Hot Mess Irish Wedding, with neon pink “Chanel” bridesmaids!

September 9, 2009

I really can’t get enough of weddings like these. This one was in Blanchardstown, which is a suburb of Dublin.  The “Chanel” bridesmaid dresses are hilarious. Wow!! I want more! More!!











big thanks to Samantha for the submission!


  1. Wow…just wow!!!

    I think I’d be blind by the end of this wedding!

    • all ye country people are a pack of shites
      so what if de young one wants to show of her bear belly ……god….dats her probem..it so obious dat she.s not all der ………..fuckin hell like….and anyway lovely dress ………. ha ha ha a ha ha ha ha h ah

      • You’re kidding, right?

      • LEAH ……………………………………………IM NOT KIDDING

      • She really isn’t kidding. I’m starting to think the best thing about this blog is the comments – all the Americans believing that travellers can’t possibly be real. And who can blame them?

      • you stupid innocent young one thats my cousins wife your talking about so speak about yourself retard

      • ye are nothing but fucking divs the girls look lovely you so fucking up your selvs coz your all proper when i bet you get drunk and end up in bed with any man you all incont just coz these girls look nice

      • Rite iam not a traveller, but iam very gd m8ts wid 1 and she calls me her cusin . I dont understands y u all critise travellers/gypsies or wat eva. we r all ppl, does it matta wat race, colour,weather your a gypsy/traveller well it souldn’t . if them gals want to show of there bellys or not is up to them if they got a great body they shoudn’t have to cover it up. an so wat if shes got pink 4 her wedding . 1 thing nxt time u wanna sey somert just think theres gd and bad in every 1. xx

      • the size of the young 1s fuckin belly !! put it away PLEASE!!! p.s thanks for the nightmares xxx

      • yeah and the difference is to look classy not like a whore.the bridesmaid should have a least toned her stomach or sometin or get sum spanx. WHO THE MAN???? UUUUU RRRRRRR!!!!!!!

    • all ye pigs face out der who hasnt got a good word 2 say about travllers weddin…………. ure all a pack of shits ………………….dat u may drop dead …..ye pack of handicaps faces ..
      god ure all shites ——–fuckin basterds

      • The whole affair just makes me despair for humanity. It looks like a hooker rodeo that’s been tangoed.

      • If you’re a traveller, how do you have the internet? Are you in a cafe, or are you one of those ridiculous travellers that lives in an illegal caravan site and doesn’t pay taxes? 🙂

    • these dresses are a disgrace your all a show yee all look like a load a hooligans! da top might a well b a bra and it looks so cheap.TRAMPS!!!!!

    • and by the way in case ur wondering i am a traveller so i know what im talkin about. U FUCKIN PROSSIES!!!!!!!!

  2. So what is it with dressing like a $2 streetwalker for a wedding? Maybe it’s my Southern upbringing, but I was raised that you don’t try to outshine the bride or call attention to yourself at a wedding.

  3. It’s not an ‘Irish’ wedding, it’s a Traveller wedding. There is a big fucking difference.

    • The wedding happened in Ireland, and there was no information that indicated that it was a Traveller wedding, so I’m sorry, I’m sticking with the title.

      • What Wurt says.
        The wedding may have taken place in Ireland, but it’s not a typical Irish wedding. It’s fairly similar to another traveller wedding I have seen on TV a few months back as part of a documentary about weddings. Even down to the carriage and the bridal gown.

      • So if an Amish wedding is pictured here, it’s totally OK to imply it’s a typical American wedding because Amish people are Americans?


      • Did I imply that it was a typical wedding just because I said it was Irish? I don’t think so at all. And if I was a Hot Mess Amish Wedding or a Hot Mess American wedding, its still a hot mess.

      • Hot mess around. Whether it was Irish, Traveller or Gypsy..;) It took place in Ireland, that’s the only fact we have. Other wise, it’s just a tacky european wedding. And yus, even AMERICA has tacky weddings!

      • This is brilliant discussion. The comments are just faceplant material. =D

      • u stupuid twat its a traveller wedding you clown irish

      • Everything in the Pics dicate that it was a tinker wedding…they are the only people that dress in this fashion…something like making a statement of tackiness and provocative nature of the women.

    • Dude, Travellers are Irish. It’s racist to suggest otherwise.

      • Ha ha, racist? Grow a clue.

        So if an Amish wedding is pictured here, it’s totally OK to imply it’s a typical American wedding because Amish people are Americans?

      • We gonna go through this again? And Wurt, calm it down. Obiviously when these pictures were sent, there wasn’t any information saying one way or another. Take the title with a grain of salt and MOVE on!

    • yeah and the difference is to look classy not like a fuckin whore.you should have at least toned your belly!! WHO THE MAN???? UUUUU RRRRRR!!!!!!!

  4. Are there several of those white globe Cinderella carriages or are all these weddings renting the same one? If so, A) there must be quite a waiting list and B) we should just assign a photographer to follow it around.

    • I’m pretty sure there’s just the one. It was brought the the forefront when Katie Price had it for her big trashy wedding, and it’s taken off in a big way. But I agree, there should be an official photographer just to follow around the carriage

  5. The bride looks like she’s wearing a bubble bath.

    • only cos your jealous you cant have A WEDDING like you common WHORE now thats all i got to say to ya

      • sarah ure a 100% precent rite
        all she is a common whore

      • She didn’t say wearing a bubble bath was bad. Jeez. Calm down.

    • jelous whore………….

      • if every one will notice “that there is ONE spacific person”, following all the slutty and trashy wedding pictures and starting fights and defending every single one of the girls/women… take a VERY close look at all of them… looks to me like someones defending their own kind…

  6. I realize now what the women look like — those cheap coconut-covered “snowball” cupcakes that you buy in cheap stores. They even come in white or pink!

    • Hey! I like Snowballs! lol

    • lmao! So true!

      • com up u supit handecap ther worth a fckin feaurtin ya jellues cunt’

      • I truly cannot make head nor tail of that, “samantha.”

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  8. i think this wedding is lovely my cousion got married 4 weeks ago and had dresses very similar but all white so i dont see why people are on here saying they look shit their amazing!!!!!1

    • I think what that means is that your “cousion” had a tacky, abeit less blinding, wedding.

  9. thos dressed are ansome!

    • i dnt see what is so taky abot this hear wedding i thnk the dresses r absulutely hansum and theres nothin rong with having acid pink as ur main color the wedding was hansum ppl riting bad commetns it just little gorgie ppl who is jelous what kind of wedding travlers can aford 2 hav

      • the illiteracy says it all…

      • Oh chavs. Just when I was getting tired of mocking rednecks, I find out about a whole new group of tasteless inbreds.

      • yer i think there wedding dresses was unhuman absoltley stunning !! us travlin people can afford the best unlike you gorgia lot you would all love for a wedding like that

      • “the illiteracy says it all…”

        by puma October 10, 2009
        oi puma..
        what are you saying?
        your own ignorance shines through.
        get a life for yourself.
        if you’v sucha problem wit us Travellers come out to my site here and tell us to our face……?

      • I am just going to go out on a limb and leave you with this little gem. I can atleast afford to travel from the US and tell you to your face that this wedding is tacky. I can support myself because I put myself through university and do not need a man do buy my knock offs for me, I can afford to buy the real thing. I have allowed myself an education to become a productive member of society.

  10. i tink this wedding is lovely me cousion got married 4 weeks ago and had dresses very similar but all white so i dont see why people are on here saying they look shit their amazing and there is nothing wrong with irish weddings there the best!!

    • i agree the dresses are un human..there were made for travellers to wear their to good for any buffer to wear all ye buffer are scum ye sud be shot dead ye are little pieces of dirt on the ground…buffers are nits and lice ye UGLY bastard ye dont deserve to have a life..ye wudnt be long changing if ye came into a travellers site..we kick to 2 death……………………………………………………………….

  11. There does appear to be something wrong with the Irish educational system, as evidenced by these comments.

    • Actually we have a fantastic education system in Ireland. Our educational attainment is one of the highest the world over, we send more people to university than any other country in Europe and have more students complete secondary school than any other country in Europe. And our final exams are of a significantly higher standard than say, for example, the UK.

      I’ve been educated in four countries. I know.

      • ….because everyone believes comments like that.
        Lets face it, Irish people are tacky. And I don’t believe they have the highest educational standards, France probably does, or Japan.

      • I’ve been through the UK educational system up to masters level, and now live in Ireland, and have found no real difference in how those I have met here have been taught compared to me. If there was any difference at all it only seems to be that I have retained knowledge of my degree, whereas most of the people I have met here haven’t, and seem to have taken degrees due to the fact that ‘they should’ rather than any actual interest or want of learning.

        Not saying that the UK system is better, or that they don’t have that problem there, but from what I’ve seen of university educated adults in Ireland they don’t seemed to be any better educated.

        Personally, I have my bets on Japan for the education thing.

      • Finland is first in public school (government-run) education, actually. Russia has the most tertiary graduates.

        …But Ireland isn’t doing too shabby either.

        America’s public school system is hit-or-miss since it’s based on property taxes. Those who own a house with a property value of $350,000 or more probably live in a neighborhood with adequate schools, those who do not….

    • You’d be forgiven for thinking that, but actually the Irish education system is perfectly good – it’s just these travellers pull their children out of school early and don’t value learning at all. They seem to think that being barely literate, just like being orange and wrinkly, is something to aspire to.

  12. It mightn’t be representative of Irish weddings in general but it is representative of Irish Traveller weddings, though this is probably at the extreme end of the tackarama scale, even for Travellers.

    Also, bridy is not representative of Irish spelling and grammar. I hope 😉

    • Oh my, the good old “f” word. Such class.

  13. Oh God… People PLEASE don’t think that all of us Irish are like this
    I wouldn’t say traveller as it might be too specific,
    but definately scumbags/ knackers/ CHV(lol Ross o’carrol Kelly)
    you’d see this more in Ballymun (bally anything really, or tallaght)
    “Ah JAYSUS Jecinta dontche look bleedin GAAAARGEOUS!!”
    K.I.S.S(KeepIt Southside) jk haha

    • who the fuck are you to be judging pll that you dont even know did you hear the saying ” dont paint everyone with the same brush” were not all the same prick

    • That was a bit of a rude comment. I happen to be Irish myself, and I have attended a few traveller weddings that weren’t tacky. And I realize you’re talking about the entire cultural group, but try to refrain from making jokes like that much.

    • Excuse me…I am a settled person and im engaged to a traveller nd av a 3 year old son frm him and im frm ballymun ya seem 2 tink ur sumtin as long as irish ur lik da bleedin rest of us.travellers r da same as us nd as 4 ballymun ave ya ad ur eyes glued shut its actually quite decent now.so if any1 is da ‘scumbags,knackers,chv den its u predigous ignorant self absorbed twats dat lik 2 tink ur beta dan da rest.

      • So…just getting engaged to a traveller is enough to destroy any semblance of literacy? Interesting.

  14. me cousion had a weddin very simlar to tis so al ye gorgie lot stat saving now

    • does any1 know whos weddin it was?
      oh dont they luk gorgous..and the day they wer blessed wit..for my weddin i want tat white carriage wit da horses.
      well fuck every1 bad mouthing them.
      i think tats a lovely wedding and i wud be proud f tat weddin.
      God grant them a long, healthy life together.

      • well katie
        the the brides name is MORING

      • yeah i know the young 1 that got married she got married to my cousin and i think her wedding dress and her brides maids dresses are out standing

  15. em this wedding took place in a cul de sac around the corner from me in mulhuddart dublin 15, the travllers which look to me to be settled travllers live in normal accomadation not ur normal car avan sites, dont get me wrong most of them cause alot of trouble in this area, but she looked stunning and after all it was her day.

  16. What is with these bare-belly dresses? They are especially unattractive on the heavier girls. And the woman in the micro mini–what is that? She is trying to show as much skin as possible while still wearing clothing. Not pretty at all.


      • cris wat the fuck are you on about…. you think that dress is short but let me tell you i have seen alot lot lot shorter!!!!!

      • This isn’t a question of the relative length of the skirt it’s an issue with the innapropriateness of a skirt which is this short (or even shorter). Likewise, just because there are say worse forms of cancer than say skin cancer doesn’t mean that having melanoma isn’t bad.

      • and what the fuck has it got to with you…. even if she was wearing nothing i dont think its any of your business is it handicap face

    • I agree with Chris, why are those girls flaunting their flabby bellies? ooohhh wait, aren’t they gypsies? Maybe slutty is their tradition?

      • stop bein jealuz of uz travllerz ye low lifes wat do ye wear skirtz to ur anklez

      • yhous cheeky basterd like ur mama looks any better she proble the SLUT not them ha and chirs com up u sad cunt and d other felles com on u sad fagit s i say ur jus jellus u cant get any of them ter to goodlukeing 4 yhos UGLY hadndcap basterds ?:D


  17. what is it with all the political correctness? you cant even state the location of the wedding without people getting on their high moral ground? idiots!

    • And puma, you’re right. We chose to make comments on one wedding in particular and they all come out of the woodwork to bit our heads off…

      • if you want ta see us comin out of of the woodwork gimme your address there……………

      • oh ya dumbass theres a E in bit…!!
        now whose da smart one.

  18. handsum weeding dresses do eny of ye no who made em xxxxxx

    • Not this one Angel but I make others but they will not let me give you the information contact them on the main website they might give you my email address, hurry before I get all booked up



      • I don’t think it’s helpful to call all”country people any of the names I have read here.All Travelers are not the same any more than all country people are the same.Some of us are good people and are friends with travelers we have met.A little bit more understanding is needed on both sides.Everyone has a right to dress how they like on THIER WEDDING DAY.As long as they are happy,why not!Less name calling and more understanding is needed on both sides.Best of luck to the bride and groom.Thank you

  19. handsum weeding dress do eny of ye no were dere made at xxxxxxxxx

    • majestybridal@googlemail.com

      I can only try as this is like advertising it is not really right, but I will contact them and ask them to give you the info.


    • yeah dustbins r us. my god what was going through there minds when they put on those monstrosities im a traveller and please believe me when i tell you were not all like these freaks i mean did u not go to school learn to spell.haha. and r you serious with those outfits i mean just because an outfit is made doesn’t you should feel obligated to wear it if it’s ugly no amount of money is worth wearing that.hahaha

  20. uuummmm what is it with all the jealous comments…. listen ppl just cos you cant afford a wedding like travellers dont start bitching about it….. as a matter of fact i no the ppl that got married i thought and still think that they all looked fucking fantastic
    (by the way they got married in corduff which is in Dublin)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • way to prove to the whole comment board how little taste you have!

      • LOL! only reason travelers can afford this is because they dont pay tax or whatever it is they dont pay, but tbh i personally think these dresses are awful bad taste in my opinion, but if they like it let them, even if they are horrid…

      • hahaha some one is vexed cos they pay their taxes hahaha thanks for giving us our dole lol hahahahahahahaha

    • why the fuck do you think were jealous my god your a load of eejits beleive me when i say this nobody with half a brain would wear those monstrosities. AND ANY1 ELSE WHO IS READING THIS NOT ALL TRAVELLERS ARE LIKE THIS SOME OF US ACTUALLY WEAR CLOTHES AND NOT THOSE TACKY PIECES OF CLOTH THERE TRYING TO PASS OF AS OUTFITS.HAHAHAH

      • what ellie are u ashamed to be a traveller , ya country person wannabi

  21. Wow. I am utterly amazed that people with no taste assume one must be jealous because we ‘can’t afford to have a wedding like travellers’. You imbeciles. NOONE in their right mind would desire to look this trashy.

    We know you’re trash, you’re proud of it, congratulations. Now find something else to bitch about.

    • I am so in agreement with you, tendish.

    • who the fuck are you to call anyone trash. if you dont like it dont comment on it. but you dont have the right to call anyone trash, we are people just like you are we are not something you just walked in on shoe, so get a life you freak !!!

      • Why don’t you practice what you preach? I’m sick of the hypocritical behaviour on this website – as displayed by people like you. We are all entitled to our own opinion and we don’t swear at you, call you freaks and imply we’re better than you. This is a website called tackyweddings.com. If you don’t think they’re tacky then go elsewhere to post about what you find tacky. Even a child could work that one out.


      • Shannon–I am not sure why people are raging against Travellers or the Irish or people from the country or whoever, but remember, the site IS about bad wedding dresses.

        And also, if you like this dress there is nothing wrong with that either because these are all just opinions. Don’t get defensive.

  22. I dont care where they are from, those bridesmaids dresses are f*cking hillarious!

  23. u load of handycaped tramps..u call dat a tacky wedding..lol god u are funny..dats nothing to the way u go around dressed everyday u scumbags..ye are only jealous..get some sence u fools..see ur problem is u dont no what style is..and there only showing off there good bodys..which u lot dont got.and if u lot dont like the colour then fuck u cos that is what travellers like..we dont need ur opinion.we dint ask for it.handycaps!!

    • Sweetheart, there’s far better bloody ways to show off a hot body then to pick something like that. And just so you know, no, we’re NOT jealous.

    • You’re so right! Nobody with a modicum of taste could ever like that lurid shade of pink in a dress or anything else, especially with the orange limbs and torsos hanging out of them! Priceless!

    • the website is called TACKYweddings, and thats what were looking at.. TACKY!
      And what we go around looking like, its called taste and style, maybe you should try it sometime ey? Also just because were tastefull doesn’t mean we dont have good bodies, and tbh everyone should be proud of there bodys because everyone looks good in their own way, but do it within reason.
      Also the colour is just horrendous!

  24. I love how you can see the neighbor kid laughing at the ridiculous get up in one of those shots.

    • LOL! Even kids found it hilarious.

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  26. the traveller girls do look handsome on here. i’m not a traveller and maybe their style isn’t yours. i think they look like little dolls. it’s not your style its theirs so you wouldn’t understand. keep dressin up girlies i love it! i wanna see more weddings. love the carriage

  27. The Dresses Are Unreal
    Ur All Tinging Wrong

  28. the girls look alright. so their style is different. they are different and they don’t want to be like you so leave them alone. keep up the crazy style ladies; )

    • Thats SO great to hear you say that. I was beginning to think pink thong and nipple pasties was a little trashy, but its just my own crazy style!

      • @ Anna,

        Considering what the priests have been getting up to with the kiddies in that “holy place”, I don’t think a couple of girls’ navels would profane the place.

    • Agreed. Yes it is tacky, but if they love how they look, fine. It is NOT however, ok to strut around in a CHURCH, a sacred place, with a bare midriff and a mini skirt! No matter how proud you are of your body. How does showing it off make things better? I have an amazing body too IMO, but I don’t need to show it to each and everybody.

      I am also alarmed at the young age some of these travellers get married; is it really legal in Ireland to get married at 15-16???

      • It’s legal to get married in my state (WI) at 16, so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be legal in Ireland. Here you need both parents permission for marriage at that age. In Alabama, though, you can get married at 14.

  29. aww leave the girl alone. it’s HER wedding not yours. and who cares if she’s a traveller, she looks happy and i wish her and her husband the best.

  30. òh my god get ova year selfs gowan al travellers us gud tings!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. oh my god get ova urselfs gowan every traveller ou der us gud tings

  32. al travellers gypies chavs wat eva ar d bst breed ou der gowan al us travellerz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. they are travellers thats my sister

    • Mazel tov, love. They look like they’re having fun.

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  35. T h e little girl in the frilly white dress looked cute, and the bride dress is pretty, just if they took the pickups out!

  36. ok even though i would not wear what they are wearing it is obviously the brides dream wedding and who is anyone to judge that how would u feel if someone said ur face looked like it was vomited up or ur wedding was crap. I adore the carriage and would have loved to have one at my wedding a real cinderella momment and maybe that how she felt on the day. Remember a wedding is supposed to be ur taste and it is always nice to see something out of the ordinary instead of a typical wedding good on her for her individuality u go girl.

  37. i have see better weddings i am a traveller so i was brought up wid weddings so i have seen better

  38. Thats awesome! My attention was on the brides maids, not so much on the bride.

  39. im in the pink dress and i think the dress were lovly fuck all de people said they were ugly and tanks all de people said they were nice

    • go on dere annmarie of course you look lovly dont pass abit of heed in them handicap retarded people
      lookin sexy me ould cuz lol

  40. I think the wedding looked very handsom. I love the brides dress and i agree that people shouldn’t be calling the wedding tack and so what if it’s a traveller or a settled persons wedding?! Are ye ashamed or somthing!!And the main thing about any wedding is that the handsome couple had a good day and are still happy today!! Love the whole look of that weding i want one like that when it’s my time and if that makes me tacky stick that lable on me!!x

  41. Also the girl in the 5th pic looks like some sort of a modle!!Very handsome



  44. Up d delaney.. Proud 2 b a tinker 4 ya gorgas tats a Irish traveller .. She luked unhuman n d bridesmaids dresses wer luvly n all dnt judge r weddins cos ya cnt afford nuting lyk us !!!!

    • i am m8ts wid a travaller and i agree they r jus jelouse cos they carnt aford it lol

    • “Unhuman” – I suppose that’s one way of putting it…

  45. jesus christ almighty that is just the one and only wedding i saw and believe me i saw a few them and they wouldent come miles of it.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  46. jesus christ lads its some wedding.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

  47. What the HELL is up with the spelling people!? I felt like I was playing taboo with half you! Come on, go to school!

  48. What the hell is up with the spelling people!? I felt like I was playing taboo with half of you! Why don’t you reserach “english grammar and spelling 101” rather than tacky weddings.

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  50. hello i think these are AMAZING dresses how they were able to walk in them is Shocking the bride was a small bit plane taught she should have wore a belle top to maybe a Chanel belly button ring and and most of all she should have washed her hair it looked a bit greesy and What coal man did there tan ? I AM WEAK LAAUGHING :L

  51. It seems excess and attracting attention to point up that they are NOT the average Irish is the be-all and end-all of the irrascible Travelers. I am glad that they do not seem to have made their way to my nation — yet.



  54. I Think This Wedding Is Lovely! The Bride Looks Beautiful…… None Of you Have The Right To Slag This Wedding Off! Everyone Has Diffrent Tastes! You Might Not Like The Dresses And That But Someone Else Might Not Like The Dresses You Choose Either! You Need To Get A Life!Travellers And Gypsy’s Are Entilted To A Big Wedding If They Desire One As All Of Us Are! No One Has The Right To Judge Others. Keep Your Comments To Yourself If you Do Not Like What You See! I Know Alot Of Travellers And They Are Nicer People Than You Think! They Are Not Much Diffrent To Ourselves, They Have Just Been Brought Up To Respect There Selves And Not To Let Anyone Judge Them! So Before You Start Slagging Them Off Get A Grip And Look At Yourself!

    • Why does every word you wrote, start with a capital ?

      I think maybe.. You should get a grip of yourself !?

      • arent you very good coz you noticed that how about every one give a round oa applause hahaha lol

  55. I work for Chanel and I can tell you they are NOT real Chanel dresses. There is NO WAY we would ever put our logo onto anything so terrible.
    It is a shame people like you rip off other peoples lables just so you can look like you have money and class. I am passing these pictures onto head office, we need to stop things like this happening..I am horrified.

    • sorry babe but they are real chanel dresses, how cud ya publish them if they were designed by the bride not by the company the bride got chanel to make them ya eejit

  56. not being funny but im a traveller and not all of us have our weddings like this. and i think she looks alright

  57. I larf at u folk still judgin tis weddin tis wos luvly no matter wot ya day sinnin gets ya nowher n d lord will punish u 4 it !!

    • “I larf at u folk still judgin tis weddin tis wos luvly no matter wot ya day sinnin gets ya nowher n d lord will punish u 4 it !!”

      Ever heard of the word “hypocrite”? You’re preaching about people judging the wedding, but judge everyone else as a “sinner”.

      Besides, I’m Irish, and an atheist, and I really couldn’t give a flying fig about what your “lord” punishes me with when I am pushing up the daisies!

  58. Wait, why are they “Chanel” dresses?


      • settled people will never be able to afford , jealous bastrds . god bless them , btw JEALOUSY IS A SIN


    • trampy country mans buffers bastard

    • wat the fuck did u just say we anit no pikeys were irish travellers and proud ya dirty sleesy sucm bag atleast tarvellers are virigins wen they get married unlike country peopel dirty whores sleeping wit every boy dey gey dere hands on da cheek to judge travellers on wat dey like its or style we should beable 2 get wat we want wen were getting married as long as were happy

      • ya dirty ugly looking shit eating buffer , you have no right , your people are the diry of the planet , ya dirty raping handicapped bastard , jealous cunt you are , you would love 2 be a “pikey”

  60. hot messes! gurls, u need a makover asap. get dat goc wonn 2 stile ur weddin!

  61. who asked 4 ur opinion, if ye dislike travellers so much why bother to look at pictures or read articles of them, not alone to go out of ur way to write comments about them, im sure ye have better things to do wit yer time, one ouestion i would like to ask HOW WOULD YE LIKE YE WEDDING DAY TO BE LIKE, picture it. now compare to a traveller weddig. whats the difference! ye both want yer perfect day to remember and wont let nothing or no one stand in ye way to get it. from simple to extravagent dresses, from quiet to very loud, from plain to over the top themes who cares as long as its what you want.

  62. Is anyone else thinking the figurines on the wedding cake was a repainted Ken doll and a Barbie shoved into one of those Snowball cake things?

  63. When I saw the first picture I thought the bridesmaids where PULLING the carriage. Which now that I think about it would have made this wedding perfect.

  64. well handicap bastardss if yuu dont likee des weddings dont comment onn hem , god bless da marge country bastaerds des daysss,, fuk ya mother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well, you’re a lovely individual aren’t you?

      • yeah she is isnt she but what the fuck has it got to do with you

    • I thought we were commenting on these pictures because we found them tacky, not because we liked them?

    • Do you kiss your mother with a mouth like that?

  65. Yes this one does look tacky, but don’t asume that all traveller weddings are like this. From the ones i’ve seen in England, the girls look anything but ‘tacky’. The dresses they wear are very nice and alot of thought goes into their weddings.
    I can confirm it’s an ‘Irish Traveller’ wedding.

    • whats wrong with irish traveller weddings , so what they go over the top , its only something your people can dream about , get a life

  66. Holy god, the comments on this post are hilarious. I don’t care if these people are Travelers or not or if this is the bride’s preferred “style”, that doesn’t make it any less fucking hideous and trashy.

  67. i tink the dresses are handsum, id ave them at my wedding just in turquoise :). Plus i dont tink any ov you should be judgin us needies when you dont know naink about us its just what youve herd, and we aint got money cuz we dont pay da taxs its coz our men our always out workin and always ave been since dey were children! And us travler girls dont dress tacky, we like to dress us propa when we go out becoz we dont hardly go out, unless its a party or wedding or saink, i can ensure everyone were far from sluts, im 17 and iv never been wid a man and wont until i meet da right one that im gonna marry and spend the rest ov my life wiv! Dont judge us becoz ov what you ave heard, we are people just like you lot! Lovein me best bitch laney gal 😀 x

  68. i think the weeding dress was outstanding and the bridesmaids dresses were different no one has done a color like that and it work they were lovely and i think there should be a website on were the guests get there outfits there unuseal and beautiful.

    • ur rite dere me luv da make of dese country peope jealous sucmmy red rotten whores

  69. YOUR WEDDING DRESS IS BEAUTIFUL and so is your bridemaids dress they are stunning i wish you all the best xxxxxxxxx

  70. this wedding looks really nice i think its there day so why not go big and pritty and bright……..

  71. This isn’t just horrifying. It’s whore-ifying.

    • ANNA

      • Very nice response, see your doing your community proud there 😦

      • Yeah, I agree… they might be stupid saying something like that about the wedding but you’re making yourself look bad. Not exactly helping with the way some people already view travellers!

  72. omg i’m a traveller and even i have to say those dresses were horrendous was she blind its you people that give travellers a bad name

    • why dont you stick your eye up in their hole all togather you brown tongued bastard

    • Ya nt a full bred I takes it we stand up 4 r own kind bets ya jus a wanab

      • I believe you have unwittingly proven Ellie’s point there…

  73. These comments were absolutely hilarious to read!
    Though some very hard to understand….it’s called punctuation people…
    Now I’m not going to insult the people who have these weddings because I wouldn’t want to risk losing this wonderful form of entertainment. Keep doing what you’re doing ladies; my laughter depends on it!

    Best blog ever!!

  74. Why is there so much blatant illiteracy, do these travellers not educate their young? I also don’t understand the constant insult of “handicap”, is this a terrible insult in Ireland?
    I wish the bride and groom much happiness and hope they educate their children.

    • ooohh shut up your Australian scum , u need to be educated , aussie is not a word , oh yes i am a traveller and very educated

  75. This place is awesome, I just spent the best part of an hour laughing my face off, and maybe another 2 hours… trying to decipher some of the travelling folks posts !

    I now, have no need, to ever go on msn or facebook again,this site is much more fun ! 🙂

    Oh and personal opinion, those dresses were bloody awful !!!

  76. it’s theirrr coltureeee!!1

  77. you u fuck off ellie ya wanna be buffer its you that makes the buffers talk bou us

  78. Can’t believe the ignorance of some people on here! Surely you realise that weddings vary with every culture? To many travellers this is part of their culture to have a wedding like the one pictured. It’s not something I would like for myself, but it does look cool to have a wedding that extravagant! Think there’s been enough of the stupid, ignorant comments about illiteracy and spelling….. cop on and stop being so small minded!!

  79. i think u should all fuck urselfs .if she is happy and its her day ,y dont u all go away and take a look of ur own clothes and lifes.and u the 1 saying omg god i am a traveller and those dresses are horrendous who the fuck asked u ,if u like them or not, and its drity littie girls like u that gives us the bad name .

  80. A few points to make here – it’s all a matter of personal taste. I don’t personally like what they’re wearing, but I’m not going to be the type to slag the shite out of them for it either. Who cares what anybody looks like?
    If you feel the need to make fun of others for how they look, it’s just showing your own insecurity about your appearance.
    So what if one of the girls is showing off her stomach? She might not be the thinnest person in the world, but we should start celebrating the average size woman rather than insulting people for not being anorexic – she’s clearly proud of her body and I see nothing wrong with that.
    I realize the website is about tacky weddings, and I see nothing wrong with posting pictures of weddings that are different to the normal. This wedding took place over the Shanty bride – I live on the other side and I recognise the area.
    A wedding is about two people sharing their lives together, if they choose to wear something that others find horrible, so what? It’s not about them.
    It’s nothing to do with travellers, I’m not entirely sure why everybody is jumping on them. One person out of a community has a wedding like this and the whole community is slated. There are plenty of others who aren’t travellers that have had the very same weddings as this.

    Anyway, I’ve said what I’ve had to say, carry on.

  81. for a starter its a travelers wedding and its irish and thats the way irish travelers do it for some reason dont no why but it is but notall travelers have it like this and if my wife was to walk down the aisle dressed funny id kick her back down it lol

    • jim would u kick ure wife back down the ile
      well ,,,,,,,,ure only a little faggat
      who asked u a queer 4 ure comment

      act ure age ya big pussy

      • Wow, there goes the “travellers don’t do anyone any harm” argument.

  82. Wow glad that so many of the comments are doing my ancestors and yours proud -_-.Please learn to type correctly and lay off the caps my fellow countrymen. Does not matter where the wedding is from it can be from anywhere and it will still be horrible.

    • your poor nit bag , a good wash would do you and your ancestors fine 🙂

  83. These dresses wer a holy show and the people in the dresses was even worst I dnt knw why they even put them on
    Ther 2 get a god laugh made of them.

  84. Gotta love these flame wars! I’m learning so much traveller speak! “hansum” means “hideously tacky” and a handy, all-use insult is “handicap.” Just a thought, you travellers who are defending yourselves so vigorously against prejudice, isn’t it a bit hypocritical to insult the physically impaired like that?

  85. I am from Canada and I have to say, I’ve never quite seen anything like this. I have been to Ireland a few times now as my husband has famiily there, so I’ve seen “travellers” around.
    To each their own, I certainly won’t get into a slangin’ match with anyone over their choice of wedding attire but….WOW! Even the southern U.S doesn’t have anything like this. The comments are absolutely hilarious though. The “travellers” comments especially, even written in the correct phonetics. You can just hear them. (of course having heard the accents before makes it easier) I’m sure not all travellers weddings are like this one but it does make for an interesting web-site.

    • its basically most irish travellers weddings are like this :L but their is notinh wrong with it

  86. […] that, I’m beginning to realise that beyond the neon pink bridesmaids weddings can be a personal and tasteful affair, and my friends would never embrace the Bikini […]

  87. i lve the bridemaides dresses… im getting married next year and im getting them bridemaides dresses!!!!!! even the colour…. will ya send more pics of the wedding dress????????? xxxxx 🙂 XXX

  88. well im going wiv a irish traveller and they hav more morrals than u stupid looking country girls. and they have big weddings like that coz they can afford it unlike u trampy county people who wear a second hand wedding dress of ebay or have to save 4 years just to get a dress

    • they can afford it because they don’t pay any of their other BILLS!!!!! thats why! morals? morals? seriously? no they don’t! they are pigs! they absolutley have NO etiquette whatsoever! the weddings are a tacky mess and so are their funerals! I know FIRST HAND!

      • most traveller do pay bills , we are just smart with money , unlike your dirty looking sex hunting bastard , do you think your cool or somthing slepping around , your family must be proud

  89. all youse who hate traveler and keep calling them hookers are prostitutes them selfs were not theoes who sell our body for money its you you pack of lesbos


  91. Wow! I dont know what an “irish traveller” is but MY GOD!

    Apart from it being absolutely horrible it also didnt fit, unless of course the intention was to have the lacing 2 feet part?

    I am getting married tomorrow and the laugh I got out of this has melted all my wedding stresses away…..

    • and i be your wedding was boring with a second hand dress from ebay ? i shitty looking wedding cake , lol making me laugh now , thank you , just reminded me how jealous you people are that we have such style haha jealous fools

  92. heya im a half traveller and i tink dat the comments al the country girls ar leavin is disgracful its just der own taste and it is just jealousy bcos every girl no matter wat religion u ar or wer u come from all girls wud love a cindarella weddin because wen i get married il have it big and TACKY if dats wat u all like to call it because i tink dem dresses ar just perfect,, and yous all tink because they dress wit berly no clothes its al look but no touch dont forget dat girls

  93. Im Not Gypsy, Traveller, Or Irish . . . . . Yes these dresses are very OTT and some of the Girls do have a large lack of clothing going on, But I personally like all the Glitz and Glam of it, And If Its Theyre Tradition then who are we to knock it? Just a thought . . . . . 🙂
    Be Happy People.

  94. im a traveller, i think you should all just get over it and move on, we all dream of how our wedding should be, so what if a travellers dream is different to those of someone of a different culure, maybe you think all travellers are the same or youve had bad encounters and are taking it out on here because i really don think you would brave enough to walk upto one of us and say it to our face, like whats been said before, you shouldnt paint all of us with one brush x

  95. i love all the dresses. she is ANSUM XXXX

  96. iam not a travaller but a very gd m8t wid a travallers they cal me family , al u who critise ,its wrong theres gd an bad in evry 1 an if them travavalers/gypsy wanna show off there bellys they can.is’t fair to push them aside cos of if it NO there no different to any1 else . if owt they have the highest morals .

  97. Woah those are truly one of the most hideous tacky wedding dresses I have ever seen. The comments are so hilarious too! I never heard of the “travelers” but thank god the majority exist on in the Europe from the comments they sound very rude and from the grammar also illiterate no wonder they leave school at an early age and marry. And you know what I’m not jealous because with so much money you can’t buy taste hahahaha I love this website!

    • ur just rude!!!!

      • what is tacky , you ask any little girl what kind of wedding they want , most would say a Cinderella theme, your just jealous of the TACKYNESS ya fucking eejit , and their not rude , just defense-if as the pricks are calling them pikeys ? , grow the fuck up you foreigner scum

  98. im half traveller brought up to defend ur own and i think she looks beautiful, if ya got it flaunt it i say, bridesmaids look stunnin its each to there own,wen i get married mine will be big and extravagent its the biggest day of my life, some comments left are awful shudnt slag people of for wantin there big day to be perfect!!!

  99. Why are people so rude?
    Are they harming anyone?
    I’m from a traveler background but I’m not illiterate and I left school with 4 good A levels all grade A-C.
    Its their tradition and if anyone was to be so critical and judgmental of a gay wedding they would be seen as wrong and in breach of the law.
    And all these scathing comments from ‘americans’….the inventors of the drive thru wedding hah I would go for a big fat traveler wedding any day!

    • hah dirty fat amercians , dont know what their missing , jealous cunts , all the settled people that wasted time bitching about her wedding are just jealous

    This Wedding Is Goawjuss the Bridee Looks Beuttiful Aswll As The Bridesmades When I Get Married I Want A Weddingg Just Like This Its. Every girls fairytail ti have a wedding like this

    However I’m not a gypsy I don’t agree with all you u time wasters I thiunk this wedding is lovely !!!! XxxXxxXxxXxxXxxXxx ❤ ❤ ❤ !!!

  101. These “Irish traveler” weddings are equal to an American “Jersey Shore” Wedding. This has to be a joke.

    • well then irish travellers and jersey shore people must have style


  103. in regards to the “gypsy weddings”, these people are, excuse my language, fucked up! i work in the funeral business and let me tell you something…..you think that there weddings are tacky…….you should see one of their funerals. thank the Lord i do not have “too many” of their funerals, but when we do we all cringe! oh and they never pay their bills. they want everything for nothing, they are rude, they have NO manners, they are SLOBS! and they don’t dress worth a shit, as you can tell from the wedding videos!!!

    • aawww poor fart , your jealous of the gigantic headstones and wedding dresses , poor jealous people , i hope god lets all of yas into heaven

  104. you are all a bunch of hipocrates just because half of you country people walk down the aisle in a bin bag your jeolous well let me tell you this jeolousy is a very bad disease so get well soon shithouses

  105. I’m just curious…who in the heck claimed these dresses were by “Chanel”? Did they get some knock off tags to sew in the dresses? These obviously aren’t Chanel, or anything even close to what would come out of that fashion haute couture house. Seriiously, Chanel might sue you for misrepresentation of their name.

    Also, why is Katie Price such a role model for these girls? I’m an American (not Amish) so I don’t get the whole Katie Price fascination. Isn’t she basically the equivalent of a Pam Anderson, but Pam might be slightly less gawdy? Maybe that should be the word that should be used to describe the dresses is gawdy, it’s a bit much for my taste. I don’t think Liberace wore as much bling on his clothes.

  106. Oh gawd me be a traveller. Dumb as hell and I can’t spell to save me ever bloomin life… Haha these comments are effed up to the maxx.
    Get a life you ignorant sluts!!! Also. The pink dresses. My god, was peptobismal their sponsor??!!!

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