Metal Wedding

September 9, 2009


















thanks for the submission Rachel!


  1. I think this one looks pretty fun. I especially like the bridesmaids’ outfits of cargoes and band t-shirts – would benefit a lot of weddings I think.

  2. oh…fuck. I had maternity pants that were more attractive than what the ‘bridesmaids’ wore…This wedding just hurts me all over…mostly to think of the rhyme, first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a fricking baby…good god I hope the bloodline stops there.

  3. I wouldn’t say a “Metal Wedding”, more like a redneck wedding…OY!

    • definitely got the point.

  4. This IS NOT a metal wedding!!! PLEASE change the title!! This is Rednecks trying WAY TO HARD!!

  5. This wedding actually looks like a hell of a lot of fun – if you can get past the “omigod, it’s not a traditional wedding!”-ness.
    I would rather see a wedding where the couple does something that reflects who they are than have these two try to have a traditional wedding that neither of them would be happy with.

  6. Nice dresses they have. It looks fun for us, but I think it’s casual for them 🙂

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  10. Good to see that people still know what they are talking about. So much BS around these days!

  11. Some very interesting points raised here, which has got me thinking!

  12. It looks a lot more fun than a normal wedding.

  13. […] una segnalazione stupida: perchè a volte anche i metallari si sposano. Post scritto da finegarten , il lunedì settembre 14 2009 alle 06:09 pm , in brevi tags: […]

  14. I like the cake, at least.

  15. The money shot is the cake and fountain. How did that come out so nicely compared to the whole mess known as the reception?

  16. While I’m all for having the wedding that makes you happy (even if I snicker at the photos), the only photo of the bride smiling is an awkward-“why is he doing this” smile in the first photo when the groom is pretend humping. She doesn’t look all that happy…

    The cake is gorgeous though!

  17. The cake is totally out of place… its a pretty cake for an ugly event. Just look at the bride and groom and the wedding party figures on it. They’re all wearing tuxes and dresses, and look at this wedding. It is so low class. I am so sick of people assuming that being country or from a small town is synonymous with being trashy.

  18. Can anybody say, “White trash”?

  19. The groom takes off his shirt at the reception meal and shows everyone his hairy, sun-burned chest.


  20. the cake is AMAZING!
    they get points for that from me.

    otherwise i think this is like the counterpart of the Ghetto Graffiti Wedding.

  21. Not even good metal. Tsk.

  22. I’m all for people having their weddings mean something to them… but uh…yeah, I agree with others… this just looked…wrong. The cake was gorgeous…and just so out of place…and yeah…counterpart to Ghetto Graffiti… I’m surprised there was no mud wrestling… But hey! if the bride and groom had fun, then that’s that. It was their wedding… Just…not something I’d ever do…

  23. It’s definitely not to my taste, but whatever works! In truth, I could see my little sis doing something like this…*rolls eyes* lol. I get really tired of going to the same old weddings year after year. This would be one you would certainly NEVER forget!

  24. This is allowed – but a same-sex wedding would be harmful to the ‘institution’ of marriage?

    • That is a very good point!

  25. You know, I think this is a white supremacy wedding. Look closely…

    • Well, I don’t see any black people, but that’s all. What finer points of American racial hatred am I missing?

  26. The bride had a veil and dress and bouquet and everything, yet the groom couldn’t manage a pair of pants? Not even attempt to match the color scheme?

  27. Live and let live I say!

    Personally I think the cake is the worst part, that weird fountain thing under it (WTF??) and the creepy queue of people coming up the stairs (because every wedding cake should have a STAIRS?!?), what are they there for?? To kick the crap outta the groom who’s being dragged in by the bride? To gang-rape the bride?

    Love their indivuality, HATE the cake. Bet one of the Moms made them get ‘at least ONE normal thing’.

    • Hahaha! Good call, I bet you’re right.

  28. The cake appears to be menstruating…

  29. OMG, these people don’t even look like they LIKE each other…they look totally disconnected from one another..he seems to be having a party with his friends, and the “Bride” looks as if she just wanted to be able to say she had a wedding.

    I gotta wonder if they even bothered to shower before this hot mess. I bet the BO smell at this “gala” was overwhelming.

  30. The bridesmaids are dressed like I would dress on a normal day. A wedding is supposed to be special. My wedding was very plain, just us and our 2 witnesses at the courthouse, and I was wearing a cream-colored long skirt and a white hooded jacket with faux-fur trim. I intended to wear them again separately, but I just can’t, even if it was bought at a casual store, because it was my wedding attire and it just feels weird.

    • A wedding day shouldn’t just ‘be special’
      It should be special to YOU. I can’t imagine that this family would have felt comfortable in the ‘traditional’ kind of wedding attire, as long as they had an awesome day why does it even matter what they wore? :p

      To the comments of the bride not smiling – it doesn’t look like the photos were professionally done and were just candid shots, and looks like the sun was in their eyes, more than she was unhappy :p

  31. why are all the chicks fat but all the men skinny?:P wtf is that a heavy metal thing?

  32. Definitely a WT wedding. What gives it away are the pickup trucks and the shirtless groom at the reception.

  33. Speaking as a clergyperson, this is why it is a good thing that in most states, almost anyone can get authorized to officiate for a wedding!

    Despite the cringe factors, this could be someone in the military who was getting married without a lot of time and, if you consider what our enlisted forces are paid, without a lot of cash.

  34. There is nothing “Metal” about this. Metal heads are NOT rednecks. 😛 FAIL!!

  35. this is disgusting whatsort of moron would wear this !

  36. At least the groom kept his shirt on during the ceremony.

  37. ‘Kay, I’m a definite metal fan, but this? Wha…what is this? Is this a wedding? Really? The cake rocks, but seriously, Mr. Groom, put a shirt on please o_O you are not that hot. I’m all for individuality, but even I think they should at least be a little more dressed…if that day comes where I get married I’m taking advantage of one of the few times I’m all dolled up.

    And I second the several people who’ve given their two cents, there are plenty of metalheads with more taste than this.

  38. Why is it that there are always SUCH people that COME UP and make me feel ashamed about my musical tastes?
    This is horrid… Truly… Miserable, tasteless and grotesque in the worst way possible…

  39. This wedding is awesome 🙂

  40. The militia goes to the goth club.

  41. Hey if it’s what they like then why not. Everyone looks like they had fun in the photos, the people objecting weren’t invited so they don’t need to worry about it.

  42. Thanks, tackyweddings, for pointing out how truly judgemental I apparently am. I wouldn’t be caught dead in this wedding or attending this wedding.

  43. i know them…

  44. […] A “metal” wedding from tackyweddings (I love this site – I don’t think anyone’s wedding is “tacky” because tacky is only in the eye of the beholder – lots of people would think my wedding was tacky, but they show some seriously unique stuff. I love seeing the way people choose to celebrate their love. […]

  45. I’m sure boobzilla loves it when hubby fakes pounding her in the a$$. Asses. Gorilla man your tits are showing!!!

  46. I’m all for creating your “dream” wedding…
    But, this? If I saw this going on in someone’s backyard I would flip my shit.
    This is the most white trash thing I have EVER seen. Her husband looks like a fucking jerk that is going to sit on his ass all day and crack jokes about how fat his wife is getting. She is going to hate her life. They are going to add another generation onto their already stupid family….
    I just wish people like this didn’t exist..

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