Flintstones Themed Double Wedding

August 26, 2009



From The Norwich Evening News:

“I Yabba Dabba Do at Flinstone’s Wedding”

It started with a tipsy joke, but ended with a full-blown Bedrock wedding as the perfect way to lay the foundations of a new life together.

For their special day, two Norfolk couples decided to turn to the Stone Age for inspiration and recreated the children’s cartoon show The Flintstones by dressing up its main characters.

Andrea and Simon Bean, aka Fred and Wilma Flinstone, and Richard and Jill Noble, aka Barney and Betty Rubble, celebrated their double wedding at Weston Park Golf Club on Saturday by taking a quick trip to the next door dinosaur park for some spectacular wedding photographs sure to raise eyebrows on any mantelpiece.

With 165 guests dressed as cavemen and women, two best men dressed as dinosaurs, and a spectacular tiered wedding rock cake, both Wilma and Betty entered the ceremony to the traditional organ sound of Wagner’s Bridal March.

However, this was quickly replaced by an organ version of The Flintstones theme tune.

Mrs Bean, nee Thurston, who lives in Grange Close, Hoveton, said: “It was a fantastic day and all the guests made such an effort.

“We had so much fun and the registrars were absolutely brilliant.

“We’ve all been married before so we didn’t want the traditional white wedding.”

The couples are close, as the new Mrs Noble, of Starston in South Norfolk, is Mr Bean’s sister, and the idea was borne out of a fun stay at Alton Towers theme park, when they joked about Mr Noble laughing like Barney Rubble and ended up calling each other by the names of the four main characters.

Mrs Bean, 36, said: “We have been criticised by some people as not taking the wedding seriously, but we did take our vows very seriously.

“Some people out there don’t agree with it, but a lot of people enjoyed it and agreed with what we decided we wanted to do.”

The couple’s outfits were made by Future Couture and the ladies’ hair done by Chinelo’s Hair Studio, both in Magdalen Street.

Instead of wedding presents, the couples asked guests to donate money to the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation and raised more than £1,200 on the day.

The charity is close to Mrs Bean’s heart as her son Sam, now 15, had a liver transplant when he was just eight months old and she has since raised about £27,000 for the cause.

Mrs Bean, who works for her new husband’s stainless steel products company Greasebusters, said: “My son wouldn’t be here today if somebody hadn’t donated their liver to him, so I’m always urging people to sign up for organ donation too

thanks to Nancy and Daiza for the submission!


  1. My hubby and I incorporated dinosaurs into our wedding pics in a different way. We were married in a planetarium and had the reception in the adjoining science museum. They gave us the run of the place, including all the exhibits and play areas. 🙂

  2. Oops, wouldn’t let me link the pic. It’s here. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/36/82636628_32a0bc9359.jpg

  3. Brilliant.

    Massive amounts of respect to them all and I hope they had as much fun as it looks.

  4. Yabba Dabba Doo! What a nice day for both couples and what a great way to celebrate with donations to a worthy cause. Great Job!

  5. I love that they raised money for such a good cause and looks like they had a lot of fun.

  6. I hope they have so much fun in their lifes too 🙂

  7. That looks like it was an absolute blast! Hope the fun stays in their lives.

  8. Excellent pictures, a good photographer can make any moment special even better as a picture.

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  10. Just blast..fantastic wedding i ever seen before.

  11. Wonderful! Count me as yet another vote for “fun, not tacky!”

    But I am left wondering, when they walked down the aisle, did they pass the same three guests over and over and over again? (Hanna-Barbera animation humor)

  12. That’s really cute 🙂

  13. This one is actually incredibly cute! And I’m all for it if they asked guests to donate to such a good cause 🙂

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  15. Like ‘Silhouette’ said, not really tacky, but I’m so glad you posted this! It made my day. I don’t think I would do it myself, but I would love to go to a wedding like this as a guest!

  16. Oh my word! Love it.

  17. Barney looks a bit like Boris Johnson!

  18. This looks like a huge amount of fun – good luck to them! Since there were lots of children (and overgrown kids, a category I include myself in!) at the wedding, I’ll bet it made some unforgettable memories for all concerned.

  19. I was looking at this and thinking hey that looks like the dinosaur park my parents used to take me to…then I realised it was…

  20. Meh.

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