Nine Couples wed at 99 Cents Only Store on 9.9.09 for…. 99 cents

September 14, 2009


















thanks to Daiza for the submission!


  1. Tacky and not at all orginal.

  2. […] blog with a Typepad giveaway ♥ It may be super tacky, but I can’t help but kinda love that 9 couples got married in a 99 cent store on 09/09/09…for 99 cents! ♥ Thanks to this wedding I discovered Mirit Weinstock’s amazing dresses ♥ Jessica […]

  3. Interesting number coincidences is no excuse for that!

  4. Is it good or bad that poor taste seems now to be pretty evenly divided among the races and ethnic groups?

    I wonder if they will get divorced at a dollar store?

    • I think its wonderful — less reason for hatred, and more reason for judgment lol 😉

  5. Actually, it seems pretty great if you check out the site.


  6. Wow some people do the craziest things on their wedding day. Some of the wedding outfits in the pictures are very unique. Thanks for the great picture and article.

  7. The little old lady is adorable. It might seem tacky but a wedding for $0.99 that’s a great deal. Think about the reception you could throw by saving so much money.

  8. DFid anyone actually check out the link?

  9. It cost $120 for a JP to marry us in her sunroom.
    So would I get married for 99 cents? Sure.

  10. Just for the record, I know the discount store diva personally, and she is absolutely wonderful. She did my dad’s wedding and it was beyond gorgeous.
    The 99c store wedding was a little over the top, but the things she makes are amazing.

  11. Last picture: “Pre-nup on aisle 3!”

    Okay, that was wrong…lol

  12. All of these couples chose with THEIR own free will 2 mark the day of THEIR marriage with the posterity of the whole concept of the wackiness, the tackiness, the weirdness, the uniqueness, the cheapness and any other “…ness” that u think fits. Who r we 2 make a judgment on the merits of THEIR method of showing THEIR commitment and love 2 each other.:-D

  13. Great! It is the marriage, not the wedding–and the wedding was memorable.

    Did not leave you deep in debt!

  14. I thought it was really funny how they had cereal in cups, and people threw it at them when they were walking out of the store. Extremely tacky. But, those dresses were pretty nice.

  15. Well, at least they won’t have any credit cards bills to pay off.

  16. “oooh everyone look at this poor immigration we are only paying 99 cents to clean all our tacky $hit up!” bwahbwahbwahhhh…

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