Shepherdess Bride marries in Wool Dress shorn from her favorite Sheep

August 24, 2009




From The Daily Mail:

And the bride wore white – long, curly white strands of wool.

Louise Fairburn, who is an award-winning sheep breeder, decided to get married in a fleece from her own flock.

She designed the gown and took wool from her favourite rare Lincoln Longwool, Olivia

And she extended the theme to the rest of her big day, putting her groom Ian, 42, in a waistcoat made from wool.

Mrs Fairburn even carried a Bo Peep-style crook and the ring bearer’s cushion was made from a fleece.

Guests were given chocolate sheep-shaped favours and even dined on lamb dishes by celebrity chef Rachel Green.

But it was the dress that was the highlight of the wedding in Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, near their farm in Risby.

‘It always occurred to me what a waste it was to turn this beautiful long wool into carpets,’ the 38-year-old bride said.

‘But I saw an advert with dresses made out of carpets and it twigged that I could have a dress made of wool.

‘I suppose I am sheep-crackers, but the idea just came to me and I designed the dress myself with a little bit of help.’

The dress, which cost £1,500, took a spinner and dressmaker 67 hours to make. But it was worth it, as her husband said he was ‘blown away’ when she walked down the aisle.

‘I took one look at her, my lip curled like a young sheep’s does and I started blubbering,’ he said.

Mrs Fairburn added: ‘I wanted this dress to look like any other wedding dress and for people not to realise it was wool until they got close and that’s what we achieved.

‘I just wanted to prove that you could do something fantastic out of the yarn and ended up with something that was beyond my wildest dream.

‘I want to prove to people that wool is not just something for knitting bobble hats from, and that our native breeds can have just as big a presence today as in the past.’

It was love at first sight for the couple, who met when Mrs Fairburn was looking for someone to install a farm track at her home. After searching in the Yellow Pages, she came across Mr Fairburn’s firm.

He said: ‘I opened the Land Rover door when I arrived and said that’s the girl I’m going to marry.’

Now the couple are successful sheep breeders, and won top honours at last year’s Lincolnshire show.



  1. I think his waistcoat is gorgeous!

  2. I’m on Team Wool on this one. It is unusual, of course, but it fulfills everything she wanted to do. And she carried the theme through everything. Elegant in an earthy way.

  3. I don’t know about this. Do I want my wedding day to be about sheep? And EATING sheep seems rather out of place.

  4. I mean, I like cats — will I have a dress made of cat hair picked up off my floor, whiskers arranged as a tiara, and serve catnip tea? And maybe some Thai food made with cat meat? I don’t think so.

  5. I think she looked lovely. I liked the groom’s vest too. Much happiness to ewe.

  6. oh woow – sheepy dress 😉

  7. I think her dress is rather pretty. I like how she carried the theme through… but I have to agree that serving lamb does strike as a bit odd.

  8. interesting. I think is kind of cool actually. Heh – yes eating their meat is a bit weird but I can see the logic.

  9. I love it!

    It’s a shame the article makes it sound like a sheep breeder had NO IDEA that you could make clothing from wool until now. “The groom wore wool”, well I should *hope* so if he’s wearing an even half-decent suit!

  10. She is absolutely lovely — what a success! Hats off for ingenuity and beauty hand-in-hand!

  11. What a beautiful wedding! Love the dress, love the waistcoat, and the pictures…most of all, love the spirit!

  12. i think its a wonderful idea, good on them for being original

  13. Her dress is gorgeous, as is the waistcoat.

  14. Bring on the Bo-Peep Jokes!

  15. We are making fun of Little Bo Peep (giggles) When there was that “Metal” wedding? I mean I have my Punk rock roots, but jeez, why would you try to look as awful as possible on your wedding day? They have gorgeous gothic dresses out there available. And the unicorn cake topper… I just stared in horror, and laughing until my sides hurt.

  16. I think her dress is gorgeous! I love the uniqueness of it, and I don’t see anything wrong with eating lamb (though I’m not a fan of it myself). It’s not like they slaughtered some of her prize sheep to feed the folks. 🙂

    Good on them, and may their marriage last a lifetime! 😀

  17. I don’t think this was tacky at all! The dress looks gorgeous!

  18. I actually thought this was kinda cute & sweet until I got to the part about EATING sheep. Then it got creepy.

  19. i like it alot actually

  20. And now the dress will mean even more than the average wedding dress. I think it’s a beautiful idea!

  21. I too thought it was lovely. I don’t really get what’s wrong with eating lamb either.. Kudus for them for using everything of sheep.

  22. Yeah, Team Wool here too!

    To the poster who compared to cats, the difference is we -already- make clothing out of wool, eat sheep’s meat and milk, etc. She is an award winning sheep breeder, and sheep are raised for their usefulness, not as pets. I see no correlation to doing this with any kind of pet.

  23. It’s a gorgeous dress, regardless of whether it was done as part of a theme. Even “sold separately” just as something pretty, it’s lovely. I’d wear it and I don’t like pale colors (my own wedding dress is not white).

  24. I have to say, I think this is a great idea that comes across well in the photos at least. So it’s not traditional, at least they made it their own without crossing the thin line between unique and gaudy.

  25. OMG, this is amazing!

  26. Waaaaa
    I must disagree on this one to oAo she looks so pretty ❤ lovely idea

  27. That dress must be unimaginably hot.

  28. Team Sheep! Baaaaaa!

    The dress is beautiful and creative and the bride looks fantastic. And kudos to the bride for choosing a halter style rather than the ubiquitous strapless princess style. I am so tired of seeing busty women squeezing their bubbies in to those straight across dresses. Give your girls some support! Halters rule!

  29. Aw, what an lovely dress and an awesome-sounding wedding! And of course they served lamb, you sentimental fools. What do you think sheep are farmed for? Pets?

  30. The dress is indeed lovely, but she must have been roasting if it was a summer wedding!

  31. I’ve been looking at your blog.. Soon to be married myself i’m sure i’ll make it on your pages.. this is hysterical! LOL.. nice

  32. Creepers to eat the sheep and wear it too. Exploitation of animals for a tacky wedding is wrong all wrong.

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