Rainbow Wedding

September 14, 2009



thanks Sunflower for the submission!


  1. well, that’s kind of pretty! I’ve always been a bit peeved that the Gay Rights folks appropriated the rainbow.

  2. It took me a second to get why Kermit was in there, but I’m all good now. 😀

    • Haha, me too!! Kermie totally threw me off!

  3. Jeff Gordon fans?

  4. A faux gay wedding? i knew they where a little jealous.

  5. Interesting….my first though was that she was a “Rainbow Bright” fan back in the day. But I saw the Jeff Gordon comment…and that set me LOL!!

  6. Rainbow Connection=Kermit! 🙂

    Kinda pretty. Reminds me of Drum Corps years when we did a tribute to Jim Henson. We did Rainbow Connection, and I was in Colour Guard. We had these LOOOOOOONG poles (like, 15 feet) with HUGE single coloured flags that made a big arching rainbow on the field. It looked awesome.

  7. nice colors 😉 Kermit is like from another strory 😉

  8. The six-year-old in me LOVES this…and I’ll admit, I honestly think it’s kinda pretty.

  9. Well, it was their special day, so I guess anything goes. I shudder when I try to imagine what New Age belief might have led to the rainbow theme.

    Was there a unicorn on the wedding cake?

  10. Interesting, i’m getting Joseph and his amazing technicoloured dream coat flashbacks

  11. I think this would be better if bride and groom were in white and black (respectively) but all the bridesmaids and groomsmen wore the rainbow colors. I love the idea of everyone in a different color! And it could be a prism reference to have the black and the white.

  12. *Am forced to giggle at J’s comment*

    Different, I’ll give them that…certainly…colorful…

  13. Cute wedding colors.. so colorful!

  14. […] arcobaleno, con sposa, sposo, damigelle e damigelli […]

  15. It’s too bad these people didn’t think of have some phony unicorn ponies at their wedding. I think that would have been a really fun touch.

  16. Awwww…Rainbow Connection! I LOVE this! 😀

  17. I’m agree, is too much. I would dress the bride and the groom in white, and add colors only to decoration. Is a good idea bad performed.

  18. I kind of love it.

    They all look really happy.

  19. Yeah, another vote for “love.” They’re flying their freak flag and loving it.

  20. Now that looks like one happy wedding. They’re lucky.

  21. I like it. Offbeat. FUN! Not the same old same old tux and white dress poofiness. I am not a fan of the groom’s shirt but I didn’t have to wear it – he did. I would have not gone with shiny satin on the bride (I would have chosen different colored dupioni/Thai silks), but the idea is good.

    So…go them! I am happy to see people throwing off boring old traditions and doing what they want – maybe it’s not what most people would choose but it’s not slutty, declasse, embarrassing etc. so why not?

    Then again I am a non-white-dress bride (I will NEVER wear one of those snowy cupcake monstrosities) who plans to wear cranberry red dupioni with a copper Chinese silk sash, so mlaaaaah, I say it’s no fair to label every non-white wedding dress as something worthy of this website. I see tackier white dresses all the time.

  22. It’s actually kinda pretty. Okay, so maybe the chick looks a bit more pagan priestess than blushing bride, but it looks like everyone had a fun time, especially Kermit 😀 if it’s possible this is a GOOD kind of tacky!

  23. I still don’t get why Kermit is there…

    • Jim Henson’s Rainbow Connection song, sweetie. It was sung by Kermit

  24. I can’t tell if you’re liberal or wiccan…

  25. I love it. These people are obviously having the time of their lives, and that’s awesome. The best weddings I’ve ever been to were outside the norm, and everyone had an awesome time. I hope if I ever get married I can end up here – just so you can all see the smile on my face!

  26. pretty geigh

  27. What nice comments! I was there, and everyone had a great time. Nice to be non-conforming. I have never been to a wedding like it!

    • This picture now has me humming “Rainbow Connection”. I fully support the inclusion of Kermie in the ceremony.

  28. This is gorgeous! I want blown-up photos to focus in on the gowns and suits. I think it’s really lovely and I ADORE the bride’s gown and would wear it myself to festivals and conventions!

  29. I know that I shouldn’t, but I really like this! Bravo for the creativity and for being themselves! I wish I couldn’t been there…bet the reception was a blast.

  30. lol..could’ve..not couldn’t!

  31. I honestly have to say i like this concept, if not the styles they chose. I think that a wedding that spans the rainbow is an awesome idea; I wonder if someone could get Lisa Frank to design the cake?
    I cannot figure out why Kermit had to be included in the pictures, though.

  32. Looking at this makes me happy inside

  33. Oooh, I love it!

  34. GROSS!! Ahhhhh why?

  35. Um, No.

  36. Looks like a rainbow wiped its butt with that chick.

  37. Double rainbow…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g0yZDMBXiE

  38. I don’t get why kermit is there either….

    • He sang the song RAINBOW CONNECTION.Check youtube or google it

  39. I actually think this is fab! OK, not my personal style, but by the looks on their faces they’re very happy, and the types who wanted something a bit different. Nothing wrong with bright and colourful…but I do wonder if they needed shades as the day went on. 😀

  40. I have GOT TO KNOW where the shirt came from! I have been looking for a year! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I could find out for you. I know the groom….sort of. XD oh man.

  41. Holy $hit. And someone named sunflower submitted the photos. More like “no talent ass clown” weds barfing rainbow!!! Fuuuuu€k me!

  42. I was at that wedding…B&G are friends. It’s hilarious that the pics made this page, but hey, that girl really does sh*t rainbows and glitter, and she sure as hell owned it on her wedding day.

    Rainbow Connection was, indeed, the bridal march. And we all cried. Out of happiness, not acid flashbacks induced by all the pretty colors.

    Kermie’s kind of a mascot. He was on his best behavior at the wedding, but he’s been known to raise some hell of his own here and there. I.e. pass out drunk wearing nothing but Depends, naked zipline at Burning Man…and so on.

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