd.

  42. Whhhyyyy is David bowies child-corpse marrying that little balding girl?? I feel icky now.

  43. The groom looks VERY nice, and so does the wedding itself! I mean, the bride looks very nice, but even I couldn’t get past the hairline and the lack of eyebrows. However, this is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. Nice.

  44. I think they both look amaazing and the brides hair is awesome. I think she looks like one of the best kind of people out there. she is actually brave and bold enough to look the way she likes. 🙂

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